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Restaurant paging systems are necessary in today’s busy world where eatery staff works together in harmony to satisfy hungry guests and take the business to new heights.  

Every Resturant owner understands the importance of quick service.

The best restaurant paging systems help your staff serve the customer in a more efficient manner.

In recent years the restaurant beepers became a must-have in any food chain.

In this buyer’s guide, we will dive into whats a restaurant pager, how does it work as part of a restaurant paging system, what is the cost of such system, and its cost.

Finally, we will review each system individually.

Top Restaurant Pagers

Bestseller No. 2
Retekess SU-668 Pager System for Office Max 999 Beepers Wireless Calling System with 10 Coaster Pagers for Restaurants Food Truck Clinic Hospital
8 Reviews
Retekess SU-668 Pager System for Office Max 999 Beepers Wireless Calling System with 10 Coaster Pagers for Restaurants Food Truck Clinic Hospital
  • Stable signal Retekess SU-668 pager system; paging system is a good choice for church nursery; restaurant or cafe; used for fast customer fast paging; avoid service chaos
SaleBestseller No. 3
Retekess T118 Restaurant Pager System,Social Distancing,Pagers for Restaurants,Long Range with 10 Waiting Buzzers for Office,Hospital,Church,Hotel
  • Retekess T118 restaurant pager system is indispensable for doctor or nurse call patients in clinic or hospital; it can effectively reduce the crowd gathering and provide better safety protection measures for your staffs and customers
Bestseller No. 4
PagingPro Restaurant Pager System with Wireless Queue Calling System for Food Court Church Clinic (Full Set 24)
  • [Applications] 4S store, book store, hospital, bank, factory, shopping mall, recreation center, restaurant, café shop, food court, clinic, church, auto shop, test center or other queue occasions.
Bestseller No. 5
Retekess T113 Restaurant Buzzer System Waterproof Charging Interface Queue Wireless Calling System with 16 Rechargeable Pagers for Restaurant Hospital
  • Retekess T113 restaurant buzzer system used for remind customer to get their food and no longer to looking for customers; Can improve work efficiency; Don't worry about the long queues to causing confusion

What is A Restaurant Pager?

best restaurant paging systemA restaurant pager is a useful technology because it helps food establishments retain customers during peak business hours when wait times can be lengthy.

In addition to enabling staff to communicate with customers, the systems also allow staff to communicate with each other, which eases kitchen congestion and confusion.

If you have ever received the wrong meal at a restaurant or been a server who delivered the wrong dish to a guest, you know what a hassle and costly embarrassment this can be.

Best Restaurant Paging System

Bestseller No. 1
SHIHUI 10 Pager buzzers 1 keypad Queue Number Call Wireless Calling System Queue Call Restaurant Paging System for Restaurant Church Food Truck Coffee Shop Office
  • Applicable scene: 4S store, fast food restaurants, coffee houses, pizza shops,bank, factory, shopping mall, recreation center, food court, clinic, church, auto shop, test center or other queue occasions.
Bestseller No. 3
Retekess T119 Pager System,Guest Waiting Pager,Check Calling Records,Max 999 Beepers,2 Way Charge,10 Rechargeable Buzzers for Church,Hospital,Restaurant
33 Reviews
Retekess T119 Pager System,Guest Waiting Pager,Check Calling Records,Max 999 Beepers,2 Way Charge,10 Rechargeable Buzzers for Church,Hospital,Restaurant
  • Retekess T119 restaurant pager system let staff no longer to look for customers; just press the call button; buzzer and beeper loud sound will remind customers immediately
Bestseller No. 5
Retekess T112 Restaurant Paging System Social Distancing Buzzer Max 999 Pagers with 20 Coaster Pagers for Church Clinic Food Truck Hospital Transport
  • Retekess T112 church pager system is ideal for use in church nursery restaurant or hospital; the server calls the guest to take their food; the doctor calls next patient to visiting room; the pastor call the parents to see their baby

Types of Restaurant Paging Systems

Restaurant paging systems are a combination of a docking station and five or more pagers and/or buzzers.  

There are three types of restaurant paging systems. 

Customer Paging System

The first type is called a customer paging system and it allows the host or hostess to notify a guest that their table is ready.

Staff Paging System 

The second type is the staff paging system, which enables staff to alert individual servers that they are needed in the kitchen or elsewhere.

Buzzer System 

The third kind is a buzzer system that provides the customer with a convenient way to call their server to the table because they need something.

Customer Resturant  Paging  Systems

NOLAS3-4 hours36 hours continuous/
72 hours standby
1200m indoorAbility to penetrate walls
PAGINGPRO P1003-4 hours36 hours continuous/
72 hours standby
330ft indoorsDoes not require wifi
ELIKLIV 20CHNA4.8 hours continuous/
36 hours standby
100m indoorsSupports up to 999 pagers
RETEKESS3-4 hours36 hours continuous/
72 hours standby
100m indoorsPagers can be charged on dock
JOYSAE3-4 hours36 hours continuous/
72 hours standby
200m indoorSupports up to 999 pagers
BYHUBYENG3-4 hours36 hours continuous/
72 hours standby
2000m indoorcan penetrate through 10 walls
CATEL3-4 hours36 hours continuous/
72 hours standby
1000m barrier freeMade of polycarbonate
JTECH2 hours48 hours
2 mileThird-party POS and KDS system
SINGCALL3-4 hours36 hours continuous/
72 hours standby
500m barrier free

Supports up to 9999 pagers
NADAMOO3-4 hours36 hours continuous/
72 hours standby
500m barrier free

Signal booster available for add-on
PAGERTEC6-8 hours48 hours continuous2 milesAnti-theft and auto-locate
SHIHUI3-4 hours
3-4 hours
36 hours continuous/
72 hours standby
100m indoorsCustomers can stop vibration
UeeVii3-4 hours36 hours continuous/
72 hours standby
500m barrier freeBuilt-in external antenna
CHUNHEE3-4 hours36 hours continuous/
72 hours standby
330ft indoorsSupports up to 9999 pagers
BCITY3-4 hours36 hours continuous/
72 hours standby
0.5 milecustomizable logos and designs
800m barrier freeSupports up to 99 pagers,
ANGEL POS3-4 hours36 hours continuous/
72 hours standby
0.75 mileSupports up to 99 pagers
FOOD SOFTWARE2 hours48 hours500m barrier freeAuto-locate feature
CALLTOU3-4 hours36 hours continuous/
72 hours standby
100m indoorsSupports up to 999 pagers

Restaurant Staff Paging Systems


RETEKESS4 hours48 hrs standby350 FeetYES
handles 500 pager
PAGER GENIUSN/AN/A½ mile indoorsYES up to 999 channels
BYHUBYENGN/A72 hrs standby45-75 ft indoorsYESSupports up to 200 pcs,
CATEL3 hours7 days standbyN/ANOsupports 400-500 pieces
JTECH2 hours2-3 yr lifespanUp to 2 milesN/A 2 types of 2-way radios
SINGCALLN/A18 months lifespan200ft indoorsYESanti-seismic
PAGERTEC2 hours24 hrs1-mile barrier freeNOextreme durability

CHUNHEEN/A6-12 months standby1500 ftYESCustomizable volume level
FOOD SOFTWAR4 hours60 hrs1/3-mile barrier freeYESDetachable belt holsters
CALLTOUN/A6-12 months standby1000ftYESup to 1000 pcs

Buyers’ Guide: What to Look for When Purchasing A System

The best paging systems are built “restaurant tough” and include special features. 

Waterproof or Water-resistant 

Best Restaurant Paging Systems reviewConsidering that water is an essential part of every restaurant’s kitchen, bar, and table, it makes sense that pagers should be water-resistant.

For example, Staff  may drop a buzzer into a sink or maybe the customer will spill a drink on it. The following companies provide water-resistant pagers; NOLAS, Retekess, Pager Genius, PagerTec, BCity, and Food Software.

Auto-locate Feature 

Auto-locate is a useful feature when customer pagers are missing at the end of the evening or when a staff member misplaces theirs.

Anti-Theft Feature 

Companies such as PagerTec offer paging systems with anti-theft capabilities, which is helpful because it prevents restaurant customers and staff from leaving the property with the pager.

The way it works is simple. Whenever a pager is no longer able to receive the signal from the docking station, it will start to sound, which reminds the person that they still have the pager on them, so they will return it to the host on duty.

Custom Colors For Branding 

restaurant pager systemsHaving the ability to customize your pagers with logos and colors is a great way to make your business stand out and demonstrate to customers that your brand is something special.

If you are eager to have your logo displayed on coaster-style pagers and/or have pagers in a specific color, companies such as Retekess, Pager Genius, Catel, PagerTec, BCity, Angel USA, and Food Software offer these attractive options when you purchase their customer paging system.

The Power You Need

The types of batteries in paging systems come in a few varieties.  

Most are rechargeable in a short amount of time and can stay charged for at least a couple of days, but others contain batteries that are easily replaceable without having to contact the manufacturer.

If the batteries in the system are rechargeable, the charging times are dependent upon the type of battery. Lithium batteries are the most commonly used and take three to four hours to charge.

Type of Batteries 

Nickel Metal Hydride batteries charge the fastest as it usually takes just one to two hours to get them back to full power.

Triple A batteries take the longest to charge, which ranges between six and eight hours.

Nickel Metal Hydride

Nickel Metal Hydride and AAA batteries are the most convenient to have in your system because you will not have to contact the manufacturer when they stop holding a charge and need to be replaced. Just go to the store and purchase new ones. 

Just like the charging times, operating times are also different.

Lithium Batteries  

Lithium batteries can easily handle thirty-six hours of continuous use and last up to seventy-two hours in standby mode.

Meanwhile, Nickel Metal Hydride and AAA batteries will hold a charge for forty-eight hours of continuous use and have a lifetime of two to three years until they need to be replaced because they will no longer hold a charge.

Cost of The Pagers 

Customer paging systems range in price from $129 to $1899 depending on the brand, style, and the number of pagers included, which can be as few as five and as many as fifty.  

Anyone who owns or manages a busy restaurant needs to invest in at least a customer paging system. Once it is in use, it is easy and convenient to purchase more pagers as the business grows

How Do Customer Paging Systems Work? 

When a guest enters the restaurant, the host or hostess provides them with a pager after recording their name and the number of people in their party.


The customer and their family and friends are then free to roam outside or sit at the bar until their table is ready.

Customer paging systems have a vibration function that is combined with alerts that are auditory (beep or buzz) and visual (flash or glow).

When a table comes available, the host notifies the waiting party by pushing the button on the paging station that corresponds to the pager that is in the customer’s possession. The pager will then vibrate and flash or beep.

Different Bells & Whistles 

While all pagers vibrate, the auditory and visual alerts are beneficial to customers who are deaf or visually impaired, so if they don’t have the pager on their person to feel the vibration alert, they will see or hear that their table is ready.

Most pager alert functions are customizable. In addition, some pager systems can be connected directly to the restaurant’s POS system.

Multi-Use: Coasters & Pagers 

Most pagers double as coasters, which is convenient because the customer can set it on the bar to hold their drink and can easily see when it starts flashing or glowing.

Although, if the customer decides to wander outside with the pager in their pocket or purse, the intense vibration from the pager will alert them that their table is ready.

How Do Staff Paging Systems Work?

Staff pagers are an essential part of any busy restaurant. They come in two types and a variety of styles. 

The first type is a button-style buzzer that customers can press right at their table to let their server know that they need something.

The buzzer causes the server’s pager to sound and the pager’s screen displays the table’s number, so they can respond to the customer quickly. 

The second type is designed for staff to communicate with the servers.

These devices, which can be pagers or two-way radios, are helpful because they help the restaurant run smoothly by minimizing kitchen traffic and easing confusion.

For example, when a customer’s food is ready, the kitchen staff sends an alert with the table number to the server’s pager, so they know which order is ready to be delivered.  

Staff paging systems can range in price from $49 to $1098 depending on the brand, style, and number of pagers, buzzers, and/or two-way radios. 

Purchase From The Same Firm 

One thing to keep in mind is that not all companies sell both customer and staff paging systems.

In the event that you need multiple units, try to purchase them from the same vendor.

The reason behind that is that optimal performance is dependent on having all of the pagers from the same vendor.


Frequently Asked Questions 

How Far Do Restaurant Paging Systems Work? 

Restaurant paging systems vary in their ability to work properly from a distance. Depending on the technology, the range can be as limited as 100 meters and as extensive as two miles. 

JTECH is one of the companies that provides restaurant pagers with a signal range that can span up to two miles.

Some of the best paging systems have an extremely strong signal that can penetrate multiple barriers such as walls and floors.

If your establishment involves multiple floors and rooms or an outdoor seating area, these types of systems will be very beneficial to your business.

Most companies offer signal boosters that can be purchased for an additional cost to extend the distance capabilities of the docking station.

In addition, the pagers will be able to communicate effectively and increase efficiency.  

Barrier-Free Environment  

Walls may interfere with the transmission. Therefore, it is important to try to maintain a barrier-free environment. 

If your establishment is small in scale, any paging system will work fine.

However, if your restaurant is vast and involves several rooms or an outdoor seating area, you need to be concerned with the system’s ability to cover a great distance and penetrate barriers. 

Systems such as the PagingPro P100 uses a 433.92MHz radio frequency that can carry a signal 3080 feet when walls are not in the way.

This is great if you own or manage a large dining or reception hall. For multi-level restaurants, wireless restaurant pagers are a must.

Pager Genius and BYHUBYENG provide wireless paging systems that are ideal for a restaurant that spans over multiple floors.

Furthermore, those systems have long-range signals with the ability to penetrate multiple barriers for optimum performance.

30 Day Return Policy 

In a perfect world, the paging system you choose will work great and you will not have any issues. Unfortunately, we do not live and work in a perfect world. 

In the real world, even the highest-rated systems that use the most reliable technology will experience failures.

The question is, will the company stand by their product and not leave you in a hitch? 

Most companies offer a no-risk 30-day return policy if you are not happy with the product.

Simply send it back and they will return one hundred percent of your money with no questions asked.

Although, if you are pleased with the system’s performance, you want to deal with a company that is going to have your back when issues arise.

Company  Warranties 

While some companies are not forthcoming with their warranties and encourage you to call them to learn more, most paging system providers do offer a one-year warranty against manufacturer defects.

Although, some companies such as PagerTec and BYHUBYENG include lifetime tech support, which is helpful when you are having problems, but not sure if the complication you are experiencing is truly a warranty issue.

The bottom line is that you need your business running smoothly, so if speaking with a knowledgeable technician solves the problem, excellent!

Customer Support is Important 

After all, nobody wants to send their system in for “hospital care” or wait for replacement parts to arrive.

Food Software even has extended tech support hours should you need assistance because your system is experiencing difficulties late in the evening.

If you want supreme peace of mind, Pager Genius offers a full two-year warranty that even includes accident coverage.

Finally, we hope you enjoy our review of the best restaurant paging systems on the market. You may want to check our restaurant scheduling software article.

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