Stripe Terminal Review | Best Mobile Credit Card Reader

(Last Updated On: 07/29/2022)

Stripe Terminal ReviewStripe Terminal is one of the best online credit card processors for accepting in-person payments and integrating payments to your POS system.

Many business owners prefer Stripe for its outstanding flexibility, and the ability to integrate with numerous shopping carts, and eCommerce platforms. 

The solution features prebuilt checkout forms that easily embed to your existing website. With Stripe, you will also get access to APIs and necessary developer tools. These allow you to create customized checkout forms or payment flows for your mobile app and website. 

Stripe Terminal offers competitive rates and does not have any contract requirements. Throughout this Stripe Terminal review, you will learn what makes the solution stand out from other payment processors. 

Stripe Terminal Alternatives 

Payment Processor Supported Payment Channels Processing Rates Pricing Model
Stripe Terminal Online, in-person, and mobile apps2.9% + $0.30 per online or invoice transaction, 0.8% per ACH transaction, and2.7% + $0.05 per dipped, swiped or tap transaction.  Flat-Rate Pricing
Square Online, and POS payments2.9% + $0.30 for online transactions, and 2.6% + $0.10 for swiped, dipped and tapped transactionsFlat-Rate Pricing
PayJunction  Online, in-app, POS, and mobile POS payments2.9% + $0.30 for online transactions, and 2.7% for swiped, dipped and tapped transactionsFlat-Rate Pricing
Durango Merchant ServicesOnline, in-app, and POS paymentsQuote-BasedTiered-pricing


Stripe Terminal Benefits 

  • Offers excellent marketplace tools and syncs sales across all your channels
  • A customizable checkout process 
  • Features exceptional developer tools
  • Flexible SDKs, allowing for integration with an existing POS or a custom POS system. 
  • Features multi-currency support

Possible Drawbacks 

Stripe terminal requires development resources and only supports a few POS systems. You may also experience account stability issues while using the Stripe Terminal. 

Stripe Pricing 

The predictable flat-rate pricing model used by Stripe is one of the most appealing aspects of the payment processor. With Stripe, you will always know exactly what you are paying for. The provider will not charge you additional fees for its prebuilt checkout forms, integrations, and developer tools. 

Stripe Terminal comes in two main pricing plans: 


Stripe Terminal ReviewThis plan offers businesses access to a complete payments platform that features a simple, pay-as-you-go pricing model.

In this regard, you will be charged only 2.9% + 30¢ for every successful card charge. This plan will offer you all the tools you need to manage your payments.

You will also get hundreds of feature updates every year with Stripe. The provider does not charge any setup, monthly, or hidden fees. 


This option allows you to design a custom package that is tailored to your business needs. It is suited for businesses that have large payments volume or unique business models. The plan offers volume discounts, Multi-product discounts, interchange pricing, and country-specific rates. 

Here is a further breakdown of the Stripe pricing model:

Accepting Online Payments 

For domestic credit and debit card payments, you will be charged 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction, regardless of the card type and brand. The rate for ACH debit transfers is 0.8% per transaction, which is capped at $5.

Wit stripe, you will also be able to accept ACH credit and wire transfer payments. The provider charges a rather different rate for such transactions though. 

In-Person Payments Through Stripe Terminal 

Card In-Person transactions through the stripe terminal are charged 2.7% + $0.05 per transaction for all the major card types and brands. If you process a sales volume of more than $100,000 a month, you may also get a volume discount. 

You may also be required to pay incidental fees while using the Stripe Terminal. Some of the cases that require you to pay additional fees include:

  • You will be required to pay an additional 1% for every international card payment you process
  • Stripe charges a $15 chargeback fee if a customer despites a charge and requires a payment reversal. Stripe will refund the fee if the dispute is ruled in your favor. 

Stripe Terminal Hardware Requirements 

Stripe Terminal Hardware Requirements Stripe Terminal only works with pre-certified third-party hardware for an assortment of applications. Currently, the solution only supports two reader and SDK combinations for you to choose from. Regardless of your preferred hardware, Stripe offers secure end-to-end encryption protection for all your transactions. 

Through a range of remote management tools, the provider will ensure that your readers are always up to date. For the best checkout experience, it is advisable to choose a reader option that is best suited for your in-app and physical sales environment. 

In this regard, these are the two main Stripe Terminal hardware solutions you should consider:

Verifone P400 ($229)

This is a Countertop reader for Stripe terminal applications. It is meant to connect to the Stripe terminal SDK over the internet. The reader is compatible with iOS and JavaScript SDKs. The reader is best suited for a stationery POS system that has a Wi-Fi LAN network. 

It features a larger touchscreen color display and an intuitive keypad. It accepts NFC (contactless), EMV chip and magnetic stripe cards. 

BBPOS Chipper 2X BT ($59)

Looking for a more affordable or mobile payment terminal for your business, you should consider getting the BBPOS Chipper reader for Stripe terminal apps. It is a handheld reader that connects to Stripe Terminal SDK using Bluetooth Low Energy (LE).

This mobile Stripe reader is compatible with Android and iOS SDKs. These allow for its connection to a mobile app to accept payments. As such, it is suited for processing on-the-go payments from a mobile phone or tablet. 

Connecting to Stripe Terminal 

Before using the Stripe Terminal to process payments, you need to have a Stripe Terminal reader connected to your POS application. The connection has to be established through a Stripe Terminal SDK. Basically, you can only connect a single reader to one instance of the SDK at a time.

Stripe Terminal Key Features 

Stripe Terminal will extend your online presence into the physical world. This allows you to build your own in-person checkout experience. The solution was developed with modern platforms and retailers in mind. 

As such, it is equipped with the developer tools you need to unify your in-store and online sales channels. The solution also includes convenient cloud-based hardware management and intuitive pre-certified card readers. 

Discussed below are some of the exceptional features and capabilities the Stripe Terminal has to offer your business: 

Unified Payments 

RefundsWith Stripe integrations, you will be able to unify all your in-store and online sales into a single platform for easier management. This solution will also simplify reporting and reconciliation in your business. This is further enhanced by the fact that Stripe Terminal works seamlessly with Stripe Payments, Connect, and Billing.

Optimized Revenue Generation 

Stripe Terminal allows you to add In-Person payments to your marketplace or platform. Pairing the terminal with Connect allows you to onboard users for both In-Person and online sales. This integration also makes it possible for you to unify their payouts across channels.

Improved Experience 

Provide a seamless customer experience across channels, including online reservations and picking up from the store.  Stripe Terminal SDKs make it easy for you to integrate Stripe into your own mobile and web applications, hence be able to accept in-store payments.

Custom Point of Sale 

Rather than having to deal with the constraints of off-the-shelf POS software, Stripe Terminal allows you to customize the system around your needs. This makes it possible for businesses to customize their checkout experience. 

The terminal allows business owners and managers to create customized slash screens and email receipts. Stripe SDKs and APIs make it simpler for you to integrate the Terminal into iOS, Android mobile apps, or the JavaScript web apps. 

Centralized Fleet Management 

Manage the entire fleet of Stripe card readers in your business, right from the Stripe Dashboard. From this Dashboard, you can register hardware to a location, monitor device status, as well as order card readers. 

The provider will deliver the required hardware to your location. With this solution, you will also be able to manage and group fleets of readers by their physical location. Such a solution makes it easy for businesses to monitor multiple readers across multiple locations. 

The Locations tool will help you manage readers and their activity by associating them with a physical operating site. You may also use the Terminal Locations functionality to group readers, view their connectivity status, and customize their settings by physical location. 

In-Person Payments 

Initially, Stripe could only process online eCommerce payments. Stripe Terminal allows businesses to process eCommerce as well as in-store payments. The terminal accepts both credit and debit card In-Person payments through any of its compatible card readers. 

Additionally, the Terminal is capable of processing NFC contactless payments. 

Remote Access 

With Stripe, you can access the various In-Person machines remotely. As the business owner or manager, you will be able to make adjustments and changes to the processing system remotely. This may be done from any internet-enabled device. 

This functionality gives you the ability to monitor sales across multiple channels as well. 

Custom Messaging 

Customer Support The Stripe Terminal processor is renowned for its flexible customization options. For instance, it lets you decide on what you want your customers to view on the display screen. As a merchant, you may use this capability to offer additional product information or just offer coupons to the customers. 

Customer Support 

Get in touch with the customer support professionals at Stripe by sending an email. The provider also offers diverse online resources on its official website. These include searchable documentation, tutorials, FAQs, article, and reference guides. 

Final Verdict 

Stripe Terminal is one of the leading In-Person card processors for different business types and sizes. Pairing the solution with the right reader, you will be able to accept credit, and debit cards as well as NFC contactless payments. 

Depending on the reader you choose, you may also get additional capabilities, such as custom messaging. Stripe also allows business owners to update their In-Person checkout terminals remotely from their online accounts. 

The solution also lets you view and manage sales and customers across multiple sales channels. Such aspects make Stripe Terminal one of the best payment processors in the industry, especially for In-Person payments.