Posiflex POS Terminal: Top Features, Alternatives, User Ratings

(Last Updated On: 08/12/2022)

Posiflex POSPosiflex is renowned for its reliable point of sale (POS) terminals that guarantee maximum uptime at a lower cost of ownership. The company offers a wide range of POS touch terminals, integrated systems, modular systems, and peripherals to meet varying business requirements and budgets. 

All their solutions feature revolutionary technology, reliable support as well as innovative, robust, stylish, and ergonomic designs. Their systems are suited for various business verticals, including retail, hospitality, entertainment, and healthcare industries. 

In all the cases, the provider offers a comprehensive POS suite, comprising of specialty terminals, an assortment of peripherals, and a robust back office. Throughout this Posiflex POS system review, you will learn what makes it a preferred solution for thousands of businesses across the world. 

Posiflex POS Alternatives 

POS SystemCost of Ownership  Free Trial Availability 
Posiflex $69.44 One-Time CostNo 
EasyPOS$13.88/Month per userYes
Horizon ERP$4.92 Monthly Rental CostYes 
Oracle NetSuite ERP Quote-Based No 

 Posiflex POS System Benefits 

  • All Posiflex terminals have an aluminum chassis for optimal heat diffusion 
  • Fitted with durable, heat-resistant touchscreen displays 
  • All models deliver impressive energy efficiency
  • Feature a fan-free design 
  • The terminals are compatible with a vast array of peripherals 

Posiflex POS Pricing 

Posiflex offers a vast array of hardware solutions, ranging from mobile and Kiosk stations to stationery all-in-one POS systems. Regardless of your preferred POS system, the provider will allow you to customize each station to your requirements with a range of compatible peripherals. 

As such Posiflex POS cost varies from one solution to another and will mainly depending on your specific hardware requirements. The provider does not display pricing information on its official website, but third-party sources have offered an idea as to the much you should expect to spend. 

For instance, Posiflex Tablet POS solutions are priced between $1,200 and 1,600, while the K-series all-in-one POS systems are priced between $820 and $1,740 apiece. Adding peripherals and hardware accessories to either of the options will cost you more. 

Posiflex POS Terminal Key Features 

Posiflex POSAll Posiflex POS terminals will offer you the open architecture the provider is known for as well as cross-platform integration support. The company offers a complete range of POS hardware solutions, including integrated POS systems, self-serve Kiosks, LCD displays, and programmable keyboards.

With Posiflex, you will also have a vast array of peripherals to choose from, including customer displays, fingerprint, and optically-coupled barcode scanners. Discussed below are some of the popular Posiflex POS terminal options and their impeccable capabilities:

POS Terminal (RT Series) 

Featuring a sleek ultra-slim appeal, the RT series POS terminals by Posiflex resonate in their new design. The RT series systems are the POS terminal solutions by this provider, and are just as functional ad they are elegant. 

The solution does not compromise on space requirements and allows for easier cable management and maintenance of the entire POS system. The terminal takes POS design to an all-new level, setting your brand image apart from your competitors. 

Other aspects that make the Posiflex RT series a must-have POS terminal option include:

Stylish Appeal 

Posiflex POSThe ultra-slim body design of the hardware features sleek contours and a linear rear cover surface for that elegant appeal you need. Most of these terminals come with a 15.6-inch PCAP touch screen as standard. 

The hardware components do not have any visible screws on their surface, maintaining a sleek and neat appearance. For enhanced versatility, the terminals are fitted with an assortment of ports, which are concealed in the rear cover. 

This look is further enhanced by the clean cable management feature. The advanced cable management design goes a long way in delivering a clutter-free visual appeal. 

Fanless Technology 

These POS terminals do not have cooling fans, which allows for quieter operation. Again, this design has been proven to make the system more durable, even in the harshest business environments. 

Swift Installation and Serviceability

The rear cover of the terminal may be removed with ease and without any tools. This allows for faster installation and serviceability of your POS station. The terminals are shipped with a line display or 10.1-inch second customer-facing LCD display attached and folded. 

This not only saves money in shipment costs but also saves you time during deployment. 

Mobile Posiflex Terminal (MT Series) 

Mobile Posiflex Terminal (MT Series) The Posiflex MT Series offers a diverse range of mobile POS solutions that have been designed for both hospitality and retail businesses. They come in the form of 10-inch tablets that support MSR/RFID attachment, a pistol grip with a built-in barcode scanner, and a removable battery. 

The mobile POS solution also features an optional dock station, helping transform the device into a complete stationary POS station. Some of the things that make this solution desirable include: 

Ergonomic Design 

Equipped with an ergonomically designed pistol grip handle. This makes it easy for you to hold and carry the tablet around. The grip distributes the weight of the tablet, the second battery, and optional built-in barcode scanner evenly to reduce fatigue. 

For added protection, MT series hardware features a hand strap. This strap will also minimize user fatigue during usage. 

Hybrid Versatility 

MT Series mobile POS by Posiflex presents you with the mobility of a tablet. Again, the solution may be coupled to the right stand to serve as a fixed POS terminal in your business. All the MT Series devices are fitted with a charging dock station. 

Additionally, attachments TA-600 and PG-500 are equipped with a removable battery for extended battery range. 

Dock Station 

Posiflex MT series tablets may be coupled to optional printer dock stations. These socks are equipped with a vast array of connectivity ports. These may be used to pair the device to the right peripherals and use it as an all-in-one POS station. 

All-in-One POS System (JIVA HS Series)

All-in-One POS System (JIVA HS Series)Get the best-value POS hardware solution for your pop store with the Posiflex Jiva HS series stations. These systems are specifically designed to optimize space usage smartly. The all-in-one Posiflex POS terminals are android-based and feature a detachable printer.

This design allows for easier maintenance of the system. The station also supports integration with the commonly used peripherals. Here are some of the things you will come to like about this Posiflex POS terminal option: 

Compact Design 

Despite being an all-in-one POS station option, Posiflex JIVA HS Series stations feature a limited footprint. It features a compact minimalistic design, saving on counter space while delivering superior performance. 

It is fitted with an ARM-based quad-core processor for optimized performance and speed. In addition to POS functionality, this solution also incorporates promotion capabilities within its space-saving design. 


This Posiflex POS terminal option has stylish touches added throughout. The result is a crafted piece of art that looks right at home in any store decoration.

Kiosk Self-Serve POS (TK Series)

Kiosk Self-Serve POS (TK Series)Stellar TK series stations by Posiflex are some of the best modular Kiosk solutions in the industry. The provider allows you to tailor the stations to blend with your store decoration and complement the brand image. 

The stations are purpose-built for various self-service applications. The solution may be integrated with an assortment of peripherals for enhanced versatility. This will also help you deliver improved customer engagement in your business. 

Other aspects that make this Kiosk POS station  solution stand out include: 

Multiple Configuration Options 

Featuring a modular design, the Stellar TK POS stations come in floor-standing and countertop Kiosk configuration options. This allows for multiple deployment options within the same standardized family of Kiosk POS terminals. 

For a more customizable solution, the provider allows you to pair the Kiosk terminals with your preferred peripherals. With Posiflex, you have a wide choice of Kiosk peripherals, including a barcode scanner, service indicator receipt/ticket printer, bill acceptor, card dispenser, and paper dispenser. 

Multiple Applications 

Multiple Applications Designed for public access, Posiflex Stellar TK Series stations are suitable for a wide variety of self-service applications. For instance, the stations may be used as a self-serve POS station, restaurant self-ordering, loyalty program, food court preordering, hotel self-check-in, or hospital patient check-in solution. 

Easy Maintenance 

Access doors to the Kiosk station open at the front. This allows for easy access for field service and user operation. As a matter of fact, you will not need to move the station from its location in order to dismantle the body or remove a component for servicing. 

Digital Signature (ID Series)

The Posiflex Polaris ID series countertop digital signage display solutions were designed with improved user experience in mind. To begin with, the solution allows for easy access to images and videos through the USB interface. 

The ID series terminals will also function as a media and advertising medium for enhanced customer experience in retail stores. With this Posiflex POS terminal option, you will be able to: 


The hardware is suited for eye-catching, close-up messaging. As such it may be used to display promotions, delivering information, and stationing as a directory for retailers. 


Deliver eye-catching retail imagery and videos with the exquisite Full HD experience offered by Polaris ID series stations. The solution offers immersive, and impressive messaging to attract customers wherever needed.


Having been tailored for any digital signage operation, this Posiflex POS terminal option delivers impressive multimedia content. This may, in turn, be used to inspire the target audience in your business 

Posiflex POS Box (PB Series)

Posiflex POS Box (PB Series)This is essentially an advanced compact POS box. It has been proven to be suited for most cash till areas, and retail sectors where space is at a premium. In addition to its compact design, the Posiflex PB series units deliver robust performance and optimal customer experience. 

The solution comes in numerous Intel CPU options, ranging from Intel Celeron to Core i7, allowing for scalable performance. Despite being so powerful, PB series terminals feature a rather small footprint. You will also find this solution to be expandable and configurable with a vast array of peripherals. 

Final Verdict 

Posiflex works tirelessly, in accordance with its customer-centric principle, to create superior technical features and intuitive interfaces. Posiflex POS terminal solutions feature an open architecture and support for cross-platform integrations. 

As a result, Posiflex offers some of the best self-serve Kiosks, integrated POS systems, touch and LCD displays, as well as Mobile POS solutions. This wide product profile offers a one-stop POS hardware and peripherals shopping experience. 

Whether it is for retail, hospitality, entertainment venue, or medical institutions, Posiflex has the best POS terminal to meet your needs.