Top 4 Butcher Shop POS Systems | Faster Checkout

(Last Updated On: 07/31/2022)

If you want to serve more customers more efficiently, your butcher shop needs a POS system that enables you to weigh meats, quickly ring up the price, and keep track of your inventory. With the right platform, you can improve your efficiency and profitability. 

We conducted a review of several POS systems whose features were perfectly tailored to butcher shops, and found that solid inventory management, scale integration, speedy checkout, and detailed loyalty programs are essential features your system needs. 

The best butcher shop POS system is National Retail Solutions (NRS), which offers diverse payment processing, smart scale integration, vendor and inventory management, all for an incredibly affordable price. 

Across all the platforms we reviewed, the prices vary widely, from $5 to $79 per month. That’s why it’s important to know the specific features of the system that you’re considering, and whether it really fits your needs. 

Here are the top four butcher shop POS systems and the key benefits they can offer you. 


Top 4 Butcher Shop POS Systems


Software Cost Hardware Cost Key Features Our Score
National Retail Solutions Starting at $19.95 per month Starting at $599 per year – All-in-one POS system

– Automated inventory alerts

– Integrated scales

– Loyalty program

Brilliant POS Starting at $4.95/month Quote-based – Fast point-of-sale interface

– Inventory management

– Mobile POS

Cafe Cartel Starting at $35/month Starting at $600, one-time purchase – Multi-faceted loyalty programs

– Integrated, multi-location reporting

IT Retail Starting at $79/month Quote-based – Inventory management

– Multi-device accessibility

– Scale compatability



1. National Retail Solutions (NRS): Best Overall Butcher Shop POS System

National Retail Solutions (NRS) is our top pick because it combines an all-in-one cash register with store management tools, with a litany of additional features and a modern user interface. Here are some of NRS’ top features. 

Payment Processing

NRS’ payment processing system accepts all forms of payment, including EBT, from one central system. This integration among credit card and EBT processing is unique among POS system competitors. 

Vendor Management

Most meat markets get meat and supplies from a number of sources. NRS records the items purchased from vendors, allowing you to view vendor-specific inventories and reports. This enables users to prioritize relationships and more effectively negotiate with accurate and accessible data. 

Integrated Scales

NRS integrates your cash register with your scales, so you can weigh and price meat at checkout in a matter of moments. You can pre-determine the price per pound, and the POS will do the math for you and ring up the item in real time. 

Inventory Management

To ensure your customers get the freshest meat possible, NRS automatically notifies you when inventory is running low and how long you can sell the items in your inventory. It will also inform you which product categories perform best out of the pack. 

Loyalty Program

Generate your own in-store promotions and automatically add discounts that rival your larger competitors. You can offer sales through the BR Club loyalty program, which comes free with every system. When a customer saves money, NRS will pay it back to you within 24 hours. That way, you can offer competitive discounts without losing money yourself. 

2. Brilliant POS: Best POS System for User Experience

Brilliant POS features an easy-to-use platform with powerful features that will increase your efficiency at check out and allow you to serve more customers. 

Point of Sale

Brilliant prides itself on a “lightning-fast” point of sale system that allows you to check out more items faster. This is because of the combination of an intuitive, easy-to-use user interface as well as powerful back-end technology. 

Inventory Management

Brilliant POS simplifies inventory management by allowing you to maintain a variety of product types, both specific meats and other items you may sell in your shop.

Set low stock alerts, program automated reorder entries so you never run out of product. Plus, you can manage all your vendor relationships from a single dashboard, and generate and receive purchase orders with ease.

Mobile POS

Take inventory and purchases from anywhere in your shop with a mobile POS solution. This could be especially helpful if your butcher shop also has a restaurant as a part of your operation. You can look up items, check inventory in real-time, and answer customer questions on the fly.

Team Management

Brilliant POS lets you keep an eye on how your entire team is operating. With remote log-in, you can keep tabs on performance whether you’re in the store or on the go. 

Customer Engagement & Incentives

Deepen your customer engagement with Brilliant’s customer loyalty programs, print and issue cards, award points, and process redemptions. With all of these tools at your disposal, you should be able to build a loyal and engaged base. 

3. Cafe Cartel: Best Butcher Shop POS System for Customer Engagement & Loyalty

Keeping customers engaged and loyal is key to generating revenue for your butcher shop. Cafe Cartel features a feature-rich loyalty program that will help you incentivize and entice customers to move their business to your shop (and keep it there!). 

Credit Card Processing

Cafe Cartel supports all forms of payment, including contactless payments, debit and credit cards, EMV, and even EBT. There are a number of preferred processors that you can work with to provide you with full functionality. Additionally, they provide offline processing devices and devices to accept contactless and EMV payment options.

Loyalty Programs

Cafe Cartel keeps your customers engaged through a variety of loyalty program options. The first is loyalty points, which is the most basic version and involves racking up points to earn rewards. 

The second is coupon loyalty, which automatically prints a coupon when a customer reaches a certain point (whether a certain item value or number of purchases). You have complete control on the item value and percentage discount on the coupon. 

Another loyalty option is to provide certain items, like hats and T-shirts, when they earn a certain number of points. This allows you another venue to market and build your store’s brand.

Scale Integration

Cafe Cartel integrates with a range of scales, allowing you to weigh meats and instantly ring up the item. Additionally, they help to ensure compliance with certified scales from the National Conference of Weights & Measures. 


Cafe Cartel links all of your stores and online channels together to provide the full scope of reporting and analytics. Pull reports on sales, inventory, employees & labor, and individual locations. 

4. IT Retail: Best Butcher Shop POS System for Scale Compatibility 

In addition to its range of features that make checkout and inventory easier for customers, IT Retail integrates with the vast majority of scales in the market, making it a compelling choice for butcher shops. Here are some of the most exciting features. 

Payment Processing

IT Retail supports all forms of payment, including contactless, EMV, EBT, and even gift cards. It’s specifically designed to process credit card transactions even when the internet is down. The back-end software is optimized for speed at the checkout line, which allows you to process more customers faster. 

Inventory Management

Keep track of a diverse inventory with tools that help you keep new products stocked. The system is smart enough to notify you when certain items are running low, and tracks the pounds sold (and pounds remaining) of any of your meats. 

Multi-Device Accessibility

Keep track of your butcher shop wherever you go. All of your data is securely backed up to the cloud so that you can see sales, inventory, employee performance, and more from anywhere. Plus, you can use any device (like your laptop, tablet, or phone) to check in.

Scale Compatibility

IT Retail works with 99% of the meat scales available in the market. Weigh meat and scan it directly into the POS, allowing for a seamless experience for both the employee and the customer. 

Buyer’s Guide: What to Look for in a Butcher Shop POS System

There are a number of go-to features that your butcher shop POS system must have if it’s going to worth the investment. Here are some you should watch out for when comparing your options. 

Fast Checkout

One of the most common attributes among all of these systems is the speed of checkout. Although this is a more critical need in grocery stores than butcher shops, it still is important to process orders as quickly as possible. The more orders you process, the more customers you’ll be able to serve. 

Vendor Management

Odds are, you get your meats from a variety of different vendors who charge different amounts for different products. The best butcher shop POS systems will allow you to track all of this data, compare prices among your vendors, and give you all the information you need to make decisions around the best sources for your meat. 

Scale Integration

Perhaps the most crucial feature for butcher shops specifically is the ability to weigh meats and then ring up those prices directly in the POS. The exact mechanism of this varies from system to system, including printing out a sticker and ringing it up, to a more direct integration of scale-to-POS. In either case, you need to make sure that you can charge by weight with the system you select. 

Inventory Management

With a diverse array of products, including both the meats you offer as well as anything else you sell in-store, it’s important to keep track of stock. Look for a POS system with as much automation in inventory management as possible, including low-stock alerts and the ability to monitor sell-by dates for your meats. 

Loyalty & Customer Incentives

If you want to build your business, you need to keep your customers coming back for more. That’s why having a solid loyalty program can be a life-changer for butcher shops. Incentivize return business with loyalty points and offer discounts along the way. These features should be a core component of your POS system. 


Your butcher shop requires specific features and functionality in order for a POS system to be a good investment. We hope this guide has served as a helpful resource to help you identify those features among some of the leading butcher shop POS systems. 

The most critical features you should be on the lookout for are scale integration and inventory management. It’s also good to keep an eye out for a speedy and efficient user interface, as well as a solid loyalty program. 

We should note that while National Retail Solutions (NRS) came out as number one on our list, your business has specific needs that you’ll need to take into account. Give some thought to what you need specifically so that you make the best possible purchase for your business.

Also, keep an eye on the price. We noticed that the POS systems we reviewed varied widely, and you want to ensure that you’re getting the best deal possible and not breaking the bank. 

With the right POS platform for your butcher shop, you’ll be able to improve efficiency and claim back more hours in your day, so you can focus on growing your business and selling more meats to your loyal customers.