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The 6 Best Small Standing Desk For Your Business [Adjustable Edition]

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Last updated on September 7th, 2019 at 08:26 pm

According to Psychology Today, people spend an average of 90,000 hours of their life at small standing deskwork and at their desks.

Whether it’s a C-suite office of a large corporation or an entrepreneur’s desk in the corner of their bedroom.

That desk becomes your second home, your place to create, and your place to grow yourself and your business.

But so much time sitting at the desk can cause severe health and productivity problems. The solution? Standing desks.

What Are The Benefits of a Standing Desk?

More and more workers are tending towards standing desks. These are just what they sound like—desks where the individual does their work standing upright.

Traditional sitting desks can cause major health concerns for employees, such as the increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, weight gain, back and joint issues, arthritis, and even death.

Career Builder even found that nearly half of America has gained weight at their current desk job—13% of whom gained more than 20 lbs, and 28% more than 10 lbs.

Long Term Sitting Leads To Health Concerns 

A small standing desk helps to eliminate or negate these sitting health concerns. Standing can help you burn calories while you work, resulting in long-term weight loss and a stabilized metabolism.

It can also help to lower your blood sugar levels, lower the risk of heart disease, and even improve mood and energy levels.

Because of this increased and steadied mood, small standing desks have even been shown to boost productivity. Plus, it can help you live longer.

On average, those who sit all day in the office are at a 49% greater risk of dying earlier. That’s a number that cannot be ignored.

So what can you do to find the best adjustable standing desk that will accommodate your needs, improve your health, and boost your productivity?

#1: Fully Jarvis Bamboo Adjustable Height Desk

This small standing desk supports 350lb lifting capacity and has a 7-year warranty.

Raises and lowers 23.5″ – 49.25″, and frame expands to fit desk tops 44″ – 82″ wide.

With a nearly perfect rating of 4.8/5 based on user reviews, it is currently a top choice among adjustable height desks.

We are not alone in our love and admiration of this adjustable standing desk! The Fully Jarvis Bamboo Desk is perfectly crafted for stability, comfort, and productivity.

The Frame

Fully offers two Jarvis Desk shapes: rectangle and contour.

The contoured shape allows a comfortable standing position that follows the curve of the body—no desk edges sticking into your belly while you work.

It also has a resting spot for your forearms, so you won’t have to put added pressure on your arms or shoulders while standing.

This Fully Jarvis Desk can be adjusted to heights from an 8-year old child to a 6’7” adult. It can hold and lift up to 350 pounds, and its motor is silent and smooth (operating noise is less than 50dB)!

There are adjustable foot leveling studs up to 0.25” adjustment if your office space is uneven. It moves at 1.5” per second, perfect for a quick adjustment without risking damaging the items on your desk.

The Desktop

It also has a stylish and clean-cut bamboo desktop that’s practical in size and shape. It has one of the largest workspace areas that you’ll find, and it comes in three sizes—from four to six feet wide.

The mid-size model of this Fully Jarvis Adjustable Standing Desk is big enough for two widescreen monitors, a few books, and a water bottle—and there’s still room to spare!

The bamboo is environmentally conscious—and it looks beautiful as well. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable options, as bamboo trees take only 5 years to fully mature and they release 35% more oxygen into the air.

There are no pesticides or fertilizers needed, and it is one of the sturdiest and longest-lasting materials. (Fully offers laminate tops and powder coated desks as well, if bamboo does not pique your interest.)

The Add-Ons

Some of the add-ons include locking casters, a pencil tray, wire management, monitor arms, CPU holders, a topo mat, and LED desk lamps.

The LED display has 4 programmable memory presets, and it will automatically go dark after 10 seconds to save energy and money.

They even offer a Capisco standing desk chair—so you can get the health benefits of standing but the comfort of sitting!


The Jarvis Bamboo Adjustable Standing Desk offers a 7-year warranty on all components. The price starts at $450 (but averages at around $685). It is one of the easiest assemblies, and the instructions are clear and simple.

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#2: Uplift Standing Desk

Similar to the Jarvis Bamboo, the Uplift Standing Desk is one of the sleekest and most attractive adjustable standing desks on the market.

The Frame

The Uplift Standing Desk has a three-stage frame that ensures an ergonomic setup and adjustment each time.

It ranges from 24.5” to 50.5” in height, so almost everyone can find the right set-up for them. The base width is also adjustable from 42.45” to 70”.

It is one of the more sturdy desks in all positions, and it even offers stability while it’s moving up and down (at a speed of 1.5” per second). It has one of the smoothest motors, so you never have to worry about spilling your coffee on your laptop!

The Desktop

There are two types of desktops available with the Uplift Standing Desk: the eco or eco curve and the classic laminate.

You can opt for the typical laminate desk or scratch-resistant eco wood, like bamboo or reclaimed wood. They never use chemicals when finishing their desktops, ensuring indoor air quality remains pure.

This is the most customizable desk – with 14 solid woods and stain options, 2 reclaimed wood options, five eco-laminate options, and three or four legged frames in three colors.

Everyone in your office could have the Uplift Standing Desk, and it could look completely different each time depending on the individual!

Plus, there is a lot of room on this desktop, so you will never feel cramped.

The “eco curve” is their contoured version of the desk, but it tends to come out similar to the rectangular shape.

It is not as designed as the Jarvis Bamboo in terms of the “curve of comfort.” The bamboo design also has a slightly coarse feel, but it is still very attractive and minimalistic.

The Add-Ons

It has very similar add-ons to the Jarvis Bamboo, like power grommets, digitally stored heights, keyboard sheets, wire management kits, track spacers, monitor arms, and more.

It comes with a gel-foam mat for you to stand on, which helps protect your back and shins from too many hours of standing.


Price starts at $499 and can go upwards depending on the type of desktop and accessories you add. They too have a 7-year limited warranty and a 30-day return policy.

This Uplift Standing Desk has a decently easy assembly, although the desk is on the heavier side. It also comes with a guide for care instructions of the eco desktops to ensure long-term usage of the desk.

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#3: UpDesk Ultra UpWrite

This standing UpDesk Ultra UpWrite desktop has a whiteboard surface so you can make notes and doodles right on your desk!

This can help to promote productivity, flexibility, and innovation.

The Frame

It has 27” reinforced steel footings with adjustable levelers and augmented, balanced dual motors for extra strength and stability.

The height ranges from 23.5” to 49.5”, but you can get optional casters that make the range 26.5” to 52.5”. It has a digital readout and three preset buttons on its energy-saving control switch.

The Desktop

The desktop of this UpDesk Ultra UpWrite is high-pressure, high-gloss laminate; and yes, you can write and rewrite right on it!

There are three sizes of desktop: the small is 48” wide, the medium is 60”, and the large is 72”. All are 30” deep and have a 4.5” contoured indent for added comfort. It comes in white, black, titanium, or white on black.

The Price

The UpDesk Ultra UpWrite has a 5-year limited warranty. Included in the price is an integrated cord management channel, a control box with cabling, and a mounted power strip with six plug-ins.

They will also cut grommet holes into the desktop for no extra charge. The small is $899, medium is $949, and the large is $999.

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#4: Kangaroo Pro Junior

kangaroo-pro-juniorIf you already have a desk, you could consider the Kangaroo Pro Junior.

This allows you to transform your current sitting desk into a standing one by simply adding an additional mechanism on top of your current desktop.

The Frame

The Kangaroo Pro Junior can be adjusted up to 14.5” above your desk with a separate “tilt” adjustment of 6.5”. A stabilization leg is included with a large, steel base plate to ensure that there are no mishaps if the desk underneath is bumped.

The Desktop

The Junior is slightly smaller than the Kangaroo Pro, but it’s still large enough for most desktop spaces. The main desktop is 24” wide and 18” deep.

Although this area space is somewhat small, the minimized space can actually help keep you focused. You only “bring up” to a standing position what you need for that time while you are standing.

The rest of your items can stay on the “sitting” desk, out of sight and out of mind, allowing you to concentrate on what’s in front of you.

The Kangaroo Pro Junior holds your monitor on a VESA bracket. It is recommended for monitors up to 12 pounds without thee base attached. It is not designed for mounting laptops.

The monitor cables are fed down the back of the desk vertically to hide the cables and make for easier adjustments.

The Add-Ons

It offers optional detachable side work surfaces, cable management, and keyboard extension. The Kangaroo Pro Junior is kind of like an add-on itself as you place it on top of an existing desk or table, so there are not many accessories to go with it.

The Price

Ergo has a 100% guarantee and the Kangaroo Pro Junior has a 5- year warranty, where all replacement parts are shipped free of charge.

The base price is $399, which is on the expensive side considering it’s an additional mechanism as opposed to an entire desk.

However, it is one of the best possible options for those who already have a desktop that they cannot replace. The Kangaroo Pro Junior is sleek, lightweight, quiet, and aesthetically pleasing.

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#5: Halter ED-600 Preassembled Height Adjustable Desk

The Frame

Similar to the Kangaroo Pro Junior, the Halter ED-600 is an “add-on” to a current desktop or table. It’s lightweight at only 47 lbs, so it’s especially great for home offices or shared offices.

You can add or remove the Halter desktop with ease, and it fits almost any office or cubicle. Despite its lightweight, though, it’s sturdy thanks to the steel frame base.

Plus, it comes fully assembled. It does not rise with an automatic motor.

But it has easy-to-use squeeze handles for manual height adjustment with a patent-pending gas spring technology.

You simply apply pressure to the handles to raise or lower the desktop, and then you release the handles at the position you want to lock it into place. In just seconds, you can have the perfect height for you, down to the last millimeter.

The Desktop

This is an attractive and practical standing and adjustable desk. It comes in a deep cherry color or a sleek black, and the finish allows it to match with just about any office décor!

The desktop is 35.6” long and 20.4” wide, and it fits two average-sized monitors with a maximum weight of 44 lbs.

Because it’s not as sturdy as some of the motorized adjustable desks, we recommend keeping your coffee and liquids on your tabletop next to the add-on desktop.

Unlike many other desktops, which have only one tabletop, this Halter ED-600 has two separate “levels.” This gives more working space, but it also separates the keyboard height with the monitor height.

It is more natural to have your keyboard at a comfortable angle in front of you, so as not to cause tension in the back and shoulders. Similarly, you will strain your eyes less if the monitor is directly in front of you at eye level.

This standing desk is specifically made for those with posture problems, as it keeps your body comfortably situated as you work.

The Price

This particular Halter ED-600 Adjustable Desk has a 1-year warranty, and its price can vary. It can be as low as $255 and get up to $599.

We recommend this tabletop product for those who have neck problems and eyestrain from sitting at their desk all day.

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#6: Rocelco ADR Height Adjustable Sit/Stand Desk Computer Riser

The Rocelco ADR Computer Riser has a similar design and functionality as the Halter in that it has two separate levels of desktop space and it sits atop a current tabletop.

The Construction 

No assembly required—aren’t those your three favorite words?

You simply take the Rocelco ADR Computer Riser out of the box and place it on your current desk or tabletop to start enjoying the comfort and health benefits of standing while you work.

There are four incremental height options, with a maximum height of 16.3” above the desk surface. It moves manually with a gas spring design, and it can hold up to 50 lbs.

We love the chic black and white finishes of these shelves—black and white go with everything! The design is very minimalistic, so it won’t stand out too much in your office space.

Large Surface 

The Rocelco ADR is designed for two monitors on the higher level and a large keyboard on the “second level” (this level is even large enough for a laptop).

The keyboard tray automatically rests at the proper, natural height to prevent neck strains. Plus, the keyboard tray is retractable if you don’t need it for any reason.

The desk is 32” wide and 20.5” deep, and the keyboard tray is 24” wide and 11.8” deep. Plenty of room for all of your necessary work supplies!

The Price

This is very reasonably priced at approximately $190 (this price can be variable, though). A 3- or 5-year warranty can be purchased separately for a small fee.

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What Do You Need From Your Standing Desk?

When looking to purchase a standing desk, you want to focus on functionality, construction, and comfort.

You’ll notice that all of our below products are adjustable standing desks, meaning that these desks can easily be raised or lowered based on the height and body type of the user.

These desks should have smooth, quiet transitions and be easily adjusted without having to remove the items from your desk.

This is especially important as you’ll transition from sitting to standing and back to sitting throughout the day; you want to ensure that this transition is simple, convenient, and not disruptive.

You also want the desk to be stable and comfortable. It should be able to support all of your paperwork and computers, while also conforming to the way you work best.

For example, you may want a desk with a slight indent so you can stand “inside” your desk. Or maybe you like the feel of a glass desk over a wood desk.

Aside from functionality, you also want it to look nice. If you’re spending your days standing at this desk, you want it to be visually appealing to you and your coworkers. You want to show off your working style.

You may also want to consider whether or not your adjustable standing desk offers customizations and add-ons.

Many companies will allow you to separately purchase applicable accessories, like wheels and cable management fixtures.

What you’ll need to take into account when choosing your adjustable standing desk:

  • Maximum and minimum height range
  • Assembly
  • Motorization voltage (many adjustable desks are motor-powered)
  • Silence and ease of transition
  • Stability and comfort
  • Size of workspace
  • Price and warranties

Best Adjustable Standing Desks: The Bottom Line

Whether you want to invest in an entire adjustable standing desk or only a stand-able desk topper “addition,” the benefits of using a standing desk in your workspace will far outweigh the price.

Your back, neck, eyes, and energy levels with thank you, and you’ll find yourself becoming more productive and vigorous in weeks, if not days!

What standing desk did you like the most in this review?

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