The 5 Best Touchscreen Cash Registers in 2022 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

(Last Updated On: 08/15/2022)

The best touchscreen cash register allows for fast checkout with convenient payment options. The right solution will support easy and secure payments, improve production, and increase accuracy levels significantly. 

The leading cash register brands are also packed with a myriad of capabilities for improved business efficiency. While shopping for such a system, you need to consider such aspects as customization, device Integration support, inventory management, and security features. 

Reviewed below are five of the top touchscreen Cash registers you should consider having. 

The 5 Best Touchscreen Cash Registers 2022

Cash Register  Display Size  Response Time  Resolution 
Toast Flex by Toast POS 14 inches 10.4 Milliseconds 1024×768
National Retail Solutions (NRS) Locked-Model NRS Cash Register 15 Inches  10.4 Milliseconds 1024 X 768
Datio Point of Sale Base Station and Cash Register 14 Inches  10.3 Milliseconds 1024 X 768
Lightspeed HQ Cash Register Bundle Dependent on iPad Size  10.4 Milliseconds 1024 X 768
ANGEL POS TouchScreen Monitor 15 Inches  10.4 Milliseconds 1024 X 768


Toast POS Touchscreen Cash Register#1. Toast Flex POS Touchscreen – The Best Overall Touchscreen Cash Register for Restaurants and Small Businesses 

The Toast Flex POS cash register is ideal for such small businesses as supermarkets, groceries, restaurants, pharmacies, and convenience stores. It includes a 14-inch touch monitor, 5Ghz Wi-Fi module, and an Android 7.1 system. 

The solution presents you with one of the most powerful cash registers in the industry, with a Rockchip RK3399 Dual Cortex-A72. The CPU has 16 GB of Flash Memory, and 4GB LPDDR4 RAM Memory. It features a spill-proof P54 Durability Rating.


  • Powerful CPU and a 14-inch high definition LCD and flip-screen touchscreen to adjust to the décor of your business 
  • Enhanced compatibility, integrated with Toast POS software solution, as well as an array of other hardware accessories to support your business such as Toast Tap, and Toast Flex for Guest
  • Features a multi-functional interface with a 5 Megapixel Fixed-Focus Camera, and Bluetooth 4.0 BLE
  • Backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee aa well as a 2-year warranty 

Possible Drawbacks  

The hardware is tied to Toast POS software which may not be applicable for all business verticals. 

NRS Touchscreen Cash Register#2. National Retail Solutions (NRS) Locked-Model NRS Cash Register – TouchScreen Cash Register with Barcode Scanner

The NCR touchscreen cash register is locked to the NTS payment processor and is only usable in the USA. The hardware package includes a 15-inch touchscreen monitor, Barcode Scanner, customer-facing display, UPS backup battery, cash drawer and a receipt printer with one part roll included. 

If you do not intend to use the NRS payment processor, you should consider buying the unlocked NRS cash register models. The system comes with structured instructions for self-installation and setup. You can also get free live setup training from the provider. 

Although the NSR credit card reader is not included in the initial hardware bundle, it will be shipped afterward free of charge. You need to contact the NSR support to have the PAX S300 credit card reader calibrated to your specific needs and shipped to your location. The package also includes intuitive POS software. 


  • Offers a comprehensive hardware bundle at an affordable cost 
  • Intuitive POS software for easy payment processing, inventory management, store analytics, and vendor management 
  • Comes with the PAX S300 credit card reader that is locked to NSR payments with free credit card processing for the first month
  • Backed by free training and setup support, through live, and one-on-one remote setup support and training in English or Spanish
  • Comparatively easy to install and use

Possible Drawbacks 

The system is tied to one payment processor, which may appear to be inconvenient for some traders. 

Datio POS Touchscreen Cash Register#3. Datio Point of Sale Base Station and Cash Register – The Best iPad-Based Touchscreen Cash Register

The Datio point of sale system is best suited for salons, retail stores, cafes, quick-serve restaurants, or full-service restaurant businesses. The iPad-based system is designed to offer your business enhanced convenience. The hardware package includes a cash drawer, printer, scanner, and credit card, reader.

The software is comparatively easy to use and has all the features you need to run your business smoothly. With this option, you will be able to view your sales reporting remotely from any device. The provider also offers reliable support via email, SMS, and phone. 

The solution supports integrated payments with support for the Vantiv payments processor. It supports credit card swipe, chip cards, EMV, Apple Pay, Android Pay. In case you would like to use a different payment processor, the provider allows you to use the Terminal Credit feature.


  • Allows for simple setup and adding of inventory items with low-level amount notifications, and multiple modifiers/options for each inventory item
  • Easy access to your business reports for any given time period from your PC or any mobile device. The reports and Dashboard may also be viewed from the Ratio POS app
  • Offers affordable software subscription plans with customer support included 
  • Provider offers an innovative Datio iPad app for enhanced convenience 
  • Sold as a hardware package, including a cash drawer, credit card reader, scanner and receipt printer 

Possible Drawbacks 

This solution is comparatively expensive as you will be required to pay for the mobile application separately. 

LightSpeed HQ Cash Register Bundle#4. LightSpeed HQ Cash Register Bundle – The Most Versatile Touchscreen Cash Register 

For a bundled hardware cost, this provider will offer you an iPad stand, cash drawer, receipt printer, and a kitchen printer to work with their robust point of sale software. 

LightSpeed HQ is one of the most well-known point of sale providers. If you already have an iPad are looking to invest in both a point of sale software system and a cash register for any business type, look no further than Lightspeed.

The iPad stand allows you to mount your iPad securely. Their mobile case turns your iPad into a spill-proof and fall-proof device.


  • A minimalistic and modern interface that is user friendly for both employees and guests 
  • Variety of templates available that are mobile friendly and customizable 
  • Cloud-based cash register system that allows you to work from anywhere – including accessing financial data and reporting
  • Protect your business from fraud with the fully-integrated POS cash register system 
  • Automatic software updates and unlimited 24/7 support 

Possible Drawbacks 

Despite being a great choice, this cash register bundle is only advantageous for those who have iPads, not Android tablets. 

Angel POS Touchscreen Cash Register#5. ANGEL POS TouchScreen MonitorThe Best Multi-Position Retail TouchScreen Cash Register 

The Angel 15-inch TouchScreen display is designed to integrate seamlessly with a vast array of POS, PC, and thin client systems. It features a 4-wire pressure-sensitive touchscreen and USB touchscreen interface. 

The metal POS desk stand and hardened plastic covers make the solution highly durable in the most demanding business environments. The hardware components are also compatible with systems that have a VESA standard hole pattern on the back of the monitor.

The screen itself is very sensitive, responding to stylus, finger, pen, tool, and even gloved hand touches. It is also designed to offer outstanding display characteristics, with a 1024 X 768 resolution and a 350:1 contrast ratio. 


  • Features a foldable design with a metal base that is specifically designed for enhanced durability in high-traffic environments 
  • Connects to a computer directly through a 15-pin VGA port that is extremely reliable 
  • Compatible with several operating systems, including Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista, as well as Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
  • Features a touchscreen USB interface with a reliable USB connection for simplified input and control
  • Its drivers are preloaded into a convenient USB flash drive that comes with the hardware package. 

Possible Drawbacks 

Customer support at Angel systems is not so reliable and responsive when you try to contact them regarding a problem. 

Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a Touchscreen Cash Register

As a small business, investing in a complex point-of-sale system may not be a viable option. However, you will need to have at least an efficient cash register in place. The best Touchscreen Cash Register allows for a smooth and fast checkout experience. 

In addition to securing your money in the drawer, the leading Touchscreen registers have a myriad of capabilities to boost your business efficiency. For years, the cash register has been and still is a necessity for small brick-and-motor businesses. 

Here are some of the important things you need to consider while shopping for one:

Business Size and Requirements 

In order to understand which Touchscreen register is suited for your business, you fitted need to consider your specific needs. Consider how big the business is right now, as well as its projected growth in a few years. 

If you happen to have a smaller operation, dealing in a few inventory items, and processing a few transactions, a simple cash register will suffice. In case you have thousands of items in your inventory, and probably have several departments within the store, you will need an advanced POS system. 

In such a case, it is advisable to get a solution that includes a Touchscreen Cash register, barcode scanners, and features product codes. Such a solution will help you streamline operations, especially the checkout process. 

Inventory Tracking Capability 

In addition to processing transactions, the right cash register should also keep an accurate track for the inventory in your business. A basic cash register only has limited inventory tracking capabilities, hence is only suited for smaller businesses. 

For businesses that have a diverse inventory, and process a higher volume of transactions, a complex POS solution will be required. Sure h a system will automatically monitor your daily transactions and automatically keep track of inventory counts. 

Security Features 

In addition to locking your cash away in the drawer, your preferred Touchscreen Cash register should have features to secure your business information. It should be capable of keeping tour checks, cash, and electronic payment information safe. 

To begin with, the register should have a secure cash drawer that locks cash and checks away from unauthorized access. You may also need to install a cash drop box nearby for use when the cash register cash exceeds a certain preset amount. 

For enhanced security, you should get a Touchscreen Cash register that supports password or pin-based logins. This way, it will be harder for unauthorized persons to access vital business and customer details through the cash register. 

Receipt Printing Options 

You also need to consider the type of receipt printers supported by your preferred Touchscreen Cash register. Thermal printers are costlier to buy but will save you money in the long run. In their functioning, thermal printers apply heat to print a receipt. 

As such, you won’t need to buy ink cartridges in the long run. A print ribbon printer, on the other hand, will save you money on the purchase cost. It is also known to print clearer text, but are comparatively costlier to maintain. 

Level of Customization 

Your preferred Touchscreen Cash register should allow for easy customization of screens. In this regard, a model that features custom layouts will come in handy. Some of the leading Touchscreen Cash registers will even allow you to create screen layouts and function access on a granular level. 

The right solution should also allow for easy access to business controls, including inventory management, timekeeping, and payroll. 

Device Integration Support 

Get a Touchscreen Cash register that is compatible with mobile devices for added versatility. Such a system may be used in an integrated billing system with a number of integrated hand-held devices. This will allow your staff to do more tasks while keeping everything in control. 

Final Verdict 

As opposed to traditional cash registers, modern touchscreen cash registers have a lot more features to offer your business. The choice of the right one should be influenced by your business needs currently and in the near future. 

It is advisable for you to get a customizable, and scalable cash register that meets all your business needs. You also need to ensure that your preferred option allows for integration with receipt printers, and devices for enhanced versatility. 

Regardless of the choice, this guide will help you choose the best touchscreen cash register for any business type. 


How much does a touchscreen cash register cost? 

The average touchscreen cash register will cost between $300-$500. However, these pieces of hardware can go all the way up to the $1,000+ price range.

Is a touchscreen cash register the same as a point-of-sale system?

No. A touchscreen cash register is a hardware component that is ran by a point-of-sale software.

What is the difference between a touchscreen cash register and a POS system?

The main difference between a touchscreen cash register and a POS system is that POS is software, while a cash register is hardware. Cash registers are specifically made to help with processing sales and payments, while a POS system helps with many aspects of a business.

Is it hard to operate a touchscreen cash register?

Cash registers today are very user friendly with a minimal learning curve.

What is the best touchscreen cash register for iPad?

If you have an iPad already and wish to add a cash register for your business, the best option will be the cash register hardware bundle by Lightspeed HQ.