Pax S300 Retail Pin Pad Review | Top Features & Ratings

(Last Updated On: 07/28/2022)

Pax S300 Retail Pin Pad reviewEvery business start-up or an established one needs to make the whole business activities cycle swift and smooth. One of these activities includes the billing method for payments.

Pax S300 retail pin pad combines both functionality and design to offer its users ease and security for their business transactions. 

It embraces astounding and unique features like E-signature and diverse certifications to ensure security. Moreover, its sleek design and performance will leave its users surprised as it’s a reliable and long-lasting device. 

We have done the legwork for you to let you know more in-depth about this device. So, without any further ado, let’s get started! 

How Can You Describe Pax S300?

So, what is PAX S300? It is one of the most famous pin pads from Pax. The model was launched in 2016 and has been smaller retailers’ favorite ever since. The pin pad is lightweight and has useful keys to navigate the device. But it also offers a touch-sensitive screen for faster navigation.

Both the keypads and the magnetic card makes the device easier to run. Pax S300 offers a flexible operating system which makes it easier to run for the workers. The device is used for invoicing the purchase/service. The device is better than conventional pin pad invoice makers in many ways. 

But at the same time, it is as simple as any basic enterprise device and can be self-taught. The top benefit of this specific model is that Pax S300 is a handheld device. This makes it easier to carry for the workers.

Top Features

Many features make Pax S300 a useful product for retailers. Either it is the device’s secure keypad or its encrypted system. We have enlisted these here:

Compact and Lightweight Body

The one big concern with desktop Pin pad devices is that those systems are bulky. This pin pad device is small and compact which makes it easier to handle for the worker.

The body is made with thick plastic which is enough durable. It might not be able to withstand high falls. 

But the device will be fine if a heavy object accidentally hit it. The body is compact and smaller than usual POS terminal devices. Employees can easily hold the device with one hand and even put it in their pocket when needed.

Secure Keypad

The PAX S300 has 15 keys in total and each of them is sturdy. 10 keys are for each number and the rest is simple to function keys. The keypad is embedded and has three walls around it. These walls are half an inch tall but make transactions secure. 

Because this obstacle provides a barrier from other customers to look and steal the pin. The keypad is backlit so the workers can use the device in dark as well.

LCD Touch Screen Display

Yes, PAX S300 has a keypad. But that does not mean that it cannot have a touchscreen. This display is 3.5 inches in size which makes it easier to navigate. Due to the screen being LCD, the graphics are clearer and vibrant.

This makes the device easier to run in dark and extreme light. Having a touchscreen along with the button increases productivity and saves time. Instead of typing the same keys over and over again, the workers can just touch the screen.

Encrypted Transaction

This pin pad has not one but three famous cryptosystems. The first one is RSA or Rivest-Shamir-Adelman. It is one of the first public-key cryptosystems.

This system is widely used to secure data transmission. When the customer enters their key the system adds blocks between each digit. This prevents the key from illegal decryption. 

The second integrated system is AES. This system is used in block cipher to secure the data. The last security system is 3DES or Triple DES, it stands for data encryption standard. This system has also been used widely for data security. These systems together make the transaction a lot safer and secure.

32-Bit ARM 11 Processor

The processor of PAX S300 is not fancy like other smart Pin pad computers. But the 32-bit ARM 11 works best for the model. It offers a smooth, glitch-free, and quick transaction every time.

Magnetic Card Reader

PAX S300 has a magnetic card reader on the right side. These card readers use magnetic force. The top benefit of a magnetic card reader is that it is simple to use. So your employees can easily use it with little to no training. 

The downside of this technology, however, is that over time this reader can destroy the card.

Larger Memory

PAX S300 is offering larger memory storage than its competitor. It has a total memory of 192 MB. But 128 MB is flash memory and the rest is assigned to the DDR. This bigger memory makes it easier for the device to process the transaction.


Getting fancier smart POS devices sounds amazing till you have to pay for them. For bigger and well-established enterprises a 1000 bucks Pin pad is the right choice. But if your retail store has just started then you should think about getting something economical. 

PAX S300 has all the basic functions of a Pin pad device at low prices. Which makes it the best option for start-ups.

PAX S300 Specs

Physical Dimensions6.57”L x 3.19”W x 1.97”H
Weight10.23 Oz
Display3.5” LCD touchscreen

128 MB Flash

Processor 32-bit ARM 11
Card Reader TypeMagnetic card reader
Security System RSA, AES, and 3DES
  • Lightweight 10 Oz compact Pin pad device
  • Secured keypad with 10 numerical and 5 functioning keys
  • RSA, AES, AND DES integrated cryptosystems
  • 32-Bit ARM 11 Processor lag-free processor
  • 12 MB memory (128 MB flash and 64 MB DDR)
  • 5 inches LCD touchscreen
  • Magnetic, smart, and contactless card reader

What We Like

  • A lightweight and compact body makes handling the Pin pad easier.
  • The 3.5 inches LED screen helps to see clearly.
  • The touchscreen functionality makes navigation quicker and easier.
  • The keypad is physically secured so no other customer or worker can steal the pin.
  • The backlight keypad helps transactions in lowlight.
  • The pin pad is encrypted with multiple cryptosystems to prevent online theft.
  • PAX S300 can be connected to a Wi-Fi router or serial connection.
  • The magnetic card reader is easy to operate for workers and requires no training.
  • PAX S300 is a cost-effective and economical solution for small retailers.

What We DisLike

  • The body of the device is not high fall or waterproof
  • The magnetic card reader is easy to use but it can potentially ruin some cards

Frequently Asked Questions

What comes in the box with Pax S300?

You will get:

  • S300 POS connector cable x 1
  • S300 power cord x 1
  • Ethernet cable x 1
  • SAT download cable x 1
  • DB9 to USB to serial converter cable x 1

How To Set up The Pax S300?

Start with removing the back of your new Pax S300. Now attach the POS connector cable, be careful and do not bend any small pins on the terminal. After that replace the back of the terminal and close it. Now connect the power supply cable to the Pax S300 POS connector.

Before you can completely set up the terminal you need to determine the type of connection you are using. If you are using a LAN connection then you will need the Ethernet cable (included). Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the red LAN port on the Pax S300 connector cable. 

Then connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to an available port on your Wi-Fi router. After that, connect the router with the POS hardware. If you want to set up your Pax S300 using a serial connection then that is also easy. All you will need is an SAT download cable and db9 to USB to serial converter cable (both included). 

Connect the smaller end of the SAT download cable to the blue port on the Pax S300 connector cable. Then connect the larger end of the download cable to the larger end of the DB9 connector cable. Then connect the USB end of the cable to the POS hardware.

After the cables are connected according to your preferred connection plug in the power supply. Now you can start using the Pax S300 retail pin pad.

How do I Reset My Pax S300 To Default?

Pax S300 onlineThe rebooting process is simple, follow this step by step guide to reset your Pax S300 quickly.

Hold the menu button then select the “Remote Download”. Now select “New Download” and click on 1- TCP. Now you would need to enter an IP address so enter Or you can try the IP address, hit the green entry button. 

You will now be asked to add a port number, type 8582 or 8001 and hit the green enter button. Select DHCP and enter terminal ID 30030030 then hit enter. After the download is complete your select “Reboot System”. And your PAX S300 is now reset to default.


Pax S300 is an amazing pin pad and has a reasonable price. Can you get a better pin pad than this yes? But at this price point finding a handheld encrypted pin pad is difficult.

The main question is, should you get this pin pad or not? If you are a small retailer or just starting your business then this device is great. The interface is clean, the card reader is easy to use and the device itself is economical.