3 Best Church Inventory Management | Top Non Profit POS Systems

(Last Updated On: 07/23/2022)

The best non-profit point of sale (POS) system should be a comprehensive program, allowing for efficient management of all facets of the organization.

It should give organizations (of all sizes) enhanced control over their administrative, donor relations, fundraising, and reporting tasks. The right software should allow for easy and cost-effective management of essential day-to-day functions in the church or organization.

To get the right one, you should consider such aspects as fundraising, and donor management, accounting, member and volunteer management, as well as marketing and outreach capabilities. Reviewed below are the top three church/non-profit organization POS Systems you should consider. 

Best Church Inventory Management

POS SystemSoftware Subscription FeesPayment Processing Rate
Bepoz $119/Month Depends on your preferred credit card processor
VendHQStarting from $52/Month2.90% + $0.30 for swiped transactions and 3.30% + $0.30 for keyed-in transactions
Hike POSStarting from $59/MonthOffers a choice of many payment processors

1. Bepoz POS –  The Best Non-Profit POS System OverallBest Church Inventory Management

If you run a large church or a non-profit organization, you will need a POS solution that streamlined operations and keeps things organized.

In addition to these, Bepoz will help you monitor donations to ensure that you are not losing any money.

Should you have a coffee shop, books store, or thrift store on the premises, the software will allow you to manage all of them, alongside donations, on a single platform.

Other things that make Bepoz stand out of other non-profit POS systems include: 

Back-Office Reporting 

Get to know the much money you have and how it is being spent on a daily basis with the Bepoz reporting feature. The system will help you keep track of all revenue streams in the organization and keep you updated on the type of balance you have. 

For enhanced convenience, Bepoz allows you to access your back-office management and reporting tools remotely through a mobile device. 

Event Promotions 

Improve church attendance or the popularity of your non-profit organization with Bepoz even promotion functionality. The system features a customer-facing display that may be used to run event promotions. 

The members will learn of upcoming events through this display. Additionally, you may also include promotional messages on receipts. 


Bepoz church POS system is offered in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. The provider does not require any upfront licensing payment for the software and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Instead, you will be required to pay a monthly subscription fee to use their non-profit POS software.

The provider is in the process of changing to a single pricing option. In this regard, you will be required to subscribe to the Corporate plan, priced at $119/Month for a single station license. Additional stations will be charged at $49/month each. 

Possible Drawbacks 

Customer support at Bepoz is not readily available and may fail to call you back thereafter. 

2. Vend POS – The Best Non-Profit POS for Reduced Overheads

VendHQ pos system

Vend Church POS system will save you a considerable amount of time, allowing you to focus on the things that matter. It will also streamline operations and lower overhead costs in your non-profit organization. 

The system is relatively easy to set up and is compatible with a wider range of hardware options. You will also find the software easy to learn and use, with comprehensive tutorials, videos and different support options by the provider. 

Other aspects that make Vend one of the best church POS systems include:

Enhanced Transaction Control

Gain improved control over every transaction with customizable user accounts and permissions. Create user accounts and define permissions for each user, depending on their role. You may also customize the system to confirm to your church or organization processes.

This ensures that sensitive member and organization data remains safe and secure. POS permissions allow you to monitor employee performance and increase accountability. The system is designed to automatically record changes from cash float to register closures. 

These have been proven to reduce theft and discrepancies.

Integrated Payments

Easily accept any payment type for donations and contributions in your church or organization with Vend payments. Supports all major credit and debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. 

The system syncs the card reader to your non-profit organization POS system to save time, and improve accuracy. With Vend, you will no longer have a double-entry, human error, or manual end-of-day reconciliation. 

Payments will appear in your bank account in just two working days. 


Vend allows you to choose a software subscription plan that meets your needs. These are the three main subscription plans offered by the provider:

Lite ($52/Month)

This plan equips small electronics retailers with basic POS features to streamline operations and manage the business more effectively. For $52.5/Month, billed annually, you will get an Intuitive point of sale and basic store management tools. 

Pro ($73/Month)

Ideal for established single or multi-store retailers. The plan is priced at about $73.5 per month per register and is billed annually. It offers you a complete platform to manage operations and grow sales.

Enterprise (Quote-Based) 

This plan is suited for large multi-location chain retailers. It is tailored to suit your business need and is Quote-Based. With this plan, large multi-store retailers and franchises get a tailored solution supporting multi-store operations.

3. Hike POSThe Best Cloud-Based Church POS System

Hike POS system

Access your non-profit or church data and manage the organization from anywhere and at any given time with Hike POS.

With the Hike POS system for churches, you will only need an iPad app or a web browser to access your data over the cloud. 

The system is also packed with a range of convenience and functional capabilities, including: 

Inventory Manager 

Although you may not deal with any retail products, you still need to manage the inventory in your non-profit organization. In this regard, you will find the Hike POS system for non-profit organizations to be feature-rich and comparatively easy to use.

Categorize the inventory and include more specific details for each inventory item. Supports multiple product attributes, including material, and color. 

Online Presence 

Give your non-profit organization an online presence with Hike’s eCommerce integration. This allows you to promote upcoming events, grants, and donations online. This increased awareness will generate more revenue for the organization and make it easier for you to continue with your good work. 

Pricing Pricing 

Affordability is another thing that makes Hike POS a preferred church and non-profit POS system. You can get started right away with the free-trial plan offered by the provider. You can then activate any of your preferred plans whenever you are ready. 

These are the three main Hike software subscription plans you should consider: 

Start-Up ($59/Mo)

This rate is only applicable if you are to be billed annually. If you prefer paying a month after another, you will be charged $69/month. The plan is suited for a single location with unlimited products. You will get inventory management, accounting integration, customer profiles, standard reporting, and eCommerce integration capabilities. 

One Store ( $79/Mo)

This one offers a single register license and support for unlimited products. In addition to the start-up features, you will also get loyalty and gift cards, custom reports, marketplace integrations, advanced user permissions, and detailed analytics. 

Multi-Store ($129/Mo)

This is ideal for organizations with multiple locations. For this amount, you will get two POS register licenses. The plan also offers a central dashboard, multi-location inventory manager, as well as central products and customer lists. 

Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a Non-Profit POS Systempos-person

Get point of sale software that allows you Non-Profit organization do more of its best work, and allows you to spend more time on the things that matter. The best non-profit POS system should help your non-profit on track and even donations in multiple payment options.

The right church POS system should also feature a clean and powerful design. Right from recording donation transactions to detailed reports, the system should make it easier for you to monitor all aspects of the organization. 

While shopping for the best POS system  for a church, these are some of the most important considerations you need to make:

Fundraising and Donor Management 

Empower your church or non-profit organization to securely solicit, collect, and monitor donations through planned, individual, recurring, and major giving capabilities. In this regard, you will need such capabilities as campaign creation and management, auctions, reporting, and receipt generation. 

Some of the leading non-profit POS systems are also known to offer customized donation forms, online giving, and a-thons functionality. Such a system makes it more secure and convenient for you to accept and manage all types of donations in the organization. 

Non-profit Accounting ToolsNon-profit Accounting Tools

Most of the best non-profit POS systems feature a comprehensive accounting software that is packed with industry-specific capabilities. The solution should allow for easy monitoring of important financial information.

This functionality should be specifically designed to collect, allocate, track, report and budget for every dollar in the organization. In addition to tracking, your preferred solution should be capable of reporting on your revenues and expenditures for multiple funds. 

Additionally, your preferred POS system should have future forecasting budget monitoring as well as payroll processing, tracking and reporting. 

Membership Management 

For efficient management of your organization members, you will need a solution that is capable of collecting and storing constituent contact information securely. It should also help the organization to record interactions, manage benefits, set membership levels as well as track renewals and dues. 

It should make it more convenient for you to collect and store member, volunteer, and member information, including addresses, phone numbers, and activity involvement. A solution that features intuitive search and reporting capabilities will also come in handy.

Such a church POS system will allow you to create customized lists and directories for outreach. 

Marketing and Outreach Marketing Tools 

The system needs to have communication, marketing, and Outreach tools that allow for email marketing, customized direct marketing, and online campaigns. In this regard, you should consider such features as communications management, targeted email delivery, in-depth reporting, and message archiving. 

Such features will help you boost member engagement through activities, direct emails, email marketing, and events.

Volunteer Management

In addition to members, you also need to manage volunteers in your organization/church more efficiently. As such, you should get a system that allows you to interact with the volunteer workforce in the organization. 

It should be capable of storing their contact information as well as participant’s history and availability. Get one that is equipped with the right Outreach tools to help you contact people who have volunteered for an upcoming event. 

This capability, coupled with scheduling functionality, will help you track their responses and availability in real-time. 

Grant Management 

This feature should offer your non-profit organization the features required to monitor proposals and awards. It should also feature the tools you need to process funds and allocate them to their respective recipients.

In this case, you will need such features as generated task lists, and application status notifications to help you track every application and award step. 

Check-in and Child SecuritySecurity Features

Your preferred church POS system should support integration with member tracking and member attendance monitoring applications. It should be capable of integrating with the right check-in program for any event you may be holding, including camps, seminars, and retreats. 

Some of the best POS systems for churches allow for self-service check-in and Child check-in functionality. Such capabilities will help you know which children are present in different church locations, such as nurseries d classrooms. 

 Charity/Event Planning Tools 

The best non-profit POS system should help your organization plan for meetings and events of different types and sizes. For instance, the right solution should feature searchable event listing, online registration, email reminders, rosters, payment acceptance, as well as event tracking and reporting. 

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising 

The right non-profit POS software should allow your supporters to run team-based and individual campaigns on your behalf. Some of the leading solutions offer such capabilities as event management, campaign creation, real-time updates, and donation acceptance. 

Updated & Secure Management System 

Adopting the right church management software will ensure that you have a secure and updated database of members, volunteers, and visitors at all times. The right solution should enhance communications and monitoring of contributions and donations. 

With the right solution, you will also help you empower your members and groups through the automated event and activity scheduling. Regardless of the size of your church or organization, this guide will help you choose the best POS system for a church.