NCH Copper POS Review | Top Features & Ratings

(Last Updated On: 07/29/2022)

NCH Copper POSCopper is a web-based point of sale (POS) system by NCH. The cash register is specifically designed to streamline the checkout process in businesses of all sizes. Additionally, it allows for easy storage of product information, and sales transaction records.

The software features inventory and client management capabilities as well as support for multiple currencies and payment forms. It allows retailers to process tax exemptions, returns, and refunds while supporting custom discounting, coupons, and receipt printing. 

The integrated payments processor accepts multiple payment methods. The provider offers a free trial version of the software and a number of affordable subscription plans. This NCH Copper POS review will help you understand why you need the solution in your business. 

Copper POS Alternatives 

POS System  Software Subscription Cost Customer Support Options 
NCH Copper POS Starting from $34.99 one-time paymentVideo tutorials and documentation plus paid phone support. 
BookerStarting from $129/MonthLive online, documentation, and webinars.
Lightspeed Starting from $69/MonthLive online, webinars and documentation
Shopify  Starting from $29/MonthNot provided by the provider 

NCH Copper Benefits 

  • Allows for swift and easy recording of sales transactions and supports receipt printers
  • Flexible product pricing, with various discounting capabilities 
  • Integrates with seamlessly NCH Inventoria for accurate stock monitoring
  • Forms with secure data backup and restore capabilities
  • Relatively easy to install, with support for multiple hardware solutions

Possible Drawbacks 

The system is fragmented into multiple software solutions, which may be a bit costly to piece together as each is priced separately. Again, the NCH Copper POS system supports only a few payment processors. 

NCH Copper POS  Pricing 

Pricing The provider offers a free trial plan to help you experience the software capabilities first hand. Afterward, you will be required to pay for the various POS software modules offered by the provider.

Copper POS system pricing may be categorized into two broad plans: Basic Plan, which starts at $29.99, and the Plus plan, which starts at $34.99. 

The pricing is further broken into multiple other pricing plans and bundled plans to suit various requirements. These are some of the main pricing options offered by this provider: 

Copper Plus Quarterly Plan ($2.77/Mo)

This plan offers retailers unlimited access and ongoing use of all the Pro capabilities the provider has to offer. You also need to note that all upgrades associated with this plan will be billed at $8.31 quarterly.

Bundled Plans (Starting from $49.99)

The provider allows you to integrate the Copper POS system with different NCH software solutions to enhance its capabilities in accordance with your needs. For instance, you will be charged $49.99 if your Copper POS system comes bundled with the Express Invoice Plus module. 

If bundled with the Express Accounts Plus module, the system will cost you about $59.95. This solution is designed to help retailers manage their income and expenditures more effectively.

You may also Bundle your POS with the Inventoria Corporate Edition module. In this case, you will be charged $69.95 for the bundled product. 

Standard Volume Discounts 

NCH also offers generous discounts to customers who buy multiple POS software licenses at once. To get a discount, you need to purchase more than five licenses at once. In this case, you will get a 10% discount for purchasing five to nine units. 

If buying 20 to 49 units, you may qualify for a 30% discount on the purchase price. Businesses that require more than 100 POS stations can get a discount of up to 50% from the NCH provider. You may also incur additional costs to get dedicated technical support. 

NCH Copper POS Hardware and System Requirements 

NCH Copper POS HardwareAlthough the NCH Copper POS software is designed to work with different hardware solutions, your hardware needs to meet its system requirements. The software is offered in Windows and Mac options, both of which have different hardware requirements. 

The Mac version of Copper POS software runs on Mac OS X10.5 to 10.14. Copper POS Windows version is compatible with several operating systems, including Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. 

Your preferred hardware should have a Celeron 2.1 processor or better. As for space, you will need at least 100 MB of hard disk space and 512 MB RAM or higher to run the software. Regardless of the hardware you choose, Copper POS allows you to connect an assortment of accessories and peripherals. 

NCH Copper POS System Key Features 

NCH Copper POS System Key FeaturesThe Copper POS system by NCH will offer your retail store much more than just a cash register. It is designed to automatically collect important information and store it securely. The system is also renowned for its swift and accurate transaction processing experience. 

It supports a vast array of hardware solutions and peripherals, such as touch screen terminals, barcode scanners, and receipt printers. From the POS register, you will be able to manage to price, and discounts as well as analyze sales performance in your store. 

Discussed below are several other features and capabilities of the Copper POS system. 

NCH Inventoria 

NCH Inventoria This is an inventory management and stock control POS module offered by the NCH provider for use with the Copper POS system. The solution features an intuitive interface and is comparatively easy to install and use. 

In its functioning, it is meant to help you order, receive and manage your merchandise more effectively. With Inventories, retailers are able to manage their stock by location, category, or supplier. It will also allow for easy receiving, and transfer of merchandise among your stores. 

The solution is packed with a myriad of capabilities to streamline operations and grow your bottom line, including: 

Ordering and Receiving 

Ordering and ReceivingCreate your purchase orders and send emails to various vendors right from the Copper POS system. To make this easier, the solution allows you to create and maintain an up-to-date database of your suppliers. 

Again, the system is designed to automate inventory counts, updating item quantities whenever a sale is made and when orders are received. It will also allow you to set low-level item levels. These will let you know when and what to order before you run out of stock. 

Users and Locations Management 

NCH Copper Users and Locations ManagementThe copper Inventoria software allows you to manage the stock in your various stores and warehouses from a central location. This feature allows managers and owners to transfer merchandise among their various business locations.

This way, you will get a real-time overview and the ability to manage stock in each one of your locations remotely. Copper also allows retailers to regulate access levels for different POS users in their businesses. 

The Web Access capability of the software allows users in different locations to log into the system in real-time. The provider also offers a mobile interface that may be used to access the POS system remotely from an Android or iOS device. 

Item Control 

item control POSWhile setting up the POS system, Copper allows you to import your current inventory database in the form of a CSV file. Thereafter, you will only need to scan in barcodes to add new inventory items and process customer transactions. This simplifies the process and saves you time.

The system allows you to add URLs, photos, and notes to each inventory item for easier identification at the register while ringing up sales. You can also group related items to keep things more organized. If you also sell weight-based products, the system will allow you to set up sales by weight. 

Express Accounts

Express AccountsThis is a professional accounting and bookkeeping software solution that is designed for use with the Copper POS system. It is best suited for small and medium-sized retail businesses that need to document and report on their outgoing and incoming cash. 

The system will take all aspects of your cash flow into account, including receipts, sales, and purchases. It equips retailers with the tools they need to monitor deposit and payment transactions, as well as view balances and relevant reports. 

Some of the impeccable capabilities of the Express Accounts feature include: 

sales and accounts receivableSales and Accounts Receivable 

Keeps accurate track of sales and accounts receivable while automating the recording of recurring invoices and orders in your business. With this tool, you will also be able to generate professional quotes, invoices, and sales orders right from the Copper POS system. 

Financial Analysis and Reporting 

Financial Analysis and Reporting posOnce integrated into your copper POS system, Express Accounts will allow you to generate up to 20 different financial records at any given time.

For instance, it allows you to easily generate income statements, both profit and loss statements, to understand how the business is faring. 

You may also generate accurate balance sheets that show your liabilities and assets at any given time. The module features powerful analysis capabilities, allowing you to analyze your sales by the salesperson, customer, or item.   

With a curate and on-time financial reports, you will have an easy time preparing tax returns for the business. 

Accounts Payable 

Manage your accounts payable and even pay bills right from the POS system. It will allow you to generate purchase orders, and keep track of purchasing and outgoing payment transactions. Additionally, Express Accounts allows you to create and print checks. 

Express Invoice 

Express Invoice lets you create invoices you can print, email, or fax directly to clients, hence facilitating faster payment. Invoicing reporting functionality allows you to keep track of payments, overdue accounts, and even the sales team performance. 

Final Verdict 

Copper is a platform-agnostic, web-based POS system with a comprehensive point-of-sale and management feature suite to offer retailers. The system offers customer, user, inventory, and vendor management capabilities as well as support for multiple currencies. 

The system also accepts multiple payment methods, including cash, checks, and credit cards. With a free software trial plan, and customizable pricing plans to offer, you can never go wrong with the NCH Copper POS system.