6 Best Nail Salon POS Systems | Increase Profit Today

(Last Updated On: 08/11/2022)

Nail salon must have the best nail salon pos system in order to compete effectively. It is well known that the competition is fierce and potential customers have many salons to choose from. Customers expect to be processed quickly and effectively.

In this detailed buyers guide, we will review the benefits of installing a pos system in your nail salon.

In addition, we will review the 7 best nail salon pos systems in great detail. We will review each system based on pricing and features. Additionally, we will provide the pros and cons of each point of sale system.

Best Nail Salon POS Systems

1.Clover POS – Best Overall POS System for Nail Salon

Clover systems accept a huge variety of payment methods, mobile payments, cash, credit, EMV chip sales, debit PIN transactions, and more. This way you never risk turning down a potential client because you can’t accept their preferred payment method.

There is no other nail POS system on the market with a dedicated app market. Its apps include marketing tools like Digital Word of Mouth and inventory apps like stockIt to handle vendor orders.

There’s no aspect of your business Clover can’t help with. Salon Scheduler, its dedicated salon app, lets you set service times, schedule weekly appointments, send SMS reminders to customers, set employee commission percentages, and more.


Clover POS is cloud-based, meaning you have all the needed data and can run your business anywhere and anytime you have Internet access.

The Different Plans

There are a few versions of Clover, including Clover Station, Clover Mobile, and Clover Mini. The Mini is not your average salon POS system. It supports Apple Pay and other advanced payments interfaces, moving away from traditional payments.

Together with the tools from Clover’s comprehensive app market, this POS can serve as a complete booking and POS solution for your salon. The hardware is cheaper than more conventional POS services like Vend and compact enough to fit into a limited space.

Clover Mini is always sold in combination with a merchant account. Currently, Clover Mini is available for purchase through thousands of major US banks, including Wells Fargo and Citibank, or from small business suppliers. Credit card processing rates and swipe fees differ based on location. You may get a flat-rate processing fee from some merchant account providers.

Clover Device Family


Clover Mini itself cannot handle scheduling and booking, but it integrates well with Salon Scheduler and Appointments Pro by Seven Spaces. Both apps are excellent for nail salons and offer a free trial. You can’t try Clover Mini itself out before buying.

The Salon Scheduler Feature

Salon Scheduler gives you the ability link multiple appointments for the same customer. Additionally, keep a history note journal for each customer, specify default service categories, scan and view a customer’s entire visit history.

Manage Employees With Service Times 

Another great functionality is the ability to choose service times for each employee, receive SMS text responses from your customers directly on your appointment block, and automatically send SMS text reminders for upcoming appointments. Each staff member gets their own calendar to schedule clients on.

Appointments Pro integrates fully with Google Calendar, allows you to set up appointments at intervals ranging from 15 minutes to an hour, manage multiple employee calendars (with different availability for each employee), send out SMS appointment reminders, and manage appointment histories and customer contact details.


  • Accepts a huge variety of payment methods
  • Cloud-based 
  • Affordable 
  • Complete booking and POS solution  


  • You need a separate app for scheduling and booking 

2.Square POS – Simple & Easy To Implement 

With its simple pricing structure, free Square Reader, and app-based payment system, Square has become one of the most popular POS systems for small businesses, including nail salons. The pay-as-you-go system allows salons that wouldn’t be able to afford a merchant account otherwise to accept credit cards.

Square POS system can provide nail salons with practically everything they need to operate their digital infrastructure. The UI is clean and visually pleasing, and the pricing structure is simple and transparent.

For a basic individual account, there are no monthly fees, and no “hidden” fees exist at all. Advanced features are optional. If you need any of these, they require a monthly subscription.

Low Rates 

Square Payments charges a low flat rate on swiped, tapped, and dipped transactions. It is slightly higher on keyed transactions.

Many businesses find the lack of a monthly and statement fee and monthly minimum to be a great deal, especially new ones with a brief or no processing history. The free iPad POS also comes with a Smartphone-friendly mobile app.

Slowly but surely, Square is becoming an advanced iPad-based POS system. Salons with a large inventory should turn to Square for Retail, an iPad-exclusive system fully optimized for searching and scanning.

It features a completely redesigned user interface and three advanced reports that enhance the POS system’s inventory management. Square can be used with a user’s own iPad as long as the latter is compatible with the POS system’s hardware. You can also buy an iPad and other POS hardware directly from the provider to ensure compatibility.


  • No monthly fee 
  • Low transaction rates
  • App-based payment system 


  • Compatibility issues with store-bought iPads (best to buy directly from Square) 

3.ShopKeep Point of Sale – Best Ipad POS For Nail Salon  

shopkeep2-1First up on our list is the giant in the room. Yes, we are talking about ShopKeep.   ShopKeep is an iPad based POS system that turns complicated sales management into a user-friendly interface. This is hands down one of the most user-friendly POS systems on our list.

ShopKeep has its fair share of features for you to quickly fall in love with. For starters, you get an inventory management system, as well as staff and customer data retention tools. You can even integrate your POS with your MailChimp account! This is a game-changer and gives ShopKeep a foot up when compared with other POS systems on the market.

How many times have you had to deal with the internet in your building being down? No worries there, ShopKeep has got you covered. With the ShopKeep POS, you can process transactions even when the system is offline.

In the event that you are in the middle of a transaction and the power goes out, there is no need for you or your customer to worry if it processed correctly.

The entire system is also a complaint with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). This should give your customers the peace of mind that their data and payment information is safe in your hands, no matter what.

System Features

  • Works offline
  • Inventory management tools
  • Staff and customer data retention
  • Can accept gift cards, coupons and other specials
  • Very easy to use


ShopKeep’s pricing model is probably one of the most straightforward that we have seen in a POS system. It takes all the guesswork and complication out of the equation. Ready for it? You will pay a monthly fee of $49 per terminal. That’s it. There are no hidden cost or fees for things like routine maintenance or customer support.

Be aware however, if you don’t already have your own hardware to host the software from, ShopKeep can provide this for you as well. The cost for the hardware from ShopKeep will cost you $1,099.


There is one major downside to ShopKeep that most of its user-base say is not up to par; customer support. Most of these complaints are in regards to either rude customer service agents, or issues with getting their subscription canceled.

The second downside would have to be the lack of some of the more common features that come bundled with most other POS systems out there right now. For instance, there is a severe lack of integration with other services, a poor inventory system, and lack of cloud-based data retention.

Lastly, while ShopKeep is supposed to be well suited for general purposes, the features that it does come with seem to be very much built for handling retail businesses specifically. Luckily, with a little time and modification, ShopKeep can be made to work perfectly as a nail salon POS.


ShopKeep is probably best suited for someone who owns or runs a small to mid-sized nail salon. It is easy to get your foot in the door and be up and running with very little effort, and the price point is perfect for any business that has a tight budget.

We can certainly recommend ShopKeep as your new nail salon POS. But before you rush over to their site and make an account, check out our other options first!

4.MindBody–  Market Leader & Salon Specific

MINDBODY_Logo_H_Color2xIf what you’re in the market for is a POS system that requires very little setup, and works right out the box, take a peek at MindBody.

While its original target audience was the fitness and wellness community, MindBody is an excellent POS system for nail salons!

In fact, this POS system is designed for any service-oriented business where there’s a need for flexibility to schedule appointments for clients, as well as accepting payments.

MindBody gives your clients the ability to do everything right on your website. They can book appointments, make payments online and even join a waitlist for times that are otherwise already filled.

There are additional useful features on-board such as the ability to generate sales reports,  other client tools, and even a user retention tool to help you continuously build your business and improve your service.

MindBody’s Features

  • Marketing tools
  • Ability for clients to book appointments online
  • Back-end scheduling tools
  • Sales tracking and reports
  • Client and staff tracking and automation
  • Web tools
  • Custom mobile app


There are four different packages offered through the MindBody POS. The prices for each package are based on a per month basis.


The Essential plan opens up things, and just as the name indicates, it includes features that are essential to your business. Some of these features include retail POS, automated texts & emails, scheduling and booking, reports, and 1:1 onboarding and training.

Additionally, your business will be listed in the MindBody app so customers can find you. The price for this plan is $125/month.


The Accelerate plan gives you advanced retention and marketing tools. This includes 2 way text messaging with clients, sending marketing emails to inactive clients, as well as other advanced marketing options. The price for this plan is $195/month.


With the Ultimate plan, you get access to things such custom mobile apps, extensive analytics, and other enterprise-grade features. The price for this plan is $395/month.

The Drawback

One major downside of the MindBody POS is the price tag. It’s not that it’s any more expensive than any other good option out there. The problem is that you just don’t seem to get any huge feature upgrades, just a couple options that honestly should have been in the Pro plan, to begin with.

Customer service also seems to be very slow and complicated to deal with. The software can also feel a little buggy at times but for the most part, these issues seem to be related with mobile integration.


When it comes to nail salon POS systems, MindBody is widely used and trusted by tons of users who just need a simple yet extremely powerful tool to help them manage their business. It has plenty of nice features, a reasonable price tag for the most part, and the scheduling abilities are on point.

5.Blue Jay Nail Salon POS System – Best Integrated POS Solution

Blue Jay Nail Salon POS was created specifically with nail salons and spas in mind. It is a fully-integrated POS solution that can rise to any challenge. Blue Jay has appointment booking features, cash register functions, product retail sale, tip recording and payout, customer group service, commission pay, nail tech sign-in and sign-out, service reports, service turn setting, email client marketing function, in store gift and royalty program, and much more.

The POS system is designed to be integrated within a touch screen systems for quick and easy operations. The user-friendly, yet powerful nail salon management software does not require more than 20 minutes of training to learn the ropes. You don’t need advanced computer skills either. 

The integrated POS solution’s software provides management tools to assist nail salon owners and managers in reducing losses, maintaining high customer satisfaction, raising profits and staying ahead of competitors. 

Here are some of the provider’s powerful functions:

  • Client Records Data Base: Detail client’s information such as name, address, phone number and email address quick appointment setting.
  • Flexible appointment function allows setting of appoint to any individual nail tech or any open nail tech.
  • Email Sales Report helps owners get sales reports in a timely manner.
  • Complete gift and loyalty allows salon manager / owner to manage the program without addition costs like transaction or monthly fees.
  • Easy to use email marketing function that allows salon owners to send emails to clients to inform them of special promotions.
  • Flexible payroll function allows easy payment management by day, week, or month. 

You can cut losses and save time thanks to live online sales reports, secure payment integration with EMV, multi-station networking, tip tracking, and commission splitting.


  • Set appointments and send out automatic text reminders
  • Easy to use, no-fee gift card program
  • Reward your best customers with a loyalty program
  • Automatic caller ID shows service history
  • Mass Text Messaging & E-Mail Marketing 


  • Expensive

6.Vend POS – Run Like A Retail Store

vendVend is a POS system that can be suited to meet just about any type of retail business and nail salon is no different.

Not only does this POS system work well for any type of business, it can do it all offline as well. It can also work with a wide range of hardware providers if you already have your point-of-sale hardware, such as an iPad or Android tablet, already setup.

Optionally, you can choose a bundle or parts that you need directly from Vend.It comes with a wealth of impressive features such as inventory management automated reordering loyalty programs and the ability to track both staff and customer data.

But the one area that Vend really outperforms all the other POS systems in is the tools it provides you with to help you scale your business. For beginners, Vend makes it very easy to add new products, users, and registers. Should you ever need to upgrade the plan that you’re on, it’s an easy transition and you are never locked into any contract.

Tie all of these great features together with the power of various other add-ons available and you have yourself a powerhouse of a POS!

Product Features

  • Web or iPad based
  • Works offline
  • Various tracking and reporting tools
  • Custom receipts
  • Able to accept gift cards, coupons and split payments
  • Accepts mobile payments
  • Online order management


There are three package plans to choose from with the Vend POS system. The plans they offer are as follows:


With the starter plan, you get all the basic features. In addition, you get the ability to use one register, have three users, and the ability to host unlimited products. The price for this plan is $69/month or you can pay for this plan annually, but the price does not change.


The advanced plan takes things to the next level by opening up more of the growth oriented tools, and unlimited users. The price for this plan is $99/month or $79/month if you pay annually.


Does your business have more than one location? If so, the Multi-Outlet plan is right for you. With the Multi-Outlet plan, you can manage all of your business location from one service.

You get two registers, unlimited users, and unlimited products. The price for this plan is $249/month or $199/month if you pay annually.

The Drawbacks

For the most part, there really aren’t that many complaints around the internet about Vend. The majority of them are pretty minor annoyances, with the exception of two larger issues.

The first seems to be that the system is often missing features that it should have come equipped with to begin with. For the features you get, which is still quite a lot, it is a tad on the expensive side of the spectrum.

The second major complaint is in regards to technical support, and it’s a major one. Vend charges its users an extra fee to have access to customer support. This is a feature that, honestly, should come included with whatever service package you are paying for every month or year.


Ultimately, Vend is a decent option as a nail salon POS, if you can overlook some rather big flaws. While those flaws may stand out like a sore thumb, it is important to note that they are being compared to two other top-rated POS systems. There is a good reason that Vend still made our list out of the numerous other systems we could have chosen.

Benefits of Nail Salon POS 

Loyalty & Promotions 

customers expect to get promotional offers for their loyalty. An effective nail salon pos could aid the store manager by keeping track of customer visits.

Personal preferences 

Nail salon customers expect the staff to remember their personal preferences. An effective nail salon POS system will aid the staff in accomplishing that task in an efficient manner.

Effective Inventory Management 

An inventory tracker will tell a nail salon owner or manager what clients are interested in. If you don’t have this information, you risk stocking up on products that don’t sell. As mention before, maintaining all of these things is crucial to the success of your business.

Buyers’ Guide: What Features To Look For

Bookkeeping and Accounting Integration 

A reliable nail salon POS will save you time on bookkeeping. It will integrate with your accounting software (ex. Blue Jay), which will do away with entering sales and expenses manually and eliminate the risk of bookkeeping errors.

Sales Reports 

The ideal nail salon point of sale will generate reports. Ideally, it should be capable of producing sales reports, profit and loss statements, and client retention reports.

Not only will you be able to stay focused on growth and profitability, but you will also save time as the reports are generated for you.

Payroll & Employee Reports 

A nail salon owner would benefit from a POS system that can handle payroll and commissions a great deal. Payroll takes a lot of time and effort. Outsourcing it can cost you a pretty penny.

What is more, someone will have to take the time to calculate employee commissions and bonuses if you offer such. A useful POS system will be able to set up practically any bonus and commission structure.

Customer Loyalty Features

Your customers should know how much you appreciate them. Repeat clients spend 67% more than new clients and cost 10 times less to acquire. Showing appreciation makes a difference to your salon. Send them an anniversary card or store profiles that display their color preferences, likes, and dislikes. Choose a POS with customer loyalty features.

ShopKeep Is The Clear Winner

Shopkeep Nail Salon POSWith so many great choices for your next point of sale system, it can be hard to make a final decision. So lets recap our final decision.

We decided to name shopkeep as the clear winner for best nail salon POS software for a few reasons.  First,  it has a lot of great features, and it is easy to use. Second,  it is best suited for those who are just starting their business and/or are on a tight budget.

Mindbody is Good Fit For Advanced Iser 

The runner up is MindBody. This nail salon POS also has really impressive features and a lot of them. However, we felt this point of sale system is better suited for the more advanced users. Furthermore, this system is a better fit for the large nail salons, the multi-location nail salons and/or nail salon chain stores.

Vend POS is a good retail pos system. Using it in a nail salon would not be a bad choice. However, it would not be the best since it does not offer a lot of nail salon specific features. Finally, we found that their customer service is not adequate to handle salon specific inquires.