Epos Now POS System Review – Pricing & Features

(Last Updated On: 10/06/2022)

Epos Now is a renowned point of sale (POS) and business management software provider for retail and hospitality businesses. It may be applied in such businesses as general retail, tobacco shops, liquor and wine, vape shops and apparel stores. 

Epos Now POS is an integrated solution for restaurants and other small businesses. Its software can be accessed from a computer or tablet. Its basic package includes a Pro-C15W touch-screen terminal, metal cash drawer, and 80 mm thermal receipt printer. It also comes with a subscription for payment processing and care and support.

Its user-friendly interface and guided walkthrough make it easy to learn and use. It's especially easy to use on a tablet or smartphone. Features like table-side ordering let users enter orders and send them directly to the kitchen, removing the need for a central ordering kiosk. It also allows users to add products and bundle them into new offerings, and it can track inventory levels, ensuring popular items don't run out.

Epos Now is an affordable cloud-based POS solution for restaurants, hotels, and other businesses. It's compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android devices. It can also work offline. Other features include management of inventory, integration with an eCommerce site, and customer loyalty programs. Epos Now POS also has a multi-year service contract and extra customer support.

Epos Now POS is available for small and medium-sized businesses. It's compatible with most popular computers, smartphones, and tablets, and comes with a back-office feature to organize your transactions. It also has apps that integrate with popular software like QuickBooks, Mailchimp, and BigCommerce.

In addition to the cloud-based specialty POS software, the provider also offers proprietary hardware solutions. Expand the functionality of your POS system by integrating it with the right apps from the AppStore.  You will also get premium, 24/7 customer support by the provider. Throughout this Epos POS system review, you will learn why thousands it is a preferred retail and hospitality POS solution

Epos POS System Alternatives 

POS System  Software Subscription Cost  Best Suited for 
Epos  Starting from $39.00/Month Retail and hospitality businesses of all sizes
QuickBooks Enterprise  Quote-Based Contractor, wholesale, manufacturing, nonprofit, and retail businesses
UpKeep Starting from $35.00/Month per user Manufacturing, Fleet, oil and gas, Facilities management, warehousing, food processing, and churches
Xero Starting from $9.00/Month all small and medium-sized businesses as well as accounting and bookkeeping practices

Epos POS System Benefits 

  • Features built-in accounting and CRM capabilities
  • Exceptional product and stock organization functionality
  • Backed by quick and reliable customer support
  • Offers improved POS and data security
  • Supports more than 80 third-party integrations 

Possible Drawbacks 

You may end up incurring additional costs for customer support. 

Epos POS Pricing 

The provider offers a 30-day free trial period for you to try software capabilities first hand. While registering for the free trial period, you will not be required a credit card, as is the case with some of the leading hospitality POS systems. 

The provider offers three main price plans to meet different business requirements and budgets. All the paid Epos software subscription plans include support for unlimited users as well as free software, and security updates. If this is your preferred POS system, here are the three pricing plans you should consider:

Standard ($39/Mo)

This is the most affordable Epos POS system plan and only offers a basic point of sale and business management features. The plan features email support, cloud reporting, help with set-up, and support for unlimited products. 

For such functionality, you will be required to pay a subscription fee of $39/month for the first register. Additional registers will be charged an additional $24/month each. 

Premium ($69/Mo)

This plan will offer you more advanced capabilities, including 24/7 telephone support, account management, and cloud reporting. The $69/month price is just for the first register, extra registers on this plan will be charged $45/month each.

Enterprise (Quote-Based)

This plan is priced based on the functionality you need in your business. Some of the capabilities offered by the Epos Enterprise plan include On-site support, Enterprise reporting, Enterprise account management, and support for unlimited products. 

Epos POS Hardware and System Requirements 

Both Epos retail and hospitality software options may be used with compatible third-party hardware solutions. If you do not have existing hardware, you may source for compatible solutions on your own or buy your hardware components through the Epos website.

Hardware solutions sold through Epos official website are fairly priced as the pricing includes installation, configuration, and training. Being one of the best cloud-based retail and hospitality POS solutions, Epos only requires minimal hardware to run. The system may also be deployed through a web browser, such as Safari and Google Chrome. 

Epos POS System Key Features 

Epos POS SystemEpos Now is a retail POS and management solution for mid-sized businesses. The modular solution offers such modules as a point of sale, customer management, and inventory management modules. The retail accounting module of the software includes such capabilities as purchase orders, general ledger, and payroll processing. 

The system is suited for use in various retail businesses, including furniture and home décor, apparel, sporting goods, and grocery stores. This may be attributed to the many industry-specific features the system has to offer, including;


The EposNow retail POS system offers a customizable Dashboard for enhanced overview and control of the entire business. With this feature, you may access real-time product, sales, and employee performance reports from anywhere, at any time and on any device.

It allows you to set custom dashboards, hence access key information metrics you require quickly without having to run individual reports. Again, the system may be used to generate reports and analysis on various aspects of your business, particularly sales. 

The reporting Dashboard allows retailers to monitor revenue and identify areas that require more attention to improved performance. The detailed reports and analytics generated by this system may be used by retailers to identify their specific needs and boost sales. 


Just as is the case with some of the best retail POS systems, EposNow allows you to restrict access to the POS system for enhanced security. In addition to setting different authorization levels for employees, the system may be used to regulate discount levels.

You may also use this capability to stipulate who can offer refunds and void sales in the business. You will also be able to monitor discount levels by an employee from your Back Office. Preventing unauthorized access to the POS system, the system will help prevent employee fraud. 

In this regard, your staff will have to use their PIN numbers or staff swipe cards to access the POS system, which enhanced accountability. 

Back Office 

Epos Now back office offers retail business owners and managers added convenience and complete control at their fingertips. With this portal, you will be able to access the entire management system from any device, and from anywhere. 

This functionality has been proven to offer retailers improved control and visibility into all business operations. For instance, it will offer you convenient control and visibility into your inventory, staff, and sales. Easily add or edit products, start a spontaneous promotion. You may also access the AppStore through the award-winning and easy to use web-based Epos Back Office.

Inventory Management 

Get complete awareness of inventory levels in your business, eliminating the need for many unnecessary stock takes.  With this functionality, you will also be able to monitor inventory shrinkage and wastage. 

Coupled with analytics tools, this feature will ensure that you always have the best-selling products in stock. In an effort to streamline the ordering process, Epos Now allows you to raise purchase orders, and manage inter-location stock transfers conveniently from the POS system.

Allows vendors to update their catalogs effortlessly. With this system, you will be able to add or edit product information with ease. You may also bundle different items and accessories from the inventory manager. 

Staff Management 

Streamline operations and boost staff performance in your business. Features a built-in clock that allows your employees to clock in and out through the till. Your Epos Back-Office will then generate their hours and pay automatically. 

Extensive employee reporting allows you to identify the best performing staff, and highlight those that are under-performing. Get to know which of your employees are more successful at upselling as well as the best-selling products at a glance. This way, you will be able to identify and bridge any gaps in training for improved efficiency. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Manage your customers more efficiently for more repeat business. The system allows you to add customers quickly they make purchases. As such, you will be able to invoice them, collect essential marketing information, and offer them credit. 

Integrating the loyalty module to your Epos POS system allows you to offer branded loyalty cards to your customers. With these cards, the customers can collect points for their purchases and receive preferential pricing. This has been proven to be effective at encouraging repeat business, and brand loyalty in different retail businesses. 

Accounting Tools 

Many retailers love the fact that the Epos Now POS System can do much more than just monitor their revenues. The solution may be preset to generate quarterly and end-of-year tax returns automatically. Though basic, this functionality eliminates the need for an accountant or a third-party accounting integration. 

Customer Support 

Epos offers customer support through several channels, including phone, chat, and email. Their customer support professionals are known to respond swiftly, regardless of the contact method you use. 

According to the many users of this retail POS system, the customer support team at Epos is patient, accommodating, and helpful. As such, the provider is known to facilitate fast resolutions to many problems their customers encounter while using Epos Now.  The provider offers priority phone support 24/7, unlimited one-on-one coaching, and training. They also have onsite engineers available throughout the US.

Integration Support 

The Epos Now the retail point of sale is customizable and relatively easy to scale to different business needs. In addition to the various modules and features offered by the provider, the software also supports third-party integrations. As a matter of fact, the solution supports more than 80 partner applications and programs.

Epos Now is a cloud-based point-of-sale system that has a variety of features. It offers multi-site store management, detailed sales analytics, and mobile app integration. This makes it easy to expand your business beyond your store. It also offers customer relationship management tools.

Epos Now provides POS systems for both retail and hospitality environments. Its implementation process is simple and fast. First, you must configure the software to meet the needs of your company. For example, if you're a restaurant, you'll need to add food items to the system and set up a floor plan.

Epos Now offers phone and live chat support. You can also purchase hardware from the company for a one-month trial. The cost of an Epos Now account is $39 per month. It's not free, but the price is cheaper than Shopify and Vend by Lightspeed.

Epos Now also provides tools to manage your staff. Its dashboards enable you to view KPIs for individual employees and stores. This helps you make more informed decisions regarding promotions and staffing. In addition, you can monitor customer performance with Epos Now's customer database. You can even track balances for individual customers.

Epos Now also sells hardware and software. Their support plans come with various benefits, including next-day equipment replacement, unlimited training, and data backup. These plans also provide live chat and phone support 24/7.

Final Verdict 

Epos offers a fast, responsive, and intuitive POS and business management system for retailers of different types and sizes. The system allows you to customize powerful promotions, accept all payment types, and access a powerful booking solution for your business. 

With this solution, you may also customize receipts with images, and special offers, as well as monitor historic transactions. Exceptional support, hands-free installation, enhanced ease-of-use, and scalability ore other aspects that make Epos Now a preferred retail POS system.