Top 4 Event Point of Sale Solutions to Grow Your Business

(Last Updated On: 02/12/2023)

Written by Martin Nikolaev: Point of Sale Expert

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Event point of sale systems are among the best tools to use if you want to make the most of participating in an event or organizing one. It will allow you to cover all the important tasks ahead of you and your staff members. You will have the means to manage the retail processes related to hosting the whole event or setting up a stand, for example. Being able to promote and sell your products or services will become a much easier process if you utilize the best event point of sale system. This way, you’ll avoid additional hustle and bustle and you’ll concentrate on making more sales.

If you’re part of the event management industry or you frequently take part in shows, exhibitions, or other happenings, you know how difficult it is to put together such a puzzle. Dozens of suppliers, contractors, employees, and clients need to be coordinated seamlessly, and you’re either one of the pieces of the puzzle or the one assembling it. Either way, you need all the help you can get with that. Achieving this (almost) impossible feat requires one of the event point of sale systems that could get the job done. This is why I’ll introduce the top four even point of sale solutions you could invest in today.

Our Experts’ Choice KORONA POS
Korona POS Logo The best event point of sale system is KORONA POS. It offers:

  • Ticketing software
  • Inventory management
  • Upselling tools
  • Real-time reporting and analytics

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Why is Investing in an Event Point of Sale System a Good Idea?

The same applies to food businesses operating food trucks, mobile stands, and kiosks. You simply NEED proper event point of sale software to handle sales on the spot. Such a system would easily accept and process payments, providing your clients with fast service and the best customer experience. 

contactless card payment at a concession standMost events you’ll either organize or attend will be very dynamic, meaning that you’ll need all the tools you can get your hands on to handle the pressure and make sure you don’t miss making a sale. This is exactly why you should have a specific event POS system. 

When you utilize the right event POS system, you’ll be able to organize, manage, and run your gig way faster and easier than ever before. The setup you need may vary, depending on the frequency of the events you manage or attend, their scale, duration, and so forth. You can opt for software apps to install on a mobile device, but you can also go for the full kit and have a desktop terminal. 

Must-Have Event Point of Sale System Features | Buyer’s Guide

An event point of sale solution targeted for use at small and large events should boast several features. These may vary, depending on your specific needs, which is why you should consider many things before comparing POS options to choose from. The top-rated or the most expensive system is often not the right choice. It’s a matter of meeting requirements and achieving the best price/quality ratio. 

A great POS system that’s been proven effective for brick-and-mortar businesses may not be the solution you’re looking for when it comes to hosting events or participating in them. The ultimate event point of sale software is always flexible, mobile-friendly, cloud-based technological magic. You need nothing short of that. Here’s a list of requirements in needs to have:

  • Payment processing capabilities: The best event POS system should offer a plethora of payment processors or it should at least be capable of integrating with most of the third-party processors available.
  • Cloud-based structure: All the managerial tools you would need to control the system while the event takes place should be in the cloud. This is a must-have feature.
  • Multiple currencies supported: This might not be a universal requirement, but many events’ nature demands for multiple currencies to be accepted.
  • Software and hardware compatibility: The ultimate event point of sale solution needs to be compatible with a plethora of third-party software and hardware. In most cases, this comes down to compact card readers and barcode scanners that could be attached to smartphones or tablets with installed POS software.

Another important perk of the best event point of sale software is speed. Events are usually fast-paced challenges. Over the span of hours or days, your goal would be to register the highest possible amount of sales. The same goes for selling tickets – you don’t want to see queues forming. All of this requires a seamless payment procedure and fast transaction times. High latency would equal poor performance. Here’s what else to consider before investing in a particular point of sale and event ticketing software: 

  • Provision for group visits and rates
  • Tools for upselling
  • Customizable calendars
  • Integrated payment options
  • eCommerce integration
  • Real-time inventory updates
  • Timed ticketing

Last, but not least: the combination of a point of sale and event ticketing software is always a winning choice when the organization of an event lies on your shoulders. If you’re relying on a ticketing and management software provider such as Sarcon, for example, you need to make sure that the event point of sale system you want to invest in is able to integrate with every third-party software you would need to run your business. 

The Top 4 Event Point of Sale Software Providers | Comparison Reviews

Below, you’ll find the 4 event POS vendors I’ve reviewed and highly recommend. They’re all good choices to make, but the differences they have inevitably mean that some would be a better fit for your organization than the rest. 

POS Vendor Best Feature Price
KORONA POS Inventory management, Integrations Starts at $49 per month
SplitAbility POS Scalable, integrations, subscription-based Starts at $19 per month
Volanté Systems Customer accounts, inventory management Upon request
Clover POS Scheduling, staff management, digital receipts Starts at $14.95 per month

While the list below is not the result of a ranking, there needs to be a clear winner. From what I went through while researching the topic of event point of sale systems, it seems that KORONA takes the lead. I love how KORONA manages to offer solutions that are the perfect fit for dozens of industries and applications. In this case, KORONA’s plug-and-play setup, easy-to-use interface, and contract-free terms give it all the advantages I’d prefer. Plus, it’s flexible and doesn’t come with hidden costs.

KORONA POS – Point of Sale and Event Ticketing Software

KORONA POS is a point of sale system that is a great fit for small businesses looking for an integrated system with a number of niche industries. It’s one of the most budget-friendly ways to organize ticket sales.

The KORONA POS event point of sale system packs a great list of features, such as detailed reporting, advanced inventory management, modern payment options, employee management, loyalty programs, and many more.

KORONA POS is an ideal solution built with single shops, event management, membership, ticketing, and multi-location businesses in mind.

KORONA POS Hardware for Ticketing and EventsIt offers a dynamic event management POS system for museums, concerts, or event centers. With the point of sale solution, you can better manage your event and sell tickets on numerous platforms. Your event operations can use features like a call center, in-person ticketing, and an eCommerce store, as well as box-office applications, to reach your customers no matter where they are.

Payment is also easily done on-site, via a web link, or through an invoice.

What Are the Specific Features of KORONA POS for Events?

KORONA POS boasts a number of event center management features. Some of these are:

Event Management Inventory Calendar

KORONA POS offers an event management inventory calendar that simplifies your inventory management at event locations. With the calendar, you can easily create recurring events with the option to note size and time constraints.

You can also sell tickets online by taking advantage of real-time management updates.

Multiple Capabilities

Korona POS Dashboard
Korona POS Dashboard

The KORONA POS solution offers multiple capabilities, as it is both a point of sale system and an event ticketing software with its event management system integrated into the POS. With this, you are able to offer your customers more at a go.

Tickets and Merchandise

With KORONA POS, you can do a lot more. Along with selling event tickets, you can also sell your merchandise. You can easily offer additional products and services based on what customers have previously ordered. You can take orders via phone, email, online via mobile devices, and at the venue. 

All KORONA POS Features at A Glance

  • Group visits and rates
  • eCommerce sales platform
  • KORONA inventory integration
  • Invoicing and receipts
  • Resource management
  • Upselling tools
  • Customizable calendars
  • Integrated payment options
  • Real-time updates

How Much Does KORONA POS Cost?

KORONA POS offers four monthly plans, namely: Core, Advanced, Plus, and Enterprise.

CORE: It costs $49/month with the following features: Unlimited Users, Unlimited Sales, Product Database, Reporting, Customizable Dashboard, eCommerce Integration, Manager Functions, End of Day Reporting, Promotions & Gift Cards, and API Access.

ADVANCED: This plan costs $59 per month and includes all Core features and Inventory Management, Real-Time Tracking, Inventory Reporting, and Employee Time Tracking.

PLUS: It costs $79/month and offers all the advanced features along with the following: Order Level Optimization, Inventory App Access, and Multi-Store Reporting.

ENTERPRISE: This is a quote-based pricing plan, and it features all the perks offered by the Plus plan, along with Customized Onboarding, a Dedicated Account Manager, Pre-Built Integrations, and Ticketing & Event Management.

KORONA also offers a free trial and all plans come with setup, training, and 24/7 support via phone/chat.


  • Customizable calendars
  • Real-time updates
  • Resource management tools


  • Each POS terminal is paid only 

SplitAbility POS

SplitAbility is a subscription-based SaaS point of sale system targeted at businesses in the hospitality industry. It is also an ideal solution for outdoor events such as concerts, which draw participants by the hundreds and thousands.

The SplitAbility cloud-based POS solution is also targeted at businesses of multiple sizes in the food, beverage, and hospitality industries.

SplitAbility POS LogoIt is easy to use, with an intuitive design and an easy-to-understand menu system. It offers native mobile apps on Android, iOS, and Windows and can be accessed on mobile devices where orders can be taken and sent to a ticket printer. It can also work with a mix of legacy and modern systems.

The SplitAbility POS solution has a high uptime record and offers an unlimited number of registers/devices per site. This makes it an ideal system for event venues where multiple stands are needed, along with a centralized control point.

It offers an adjustable menu view based on users’ needs, and splitting or discounting of orders can be done on the system.

According to the company, the SplitAbility point-of-sale system has been used at events that run more than 60 terminals and perform over 500 orders per minute. The solution also maintains low latency across a number of devices, making it a breeze to use in transaction processing.

What Are The Specific Features of SplitAbility Event POS?

Centralized Menu Updates

SplitAbility offers a centralized menu update function where all you need to do is simply create an online menu using a Google docs spreadsheet that you must upload into your account. You can easily change menus across your entire chain of sales points by switching to and uploading a different Google document to your account.

Remote Monitoring

The SplitABility system also offers remote monitoring from anywhere you are by simply connecting to the internet. This enables you to stay informed of sales progress across all sales points at an event.

Live Transaction Journals

With the SplitAbility POS solution, sales transactions are updated in your transaction journal almost instantly, with a millisecond update rate. This ensures all records are synced in real-time and you can see progress instantly.

It Runs Natively on Payments Devices

Its payment gateway connectivity helps to eliminate manual keying errors and allows for improved service times. You can link multiple devices to one payment terminal as well as offer table-side ordering and payments.

Instant Inventory Count & Reports

SplitAbility offers real-time live reports which can be broken down into hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports. You can also see your real-time best sellers and inventory count.

It‘s Highly Scalable

The SplitAbility POS solution can be scaled along with your needs and growth.

Available for All Devices – Android, Apple or Windows-powered 

SplitAbility POS Dashboard

You have a plethora of options when it comes to devices you may want to install SplitAbility on. Either on Android, Apple, or Windows, you can rest assured there is no device discrimination.


SplitAbility offers integration with tons of third-party apps and solutions for venue management, payments, table management, data and analytics, loyalty, pickup and delivery, in-venue ordering, and reservations.

How Much Does SplitAbility Cost?

As noted earlier, SplitAbility is a subscription-based solution. It has three packages you can choose from based on your needs. Single Register/Tablet with integrated card payments; Single Register/Tablet plan with your choice of card processor; and an Unlimited Number of Registers/Tablets

The Single Register/Tablet with integrated card payment attracts a monthly charge of 0.8% per transaction, while the second costs $19 per month. The third plan costs $38 per month.

All subscription plans come with an administrator account, unlimited users with multiple security levels, and available connections for unlimited devices, registers, printers, and kitchen display units.

It offers a one-month free trial or what it terms an extended ‘promotional offer’, with no upfront costs and no license fees involved. You also don’t have to worry about cancellation or break fees. It also comes with offline capability. 


  • Scalable platform
  • Remote monitoring
  • Inventory management


  • Some users complain about reporting issues 

Volanté Systems

Volanté is a cloud-based point-of-sale system with a focus on hospitality service requirements generally and large event locations like stadiums in particular.

The Volanté point-of-sale software solution is developed entirely in Java. As such, it is a cross-platform solution that works on both Linux and Windows-based systems. It is an ideal solution for stadiums or resorts, schools, cafeterias, retirement facility dining halls, and quick or table service restaurants.

The event point of sale solution delivered by Volanté helps enterprises and retailers properly manage sales and revenue collection while taking care of customer relations in the process. If you’re either of the two, I think you’ll love how beneficial it could be for your business. It comes packed with great reporting features that put the data of your business at your fingertips. 

This event POS system allows for flexibility as wireless terminals can be easily moved from one point to the other to meet demand surges across locations while also allowing for an extended function with the inclusion of day-pass ticketing, wireless mobile computing, and wristband systems.

The Volanté event POS system comes packed with solutions such as self-serve kiosks and countertop POS terminals. Its portable enterprise tablet POS solutions also help deliver convenient ordering and checkout in the stands.

What Are Volanté POS Event-Specific Features?

Stand Sheet And Integrated Inventory Management

You can track your product movements with Volanté Stand Sheets, which can be based on a number of parameters, such as events, concessions, terminals, or a combination of all of them. 

You are also able to implement a stadium-wide back-of-house inventory management system that connects full circle and gives a global view of your venue’s inventory across all points.

Its inventory management toolset also helps you manage the inventory of the event’s location. The system provides detailed reports on costs and takes care of automatic restocking and reordering when needed.

Loaded Tickets And Event-Based Reports

Volanté provides your guests with add-ons to purchase tickets, which can subsequently be scanned and redeemed at the POS terminal.

With the Volanté reporting solution, you can track the performance of multiple events you run by comparing them side by side. This helps you know which events, games, exhibitions, performances, or concerts are the most profitable. You can easily retrieve your report data via its automated e-mail and web-based reporting, which you can access anywhere by connecting to the internet.

In-Seat And In-Suite Ordering

Volanté allows for flexibility as it allows your guests to order from anywhere they are with its web and mobile ordering solutions. Its handheld tablets enable your staff to take orders from guests. Track regular and consistent guests in a bid to give them accelerated attention.

The system’s self-serve kiosks allow guests to place their orders without the assistance of a staff member. By positioning self-serve kiosks in strategic positions across the event arena, guests can easily order themselves, during breaks or mid-game, from their respective locations.

Volanté POS: All Its Features At A Glance

  • Barcode/Ticket Scanning
  • Customer Accounts
  • Delivery Management
  • Discount Management
  • eCommerce Management
  • Electronic Signature
  • Gift Card Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Loyalty Program
  • Mobile Access
  • Multi-Location
  • Online Ordering
  • Order Management
  • Reporting/Analytics

How Much Does Volanté Cost?

The cost of Volanté’s POS solution is not known, but I do know this vendor offers a free trial. 


  • Customer accounts and loyalty program management
  • Inventory management and reports
  • Various POS setups available


  • Some users report hardships when they attempt to make revisions

Clover POS

Clover hardly needs an introduction when it comes to quality POS systems. It’s a great way to streamline your operation when you need to attend an event and make the most of it. It has all the tools and functionalities to create simple ticketing and selling processes. On top of all that, it’s one of the best event point of sale systems available today.

One of the great things about this point of sale software is its integration capabilities. It can be synced with specialized software such as Eventbrite. Another important advantage I believe sets Clover POS apart from the rest is the range of payment processing options you could choose from. This variety includes Apple Pay, chip banking cards, and so forth.

Clover POS hardwareWhen it comes to important integrations, I need to mention the one with QuickBooks. It’s an essential tool that will allow you to manage your finances a lot easier. This integration will take care of your order management and purchasing tasks. 

Clover’s Features at a Glance: 

  • Rich tools set: plenty of built-in tools
  • Unlimited accessibility
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Sales tracking
  • Refunds and deposit management
  • Scalable and customizable
  • Integrated sales reporting

When you choose Clover, you’ll get to:

  • Process payments and never miss a sale: the system accepts all types of mobile wallets, credit and debit cards, etc.
  • Offer digital receipts: Due to the fast-paced nature of most events, this is a feature your clients are likely to choose and appreciate
  • Allow for a faster and safer transaction process
  • Harvest feedback: You’ll be able to grow your customer base by considering what clients think about your sales process
  • Manage your team: Clover POS will allow you to organize schedules with greater ease than ever before

How Much Does Clover POS Cost? 

Clover is available for $14.95 per month if you access your account through a web browser. The Standard plan will cost you $49 to use a mobile device, and the handheld complete POS solution will be yours for $50 per month. 


  • Compatible with various payment methods
  • Scheduling and payroll
  • Digital receipts


  • No free version

Final Thoughts

Organizing a large-scale event or participating in one requires precision and a lot of effort. The nature of most events means that you need to have an immaculate setup and never miss making a sale. This is why you need an event point of sale system. I believe that it’s one of the best ways to achieve the highest possible result. If the POS system you choose can integrate with the third-party software and hardware needed, then it would be the ultimate pick. Using the buyer’s guide above and the suggestions I’ve made in it, you will find it easier to research and compare the best event point of sale options and choose the best fit for your business. Get a free quote from KORONA POS, the best event point of sale system. 


What software is the best for different events?

The best overall event software that includes both point of sale as well as ticketing capabilities is KORONA POS software.

What jobs are there in events? 

The event industry offers a wide array of jobs to choose from such as event planner, venue manager, social media manager, staff or sponsorship coordinator, marketing manager, wedding planner, and more.

What makes an event successful? 

The most important thing when it comes to hosting a good event is the right planning and preparation.

How to make money from an event?

There are many different methods when it comes to profiting off of an event but some of the most popular include selling merch, upselling a VIP experience, placing ads on the event website, or selling sponsorships.

What is the current standing of the event industry?

Despite COVID, the event industry saw a 4% growth in the year 2022 and is expected to have an annual growth rate of just over 13$ through the year 2028.