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How To Start A Juice Bar

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Last updated on September 7th, 2019 at 07:18 pm


how to start a juice barWith the juicing trend and green business market strong and thriving at $2 billion annual revenue, you may be considering opening your own juice bar business.

If so, there are four major things you’ll need in order to be successful: a strong blender, delicious fruit, hard workers, and a great online presence.

With thousands of juice bars in large cities and small towns alike, you need to differentiate your shop with a strong brand and a quality website. Your consumers are health-conscious.

Which means they are also brand-conscious. They care about what goes into their bodies, and they care about who is supplying that for them.

This guide will bring you through the first four steps you’ll need to build a robust and distinct juice bar brand:

  1. Choose your brand and register your domain name. (We Choose: GoDaddy)
  2. Get a quality web-hosting plan with attractive site design. (We Choose: BlueHost)
  3. Establish an eCommerce platform. (We Choose: Shopify)
  4. Gain the capital you need to start and grow your business. (We Choose: Kabbage)

1. Choosing and Registering Your Brand

choosing-your-brandThe Unique Selling Proposition

Your first step in starting a juice bar is to brainstorm the unique selling proposition (USP) of your brand. A USP is what your brand stands for.

It is what sets you apart from the competition and makes you stand out in your marketplace.

A USP is more than just a great product or a low price. It gets at the heart of your brand, product, service, and value.

1. What is your brand’s voice?

2. What is your brand’s personality?

3. What will you specialize in?

4. What will “wow” your customers?

5. What will put you ahead of the competition?

Creating a unique selling proposition will help you set the groundwork for a high-quality juice bar brand. It can help you gain attention as a distinctive company in such a saturated market of health food stores.

This will create a strong foundation for the rest of your brand, including a company name and logo.

The Name and Domain

After you’ve determined the USP and your company’s name.

You need to snatch up that brand before anyone else can get to it. Now it’s time to move. Go with your gut.

Don’t overthink the name of your company. If it feels right and it fits with your brand’s personality and USP, then go for it.

Remember that calling a juice bar, “The Juice Bar,” has been done and won’t set you apart from all the other juice bars.

When you’ve come up with the name, the next step should be to immediately buy the corresponding domain. A domain is the main address of your online presence—it is what leads your consumers to your website.

You want to ensure that you have access to your company’s exact desired domain before anyone comes along and purchases it out from under you.

Choosing A Domain

GoDaddy helps you to quickly search available domain names, and you can even search similar domains (if you aren’t fully sure of what you want your domain to be).

You can filter by extension, character length, location, and “premium” (the highest rated site name in accordance with the marketplace).

Don’t overthink choosing a domain name. Choose a domain that you would want to type in and find if you were the consumer of your product. Here are some domain-related tips and tricks:

  • Keep it short and sweet.
  • Make it easy to spell.
  • Make it easy to say, so people can verbally share it with others.
  • No hyphens or funky punctuation.
  • When in doubt: make your brand name the domain name.

If your preferred brand name is taken, don’t panic. GoDaddy can help you come up with ideas for similar domains. Or, you may want to consider reworking your company name so you don’t encroach on any legal trademarking issues.

(This is why you should always purchase your domain right after you decide on your brand name! It helps tell you about your competitive sphere.)

Choosing An Extension

Most people choose a .com extension, because it’s simple, common, and trusted.

GoDaddy also shows a list of other possible extensions, like, and .shop.

You can purchase as many or as few as you like to help protect your domain name and brand. Some companies actually buy up all of the domain extensions, even though they only use one.

This ensures that they always have control over their brand image. Sometimes GoDaddy will even offer a bundled package of extensions at a discounted price!

Choosing A Plan

You can register your domain for two years or more. We recommend starting with a smaller plan because you never know if you will want to pivot or change your branding in the future. (But don’t forget to renew when your domain license is up if nothing changes.)

GoDaddy also offers privacy and business protection for a small additional fee atop their already low domain prices. This can help protect from spam, scams, and the leaking of personal information (yours and your customers’).

One unique feature about GoDaddy that we absolutely love is that they offer a custom email address with your personal domain, such as [email protected]

This helps to exhibit professionalism and build trust with consumers and colleagues. GoDaddy even offers a Business Premium email that includes five Office 2016 licenses and multiple email usage for only $10.99 per month.

GoDaddy is user-friendly, even for those who aren’t web-savvy. They also offer a 24/7 support team for those late nights. A full-time entrepreneur needs a full-time domain system!

We especially love GoDaddy not only because they are the world’s largest domain registrar, but also because they have a strong care for their customers. They truly want to make it easy for small businesses, like your juice bar, to succeed.

2. Setting Up Your Website

Once you have your domain name associated with your brand identity, it’s time to set up a quality website. Even before you have any products in the door, you need a website to draw a following to your juice bar.

The Importance of a Website found that 81% of modern shoppers research online before buying.

They go through search engines and company websites, and they compare product information before making their final purchase decision.

(whether the purchase is online or in brick and mortar stores).

They also found that the best way to convert browsers to customers is to look credible and professional online with a beautiful website, thorough and comprehensive content, and online available customer service (via email or chat).

Starting a juice bar business has significant competition, much more than most niches. You are not only competing against other health food stores and juice bars. You are competing with your consumers’ home kitchen.

This means that you need to not only build a strong brand, but you must also build a strong website to back that brand. This can help you gain a cult-like following that will “ride or die” for your juices, lending itself to a highly profitable business.

How To Start A Website

If you aren’t sure where, to begin with, a website, start with a professional, secure, and trusted web host like BlueHost. They have one of the lowest rates in the market, and they offer free site builders and 1-click WordPress install.

We always recommend WordPress for our entrepreneurs because it has hundreds of templates, an easy user face, and a plugin for every need!

Even a few minutes without an active, strong website can lose crucial business. BlueHost also offers vital 24/7 support, so you’ll never be without your website.

Choosing a Web Host

When choosing a web host or site service, there are several features to take into account:

  • Number of websites you can link
  • Website space or data storage
  • Bandwidth
  • Email accounts and storage
  • Marketing capabilities
  • Backups and security
  • Capacity for scalability
  • Support systems
  • Price

Not every company will need the same features. It can’t hurt to go with the best, though, especially if you are looking to be an online business and attract new customers through your website.

We recommend BlueHost because it is renowned for its high-end features. It boasts over 2 million hosted websites, and many of our own entrepreneurs (myself included) use BlueHost.

3. Establish an eCommerce Platform.

It seems counterintuitive to sell your juices and smoothies online.

How can you bring fresh, ready-to-make produce to your customers through an online platform?

You may be surprised to find that most of your major potential competitors are not only selling their products online.

They are moving more product on their eCommerce platforms than their storefronts. According to Morgan Stanley research.

1/3 of online shoppers are buying their groceries online, and this is especially true for millennials and health-conscious, green consumers (who may be your target audience).

You do not want to be left behind on the online food-shopping craze. You want to be at the forefront, spearheading the charge into fresh juices and smoothies delivered right to the home.

The Benefits of Juice Bar eCommerce

Some juice companies have even ceased storefronts entirely in favor of online sites. Some companies offer a juice membership.

Where customers can have a juice subscription or opt to receive a specific number of bottles per week.

This is convenient for consumers, but eCommerce also offers significant benefits to the business owner:

  • Lower startup costs
  • Cuts overhead expenses long-term
  • Broader potential customers beyond the local area
  • Easy to pivot and make changes as you learn your audience and USP
  • Tracking and measured data and results to help grow business
  • Open for business 24/7 without having to be “on call”
  • Greater flexibility and options
  • Easier to control brand image and standards

This doesn’t mean that you need to forgo a physical shop altogether. This simply means that hosting an eCommerce store in tandem with the shop can greatly add to the success and profits of your business.

How To Set Up Your eCommerce Platform

Whether you are all online, all in-store, or a mixture of the two, you need a great eCommerce setup to show off your product.

You want your customers to be so loyal that if they run out of your juice in the middle of the night, they immediately go on your site to order more or find the nearest location.

Although WordPress offers eCommerce plugins, there are also several eCommerce specific platforms, such as Shopify. These platforms are more in-depth with marketing, payments, secure checkouts, shipping, tracking, and reporting.

We prefer eCommerce platforms to plugins because they are cleaner, simpler, and more user-friendly.

We love Shopify for any and all online (and in-store) products. They allow you to control the look and feel of your online storefront, maintaining the integrity of your brand (which we know is crucial to the success of your juice bar).

You can use your own GoDaddy domain name or purchase a new one through Shopify. You can also blog directly on the site, and they offer a simplistic website builder.

They offr different themes to create an entire online storefront for your business, complete with customizable emails and shopping cart checkout control.

Shopify also links your online storefront to other sales channels, such as a separate website, social media accounts, and your in-store POS.

This helps to improve and centralize your sales management and marketing while also growing your visibility—all on the same platform.

Shopify makes online store management easy by simplifying the administration of inventory, fulfillment, orders, and sales.

They have easy-to-use tracking and reporting that allow you to watch growth trends and see where your business may be hitting roadblocks.

And of course, it has 24/7 support for your 24/7 business.

Where Should You mainly Focus On?

When you open a juice bar, you should be focusing on three things: your brand, your customers, and your product. Managing your storefront should be simple, easy, and back of mind like it is with Shopify.

4. Getting startup funds

At this point, your brand identity is growing rapidly.

Thus, you’ll need to start getting some necessary capital to continue to expand into a full-fledged juice bar business.

There is a lot that goes into obtaining the necessary funding for your startup. You need to do thorough financials, data analysis, and predictions to determine how much you will need to start and to grow.

However, knowing how much you need and how much you’ll qualify for with banks can be stressful and variable.

If you do your calculations incorrectly, you could end up with too little funds or too high interest. You’re new to the juice bar business, so you don’t have it all figured out yet. And that’s okay.

There are a lot of options for obtaining funding: traditional lenders or banks, credit cards, online lenders, and family and friends. Check out Best Startup Business Loans for more in-depth information on obtaining a startup loan for your small business.

When opening a juice bar, your costs can be fickle. You are highly regulated to the food market, which can change prices overnight. This can make predicting necessary startup and early-on funds nearly impossible.

Kabbage Can be a Great Option For Your Financing

A company like Kabbage allows you a single line of credit that you can use (but don’t have to). You don’t have to worry about applying for a specific loan amount through the bank and not getting approved.

Kabbage functions similarly to a credit card in that you aren’t given a lump sum; you simply spend what you need, and then you pay that off over time. It has a flat fee for holding a balance and no hidden costs.

If you qualify with Kabbage, you get a term loan made for your business’ needs in particular.

Kabbage even offers a business loan calculator so you can easily see how much money you will get and how much you will have to pay off within the term limit of your loan.

Kabbage is made for small businesses. They know that financial surprises can kill your business. They believe in straightforward payments with no surprises, allowing you to focus on growing your juice brand and not stressing about the financials.

Starting a Juice Bar: The Bottom Line

For your juice bar, branding is everything. In order to make it big.

You need to make it great—you need to emerge from the crowd as a strong company with a brand identity, personality, and value. What are you bringing to your customers that are unique?

In order to build this strong juice brand right from the get-go, you need a linked domain and a stunning website that shares your story, your products, and your brand’s DNA.

You also want to look into an eCommerce platform, which will broaden your reach and lower those overwhelming startup costs.

Then, obtain the funding necessary to launch your brand into a mature business ready to take on the health world, one juice at a time!

Our Recommended Companies to Grow Your Juice Bar:





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