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(Last Updated On: 07/23/2022)

Best Dollar Store POS SystemsAs you grow your dollar store business, a solid POS system can help you track the thousands of SKUs and individual purchases that you deal with on a daily basis. It can also help you maintain customer relationships, track key performance metrics, and improve the overall profitability of both individual stores and your operation as a whole. 

Searching for a dollar store POS system isn’t a simple task. You should be looking for a platform that offers multidimensional inventory management, register tools, sales commissions, kits and bundles, suggested items for upsell opportunities, back orders & special orders, online sales, and tender splitting. As your operation grows, you may need additional features like multi-store management and employee management. 

Out of all the systems we researched, we found that MicroBiz POS is the best dollar store POS system on the market. Its powerful features include an easy-to-use front register, mobile POS capabilities, markdown management, special orders, reports and analytics per employee, discounts, holds, voids, returns, filter product search, detailed customer profiles, matrix products, and much more. 

In terms of pricing, these POS systems can run anywhere from $50 to $150 per month. In most cases, multi-store management will add to your monthly cost. Let’s take a look at the four best dollar store POS systems and examine their features and pricing.

Comparing Top Dollar Store POS Systems

POS SystemSoftware Cost  Payment Processing Fees 
MicroBiz POSStarting from $55/Month Depends on your preferred credit card processor
ITRetail POS SystemStarting from $59/MonthQuote-Based 
BePoz POS SystemStarting from $119/Month Quote-Based 

1.MicroBiz POSThe Best Dollar Store POS System Overall  

MicroBiz POSMicroBiz is one of the leading dollar store inventory and business management solutions you can get.In its functioning, the system is designed to sync the online and in-store inventory.

This ensures that your customers always have an updated inventory to buy from at all times. For enhanced visibility, the system supports integrations with the leading e-commerce platforms, such as Magneto.

The provider has partnered with several payment processors, to help facilitate debit and credit transactions in dollar stores. Other capabilities users have come to like about the MicroBiz dollar store POS system include: 

Markdown Management 

With MicroBiz, you will have an easy time managing quantity pricing, promotional pricing, group markdowns, and bulk discounting. 

Email Marketing 

To help you reach out to your current and potential customers, the system offers several marketing tools. For instance, the email Marketing feature helps you deliver targeted campaigns. It is designed to query and download customer data for use with the leading email marketing applications.


The MicroBiz POS provider offers several pricing plans to suit different budgets and needs. The software is offered in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. The most affordable MicroBiz plan is the Single Store plan that is priced at $55/month or $600 when billed annually for one register. 

If you would like to add more registers, the provider will charge you an additional $27.50/month for each additional register. If you happen to have several business locations, you should go for the Multi-Store MicroBiz plan.

The Multi-Store plan is priced at $80/month or $900 when billed annually for a single register. Each additional register under this plan will be charged an additional $27.50/month. 

Possible Drawbacks 

With some payment processors supported by this system, you may have to wait for two to three days to get funds in your account.

Again, the system only produces one receipt when you have layaways; you have to press R to produce another copy. 

2. IT Retail POSProprietary Dollar Store POS 

ITRetail POSThe IT Retail POS software is designed to run exclusively on proprietary hardware.

The provider will offer you the complete system, including the hardware, software, payment processing, networking, and technical support. 

The solution is meant to give Dollar Store owners a better understanding of their market. Some of the industry-specific capabilities that make this system stand out include: 

Inventory Management 

Not only is the ITRetail inventory manager tailored to suit a dollar store inventory, but you will also find it relatively easy to use. The solution will ensure that you have new products stocked as the need for optimal profitability. 

The inventory manager is specifically designed for the diverse inventory you have in your dollar store. As such, you will have an easy time compiling the inventory database and tracking your stock thereafter. 

Swift and Convenient Checkout 

ITRetail is meant to offer exceptional speed and reliability at the check stand. It presents you with the opportunity to check out your customers at lightning speed.

IT Retail hardware and software support the latest in payment technology including Apple Pay, Google Pay, 1-Second EMV, EBT, and swipe.

This has been proven to boost customer experience in the retail business.

In addition to supporting multiple payment methods, IT Retail may be used to process credit card transactions even when the internet is down. 

Curbs Employee Theft 

Enhance transparency and accountability among your employees with the latest IT Retail security measures. It features a reliable Dollar Store scanning system that combines employee performance with scheduling information. 

The solution is known to offer dollar store owners and managers intelligent insights on each transaction carried out by each employee in the store. This will help you prevent employee theft, as well as keep track of employee performance and scheduling. 


PricingThe provider offers custom pricing plans that are meant to suit retailers of different sizes. The base plan by this provider is meant For Markets and is priced at $59/month.

This plan offers smaller retailers the tools they need to compete with larger enterprises.

With this plan, you will get EMV, NFC, Gift cards, and EBT Payments, optimized checkout experience, scanner/scale support as well as employee and customer management tools.

The provider will also offer you complete back-office reporting capabilities. 

Other plans, including the Enterprise and Supermarkets POS plan, are quote-based. The pricing of these plans will mainly depend on your needs. 

Possible Drawbacks 

Getting the complete system, along with all the required hardware components can be expensive and not suited for startup businesses. 

3. BePoz POS Cloud-Based POS System For Dollar Stores

BePoz POS For Dollar StoreThe Bepoz dollar store POS system has all the features required by both small and large, multi-location retailers to remain competitive.

The software offers cash control, stock control, customer communication, reporting, as well as loyalty and rewards in a single suite. 

The provider offers PCI compliance for payment processing. It allows you to engage with the customers through customer loyalty programs, automatic product promotions, SMS and email messaging.

It is also capable of sending you alerts on aging inventory through its reporting and analysis module.

Other features that make Bepoz one of the best dollar store POS systems include:

Inventory Tracking 

Tracking dollar store inventory through the Bepoz system is easy and efficient. This may be attributed to its innovative First-In-First-Out (FIFO) inventory functions.

It allows you to customize reports, hence be able to track the inventory, sales, and other important metrics. Such intelligence will help you to plan seasonal purchasing in a fast and efficient manner.

With accurate sales tracking, you will not have an issue with stock going bad because it has overstayed on the shelves. The system will ensure that you just buy enough for optimal profitability. 


Pricing Promote your stock through the BePoz POS system. The system is loaded with the features you need to let the customers know your offering. For the best results, it is advisable to promote the less known products in your store. 

For instance, about 50 percent of your sales may be from home cleaning products. In such a case, the system may help you create awareness of gardening supplies and toys among your customers. To help you reach a wider customer base, the software applies multiple marketing channels. With BePoz, promotions will be handled through direct emails and loyalty memberships. 


Although BePoz initially offered multiple subscription plans, the provider is now switching to a single pricing option. In this regard, the product will be only available through the Corporate plan, which is priced at $119 per month for the first register. 

Additional stations will cost you $49/month each. Since the software is offered in a SaaS model, you will not be required to sign any contract. The product is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee by the provider. 

Possible Drawbacks 

The customer support team at BePoz is not that reliable. Technical support by the provider may not be readily available when you need it. 

Things  You Need to Know Before Choosing a Dollar Store POS System

As a dollar store owner or operator, you will need a POS system that simplifies the management of the entire business enterprise from a single platform.

Ideally, you will need a solution that streamlined sales, reordering, inventory management and simplifies accounting tasks. 

The solution should also support a range of payment options beyond cash payments and allow for integration with other services. Basically, the best dollar store POS system should be capable of integrating all aspects of your store and simplify store management.  If you are shopping for such a system, here are some of the aspects you need to consider: 

Multi-Dimensional Inventory Manager 

Just like thrift stores, dollar stores stock a myriad of items, making it comparatively hard to manage. For enhanced accuracy and efficient inventory management in your store, you need a system that automated the important tasks.

It should also feature the right matrix of modifies, such as style, color, size and/or width.  The system should also be capable of tracking each inventory item as an individual SKU, with a separate reorder point for each SKU.

For items that do not come preloaded into the software, a system that supports price labels with bar codes will simplify things for you. In addition to tracking inventory levels, the system should also be able to monitor sales as well as generate related reports and analysis. This will keep you on top of the inventory, ensuring that you have enough of each item at any given time.

Register Tools 

Basically, the register on your preferred dollar store POS system should be designed to simplify, and speed up the checkout process. In addition to an intuitive user interface, the register should be packed with the right tools, including:

Sales Commissions 

Sales Commissions This makes it easy for you to calculate the correct commission for each sold item as you process the transaction.

In most cases, the commission due is calculated based on the gross profit generated by the item or its sale amount. The system should also make it convenient for you to track Commissions by employees. This will come in handy whenever you need to gauge employee productivity.  

Kits and Bundles 

Since dollar store items are affordable, most customers tend to buy items in bulk. This feature allows you to group items that are often sold together and sell them at a single price.

In most cases, bundled products are cheaper than buying each item individually, which is enticing for your customers. With this capability, your dollar store software will make it possible for you to run such offers as package deals and gift baskets.

Again, it would be great if the system supports group pricing and discounts—according to customer group or level. 

Product Images 

POS-transactionThe system you choose should make it easy for your cashiers to look up items in the POS system inventory at the checkout.

In this regard, some of the leading software providers offer hotkey functionality as a shortcut to the commonly purchased items. 

Even so, a system that features item pictures makes identification even easier. In this case, the software should allow you to input the product picture and relevant description while compiling the inventory database. As such, the clerks will be seeing images of the item while ringing it up.  

Suggested Items and Up-Sell 

If you have a customer display at your POS stations, you should consider running Up-Sell and suggested Items to boost sales. With this capability, the point of sale system will be displaying automatic prompts on items that are commonly purchased with the item the customer is buying. 

It is also a great opportunity for you to advertise the offers and discounts you may be having on related items to your customers. This feature has been proven to boost sales in numerous retail businesses across the globe.  

Back Orders/Special Orders 

The system should make it easy and swift for your clerks to process backorders in the right manner to avoid hold-ups. Similarly, the software should allow you to monitor special orders placed by your customers, right from the time they were placed up and until they are received. 

Some of the leading dollar store POS systems go a step further and notify the respective customers as soon as their special order items are available. 


Just as is the case with other retailers, you will also need a system that supports layaways in your dollar store. The software should make it convenient and simple for your customers to put inventory items on layaways. 

In this regard, the system should be capable of identifying such items as layaways within the inventory. Similarly, it should treat layaway payments as deposits in the general ledger.

Online Sales 

Online SalesA good number of thrift and dollar store customers prefer buying their preferred items inline. To capitalize on this revenue stream, you need to get a dollar store POS solution that supports online sales as well.

The system should be designed to manage in-store and online sales simultaneously in real-time. As such, it should be capable of updating the in-store and online inventory accurately, and in real-time after each sale.

The online interface should be straightforward for customers to follow and compatible with multiple mobile devices. The system should also allow you to accept online payments, with support for multiple payment options. 

Tender Splitting 

In addition to accepting multiple payment methods, the system you choose should also allow you to split tenders. For instance, a customer may want to pay for his or her order in cash and two different cards. In such a case, your POS system should be capable of splitting his/her tender into three different tenders. The system you choose should also be capable of applying the split payments into the appropriate ledger accounts.

Final Verdict 

Dollar stores mainly deal with affordable items, often priced at one dollar. As such, they tend to have a versatile inventory comprising of thousands of SKUs. The right POS system will make it easier and more efficient for you to monitor the various inventory items, speed up checkout and boost customer experience.

The software options reviewed above are affordable, reliable and packed with all the important tools you need. They will help you optimize your inventory while making seasonal purchases, manage your customers and employees and accept multi-tender payments. 

Whether you own a Multi-Store enterprise or are just starting out, this guide will help you choose the best dollar store POS system.