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Washify Car Wash POSA carwash business, whether full-service or self-serve car wash, depends on its POS system to get customers in and out very quickly. Modern car pos systems are more than a cash register and/or payment terminals.

The best car pos system will help the owner streamline its’ business. Such a system will reveal trends and identify areas that require improvement. In this detailed buyer’s guide, we will dive name the best car wash POS software.

Best Car Wash POS Systems 

1.Washify POS – Best Car Wash POS Overall

Washify has made the top of our list, and not just because it has the catchiest name. The system is the future of car wash marketing Furthermore, it caters to the specific needs of car wash businesses.

Washify POS was created by a car wash owner, for other car wash owners. It was designed exclusively for the car wash industry. 

Top Features

  • RFID integration
  • Cash Box
  • All data saved on a cloud-based server
  • Email marketing tools
  • Mobile sales tracking
  • E-commerce / Website sales tools.

Online Integration 

Washify car wash POS system offers easy online integration. Many car wash establishments overlook the benefits of an online presence.  With Washify, you can accept credit cards and allow your customers to book appointments online.

RFID Integration 

The system offers the latest RFID technology. The reader will auto scan the client’s tag and relay the desired car wash package. The package is auto-selected based on the client’s membership.  This amazing feature enables faster processing of clients.  This is paramount in a business that depends on large volumes.

Cloud-Based System 

Many car wash owners are absentee owners. For them, the cloud-based features of this system would be a major advantage. The system can track all of your statistics (income, labor hours, number of washes, breakdown by package type, and much more) from your phone.

EMV Compatibility 

Washify POS is EMV compatible card readers so you can conduct chip and contactless transactions as well as Google Wallet and Apple Pay

Washify Pricing

The pricing for Washify is where things get a little bit tricky. The company actually doesn’t have any plan or package prices listed but instead. Prefer that you email or call them to schedule a demo and get a quote for your specific business needs.

It’s not uncommon for higher-priced services or products to not have their prices listed because this may indeed deter some people.But then there are people who know they need a service, have a good budget to work with, and don’t need to be sold on it any further.

Potential Pitfall: Extensive Training Required 

There aren’t that many complaints that we have been able to find. This doesn’t mean that they don’t exist, however. We did find a few complaints but these were, for the most part, complaints about the system not being the easiest to navigate.

While it may take a day or two for you or your employees to get comfortable with the system, it is far from hard to navigate. Other than that, we would like to see actual prices for plans or packages listed on the website.


Overall, Washify is a car wash POS system that is suited to both full-service, and self-serve car washes. It’s probably not best for anyone who has just opened their car wash, but it is an excellent choice for those who are already a bit more established.

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It comes with tablets(iPads). The carwash employees can greet the customers with the software pre-installed on their tablet and help with car wash package selection.

2.ezWASH – Best Loyalty Program POS System

EZWashPOSEZWASH is a car wash POS system developed and ran by eGenuity. It comes equipped with many different features that are utilized in most car washes across in business today.

First up on the features list is SnapStorm. SnapStorm is an extremely robust program meant to help you manage all of your gift cards, loyalty programs, and other customer experience tools.

With SnapStorm on board, you are given a plethora of nifty other features as well, such as online store tools, RFID tracking capabilities and the ability to accept online payments.

Beyond SnapStorm, you also get something known as Rapid Entry and Rapid Cash Out. The first of these two features were designed to help your greeters get customers’ orders taken quicker, more efficiently, and with less headache for your customer.

The latter allows you to complete your customers’ transactions faster when it comes time for them to check out. Make it quick and painless for them to be in and out just as quickly and you have yourself a winning game plan!

Product Features

  • Gift card and loyalty program abilities
  • Email marketing tools
  • Rapid Entry & Rapid Cash Out programs
  • Staff and customer management tools
  • RFID capable
  • Accounting integration for your back office

The Cost of eZWash POS 

Just as with Washify, the ezWASH POS system has no firm price, and the price tag is based on what specific needs you have for your business. You have to reach out to them for a demo and a quote as we have found no price for their services online.


The major downside with ezWash is the price tag. This is the same major complaint we had about Washify.

Making business owners reach out to you without even so much as a ballpark price range is not really the best way to make sales.

Well Equipped To Handle Car Wash Operations

This car wash POS system ezWash is well-equipped, fairly easy to use and it is best suited to those car wash owners who have a mid to large size car wash to manage. Head over to the eGenuity website and get your free quote today!

3.Vend POS –  Best Inventory Tracking For Car Wash Establishment 

vendThe Vend POS comes packed with a variety of impressive features such as inventory management tools, automated reordering, loyalty programs, and the ability to track both staff and customer data.

Not only does this POS system work well for any type of business, it has the ability to carry it all out even when it is offline.

It can also work with a wide range of hardware providers if you already have your point-of-sale hardware, such as an iPad or Android tablet, already set up.

Additionally, you have the option to choose a bundle or parts that you may need directly from Vend.

We definitely recommend that you purchase some hardware beforehand, as it can get quite costly if you have Vend bundle the hardware with your package.

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Product Features

  • Web or iPad based
  • Works offline
  • Various tracking and reporting tools
  • Custom receipts
  • Able to accept gift cards, coupons and split payments
  • Accepts mobile payments
  • Online order management


There are three package plans to choose from with the Vend POS system. The plans they offer are as follows:


With the starter plan, you get all the basic features. In addition, you get the ability to use 1 outlet, 1+ register, and $20K monthly turnover.

This plan includes real-time inventory management, 24/7 support, and small business reporting. The price for this plan is $99/month annually, or $119/month if paying monthly.


The advanced plan takes things to the next level by opening up more of the growth-oriented tools, and unlimited users.

It includes advanced analytics, 24/7 support, multi-outlet retail management, and real-time inventory management. The price for this plan is $129/month annually, or $159/month if you pay monthly.


Does your business have more than one location? If so, the Enterprise plan is right for you. With the Enterprise plan, you can manage all of your business location from one service.

You get 6+ outlets, 1+ register, a dedicated account manager, and unlimited turnover. Since this an advanced package, it is tailored made for each business. In turn, you would have to request an individual quote.

The Benefits 

The one area that Vend really outperforms all other POS systems in is the tools it provides to help you scale your business.With all of the tracking, this system is capable of performing, you can easily make adjustments here and there to scale your business just that much further.

Should you ever need to upgrade the plan that you’re on, Vend POS makes it very easy to add new products, users, and registers it’s an easy transition and you are never locked into any contract.

Simply log in to your account over on their website and request your upgrade. It’s really that simple. Tie all of this together with the power of various other add-ons that you can get for Vend and you have yourself a powerhouse of a POS! POS system that can be used for just about any type of business, and it does extremely well at handling most car wash POS needs.

The Drawbacks

For Using Vend For Your Car Wash software for the most part, there really aren’t that many complaints around the internet about Vend. The majority of them are actually pretty minor annoyances, with the exception of two more major issues.

The first seems to be that the system is often missing features that it should have come equipped with, to begin with. For the features you get, which is still quite a lot, it is a tad on the expensive side of the spectrum.

The second major complaint is in regards to technical support, and it’s a major one. Vend charges its users an extra fee to have access to priority phone support. This is a feature that, honestly, should come included with whatever service package you are paying for every month or year.

Vend Is Still A Popular OptionUltimately, Vend is an excellent option as a car wash POS, but only if you can overlook the flaws mentioned above. While they may stand out like a sore thumb, it is important to note that they are being compared to two other top-rated car wash or automotive shop POS systems.

There is a good reason (or rather a few!) that Vend still made our list out of the numerous other systems we could have chosen. After all, vend has a customer base spread in more than 140 countries!

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Another Great Choice: AutoPilot Carwash POS

What To Look For In A Car Wash POS System?

Loyalty Programs Integration

At the heart of every car wash business is the loyalty program.  Furthermore, every successful car wash operation depends on returning customers. In particular, car wash operators love selling unlimited packages(unlimited monthly washes).

A good car wash POS system would track the number of times each customer visited the car wash. The reason a car wash operator would need to know this information is the opportunity to upsell.

For instance, an operator would want to promote the unlimited car wash package to customers who attend the car wash more than twice a month. In addition, the car wash manager would be able to send a reminder (with a coupon) to those customers who did not visit the establishment for over a month. Clearly, a good Car Wash Software can help the owner boost sales.

Email Marketing Integration 

An important part of every car wash software is the ability to act on the information provided by the system. Therefore, every car wash POS system should have a robust email marketing integration.

Another reason email marketing integration is important is since it lets the business owner email customers’ whose membership had expired.

Fast Payment Integration 

As mentioned earlier, the ultimate goal is a car wash business is to get the customer out as quickly as possible. Many car wash businesses get that by establishing separate car wash lanes for credit card paying customers and cash-paying customers.

The credit card lane (also servers the unlimited package customers), should have an automated terminal for customers to check themselves out. This payment integration vital part of the car wash Point of the Sale system.

Final Thoughts on the Best Car Wash POS

In this article, we have taken a look at the 3 top-rated car wash POS systems. We’ve analyzed and compared them to help you make the best decision for you and your car wash business. Washify is our top pick for the car wash pos system.

First, because it comes ready to use right out of the box. Second, it is customized software made specifically for a car wash business. If we can point out one drawback it would be the lack of flexibility in the pricing.

In other words, unlike vend, they don’t offer different pricing levels. ezWASH is innovative with the Rapid Entry and SnapStorm tools. But in the end, it wasn’t nearly as feature-rich as Washify or even Vend.

When it comes to Vend, the POS system works for anyone from small to mid-sized car washes, and the company actually has plan prices listed right on their website. So you know what you are getting and what you can expect to spend. However, it also comes with some of the more concerning downsides.

All in all, it really just comes down to what you are expecting to accomplish with your new car wash POS system. All POS systems have pros and cons, but we believe that the three we have outlined in this article are at the top of the scale. If you feel that we have left out a specific POS system that deserves to be given some attention, please let us know in the comments section. Till next time!

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