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Best Cafeteria POS System For Small Business [Management Software]

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Last updated on March 1st, 2020 at 06:07 pm

An effective cafeteria management software is important for all schools and small business.

Every school has one, so effective management software is key to ensuring every cafeteria runs smoothly. In this review, we included some specific cafeteria software as well as, generic POS systems for cafe and restaurant.

Students suffer the most when a school doesn’t have a good management system in their cafeteria. This can mean long lines and a slow system of processing orders. This can all be avoided by using good cafeteria management software.

What Is a Reliable Cafeteria POS System ?
Reliable cafeteria software will track student information, free and reduced lunch program information, inventory, and more.

As all of this can be done with one simple management system, it would make sense for a school to use such technology.

We have reviewed many different options and narrowed it down to the three best ones available.

Our Top Pick: MealsPlus -- Best Cateferia Software for Schools

MealsPlus is an easy to use management software for school cafeterias. It was designed with schools in mind.

So you can be sure it is going to be efficient at managing any cafeteria. Features such as integrated online payments and employee tracking making running a cafeteria an easy task.

No student likes long lunch lines, and MealsPlus is easy enough to use that every school lunch line will go quickly.
No school, or school district, can go wrong with using MealsPlus in their cafeterias. They have a solid reputation, and it’s for a good reason. Later on, we will go over even more features that make MealsPlus great.

Cafeteria Management Software Vs. Cafe POS System 

MealsPlus is another cafeteria management software guaranteed to keep the lunch lines moving in your school.

It has many different features that make managing a cafeteria easier than ever.

Point-of-sale, free and reduced lunch tracking and inventory management are just some of the unique features that MealsPlus offers.


MealsPlus has a unique, easy to use the point-of-sale system. The system was designed by engineers with a school setting in mind.

It works with both touchscreens and keyboards. It is simple for staff to learn how to use this system. It features an integrated online payment system.

Ensuring every student is able to pay for their lunch. There is a single database, which allows students to use their same balance at any school in the distance.

The system always has reporting, which feature employee tracking, monthly participation, items sale summaries, and more.

MealsPlus also features inventory management, which every school will greatly benefit from. This system is capable of tracking inventory.

This feature also enables electronic ordering. This system makes it easy for every school to stay on top of their inventory at hand.

Meal planning is also available with MealsPlus. This meal planner bases itself off the USDA approved nutrient analyses, which is required for every school cafeteria.

This feature is fully integrated with the inventory management component, which makes it easy for each school to plan out meals and ensure everything in the kitchen runs efficiently.

MealsPlus centralizes an entire school district’s data. This allows real-time access to accurate data, whether on a school-by-school or district-wide basis. This prevents inconsistencies and makes management even easier.

You can also track employee information using MealsPlus. This allows you to track employee clock in and clock outs.

Other uses of this feature include allowing employees to clock in or clock out, and it can also process employee vacation/leave requests. Employees and school administrators will love this feature.

Integration with PowerSchool Connector 

MealsPlus is fully integrated with PowerSchool Connector. This is a great feature that reduces the need for manual data entry.
Anytime student data is updated in MealsPlus, it is also updated in the PowerSchool Connector, and vise versa.

This feature makes it easy for schools to control student data management. Using this service will greatly improve the overall productivity of a school.

Another unique feature that MealsPlus offers is fixed asset management. Many cafeteria management systems allow schools to manage students, food inventory, and staff, but MealsPlus is one of the only ones we know of that manages equipment as well.

This feature allows schools to document and track all of the fixed assets in a cafeteria. This is a long-term money saver. Reporting is available at all times, so if anything goes wrong it can be quickly noted.


MealsPlus is a all-in-one cafeteria management software solution. It can be used for many different features.

And provides a simple way to manage cafeterias at every school within a district. This is a system that will be appreciated by school administrators, cafeteria employees, and parents.

Our Second Choice: LunchTime

LunchTime is another cafeteria management system that can be used by schools across the country.

It features a wide variety of features that school administrators everywhere can benefit from. It is an all-in-one management system beneficial for everyone.


LunchTime features an original point-of-sale system. It works quickly, ensuring cashiers can quickly move a lunch line.

This software can be used as a web-based system, or it can be used as a Windows application. This makes it easy for schools with all different types of technologies to use this point-of-sale system.

LunchTime also features a system administration module. This allows administrators to define specific data for each school.

This is the primary configuration tool for editing and viewing system foodservice data. This feature is capable of managing people purchasing in a school’s cafeteria. This includes students, teachers, and other staff members.

Even volunteers and guests can be tracked with the system administration module. This module also allows each school to manage the prices and items available for sale.

School districts can even do this for each individual school, if they’d like. The system administration module features an extensive reporting library, which gives data on all of a school’s processes and procedures.

This feature alone makes LunchTime a great management software option for schools.Free and reduced lunch software is available on Lunchtime.

Automatic Calculation Software 

This allows for the entry of applications for free and reduced lunch programs. This software automatically calculates the status of each student on the application, sends out letters to families, and updates the cafeteria’s point-of-sale system in real time.

This feature speeds up the application process and ensures all students are approved (or denied) in a timely manner. This also reduces data entry for school administration. Everyone benefits from this feature.

The school payment portal used by LunchTime makes it easy for schools to safely and securely receive payments for cafeteria accounts, along with other school functions such as yearbooks and athletic fees.

Using a system like this ensures that the days of a student being bullied out of their lunch money are long gone, as students don’t need to actually bring cash to school anymore.

A unique feature offered by LunchTime is the Hosted Solutions features. All maintenance and upgrades needed for the LunchTime system are handled by a qualified LunchTime technician.

This removes the need for schools to ensure that their own IT employee is trained for the system.Hosted Solutions also ensures that every portal aside from the point-of-sale system is web based.

This allows for meals to be processed on any device with an internet connection. Since the point-of-sale system is a Window’s application.

Meals can be processed even if the internet connection goes down. The lack of server requirements makes it easier for the school’s IT team.


LunchTime is a truly efficient cafeteria management software. It includes everything a school needs to ensure that its cafeteria is running efficiently.

The features offered by LunchTime are simply incomparable to other management softwares available.

School administrators will enjoy the management options available, and parents will love how easy it is to pay for their children’s meals.

Third Choice: QuikLunch           

QuikLunch is an efficient cafeteria management system that works great in any school.

It has many features that any school could use. QuikLunch makes it simple to process and manage cafeteria transactions. Lunch lines move quickly when schools use QuikLunch.


One of QuikLunch’s most important features is its integrated point-of-sale system. This system is capable of communicating with other terminals.

Using a centralized database, and communicating with an online payment vehicle and an alternative on-campus payment collection system. This POS system works with a school’s student information system.

This makes the management system incredibly easy to use, which takes the headache off of school administrators, parents, and even students.

QuikLunch is a cloud-based system. It can be run online or offline, so connectivity issues are never a problem. Meal payments are automatically updated once the connectivity returns.

Another nice feature of QuikLunch is how simple it is to use. The menu is intuitive and the student-profile interface can be operated by pointing and clicking.

Or simply touching. This means cashiers can quickly view each student’s information which ensures the cafeteria operates smoothly.

The databases and reporting are centrally managed, so students can use their balances at any school in the district. All state reports are contained in the system.

QuikApps is an application ran through QuikLunch. QuikApps works to process free or reduced lunch applications. QuikApps makes it easy for families to process their applications, which is something that is important in every school today.

QuikLunch integrates with PayForIt, simplifying payment options for everyone. PayForIt is a web-based solutions designed to make it easy for school districts to easily manage funds.

And fee collection online for food services. Since schools can also use PayForIt to collect fees for activities, fundraisers, and more, it is something that can be used to turn a school into a cashless school.

This gives parents more payment options, and ensures everything that they need to pay for actually gets paid for.

Many students will forget to remind their parents to pay for their fees in cash, and PayForIt removes that possibility.

It also removes the risk of a student losing cash, or even worse, having it stolen from another student. As technology advances, more and more schools will go cashless for this reason. QuikLunch is already ahead of the game.

QuikLunch also integrates with a time clock payroll management. This is something every school can benefit from.

It can monitor employee clock in and clock outs, manage overtime, and record days off. This works on a district-wide basis, which makes management easy.


QuikLunch is a great cafeteria management option for all schools. It features district-wide databases, which makes it easy to manage on a district-wide basis.

It is an all-in-one management systems, including a point-of-sale system, application processing, easy payment options, employee management, and more. Administrators, employees, parents, and students will all enjoy using this management software.

What Should Schools Consider When Purchasing Cafeteria Management Software?

When considering which cafeteria management software is best for a school, consider the following;

  • Point-of-Sale Systems
  • Management Options
  • Simplicity of System
  • Payment Options

All of these are important to everyone involved in a school cafeteria. School administrators, cafeteria employees, parents.

And students all depend on those considerations. Hence, they should all be kept in mind when deciding which management software is best for a school.

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