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Last updated on March 1st, 2020 at 04:58 pm

Schedulefly ReviewA restaurant can be a very busy and even frantic place, There are so many activities going on simultaneously.

And so many people going on about their daily tasks that coordination becomes impossible without a special software solution.

Schedulefly is one such solution. Its name has not been chosen by chance – it helps you schedule your restaurant business, while the restaurant staff is flying about their business.

This cloud-based software helps facilitate communication between the different workstations at a restaurant.

These include line-cooks, prep-drones, bus-boys, etc. Schedulefly helps kitchen staff managers inform their subordinates about shift-changes, billed hours, punishments, etc.

Our testers fell in love with Schedulefly’s Message Wall. It shows in plain view all Important announcements and messages that the staff needs to read.

Also, in the restaurant business people often have to work long hours and they may need to trade a shift. So, the shift-swap feature of Schedulefly is of great help here.  

In the sections below we are going to have a look at the most popular versions of Schedulefly and pit it head-to-head against some of its biggest rivals such as Turbine, Appointmate, and NimbleSchedule.

Schedulefly For Android

Schedulefly For AndroidBack in 2006, when Schedulefly first appeared on the market of work scheduling.

It provided a good alternative to the manual restaurant staff scheduling, smartphones were just picking up steam.

Now, restaurant managers cannot live without their smartphone and, logically, Schedulefly works seamlessly on Android-based devices.

There is this long-running competition between Google and Apple and by their operation systems – Android and iOS, respectively.

And even if you have the Schedulefly app on your phone, it does not come from Google play, rather, it’s been developed by the company itself. This is probably what makes their product so easy to use.  Despite what many believe schedulefly is not open source employee scheduling software.

Schedulefly Mobile

Schedulefly mobile is a website that can be accessed via any smartphone or tablet.

All you have to do is sign in at schedulefly.com/mobile, type in your username and password, and you’ll be redirected to their official website. 

You should select the “always online” option and bookmark the webpage or save it as an icon on your device.

Unfortunately, our testers could not access the site and test-walk the steps for you, as registration was required.

Schedulefly App 

As we established above, there is not schedulefly app for Android or iOS devices in the traditional sense of the word.

Rather, all users log into the official website of the company and use their native app. This, however, requires an “always online” mode.

Our experts have pointed at one potential issue caused by the fact that the users need to be always connected to the provider’s website – their devices will be running out of power at a faster pace and the overall lifespan of the device will be shortened, too.

We scraped the tech forums and even asked guys from the so-called “Dark Side” of the web, but we could not find more tech specs about Schedulefly’s native app.

Apparently, these still are a trade secret, and a well-kept one at that! 

From the bits and pieces of information that we could collect, we realized that Schedulefly’s app works on windows—using devices, including your laptop.

Hence this is probably the most energy-wise use of the app.

Head to Head Comparison

In the following paragraphs, we are going to pit Schedulefly against some of the best restaurant-scheduling software solutions currently available in the market. In addition, we would suggest checking out our detailed guide of Resturant POS Systems.

We will highlight the strongest points and the major drawbacks of each of the two competitors against a number of criteria such as, for example, pricing, user-friendliness, key features, etc.

 Schedulefly vs Turbine  

 Schedulefly vs Turbine  Turbine is useful in keeping track of your employees’ vacations and sick days.

It can also manage your purchase orders and other expenses. Finally, it helps the manager keep track of employees’ files.

ScheduleFly is a comprehensive software solution specifically designed for restaurant managers. It can automatically generate weekly and monthly reports, facilitate communication between the different stations in a restaurant and manage shift swapping. 

Turbine is web-based, while ScheduleFly is cloud-based. So, if you use the former solution and suddenly your internet connection is interrupted, you lose connection to the system.

With Schedulefly, the situation is more or less the same, because it requires a constant internet connection to function.

The fact is that Turbine pricing plans start from $8 per month, for 2 users, and reach up to $159 per month for up to 250 users.

Shchedulefly’s pricing plans start from $30 per month for 19 employees and reach up to $60 per month for 79 employees, while for companies with more than 80 staff, the company offers tailored pricing plans.

FeatureSchedulefly Turbine
Data Import/ExportYesYes
Android & iPhone supportYesYes
Staff holiday and time-off plannerNoYes
Expense claimsYesYes
Purchase ordersYesYes

Schedulefly vs. BlueFolder

Schedulefly vs. BlueFolderSchedulefly’s next rival, BlueFolder, is mostly a CRM tool that works especially well for small and medium-sized businesses.

However, it also provides a reasonable amount of scheduling and billing features.

By contrast, Schedulefly is developed primarily for scheduling, while all of the features come as extras.

BlueFolder’s CRM tool allows managers to track all service-related information for their customers – contact details, agreements and deals, office locations, and client’s history.

It also prepares reports on the equipment and the assets that have been serviced at their site.

By contrast, Schedulefly facilitates the operations within the restaurant, rather than maintaining the relations with its customers.

The BlueFolder app integrates with Xero and QuickBooks to make it easy for the manager to get detailed invoices.

In this way, they can get paid faster and their turnover is going to rise. BlueFolder vendor offers month-to-month subscription with no long-term commitments. You can cancel your account anytime.

The pricing policy of Schedulefly is also very straightforward. We called it “Policy of the Four Nos”: 

  • Absolutely No Hassles
  • No contracts
  • Simply No cancellation fees
  • Finally No set-up fees
Data Import/Export++
Billing & Invoicing-+
Android & iPhone support++
Mobile Access++
Expense claims+-
Purchase orders++
Online Time Clock+-
Pricing: Depends on the number of employees Depends on the number of employees

Findmyshift Vs. Schedulefly

FindmyshiftFindmyshift is the next software solution that we decided to pit against Schedulefly.

While both products are developed for staff managers and shift workers.

Findmyshift appears to be more general, while Schedulefly has been designed specifically for the restaurant industry. 

With Findmyshift, it doesn’t matter how many employees a manager is scheduling as their service is priced per team.

That means that no matter how large a particular team may become, the company’s scheduling costs will always be EUR 25 per month. Have a look at the chart below for more details.

FeatureScheduleflyAcuity Scheduling
Platform Cloud-basedCloud, SaaS, Web
Android / Apple native--
Mobile Access++
Budgeting & Forecasting-+
Online Time Clock++
PricingDepends on the number of employeesEUR 25/Team

Acuity Scheduling Vs. Schedulefly

Acuity Scheduling Vs. ScheduleflyScheduleFly’s next challenger is Acuity Scheduling – a tool developed mostly as an electronic personal assistant to the manager.

Unlike Schedulefly, which has its own app, Acuity Scheduling has got Android and Apple native apps.

Some of Acuity Scheduling’s more specific functions include calendar synchronization, class management, group scheduling, and membership management.

Therefore, it is especially useful for the managers of yoga studios, dance studios, beauty salons, and gyms. Look at the table below to find out how it compares to ScheduleFly.

FeatureScheduleflyAcuity Scheduling
Platform Cloud-basedCloud, SaaS, Web
Android / Apple native-+
PricingStarting from $30/month depending on the number of employeesStarting from $15/month depending on the number of calendars
Multiple locations and employees++
Mobile Access++
Shift-swapping+ -
Class management-+
Group management++
Event Scheduling-+

#5. NimbleSchedule Vs. Schedulefly

NimbleSchedule Vs. ScheduleflyThe next product that we are going to pit head-to-head against ScheduleFly is NimbleSchedule, a solution designed for speed and lightness.

This is the best helper of the HR officer in the company, because of its versatility and ease of use.

Developed as online employee scheduling software to help shift managers with their everyday tasks, Nimble Schedule has now evolved to include features such as payroll management, advanced reporting, and timesheet management.

The power and versatility of NimbleSchedule allow managers to control their entire workforce with their tablet or smartphone.

Whereas ScheduleFly fits small and medium-sized restaurant businesses equally well, NimbleSchedule has been made to serve mostly larger companies.

A particularly interesting feature of NimbleSchedule that sets it ahead of the competition is its GPS location tracking service.

With this function, managers can rest assured that their employees are on-site doing their job as scheduled.

The pricing patterns of ScheduleFly and NimbleSchedule are also quite different.

As I mentioned on several occasions above, ScheduleFly’s plans depend on the number of employees starting from $30 per month. 

By contrast, NimbleSchedule charges its customers a fee per person per month. Thus, their Basic plan costs $1 per person per month.

While the Enterprise plan costs $3 per employee per month. Enterprise subscribers enjoy many special features, including priority phone support.

PlatformCloud BasedCloud Based
Android / Apple nativeNoYes
PricingStarting from $30/month depending on the number of employeesStarting from $1 per person per month 
Multiple locations and employeesYesYes
Mobile AccessYesYes
GPS Location TrackingNoYes
Communication ToolsYesYes
Predict and track labor costsYesNo

#6. Appointmate Vs. Schedulefly

schedulefly vs hotschedulesScheduleFly’s next challenger is Appointmate. This staff management software has been developed by Delta Health Technologies.

It is a cloud-based solution that helps private businesses of all sizes manage their everyday operations. Appointmate features scheduling, billing and payroll functions.

Whereas ScheduleFly has been developed specifically for restaurants, AppointMate is designed to serve hospitals and medical centers.

AppointMate comes as a standalone solution or in combination with Delta’s Encore’s software.

However, it also integrates well with other third-party accounting and billing applications. As regards its integration capabilities, Appointmate comes slightly ahead of Schedulefly. 

AppointMate‘s scheduling capabilities are well complemented by its dashboards that show real-time revenue, employee availability and billed hours.

A special alert goes off in case of overdue appointments. As medical doctors’ daily routine can be quite stressful, AppointMate allows them to clock in and out via their mobile devices. As far as we could establish, such a function is not available with Schedulefly.

PlatformCloud BasedCloud, SaaS, Web
Android / Apple nativeNoYes
PricingStarting from $30/month depending on the number of employeesStarting from $100 Per month/use
Multiple locations and employeesYesYes
Mobile AccessYesYes
Patient SchedulingNoYes
Communication ToolsYesYes
Predict and track labor costsYesNo
No-Show TrackingNoYes
Patient RecordsNoYes


In the paragraphs below, we are going to answer in great detail to some of the hottest and most topical questions about ScheduleFly. In doing so, we will again highlight some of its most important functions and features that set the product ahead of competition.

#1. Is there an app for Schedulefly?

As we established above, there isn’t an Android or iOS-native app for Schedulefly.

Rather, customers go to the site of the provider, create an account, and then follow a few easy steps to start using the software. This requires a stable and reliable internet connection.

#2. What is Schedulefly? 

Schedulefly is a comprehensive, cloud-based solution for staff management. It has been developed specifically for the restaurant industry to facilitate communication between the different stations and groups of employees and make staff scheduling easier and faster.

#3. How much is Schedulefly? 

ScheduleFly offers its customers the following pricing plans:

Number of EmployeesMonthly Price
19 or Less$30
20 - 39$40
40 - 59$50
60 - 79$60

 #4. How does Schedulefly’s pricing plan compare to that of their competitors?

It appears as though Findmyshift is the cheaper alternative for larger and medium-sized companies with its fixed price of EUR 25 per team per month.

On the other hand, Schedulefly appears to be much cheaper than NimbleSchedule, whose prices vary between $1 and $3 per person per month, depending on the plan.

Schedulefly and Acuity Scheduling are not comparable in terms of pricing, as the latter charges per calendar and the former – per employee.

Finally, appointment is the most expensive solution with pricing plans starting from $100 per month per user.

#5 What are the main features of Schedulefly?

The main features of Schedulefly are as follows:

  • Time-off requests
  • Shift-trade requests
  • Predict and track labor costs
  • Document storage
  • Ask assignation
  • Staff directory
  • Job Post recruitment tool
  • Electronic scheduling
  • Employee communication
  • Set email reminders
  • Simple mobile access
  • Birds-eye daily view of the schedule

#6. What is Schedulefly’s phone number?

SheduleFly’s phone number is: +1 800-610-6734

Easy To Use &  Plenty of Functions 

In the paragraphs above we reviewed some of the key features and functionalities of Schedulefly a comprehensive and versatile software solution that has been making the life of restaurant managers around the world easier since 2007.

The company is mostly praised for its product’s ease of use with most of its functions and features being intuitive. They also score high with regard to the customer support service that they provide their clients with. It is said to be one of the best in its field.

The pricing policy of ScheduleFly is also very clear and straightforward with the monthly plans depending on the number of employees.

Although the company offers specially-tailored pricing plans for restaurants with over 80 employees, we think that Schedulefly works best for small businesses.

Finally, we tried to find more info as to how exactly Schedulefly’s own app works, but these functions are only available after creating an account on their website.

Still, we think that Schedulefly provides good and versatile software that you can fully rely on! 

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