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(Last Updated On: 02/12/2023)

Written by Martin Nikolaev: Point of Sale Expert

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Having a solid pet grooming point of sale software solution can help you attract, service, and retain customers more efficiently than ever before. I’m certain that choosing one of the 3 best POS systems for this niche (which I’ll review in this guide) is one of the best dog grooming business software solutions you could ever have. Using such a solution, you’ll be able to organize pet records and keep a close eye on inventory. Plus, it can also help you engage in targeted marketing campaigns to keep customers coming back for more and turn them into patrons. In this article, I’ll help you understand the benefits of making such an investment. 

If you own a pet grooming business or you run such an organization, then you’re aware of the variety of products and services they sell. A fitting pet grooming point of sale software would be flexible enough to accommodate these products. I know that a pet grooming business is likely to have repeat customers, which should be your main goal. Retaining them is a challenge, regardless of the industry, and providing quality services or products is never enough. You need extra tricks up your sleeve, and I know that a business-specific POS solution is often the key. It would help you schedule appointments and create reminders, so your clients won’t have to worry about remembering. This is only one of the perks such a system has. Let’s dwell on this matter.

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Our Experts’ Choice GroomPro POS
GroomPro POS Logo The best pet grooming point of sale software is GroomPro POS.

It offers:

  • Appointment Management
  • Marketing Tools
  • Online Booking
  • Customer Communication and Activity Management
  • Promotional/Loyalty Programs

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Why Having a Pet Grooming Point Of Sale Software System Is a Must

A POS solution for the pet grooming industry can help you track customer information and create detailed invoices. It could also provide and process customer information, thus helping you create an appointment calendar, among other things. Additionally, it can boast revenue projection tools, and an online bill pay tool.

Pet grooming point of sale systems can also integrate various business functions, such as appointment management, secure storage, and accounting integration. Other features of a good dog grooming business POS software include push notifications for low inventory and electronic signatures. With these features, you can improve your business’ overall success.

A good pet grooming POS system can help you increase sales and maintain repeat business. With an integrated client database, display, and transaction platform, the right dog grooming point of sale software helps you personalize every customer’s experience. For instance, it can remind you to bring a favorite toy or ensure that you always have plenty of a certain item or accessory available. It can even allow you to set up targeted marketing campaigns to get more business.

How to Find the Best Dog Grooming Business Software? | Buyer’s Guide

As you look for a pet or dog grooming POS system, there are some important features to look out for. You need to be able to make appointments and securely store customer and pet records. Accounting integration, electronic signatures, and push notices for low inventory can help you manage your resources better and more securely. Plus, if you want to retain your customers and maximize revenue, marketing and upsell features are also a must. 

I know that making the right choice when it comes to something so specific is sometimes hard. Comparing different pet grooming business POS systems is exactly that type of case. To help you choose wisely, I’ll list all the important features and specifics to consider when researching what different POS vendors have to offer. 

Pet Grooming BookkeepingWith more Americans treating pets as family members, expenditure in the pet suppliers industry is expected to shift. From personalized bowls and collars to grooming products, you should expect your customers to be looking for more than just pet food. 

The best pet grooming POS system should help you manage and sell more of your services and products efficiently. Therefore, you should only go for the leading industry-specific software options. In order to get the best pet grooming software, here are some considerations you need to make:

  • Service Department Management. This feature is meant to help you manage the service department in your pet store more efficiently. With such a capability, you will bill your clients by the hour or by the job, as well as bill for merchandise and materials. Some of the more advanced dog grooming software also features user-defined product record fields. These will make it easier for you to track specs, manufacturers, and other pet product and service information. 
  • Invoices and Quotes. In order to streamline sales in your business, you should get a POS system that features invoice in progress functionality. Not only does it allow you to quote services, but it will also allow you to print such quotes for your customers. With the best pet grooming software options, you only need to retrieve on-invoice and process the transaction for your customer. 
  • Multi-Dimensional Customer Records. The software should allow you to manage one or multiple pets for each customer record you create. This way, you will be able to keep track of multiple pets owned by an individual or family. The right pet grooming POS system should allow you to maintain a separate service record for each pet as well. Additionally, the system should be capable of running loyalty programs, tracking results, marketing your products, and services and segmenting the customers. Gathering customer data helps you know the most loyal customers, how often each customer visits and what they buy each time. You may then use such information to guide your marketing and purchasing activities. 
  • Multi-Dimensional Inventory Grid. In addition to grooming services, pet groomers are known to stock an assortment of pet products. The inventory manager on your preferred pet grooming POS system should accommodate this diverse range of products. For instance, it should be able to manage multi-attribute products, such as soft items by color, style, and size. Again, it should be able to manage pet products by such attributes as width, height, and length. 
  • Service Reminders. Since pets need to be groomed every once in a while, you are likely to have a number of repeat customers. While some pet owners will remember to bring their pets when they are due, others may be too busy to remember. As such, a pet grooming POS system that features service reminders will come in handy. This feature is designed to send out automatic messages to your customers, reminding them when their pet is due for grooming. This capability will increase the number of repeat customers in your business, hence boosting revenue in your pet store. 
  • Offers and Campaigns Management. To boost revenue in your business, you need to implement the right offers and Campaigns aimed at enticing more customers. In this regard, you should consider getting a POS solution that can set up as well as manage offers and Campaigns more efficiently. For instance, it should allow you to create relevant discounts, and mix and match offer centrally from your head office. Thereafter, you will be able to activate such offers across all your pet grooming outlets. Once the offers have gone live, the system should automatically manage them and apply the right discounts at the register. Well-managed offers and Campaigns will satisfy your customers and ensure that you do not lose any revenue in the process. 
  • Grooming Appointment Software. Just as with many other service-based businesses, you need a program to help you manage your grooming appointments more efficiently. Such a dog grooming POS system will help maximize your daily output while reducing the related administrative work. Your preferred pet grooming software should feature a calendar view of all the appointments scheduled by your customers. This allows you to look further into the workweek and plan your schedule in a better way. 
  • Dog Grooming Software for iPad. There are two main Pet grooming POS software types available today: the ones you can download and install on a computer and the ones that can be accessed over the cloud from a mobile device. For enhanced flexibility and convenience, it is advisable to opt for the best cloud-based dog grooming POS system. With such a system in your business, you will be able to access the POS and manage the business from an iPad, laptop, or even a smartphone from anywhere in real-time. With such systems, your business information will be stored securely in the cloud. This ensures that you can access it remotely whenever you need it, and there is no risk of losing it. 
  • Pet Grooming Bookkeeping. Some of the leading pet grooming POS software options are known to feature basic bookkeeping capabilities. In most cases, the bookkeeping feature in pet grooming software is only capable of accomplishing basic tasks. Some of the best dog grooming software will help you with retail and services accounting as well as your taxes and payroll. Since these are just basic accounting tools, you should consider getting a system that allows you to export relevant reports to third-party accounting services like QuickBooks. 
  • QuickBooks Integration for Dog Groomers. A system that allows you to integrate with other apps and programs makes it easy for you to expand its functionality. The right pet grooming software should particularly allow for integration with QuickBooks for dog Groomers service. The integration will not only save you time, but will also streamline bookkeeping and accounting tasks while eliminating human error in the process. Seamless integration will also mean that you can export vital accounting data from the POS system to QuickBooks for further processing. 

Comparing Top Pet Grooming POS Systems | Reviews

My research has shown that GroomPro POS is the best pet grooming POS system of the three I’ll compare today. It offers customizable appointment tags and a host of other industry-specific capabilities. It is also affordable, with several subscription plans available. This system can help you manage up to 1,000 clients. The platform provides 24/7 functionality that’s specifically designed to run your business more efficiently. The appointment manager feature is intuitive and helps you avoid missed meetings. The platform stores customer and pet records securely, including forms, files, and vaccination histories. And their powerful back-end reports will help you see how each of your groomers is impacting the bottom line. Verified user reviews confirm all the above. 

When it comes to pricing, most pet grooming POS systems charge a monthly fee, starting at roughly $40 per month. There are a number of competitive options on the market that each provide their own unique benefits. Let’s take a look at the top pet grooming POS systems so you can find the perfect option for your business.

POS Vendor Best Feature Software Price
GroomPro POS QuickBooks integration, cash management tools Starts at $79/Month, Processing fees depend on the gateway
Barkley HQ CRM, sales management Starts at $49/Month, Processing is quote-based
Pawfinity Payroll and inventory management Starts at $45/Month, Processing is quote-based

GroomPro POS – The Best Overall Pet Grooming Point of Sale Software

GroomPro is among the most preferred software solutions among pet groomers today. The POS system is highly effective at attracting, servicing, and retaining customers in a pet grooming business. Being one of the best pet grooming POS systems, GroomPro features an assortment of industry-specific capabilities. Some of the aspects that pet groomers have come to like about this grooming POS system include: 

Cash Management Tools 

This is one of the grooming software programs that will equip you with all the tools you need to keep an accurate track of cash and transactions in your business. Not only does the software keep you informed on the cash flow, but has also been proven to improve accountability among employees.

QuickBooks Integration

GroomPro POS
GroomPro POS Calendar Dashboard

The GroomPro pet grooming POS software allows you to integrate into a range of third-party applications. Such integrations allow you to expand the functionality of the software, beyond the basic features and tools offered by the provider. 

One of the important integrations supported by the software is the QuickBooks Accounting software. Integrating QuickBooks to the GroomPro POS system will save you time, and prevent human error in your accounting. 

The software allows you to export important accounting data from the POS system to QuickBooks. At a simple click of a button, you will be able to sync your invoicing and payment data with the integrated QuickBooks account.

Appointment Management 

The grooming appointment software suite is an important feature to have. It allows you to manage the appointments by dog breed or size. It is specifically designed to eliminate confusion when booking new pets. You will also like the customizable appointment tags offered by the system. In this regard, you will be able to add custom reminders or tags to each grooming appointment reserved in the POS system. 


Although the GroomPro grooming POS system is packed with a myriad of industry-specific capabilities, you will find it to be comparatively affordable. The provider offers several monthly subscription plans for the software to suit different applications. 

Each of the plans is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee by the providers. Some of the GroomPro pricing plans you should consider include:

Good ($79) 

This is a business start-up plan that allows you to manage up to 100 clients and features a single register and one calendar for solo entrepreneurs and professionals.

For $39/month, the GroomPro Good plan will also offer you a customer database, scheduling, invoicing, pet histories, and revenue projection tools. 

Better ( $99/Month) 

This one allows you to manage up to 500 clients. It will also offer you 3 calendars and up to 3 registers for your growing business. , 

Best ($129/Month) 

For $99 a month, this plan allows you to manage 1,000 plus clients. It will also give you access to unlimited calendars and registers. 


  • Appointment scheduling
  • QuickBooks integration
  • Employee management


  • Not enough inventory features

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Barkley HQ – The Best All-in-One Pet Grooming POS System

If you are looking for the best all-in-one POS system for dog grooming, you should get the Barkley HQ POS system.

This is one of those all-in-one grooming software programs that comprise booking software, POS, CRM, and Reminder System in a single software and hardware package. 

It is an easy-to-use solution and may be accessed from anywhere on any device. Ranging from online booking,  scheduling, and client management to communication and point of sale the system has it all. Other impeccable features associated with the Barkley HQ pet grooming POS system include: 

Sales Management 

Barkley HQOffers pet grooming salons the tools they need to manage sales, exchange refunds, vouchers, and other sales-related transactions. The POS system will process and record customer payments, helping you organize your sales and payments better. 

You may also connect the Barkley HQ POS station to a cash drawer and receipt printer for improved functionality. 

Products and Services Management 

Track the performance of the products and services offered in your grooming salon. Equipped with the tools you need to keep an accurate track of the inventory and time. This feature will also help you identify selling trends to help make more informed business decisions.


Depending on the number of users, the Barkley HQ offers a number of pricing plans for its grooming software. The Personal Use subscription plan may be used by a single user and is charged $49/month, while the Small Teams plan is priced at $68/month and may be used by two to five users. 

For a team of up to 10 employees, the Medium Teams subscription plan will suffice. This plan is priced at $87/month and has support for six to 10 users. Priced at $107/month, the Large Teams Barkley HQ plan can support more than 11 users at a time. 


  • CRM Management
  • Online booking
  • Pet profiles


  • Possible errors in storing client data

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Pawfinity POS –  The Best Cloud-Based Pet Grooming POS System

To stand out from other professional pet groomers, you will need a flexible POS system that is exclusively developed for pet grooming salons.

One such software option is the Pawfinity POS system. According to its current users, Pawfinity is a secure, reliable, and intuitive POS system for grooming salons of all sizes. Some of the features and capabilities that make Pawfinity stand out from other dog grooming POS systems include: 

Register Tools 

Built to speed up the checkout process and boost customer experience in your grooming salon. The full-featured POS register features integrated inventory controls, full hardware support, payment processing, and credit card storage. All these are meant to streamline operations in your dog grooming salon. 

Time Clock and Payroll

Pawfinity POS Kennel Boarding Calendar Dashboard
Pawfinity POS Kennel Boarding Calendar Dashboard

Enjoy a fully-integrated time clock that is designed to streamline tracking employee hours. Combine this with the innovative commission feature, and you will have complete payroll control.

Services and Inventory

Organize your product inventory and service packages from the easy-to-use Pawfinity POS Dashboard. From this Dashboard, you will also be able to carryy out quick items, update pricing, and create promotions. 

Mobile Grooming Software

One of Pawfinity’s primary advantages is the mobile grooming software pack. Due to the nature of this business, the POS system needs to be flexible and accurate enough to keep up with your daily schedule. You can access the system anytime and from any place. It’s compatible with Android and iOS-powered devices, making managing your grooming business on the go a breeze. Plus, you can integrate this version with the management system you use for your land-based grooming studio.


With the Pawfinity dog grooming software, you will get exactly what you pay for. The provider will even offer you a 30-day free trial o try the system out before spending on it. The provider doesn’t require credit card information while registering for the free trial account. After this trial period, you will have three main Pawfinity monthly subscription plans to choose from, namely: 

Royal Package ($81/Month)

This plan is ideal for pet boarding, grooming, training, daycare, therapy, and other related pet grooming service providers. It offers the best price/value ratio.

Groom & Train ($45/Month)

The Groom & Train Pawfinity plan is ideal for such businesses as pet grooming, nail, and dental services. It may also be used in a dog training business. 

Stay & Play ($45/Month)

This software subscription plan is only suited for pet daycare, boarding, and pet-sitting service providers. For all three plans, you can save up to 10% in subscription costs by paying annually. 


  • SMS features
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable customer support


  • Some users report random software errors

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Final Thoughts  

Running a successful pet grooming business can be a challenge, without the right software to help you. Accepting appointments, managing them, managing the growing number of clients, and reminding them of their appointments as well as the actual grooming are tasks that need to be accomplished. 

The right dog grooming software will automate scheduling, appointment management, invoicing, inventory management, service reminders, and Campaigns Management. This saves you a considerable amount of time attending to your clients and their pets. With this guide, choosing the best pet grooming POS system should be easy and straightforward.


What is the best dog grooming software?

The best dog grooming software is GroomPro POS, based on my research. There are other reliable options to choose from, such as Barkley HQ, Pawfinity, Groomsoft, and so forth.

How do you market a dog grooming business?

If you want to market a newly founded dog grooming business, you need to create a website, list your location on Google Maps, create a marketing strategy, be active on social media, and create loyalty programs.

Where do dog groomers make the most money?

Based on different calculations and analyses, dog groomers in LA, Denver, Chicago, and Austin make the most money.

How profitable is a dog grooming business?

Dog grooming is a profitable business. The profit can reach over 20% if all goes well.