POS Systems for Vending Machines | The Complete Guide

(Last Updated On: 03/21/2024)

Best POS Systems for Vending Machines

Written by Martin Nikolaev: Point of Sale Expert

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Finding the best POS system for a vending machine is a must if you want to make the most of investing in one. These automated devices have been around for a long time, but even their modern reincarnations sometimes don’t allow for cashless payments. I think this needs to change. From what I’ve seen, more people than ever before would like to pay for their drink or other treat using a cashless payment method. This is where POS systems for vending machines come in.

Our Experts’ Choice Nayax POS 
Nayax POS Logo The best POS for vending machine units is Nayax POS. It offers:

  • Cashless Payments
  • Omni-Channel Solution
  • Operational Cost Decrease Assistance
  • Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Award-Winning Support Team

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Vending Machines Meet Cashless Payments

The first modern vending machines were developed back in the 1880s in England and were reportedly used for dispensing postcards. These accepted only coins as payment. Unlike some other inventions of their time, the importance of their functionality continues to grow with the evolution of the way we shop and pay for products and services. We all use vending machines, and we’ll continue to do so, as long as they’re up-to-date with our requirements. 

a person using a machine to pay for a drink Traditional vending machines, which are basically coin-only devices, are gradually being phased out. I think that it’s a natural process, to be honest. They are giving room to new-age substitutes with increased functionalities and less need for human supervision.

The newer generation of vending machine software accepts credit and debit cards as well as NFC payments, which greatly enhances the machine’s usability. This is why I’ve decided to review the best POS systems for vending machines. 

Welcome To The New World Of Automation

Today, the world seems to be going for unattended businesses, requiring less and less physical human presence. Automation is the name of the game. Cashless transactions are part of this process. Most businesses are looking for new payment models to embrace the shift. Banks are increasingly adopting digital channels, which makes brick-and-mortar branches less necessary.

Businesses such as self-service car washes, snack and beverage vending machines, laundromats, kiosks, and so forth, are the new normal. All of them only require maintenance and have numerous advantages, such as faster turnaround times and instant service or product delivery without any interaction whatsoever. 

Automated vending machines with built-in POS systems are part of the trend. Thanks to technological advancements in the point-of-sale systems industry, all that is needed to turn a vending machine into a self-service point is finding the best POS system for vending machine.

POS Systems for Vending Machines: How Do They Work? 

State-of-the-art vending machines now come with contactless payment solutions. There are different solutions added to today’s vending machines in order for them to work with POS systems. Some use small point-of-sale devices which have to be externally fitted and require internet connectivity to work along with the vending machine. Others come built into the machine and make use of contactless provision to read debit cards via the chip embedded in the bank card.

When you approach the vending machine, you place your order using the vending machine’s keypad, but not before you pay using a mobile device or a bank card. The machine receives the request and initiates communication with the contactless receiver. Once the communication is successfully processed and your banking/payment information is validated, the card information is then transferred to a payment processor through a database center. This allows for the approval of the transaction. Once that’s done, you can get whatever you want from the machine (as long as your payment balance covers the value needed).

How to Find the Best POS System for Vending Machines? | Buyer’s Guide

I was expecting to find a somewhat small variety of POS systems for vending machines, and it turned out to be exactly as I imagined it to be. When compared to other sectors (such as restaurant POS systems, for example), you have only a handful of options, but the variety is still big enough for you to allow mistakes to happen when choosing your new point-of-sale kit. 

From what I’ve learned, you need to consider several key factors before deciding which vending POS solution to choose. Here’s what I strongly suggest:

  • Think about the specifics of your niche: This aspect includes considering the locations of where your vending machines are placed and their typical environment. Sometimes, machines need to be waterproof or equipped with additional safety precautions to protect it from vandalism. The POS system you pick should comply with such specifics. Also, vending machines in remote areas need to be accessed from afar, meaning that they should have SIM connectivity to ensure seamless payment transaction processing through their built-in or attached POS solution.
  • Compare transaction times: Some vending machines need to provide the fastest possible self-service process to not create long queues. This is an essential thing to consider.
  • Consider the features and decide if you need them or not. Depending on the type of products the machine sells, you may or may not need additional features. For example, vending machines in large grocery stores may even feature loyalty programs supported by the device’s POS software.
  • Make sure the numbers add up: If you want to make the most of your vending machine POS software, it needs to come with reasonable fees and commissions.
  • Design matters a lot: When you want to add a POS terminal and other gadgets to your vending machine, it needs to have a practical design that’s not too complicated and provides a seamless payment process.
  • Check payment method capabilities: The ultimate POS system for vending machines should be able to accept all types of cashless payments. In most cases, the machine must be equipped with separate chip readers. This way, your vending machine would be compatible with payment devices operating through NFC and EMV chips, alongside the classic magnetic stripe cards and contactless payment means like Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Here’s another important tip that I’ve learned the hard way: always have the final calculation in front of you before you decide to invest in a particular POS solution. This includes the software, the terminal, the additional gadgets, the processing fees, and other possible commissions and costs. This is the only way to make your money’s worth. 

What’s the Best Card Reader for Vending Machine Available Today?

Nayax VPOS Touch Card Reader
Nayax VPOS Touch Card Reader

An essential part of most quality POS systems is the card reader. This is especially valid when it comes to vending machines. To find the best one, you need to compare a few factors, such as the costs related (hardware and installation, transaction fees, service fees, additional costs), and the card reader’s compatibility with third-party hardware and software. Of course, this device should be compatible with all common types of cashless payments typical for the area where the vending machine is going to be placed.

According to my research, there are several great options to choose from, but the best card reader for vending machine is one and only one: the Nayax VPOS Touch Card Reader. This is a state-of-the-art piece of tech that’s already been sold more than 200,000 times across the globe. 

Nayax VPOS Touch works with almost all common cashless payment types. Its voice recognition feature and responsive touchscreen display make using the device a breeze. It will allow more clients to have access to your vending machines, thus increasing your profit. With fewer operational expenses than ever before, this is the card reader to go for. Plus, the company’s customer support is top-rated and you can count on professional assistance.

Finding the Best POS System for Vending Machines | Top 5 POS Vendors

If you’re ready to invest in a POS system for vending machines, you need to choose the one that meets your requirements and has the best price/quality ratio. It doesn’t need to boast all the bells and whistles possible. It should only be the ultimate fit that also doesn’t exceed your budget.

From the research I did to compare the following vending machine POS vendors, I believe Nayax VPOS is the top pick. The other point-of-sale solution providers are worthy competitors, but Nayax takes the lead, at least by my book. 

What impressed me is that industry leaders such as ZANUSSI, Bianchi, and Vendo chose this company as their trusted POS partner, which is something to brag about. Nayax VPOS (previously VPOS, mostly referred to as Nayax POS) has several advantages, but the array of integrations is a huge perk to have. The system is integral with monitoring, management, and analytical software, alongside telemetry compatibility. If you’re looking for a reliable and secure vending POS system, this is the one to check out. Let’s see how it compares to the others.

POS Vendor Best Feature Price
Nayax POS Fully integrates with various software, add-ons, and plug-ins Pricing plans range between $7.95 – $9.99
Creasoft POS Inventory and error tracking $337 plus $6,32 for maintenance
myPOS  Free merchant account, no monthly fees Depends on the POS product and plan
OCOM Windows POS System  Available proprietary hardware On request
CCV Payment Solutions for Vending Machines Compatibility with all payment types On request

Nayax VPOS 

Nayax VPOS is an all-in-one virtual point of sale solution designed for vending machines that comes top on our list of recommended products. It offers two distinct products: the VPOS and Onyx. Both are mobile card readers that offer seamless cashless vending along with your vending machines.

While the VPOS is an all-in-one cashless payment and telemetry point-of-sale device, the Onyx is a contactless card reader and telemetry device.

Nayax VPOS Touch

Nayax VPOS Touch offers a color touchscreen display and voice recognition. Its features include remote vending, instant refunds, multi-vending, anti-fraud thresholds, real-time data syncing with its management suite, and so on. The VPOS Touch can be easily fitted onto a machine in seconds.

Nayax Onyx

The Onyx, on the other hand, is a sleek, contactless card reader that can fit on any small machine and affords your customers a convenient way to make cashless payments. It also offers other powerful capabilities, including contactless, NFC, and QR payments, marketing tools, remote machine management, and telemetry.

Nayax Onyx is an ideal solution for seamless payment solution for a number of businesses such as car washes, laundromats, transportation tickets, donation machines, massage chairs, kids’ and amusement parks, electric charging stations, and even offices.

This Nayax POS device features a plug-and-play capability, offers seamless operation through its management solution, and ensures increased customer satisfaction.

Nayax POS Vending MachineBoth the Nayax VPOS Touch and Onyx accept all debit and credit card solutions, including swipe, contact, contactless, and EMV chip card solutions, as well as mobile and NFC payments such as Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Interac, Swish, Twint, and Paytm.

Nayax POS offerings feature an attractive and eye-catching design with a high-resolution touchscreen, which makes it engaging to consumers. Both integrate with the Nayax Management Suite where reports can be pulled and analyzed.

They seamlessly integrate with cashless clearance, management console, and monitoring solutions. It connects with your vending machine via wi-fi or cellular network and has LTE and 4G connectivity, ensuring that connectivity is continuously maintained with the machines.

How Much Does Nayax Vending POS Cost?

Nayax offers two payment plans:

$7.95 Monthly (cashless only – allows for credit card sales and use of a database to track all sales)

$9.99 (remote and cashless – allows for credit card sales and use of a database to track inventory and all sales).

Next, here are the two transaction fee plans:

5.95% Transaction fee which is a blended rate recommended for vend value of $5 or less.

2.5% + 10 cents per transaction for purchase value of above $5.

All new Nayax accounts come with a one-off activation fee of $30 per device with an option of ordering the Verizon or AT&T Chip which provides internet connectivity.


  • Easy installation
  • Compatible with multiple payment types
  • Reliable and practical card readers


  • Billing may be delayed by several business days sometimes

Find out more about the range of vending machine POS solutions offered by Nayax.

Creasoft POS

Creasoft POS is a payment solution built especially for use with vending machines and allows owners to easily take payments from customers. It allows the processing of payments by bank cards for the approval of transactions on vending machines.

The Creasoft POS vending machine solution is an ideal system for vending machine owners like you. It will increase the functionality of your machines. Using this vending machine POS system, you will have more control over your business because payments will be managed seamlessly thanks to this solution.

Creasoft POS processes transactions via both contactless swipe and card insertion. It allows all bank cards like VISA, MasterCard, and credit or debit cards. These options are processed via its two POS devices, the myPOS machine and UPT1000 Castles. This is interesting because myPOS is one of Creasoft’s competitors which I’ll review further in this text. It seems that they’ve agreed to partner when it comes to hardware.

Creasoft Contactless Vending Machine Reader
Creasoft Contactless Vending Machine Reader

Creasoft POS offers other products like inventory management and electronic timesheet, attendance register solution, timesheet with fingerprint readers, mobile phone timesheets, and timesheets for remote work.

Creasoft POS is especially ideal for vending machine merchants who want to integrate automated payment into their vending machine offerings. It offers remote monitoring of sales transactions, but this comes at an additional cost.

What Are The Features of Creasoft POS?

Real-Time Location Tracking Of Vending Machine

Depending on the options required by a user and their preferences, the real-time location display of more than one vending machine can be triggered with the Creasoft POS tracker. The point-of-sale solution offers a tracking capacity where it is able to transmit the location as well as the machine’s real-time display to a remote system.

Error Tracking And Real-Time Monitoring

Creasoft’s point-of-sale solution for vending machines is set up with the capability to track errors and malfunctions of the entire vending machine. When this happens, the details are recorded by the device and transmitted via the server. 

From those classified as critical, which can affect the smooth operation of the entire machine, such as lack of an essential product or over-filled compartment, to warnings, which essentially do not stop the system functions and payments.

Stock Management

The Creasoft POS offers an innovative way to keep track of stock quantities in the vending machine. It has an innovative display interface that shows the amount of a product available in a machine. It also shows the maximum stock capacity, critical stock, and a product’s last supplied quantity with its last stocked date.

The vending machine can also transmit these details along with loading activities by the server when a supply button or QR code scan of a specific product is initiated. With each sale, the quantity number on the display drops.

Reporting And Analytics

Creasoft POS has an inbuilt reporting system that allows for the generation of reports, and this can be exported to Excel. This report can also be sifted through using parameters such as products and quantity sold, receipts, sales rankings, and profit calculation.

Email Alert Setup

Vending machine owners and facility managers can configure the point of sale system to receive automatic updates in the case of certain critical events and warnings like vending machine sabotage, critical stock level of products, disconnection of power source, compromise of the cash register, and so on. 

How Much Does Creasoft POS Cost?

The Creasoft myPOS Indoor system costs 343 EUR ($337) per terminal and 6 EUR ($6.32) per month for maintenance including its GSM communication. The price does not include remote monitoring and telemetry functions. 


  • Stock quantities tracking
  • Error tracking
  • Reporting tools


  • No proprietary equipment

Get in touch with Creasoft for more information.


Launched in 2014, myPOS is a full-suite point-of-sale payment solution for small and medium-sized businesses offered by myPOS, a technology company based in the United Kingdom. 

It was founded by Christo and Javor in 2012, who, after observing legal changes in the European payment framework, decided to seize the opportunity to offer a more affordable payment service to small and medium-sized business owners.

myPOS offers an array of solutions like myPOS Kiosk and myPOS Integra. 

myPOS for Vending MachineThese point-of-sale solutions offer automated payment services with their machine-integrated POS terminals. This facilitates payments through a card or contactless device. This is an ideal solution for self-service projects, parking lots, and ticketing hotspots and features a vandal-proof body.

With an internet connection, myPOS solutions accept a wide range of cards. It is an easy-to-use Windows and Android-based solution that offers payment processing via debit and credit cards. It boasts features such as electronic signatures, in-person, mobile, and online payments, and reporting and analytics.

With myPOS, you avoid having to pay monthly fees and do not have to worry about bank charges or cash flow concerns when accepting card payments.

By leveraging its system where a free settlement account is integrated with your merchant account and a free payment business card, merchants are settled instantly as payment is collected.

All three products connect via WiFi, 4G, or 3G networks via their inbuilt SIM, which comes with free data valid throughout the EU.

myPOS offers quite an array of self-service solutions. It is an offering you should look into, from its all-purpose stand-alone kiosks, which are multi-purpose and serve a variety of use cases, to its smaller mobile devices, which can be integrated into vending machines to process payments.

These unattended payment devices are ideal for different use cases that require self-service solutions, such as car parks, kiosks, transit, and ticketing systems, as well as any location where vending machines and self-service kiosks are needed. Let’s take a look at these solutions.

myPOS Kiosk

myPOS Kiosk is a full-service, unattended payment solution terminal that allows users to simply order and pay at one self-service terminal. Communication is facilitated via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and LAN.

This smart Android device with a 23.8-inch full HD touchscreen display is an excellent pick for businesses in the food and beverage, hospitality, and entertainment sectors.

I like that it‘s hit-resistant, has an auto-cut thermal printer and accepts all cards with its variety of card readers, like magnetic card readers, smart card readers, and contactless card readers. It also offers multiple options for connectivity, such as USB, RS323, RJ45 ports, etc.

myPOS Integra

myPOS Integra is the second in the myPOS line-up of point-of-sale vending payment solutions. It allows merchants to accept all types of transactions, including contactless transactions, card-based transactions, and NFC-enabled payments.

It is an ideal point-of-sale system that comes with a 4.3-inch color touchscreen display, hit-resistant glass, smart and contactless card readers, and is water-resistant, meaning it can be located outdoors. Its sturdy nature and well-structured design mean it can fit into virtually any business setup.

What Are The Features Of myPOS Systems?

No Monthly Fees Or Contractual Commitment

It’s particularly an inviting solution as it doesn’t come with any contractual commitment or monthly or annual fees. All you need to do is pay a one-off price for the terminal; the only other costs are the transaction fees and other account activities incurred as the system is used.

Free Merchant Account Along With Purchase

myPOS offers a free merchant account and a VISA business card for every purchase. This is used to facilitate the instant transfer of payment for every transaction processed. Your merchant account also comes with dedicated IBANs in a whopping 14 different countries. Also, unlike some other providers, you get instant access to your funds.

Receive Receipts Via SMS Or Email

You can set up the system to send receipts and notifications of transactions either via SMS or email on the go.

Multiple Connections

All three unattended and self-service myPOS devices come with multiple connection options like USB, RS232, etc.

Simple Integrations

myPOS point-of-sale solutions can be easily integrated with a host of other solutions.

Free Data For Users Across Europe

This one is certainly an offer to beat. myPOS offers free data for users across Europe.

How Much Does myPOS Cost?

As noted above, myPOS offers a no-contract service but only charges you per transaction.

For card-present transactions, myPOS charges 1.69% + € 0.05 for domestic, EEA, and UK consumer cards while other consumer and commercial cards are charged at 2.89% + € 0.05 per transaction.

For card-not-present transactions (this happens when payment is made for products or services online via your website): 1.30% + € 0.20 is charged per transaction on domestic and EEA consumer cards, while all other consumer cards are charged at 1.30% + € 0.20 per transaction. MO/TO payments attract POS payment fee + 1.00%.


  • Free merchant account 
  • Multiple connection ports
  • Digital receipts
  • No monthly fees


  • No offline mode

Learn more about the variety of POS products and services delivered by myPOS

OCOM Windows POS System

The Ocom Windows POS system for vending machines is a windows point-of-sale system for vending machines that equally comes with a printer. It runs on the Android 5.1 operating system and comes with 2G RAM and an 8G ROM.

The OCOM POS System comes with a multipoint capacitive touchscreen and a magnetic card reader that supports dual swiping.

The solution comes with a 14.1-inch high-definition color screen with built-in support for thermal printer connectivity. It is an ideal solution for vending machine operators in locations such as hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, departmental stores, parking lots, subway stations, and others.

a close-up of a rfid machineOCOM boasts over 2300 customers in about 159 countries with a line-up of other products ranging from barcode printers and scanners, dot matrix printers, and magnetic card readers, as well as other POS peripherals such as cash drawers, POS keyboards, and monitors, customer display, etc.

How Much Does OCOM POS Cost?

OCOM POS does not offer its cost publicly and as such you will have to get in touch to get a quote.


  • Touchscreen display and card reader included (magstripe only)
  • Proprietary hardware available: barcode scanner and printer


  • A quote has to be made for pricing

CCV Vending Payment Solutions

The CCV vending payment solutions lets you accept card payments at your vending machine points. The solution accepts all payment types, from chip-and-pin, contactless, and even gift cards.

CCV boasts more than 60 years in the payment service business and as such is an authority anyone wants to listen to. It currently boasts of about 650,000 terminals in the European market.

CCV offers three different point-of-sale devices for vending machines. They are IM30, OPM-C60 & COR, and OPP-C60 & SCR-C.

IM30 by Pax Technology IM30

CCV Payments for Vending MachinesThe IM30 device is an Android-based terminal that features high-end security that rivals the industry standard. It is CCV’s newest of its payment system offerings and is touted as the future of payment. The IM30 has tons of customization.

It offers an opportunity to offer your customers a great purchasing experience by ensuring that the purchasing process is seamless, intuitive, and self-easing.

The IM30 is intuitive, secure, and intelligent as it offers diverse ways to establish communication channels with your customers, thereby increasing the trust and confidence of consumers in your brand. 

It is an ideal system for public transport where travel tickets are issued, electronic vehicle charging points, and parking points where payments need to be processed.

IM30 allows you to tweak and customize the user experience and supports diverse use cases. You are also able to gather marketing intelligence with its reports, which can aid in business decisions. With the IM30, you can easily connect your own applications or other apps from CCV’s own app store.

CCV Solution for Vending Machine POSOPM-C60 & COR

CCV’s OPM-C60 and COR is a contactless payment solution that offers a fast and secure payment process. It is an ideal solution for busy and hectic places where a fast and secure payment solution is needed.


CCV’s OPP-C60 and SCR-C device is a convenient payment option suited for indoor and outdoor use.

How Much Does CCV Vending POS Solution Cost?

CCV’s vending POS solution cost is not known. Reach out for details on the device’s cost.


  • Works with all types of payment means, including gift cards
  • The company has decades of experience in the payment industry


  • Pricing is not transparent

In Conclusion

Owning a vending machine can be a great low barrier-to-entry option to start your own business venture. The most important thing for a successful vending machine business, whether you own one or you own ten, is to have the right vending machine software. Get started with our Experts Pick for the best POS system for vending machine owners now by getting a quote from Nayax POS.


What sells best in vending machines?

Here are some of the most popular vending machine snacks:

Snickers Bar: The top snack for vending machines in the U.S. is Snickers bars!  Others are Cliff Bars, Pop-Tarts, Sun Chips, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Planters Trail Mix, Granola Bars, and Cheez-its.

How do you set up a POS machine?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set up a POS machine and get it up and running:

First, before anything else, you need to find the right retail solution provider. Secondly, determine the store setup you’d like to have. Next, decide who will set up your POS. Next, launch the software and login and enter or upload details of your products.

Do vending machines make good money?

The answer to this is pretty much a yes. Vending machines can be profitable. Data has it that the average vending machine earns about $35 a week, but vending machines that are well-stocked and placed in high-traffic locations, they can potentially generate over $400 a month. So it all depends on the location.

How do I increase vending machine sales?

A number of marketing strategies can be adopted to boost the sales of your vending machines. Some of these are

#1. Use Promotions to Increase Overall Machine Profits.

#2. Make Your Vending Machine Grab Attention.

#3. Convince People to Make a Purchase.

#4. Stock Vending Machine Shelves for Optimum Sales. 

How long do vending machines last?

While most vending machines last 12 to 24 years, they may look older than they should if not properly maintained.