Restaurant Paging Systems: Do You Really Need Them in 2024?

(Last Updated On: 02/01/2023)

Written by Business Expert Wale Ameen 

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restaurant pagerTop 5 Restaurant Paging Systems

A typical day in a regular restaurant can be pretty chaotic with lots of human movement. This is a regular pain for restaurant owners and managers. This issue, however, can be solved to a large extent with a restaurant paging system. There are two types of pagers: the first is used to reach out to guests/customers (guest pagers), while the second is used to reach out to staff members (staff pagers).

In coming up with this review, I have done extensive research on restaurant paging systems, just like I have also done on other products like POS systems in the past. Over the years, I have written about, and interviewed a number of small business owners. This has afforded me the privilege to understand first hand the issues small business owners face and are constantly looking out for solutions to. 

Given this background, my reviews are written with an understanding of the issues at hand and with the goal to provide well detailed and researched solutions. 

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My Most Recommended Restaurant Pager

Pagertec Complete Coaster Paging System Features
Pagertec restaurant paging system
  • Best-in-class warranty
  • Comes with 30 pagers
  • Sturdy, rugged design
  • Easily programmed
  • Long mile range of up to 2 miles
  • Led lights
  • Multiple alert settings
  • Lifetime technical support

Available: Restaurant Pager System for Sale $1,649 on Amazon

Of the five pagers reviewed, the one that gets the most recommendations from me for small and medium restaurants based on the assessments is the Pagertec Complete Coaster Paging System. . This is based on its array of features, best-in-class warranty, sturdy construction, and design.

The only known drawback of the Pagertec Complete Coaster Paging System is the possibility of some units becoming defective during use, as reported by a user. So, aside from this  drawback, it really is a good fit for restaurants looking to make use of pagers. 

As for where it can be purchased, the Pagertec complete coaster paging system can be purchased directly from the company here, where you have the option of either the guest paging, staff paging, or push for service solutions to select from. In addition, you can purchase the restaurant pager system on Amazon.

Looking to jump in specific sections of this review? Here’s a quick rundown of all sections:

How I Evaluated

Best Restaurant Paging Systems: Summary

The Best Restaurant Paging Systems: Buyer’s Guide

Pagertec Complete Coaster Paging System

Nolas 24 Social Distance Pagers by Corum Security

Pager Genius 10 Pager System

Retekess T112 Restaurant Pagers

SHIHUI 10 Pager System



How I Evaluated

In my bid to arrive at this recommended shortlist of the best restaurant pagers ideal for restaurant paging systems for text messaging, I have analyzed more than 10 pager systems on ecommerce sites, Amazon and eBay. I analyzed the prices, features, and, importantly, their popularity and restaurant owners’ reviews. This is along with our top considerations for choosing a POS system.

Best Restaurant Paging Systems: Summary

Based on my assessment and personal review of the major paging systems available at the moment in the market, the top five paging solutions ideal for small and medium restaurants are:

  1. Pagertec Complete Coaster Paging System
  2. Nolas 24 Social Distance Pagers by Corum Security
  3. Pager Genius 10 Pager System
  4. Retekess T112 Restaurant Pagers
  5. SHIHUI 10 Pager System

Buying Guide – Finding the Best Restaurant Pager System for Sale

For a first timer without experience in the various types of solutions out there, searching for a restaurant pager system for sale may be a daunting and confusing task. It is for this reason that I have highlighted the major features you should be on the lookout for when considering buying a pager for your restaurant.

One thing to note generally is that paging systems need to be built tough and capable of handling the rough terrain it will be exposed to within a restaurant setup. This is because of the restaurant’s setting. The best paging systems are built “restaurant tough” and include special features. Below are some of the features to watch out for:

Waterproof or Water-Resistant

Considering that water is an essential part of every restaurant’s kitchen, bar, and table, it makes sense that pagers should be water-resistant.

Auto Locate

Auto-locate is a useful feature when customer pagers are missing at the end of the evening or when a staff member misplaces theirs.


Companies such as PagerTec offer paging systems with anti-theft capabilities, which is helpful because it prevents restaurant customers and staff from leaving the property with the pager.

The way it works is simple. Whenever a pager is no longer able to receive the signal from the docking station, it will start to sound, which reminds the person that they still have the pager on them, so they will return it to the host on duty.


Having the ability to customize your pagers with logos and colors is a great way to make your business stand out and demonstrate to customers that your brand is something special.

If you are eager to have your logo displayed on coaster-style pagers and/or have pagers in a specific color, companies such as Retekess, Pager Genius, and PagerTec offer these attractive options when you purchase their customer paging system.


The types of batteries in paging systems come in a few varieties.  

Most are rechargeable in a short amount of time and can stay charged for at least a couple of days, but others contain batteries that are easily replaceable without having to contact the manufacturer.

If the batteries in the system are rechargeable, the charging times are dependent upon the type of battery. Lithium batteries are the most commonly used and take three to four hours to charge.

Type of Batteries 

restaurant paging systemNickel Metal Hydride

Nickel Metal Hydride batteries charge the fastest as it usually takes just one to two hours to get them back to full power. Triple A batteries take the longest to charge, which ranges between six and eight hours. Nickel Metal Hydride and AAA batteries are the most convenient to have in your system because you will not have to contact the manufacturer when they stop holding a charge and need to be replaced. Just go to the store and purchase new ones. 


Lithium batteries can easily handle thirty-six hours of continuous use and last up to seventy-two hours in standby mode. Meanwhile, Nickel Metal Hydride and AAA batteries will hold a charge for forty-eight hours of continuous use and have a lifetime of two to three years until they need to be replaced because they will no longer hold a charge.


Customer paging systems range in price from $129 to $1899 depending on the brand, style, and the number of pagers included, which can be as few as five and as many as fifty.  Anyone who owns or manages a busy restaurant needs to invest in at least a customer paging system. Once it is in use, it is easy and convenient to purchase more pagers as the business grows


Most pagers double as coasters, which is convenient because the customer can set it on the bar to hold their drink and can easily see when it starts flashing or glowing. Although, if the customer decides to wander outside with the pager in their pocket or purse, the intense vibration from the pager will alert them that their table is ready.

Barrier-Free Environment  

Walls may interfere with the transmission. Therefore, it is important to try to maintain a barrier-free environment. If your establishment is small in scale, any paging system will work fine. However, if your restaurant is vast and involves several rooms or an outdoor seating area, you need to be concerned with the system’s ability to cover a great distance and penetrate barriers. 

Some systems use 433.92MHz radio frequency that can carry a signal 3080 feet when walls are not in the way. This is great if you own or manage a large dining or reception hall. For multi-level restaurants, wireless restaurant pagers are a must. Pager Genius provides wireless paging systems that are ideal for a restaurant that spans over multiple floors. Furthermore, those systems have long-range signals with the ability to penetrate multiple barriers for optimum performance.


While some companies are not forthcoming with their warranties and encourage you to call them to learn more, most paging system providers do offer a one-year warranty against manufacturer defects.

Although, some companies such as PagerTec include lifetime tech support, which is helpful when you are having problems, but not sure if the complication you are experiencing is truly a warranty issue. The bottom line is that you need your business running smoothly, so if speaking with a knowledgeable technician solves the problem, excellent!

Customer Support

After all, nobody wants to send their system in to get repaired, or wait for replacement parts to arrive.  If you want supreme peace of mind, Pager Genius offers a full two-year warranty that even includes accident coverage.

How Do Restaurant Customer Paging Systems Work? 

When a guest enters the restaurant, the host or hostess provides them with a pager after recording their name and the number of people in their party.

The customer and their family and friends are then free to roam outside or sit at the bar until their table is ready.

Customer paging systems have a vibration function that is combined with alerts that are auditory (beep or buzz) and visual (flash or glow).

When a table comes available, the host notifies the waiting party by pushing the button on the paging station that corresponds to the pager that is in the customer’s possession. The pager will then vibrate and flash or beep.

While all pagers vibrate, the auditory and visual alerts are beneficial to customers who are deaf or visually impaired, so if they don’t have the pager on their person to feel the vibration alert, they will see or hear that their table is ready.

Most pager alert functions are customizable. In addition, some pager systems can be connected directly to the restaurant’s POS system.

How Do Restaurant Staff Paging Systems Work?

Staff pagers are an essential part of any busy restaurant. They come in two types and a variety of styles.  The first type is a button-style buzzer that customers can press right at their table to let their server know that they need something.

The buzzer causes the server’s pager to sound and the pager’s screen displays the table’s number, so they can respond to the customer quickly. The second type is designed for staff to communicate with the servers.

These devices, which can be pagers or two-way radios, are helpful because they help the restaurant run smoothly by minimizing kitchen traffic and easing confusion. For example, when a customer’s food is ready, the kitchen staff sends an alert with the table number to the server’s pager, so they know which order is ready to be delivered.  

Staff paging systems can range in price from $49 to $1098 depending on the brand, style, and number of pagers, buzzers, and/or two-way radios. 

One thing to keep in mind is that not all companies sell both customer and staff paging systems. In the event that you need multiple units, try to purchase them from the same vendor. The reason behind that is that optimal performance is dependent on having all of the pagers from the same vendor.


While the numbers in a set depends, the average is usually between 6 and 20. For a typical restaurant just starting out, a set of 10 pagers will do just fine to manage rush periods. As such a restaurant grows, you can then look at the option of purchasing additional pagers.

Extra Tips

  • If your restaurant is dimly lit, I would advise that you consider getting brightly colored pagers with flashing lights.
  • Test the pagers as soon as you take delivery of them to ensure that they are all working and test their transmission range to be sure of just how far they go.
  • Train your staff ahead of time so they understand how pagers work.
  • Ensure you keep the charging dock clean and free of dust or particles.

Important Note: The systems I have reviewed below are for small to medium size restaurants. For larger and more complex restaurant paging systems, fill out the form below to receive a FREE quote.

1. Pagertec Complete Coaster Paging System

PagerTec Restaurant Pager SystemIf what you are looking for is a cost effective and ideal paging option for your restaurant, then the Pagertec Complete Coaster Paging System is a great choice for your restaurant. It’s one of the most cost-efficient paging systems on the market, as well as the easiest and most flexible.

Pagertec offers all three types of pagers: guest pagers, staff pagers and push for service pagers.

Their new system has a best-in-class warranty, a better design, and sturdy construction. From my review of this paging system, it’s a top choice. I highly recommend it, based on the overall durability of their product.

Below are some advantages of this paging system you should know: 

Features of Pagertec Complete Coaster Paging System

Easily Programmed

The Pagertec system can be easily programmed. You can customize pagers to flash your logo to promote your brand. Additionally, it can show a special offer for a specific day.

Your guests can be easily managed and notified when their table or food is ready. This helps eliminate any stress on you and your staff when there is a particularly busy day. It eases the chaos, long lines, and unattractive queues. 

Offers Lifetime Technical Support

The Pagertec Complete Coaster Paging systems come backed by a 100% 30-day money back guarantee as well as lifetime technical support. This is something that a restaurant owner needs when and if something may go wrong. If you don’t think that this is the right system for you and your business, you can return it for a full refund. 

Long mile range of up to 2 miles

Pagertec paging systems have a long range of up to 2-miles when in the line of sight and they will last up to 48-hours on a full charge. If a customer leaves the coverage area, the pager will send out a notification to let them know. If they are leaving the area due to theft, there is an auto-locate feature on the pager.

Multiple alert settings

There are a number of alert settings to choose from. If your restaurant has a quiet setting, you can choose to have silent paging, or can opt for flashing lights and vibrations for other settings. 

Study and rugged design

When I compared Pagertech to other systems like Nolas 24 Social Distance, two things I noticed that stand out about Pagertec are its features and design. 

Pros and Cons of Pagertec Complete Coaster Paging System

This video from Pagertec shows an overview of the restaurant pager product.


It comes with 30 pagers

Led lights

It offers multiple notification settings

The company offers a lifetime of technical support

Easy to program


Some units may become defective

Pagertec Amazon Review
User defective report of Pagertec on Amazon

How Much Does the Pagertec Complete Coaster Paging System Cost?

Pagertec offers quite an array of bundles under each of its three options (guest pagers, staff pagers, and push for service).

Guest Pagers

Under its guest pagers, it has the Smart Stack EVO which sells around $924 and Smart Stack PRO with cost starting at $575. 

Staff Pagers

For Staff Paging, it has six different options: 

TrackStaff – From $600 

Wear & Go Watch Paging System With Server Transmitter – From $900 

Wear and Go Watch with Hostess Transmitter – From $900 

Message Paging – From $700 

TrackStaff V2 Paging – From $500

TrackStaff V3 Plus Paging – From $1,000

Push for Service

For its push for service paging devices, you will need to make a request for a quote to the company.

The company currently offers free shipping along with 2 years warranty  for these devices and a 30-day money back guarantee for devices purchased.

Where to Find PagerTec Restaurant Pager System for Sale

You can purchase Pagertec complete pagers directly from the company’s website here. There are also a number of third party sellers offering the Pagertec Complete Coaster Paging System. It can also be purchased online from Amazon.

Users Reviews/Ratings of Pagertec Complete Coaster Paging System

Users have praised the pagers as being easy to set up and get started with. On Amazon, 52% of users rate Pagertec Complete Coaster paging system 5 star while 26 percent of reviewers give it a 3 star. Overall, Pagertec scores a 3.6 out of 5 star rating on Amazon reviews.

pagertec amazon reviews
PagerTec Restaurant Paging System scores 3.6/5 overall stars on Amazon reviews.

2. Nolas 24 Social Distance Pagers by Corum Security 

If you need a simpler and more affordable paging system that gets the job done, then the Nolas 24 Social Distance Pager system is a product you should consider.

This solution eliminates the long wait lines, the shouting, and the inefficient labor costs. It’s one of the best social distancing pagers on the market with this kind of value. 

Let’s check out what makes it so great: 

What Features Set Nolas 24 Social Distance Pagers Apart?

Many Notification Options

This paging system comes programmed with six combinations of alert modes. You can choose to do buzzer + flash, vibration + flash, buzzer + vibration + flash, and various other combinations. You can change the modes as you see fit for your restaurant or mood. 

There is also a group call option without the need for reassignment. You can press 999 and click “call” to call all of the pagers at once. They will all beep so those who have them know it’s time for them to hand their pagers in. 

Powerful Battery System

Each pager is equipped with a 3.7V rechargeable battery. On just a single charge, a pager can run for 36-hours continuously. It only takes 3-4 hours for a battery to charge completely with 72-hours of standby time. There are 16 charging slots that provide power to the pagers when they are placed on the base. 

It is easy to clean and operate

The design of Nolas 24 social distance pager makes it easy to clean as well as operate. It is also easy to incorporate into any front of house setup.

Pros and Cons of Nolas 24 Social Distance Pagers?


Built in battery system that can last as much as 72 hours

Easy to operate

Quite easy to incorporate into any front-of house operation set up


A few customers have complained that some pagers stop charging after a while

NOLAS Social Distancing Restaurant Pager
NOLAS Amazon Customer Review

How Much Does the Nolas 24 Social Distance Pager Cost?

Nolas 24 social distance pagers average cost is about $200, and you can find the Nolas 24 restaurant pager system for sale on Amazon and eBay.

Users’ Review/Rating of Nolas 24 Social Distance Pagers

As regards ratings, from a total of about 150 users’ reviews analyzed, the Nolas 24 Social Distance Pagers scores a 5 star rating from 73% of reviewers on Amazon and a 4 star rating from 8% of the reviewers. Overall, it scores a 4.3% star rating out of 5.

Nolas Restaurant Pager System
NOLAS Restaurant Pager System overall Amazon star rating

A number of reviewers, ranging from restaurant owners and food truck owners many who battle for space within their locations, say it is a great pager to have for a restaurant as it helps to de-clutter the selling area, they also attest to its simplicity of use, no need for installation of any kind.

3. Pager Genius 10 Pager System

The Pager Genius 10 Pager System is wireless paging system for restaurants manufactured by the Pager Genius company, a team of industry experts and industry engineers based in California.

Pager Genus offers three types of pagers which include the restaurant pagers, server paging systems, and customer paging system.

The Pager Genius Complete 10 Pager System has been designed to improve customer experience. Rather than yelling across a restaurant when a table or food is ready, the pager will simply notify the customer with a vibration, lights, or beeping.

Not only that, but it will also cut down on labor costs. Let’s take a look at some other notable features. 

Pager Genius 10 Restaurant Pager SystemFeatures of Pager Genius 10 Pager System

Easy to Use

If you aren’t one who is great with technology, then you’ll definitely appreciate what this pager system has to offer. The setup for these pagers is very simple.

All you have to do is plug it into the wall. These pagers are rechargeable, and there’s a numeric keypad for easy programming and notifications. Also, these pagers don’t require internet or phone lines, monthly fees, and they are covered by a two-year warranty. 

Great Range

The range on these pagers aren’t as good as the first two on the list, but it’s still quite long. These pagers have a ½ mile range. Your customers can roam around while they’re waiting for their food or table to be ready. If your establishment is large, you can purchase a range extender. 

Noise Reduction

These pagers are great for reducing noise in restaurants. With these pagers, there won’t be the need to yell out names or numbers. Simply use the keypad on the system to alert the pager with the corresponding number. Depending on the setting, you can choose to have the pager buzz, flash lights, or beep. This greatly improves customer experience. 

No setup required

You practically have no setup to do. All that is required of the system is simply to have them properly charged and you are ready to roll.

Pros and Cons of Pager Genius 10 Pager System


Noise reduction

Easy to set up

Has a two-year warranty

Great for all ages

Decent range

PayPal no interest financing


No known cons

How Much Does the Pager Genius 10 Paging System Cost?

Customer pagers

The cost of Pager Genus Complete Pager Genius Covid-19 Social Distancing Paging System bundle which comes with varying numbers of pagers, starts at about $300 for a 5 pager bundle.

Customer to Server Pager Notification System

This comes in two types: the Pager Genus Customer Table Paging System and the Customer to Server Single Button. The latter’s cost starts from $10.00 while the former cost starts from about $120.00

Pager Genius offers free labels with customers’ company logos for any wireless paging system purchased. There is also free shipping on all orders. 

Where to Find Pager Genius 10 Restaurant Pager System for Sale

You can make a purchase request via the company’s official website here or buy through a number of third party sellers on Amazon and eBay.

Users’ Review/Rating of Pager Genius 10 Paging Systems

Pager Genius 10 paging systems receive glowing reviews from users on Amazon as it scores a 4.7 out of 5 star general rating with 79% of users giving it a 5 star rating and 12% giving it a 4 star.

Pager Genius Restaurant Pager System
Pager Genius overall Amazon star rating

From a cross section of user reviews analyzed ranging from professionals such as medical doctors, movie theater owners, restaurant and cafe owners, the reviews all have high praise for the paging solution, as they all attest to the fact that it is easy to use and works well in the different use cases.

The solution’s auditory, vibratory, and flashing capabilities were especially noted as ideal by the medical doctor, who says it works well with their vision and hearing-impaired patients.

4. Retekess T112 Restaurant Pagers

Don’t spend thousands of dollars on a restaurant pager system when you can spend just a few hundred on a system just as good.

The Retekess T112 Pager System beats some of the more expensive competitors without even trying. Here are some of the reasons why this pager system may just be the right one for you: 

Retekess Restaurant PagerFeatures of Retekess T112 Restaurant Pagers

Stable Signal

With some pager systems, the signal may be interfered with by walls, signal barriers, and doors. However, with this pager system, there is absolutely no signal interference.

It’s an ideal candidate when it comes to restaurant use. No need to yell across the establishment anymore. Simply press a button and let the signal flow to the correct pager. 

Different Alerts

When it comes time for the pager to notify the customer that their table or food is ready, you can choose to use one of the three included modes. You can choose vibration + LED flash, buzzer + LED flash, and vibration + buzzer + LED flash. If you run a classy establishment and don’t want to make a lot of noise, choose vibration and flash. 

Long Range

Another important feature with these pagers is how long their range is. This particular pager system has a professional chip in them to maintain its long range. It can cover up to 1640 feet in open areas and 656 feet indoors.

Your customers may be free to roam about until their food or table is ready. Once it’s ready, press the button on the keypad to alert the pager. If the pager happens to die, there are 20 charging slots on the base. The base is constructed of durable ABS plastic and it’s sturdy. It keeps the battery properly charged without affecting the battery life. 

Pros and Cons of Retekess T112 Restaurant Pagers

Here is a brief video showing how to use the RETEKESS T112 restaurant pager. 


Decent range

Supports up to 999 pagers

20 charging slots

You can place your logo into the paper slot

Stable signal



Dock can’t be set to silent

Few users complain that the the units stop working after a few months into use

Retekess restaurant pager amazon review
Amazon review of Retekess restaurant pager

How Much Does the Retekess T112 Restaurant Pager Cost?

The Retekess Wireless T112 Guest Pager Systems costs about $200 when purchased directly from the company but costs slightly more on the company’s Amazon page. It is important to note that the eventual cost you will be paying is determined largely by the number of copies you opt to buy.

Where to Find Retekess Restaurant Pager System for Sale

As noted above, you can purchase the Retekess T112 pager from the company directly or buy through a number of third party resellers on Amazon, Walmart and eBay.

Users’ Rating and Review of Retekess T112 Restaurant pager

The Retekees T112 Restaurant pager scores an overall of 4.2/5 rating on all Amazon global ratings from users with 68% of users giving it a 5 star rating and 10% giving it a 4 star.

Retekess Restaurant Pager
Retekess Restaurant Pager Amazon reviews

Over 84 verified users analyzed, including food truck owners and restaurant owners, testify to its simplicity and ease of use. However, while it does cost less when compared to others, a number of users complain of the units going bad just a few months into use.

5. SHIHUI 10 Pager System

SHIHUI 10 restaurant pager Last on this list is the Shihui 10 Pager System. It’s an exceptionally affordable system for a restaurant, pizza shop, coffee house, or any other food establishment. The pagers are not only attractive, but simple to use. Let’s take a look at what it has to offer. 

Features of Shihui 10 Pager System

High Quality

This 10 pager system isn’t only attractive, but durable. The queuing wireless calling system is constructed of ABS engineering plastic. They aren’t too large, but rather delicate for even the smallest hands. These pagers also have built-in external antennas to ensure proper signal strength. 

Many Alert Modes

As with the other pager systems, this one also has a variety of optional modes. They consist of buzzer + Vibration + LED, vibration + LED, and LED only. The LED only is perfect for quiet settings as to not disturb other patrons. If you own a noisier establishment, such as a bar, then the buzzer + vibration + LED may suffice. Each mode has the LED already activated. 

Long Battery Life

The SHIHUI pager system comes with 10 pagers, all of which have a 3.7V rechargeable battery. Battery life is 36-hours when in use and 72-hours in standby mode. Once the pager dies or is running low on battery, you can simply plug them into the included dock. It holds all 10 pages at once for convenient charging. 

Pros and Cons of Shihui 10 Pager


Long battery life

Attractive design

3 alert modes

High-quality ABS plastic material for durability

Built-in external antennas


Some units have been reported to stop working or malfunction

How Much Does the Shihui 10 Pager System Cost?

The Shihui 10 Pager System’s cost ranges from around $100, and you can find the Shihui restaurant pager system for sale on Amazon.

SHIHUI 10 Restaurant pager
SHIHUI 10 Restaurant pager review on Amazon

Users’ Review/Rating of Shuihui 10 Pager System

The Shuihui 10 Paging System scores an overall star rating of 4.4 out of 5 on Amazon. While a number of reviewers say it is a great pager and one that is especially great for servers, a few have complained about the lack of reliability of the pager.

SHIHUI 10 Restaurant pager
SHIHUI 10 Restaurant pager Amazon overall star review

A number of verified users and reviewers have complained that some pagers do not work effectively, while others have complained that the units end up not vibrating or ringing.


The best restaurant pager system will be dependent on the needs for your specific operation. Shop the best restaurant pagers in this guide to get on your way to a better experience in your restaurant, for both customers and staff. You can shop PagerTec, our most recommended restaurant pager system for sale on Amazon here.


How far do restaurant paging systems work?

Restaurant paging systems vary in their ability to work properly from a distance. Depending on the technology, the range can be as limited as 100 meters and as extensive as two miles. 

Some of the best paging systems have an extremely strong signal that can penetrate multiple barriers such as walls and floors. If your establishment involves multiple floors and rooms or an outdoor seating area, these types of systems will be very beneficial to your business.

Most companies offer signal boosters that can be purchased for an additional cost to extend the distance capabilities of the docking station. In addition, the pagers will be able to communicate effectively and increase efficiency.  

Do restaurants still use pagers?

While not all mainstay, pagers are used in large restaurants that want an effective way to control the crowd and reduce clumsiness. Although still popular, there is now a more modern notification system in use, the digital waitlist.

What is a pager in a restaurant?

A restaurant pager is that small, handy plastic box that the attendant hands over to you when she or he takes your order. You can then sit down in the waiting area, in your car, or close by till you get the notification that your order is ready and you can come pick it up. 

What frequency do restaurant pagers use?

Typically, restaurant pagers use the FLEX protocol in the 900 MHz band.

Do restaurant buzzers have a distance limit?

Buzzers have a distance limit and will not work too far from a restaurant. Buzzers have a limit as to how far they can be from the restaurant within which they end up losing signal and will not work optimally as they should.