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(Last Updated On: 03/14/2023)

Written by Business Expert Wale Ameen 

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An all in one POS system essentially incorporates all the important hardware and software needed in one complete bundle. I have analyzed the features of 5 of the best all in one POS systems you can consider for your business’s growth using hardware durability and functionality as requisites. 

Our Experts’ Choice Ready2Order POS
Ready2Order All in One POS Highly recommended as it is suitable for both small businesses and multi location and growing stores.

Top features include:

  • Suitable for both startups and multi location stores
  • Well designed
  • Easy to use
  • Mobile support

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The Best All-In-One POS Systems – An Overview

The best all-in-one POS systems are meant to optimize productivity and save on space in your business. The leading brands will offer you sleek and modern POS components that are rugged and reliable, as well as industry-specific POS software capabilities. 

The all in one POS systems function for both the retail and restaurant industries. We have best all in one POS systems for retail as well as best all in one restaurant POS systems.

Today, retail and restaurant POS systems help businesses process payments and manage guest information. Almost 40% of all POS transactions are processed via credit and debit cards. Changing consumer payment habits have made it critical for merchants to adapt to these new methods. Today’s POS systems allow businesses to accept e-checks, mobile wallets, and digital currencies, in addition to traditional payment methods.

Shopify POS HardwareThe hardware used in restaurant and retail POS systems is similar, but there are some differences. In retail, transactions are processed immediately and tips aren’t as common as they are in restaurants. Moreover, restaurant POS systems can record more detailed information about customer purchases, including guest notes, comments, and edits. In addition, restaurant point of sale systems can track customer preferences and suggest upsell add-ons based on their preferences.

Many POS systems can also produce real-time financial reports. Some even include features that let businesses monitor employee performance and productivity. Employees can even clock in and out of their shifts, all with the same terminal. The system should be flexible, and can be customized to fit the needs of a specific business.

A restaurant POS system is critical for successful restaurant operations. With accurate data about guest preferences, restaurant managers can make better recommendations to their customers. POS systems also help businesses keep track of menu items, high-selling items, and inventory deadlines. In addition to the POS functionality, restaurants usually offer Wi-Fi services, which helps restaurant owners and employees keep track of their customers.

You should get an all-in-one POS system that complements your business environment and meets customer expectations. While shopping for the right one, you should go for a sleek and stylish option that offers the features and capabilities you need in your business. Despite their higher initial cost, all-in-one POS systems are a preferred option for many businesses today.

This may be attributed to their superior ergonomics, enhanced ease of configuration, and use, reduced footprint, and convenience. Reviewed below are the top five all-in-one POS systems you should consider getting. 

What Is An All-in-One POS System?

This is a solution that is tailored to meet the needs of specific business types and comes with all the required hardware components as well as the software.

Rather than having to choose and configure the various components, an all-in-one POS system often comes ready to use right from the box. This will help you avoid the guesswork associated with the choice and configuration of various POS hardware components.

It will also save you a considerable amount of money in the long run. The best all-in-one point of sale systems are better integrated as each component is a part of the same technology.

What Does an All-in-One POS System Include?

In addition to the point of sale software, your preferred all-in-one POS provider will offer you all the hardware components and peripherals you require. Specific components may vary, but most providers will provide you with a cash drawer, a touchscreen display, a label printer, a keyboard, magnetic stripe reader, and a receipt printer.

Some of the leading all-in-one POS providers are also known to offer additional peripherals, such as barcode scanners, and rear pole displays. These are meant to expand the functionality of your all-in-one POS system. 

Depending on your business type, these systems will provide you with all the POS software and hardware components. The components are particularly bundled together to offer you a smartly designed POS configuration.  

Best All-in-One POS Systems Compared

POS System  Initial Hardware Cost  Software Subscription Fees
Ready2order All-in-One POS System Depends on the required hardware components Starting from $19/month
HP All-in-One POS Quote-Based Quote-Based
Korona POS Depends on the required hardware components Starting from $49/month per station
Touch Dynamic POS Starting from $998.00 Quote-Based
eHopper POS Starting from $999.00 Starting from  $49.99/month per register

1. Ready2Order – The Best All-in-One POS System for Restaurants 

Ready2order POS is one of the best all in one restaurant systems. It is one of the best solutions that are suited for both startups and multi-location chains. It is essentially designed to offer end-to-end solutions for Windows deployment. 

The restaurant management software offers capabilities such as discount management, electronic signature, and gift card management. The system is offered as a bundled product, along with all the hardware components and peripherals you need to implement Ready2order in your restaurant.

Ready2order features the latest technologies and its software and hardware solutions present you with a unified solution for optimized operations. Some of the aspects that make Ready2order stand out from the other all-in-one POS solutions to include:

Features of Ready2Order POS

Handy Management Tools 

Whether you own and manage a single location or multiple restaurant outlets, Ready2order will equip you with the tools you need for efficient management of your business. To make your life easier, the system features an electronic cash journal, extensive warehouse management, and comprehensive employee statistics. 

Additionally, the reporting feature of the software will furnish you with accurate and up-to-date data on the important business metrics, such as sales and product analysis. This ensures that you are well informed to make sound business decisions. 

Inventory Manager 

The inventory manager on this system is industry-specific, allowing you to integrate new products in a matter of seconds.

It will also give you enhanced control over production levels across all your outlets in real-time. The software is capable of defining product variants by size, amount, color and attributes, allowing you to tailor the inventory database to your requirements.

With Ready2order, you can manage products in a unified user interface for all platforms. Inventory reporting will offer you the insights you need to optimize your inventory, hence boost profitability. 

Ready2Order All in One POS Software Mobile And Cross Platform

Ready2Order is a cloud based, mobile and cross platform. This means that it can be accessed on Windows, and across smartphones and mobile devices running on both the Android and iOS operating systems. The mobile app is available for download on both app stores.

Intuitively Designed

Ready2go’s design is an appealing one. One that you will come to love as you adopt it. It is beautifully designed and combines sleekness with functionality, thus making it a delightful solution to use.

What Are The Pros And Cons of Ready2Order?


  • Friendly user interface
  • Easy to use
  • Access from anywhere, on the go
  • Offers free trial
  • Continuous free updates
  • Supports both Android and iOS operating systems
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Reported to lag at times

Is Ready2Order Easy to Use?

Ready2Order features a well designed user interface and is well laid out. As such, you will find it easy to learn and use.

How Much Does Ready2Order cost? 

Ready2order offers a great return on investment, regardless of the software, hardware, and add-ons you choose. The pricing of the all-in-one system is very flexible and will mainly depend on what you need. For the restaurant POS software, the provider offers two main monthly subscription plans:

  • Standard Plan ($19/month) 

This is the basic software subscription plan by the Ready2order provider. Priced at $19/month per station, the plan offers instant-cashing, cash book, in-depth statistics, product variations, and management capabilities. 

  • Gastronomy Plan ($29/month) 

This plan offers all the features and capabilities offered by the Standard pricing plan. Additionally, you will also get partial payment, table-function, kitchen routing and ability to define responsibilities. 

  • Card Payments Processing

With the Card Complete mPOS terminal, you will be able to process card payments  through the Ready2order POS system. For this capability, the provider will charge you $9/month per terminal. You will also be charged transaction fees for each transaction you process. 

What Type of Business Is Ready2Order Ideal For?

Ready2Order as highlighted above is a flexible and easy to use POS solution ideal for restaurant and retail businesses alike. It will come handy for small and medium scale restaurants and retail shops looking for a dynamic POS solution. The fact that it is easily adaptable means it can be customized to fit into quite a number of different use cases.

How Do Users Rate Ready2Order POS?

My analysis of users’ review of Ready2Order POS solution on the Apple app store shows that users commend it for being a simple and easy to use solution.

Ready2Order POS Apple App Store
Ready2Order scores 4.4/5 stars on the Apple App Store.

2. HP All-In-One POS – The Best All-in-One POS For Retail 

The various HP all-in-one POS systems are designed to optimize space and boost productivity in different retail businesses. The provider produces stylish hardware options without compromising on system performance and reliability. 

Some of the all-in-one POS systems offered by this provider include the HP Engage One Prime, the HP RP9 Retail System, and the HP Engage One system.

The three options are designed to suit different business requirements. Regardless of your choice, HP guarantees you an elegant design and unmatched POS software performance. Other capabilities you will come to like about these systems include: 

Features of HP All In One POS Systems

Multi-Core Performance 

The core of HP all-in-one POS systems is that they are designed to boost the performance of certain software products.

As such, the performance and clock frequency will vary based on the application workload and the hardware and software configurations. Although not all software applications will benefit from this technology, multi-core has been proven to boost the performance of the POS system.

Elegant Design 

All-in-one POS hardware components by HP feature a sleek, streamlined design for enhanced visual appeal. Even so, you will find them to be rugged and very durable.

The modern, minimalistic design of these units delivers everything you need at the point of purchase, without clunky boxes and wires. The provider offers a variety of peripherals, allowing you to configure the system to your specific business needs. 

HP All in One POS

What Are The Pros And Cons Of HP All In One POS?


  • Sophisticated yet easy to use
  • Beautifully designed hardware
  • Ample resource tools
  • Highly secured


  • Pricing not publicly available

Being a popular brand, its pricing may not be suitable for small businesses

Is HP All In One POS System Easy To Use?

The HP brand is one of the most popular technological brands, with a track record of producing some of the most widely accepted and used PCs. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that its range of all in one POS brands is a combination of functionality and beauty. They also combine ease of use with easy to use hardware peripherals like bar code scanners, receipt printers, and iButton Readers, which allows for easy transfer of documents.

How Much Does HP All In One POS cost? 

The cost of HP all-in-one POS systems mainly depends on the hardware components you need. The price may also vary slightly from one vendor to another.

What Type of Businesses Is HP All In One POS Ideal For?

Just about any type or size of business in the retail or restaurant industries will find the HP All In One POS System an ideal solution. You, however, need to look at your business’s specific needs and see if the hardware meets your ideal specifications. 

How Do Users Rate HP All In One POS Systems?

There aren’t enough user reviews on the HP All In One POS systems to help with a good user analysis.

3. KORONA POS – The Best All-in-One Tablet POS System 

KORONA POS is one of the best cloud-based all-in-one POS systems that may be used on mobile devices and stationary POS stations.

The POS software offers universal features suited for general retailers. The provider also offers tailor-made POS solutions for different industries, including shops, gift shops, and liquor stores. 

The KORONA all-in-one POS system is highly customizable to suit established retail workflows. The screen and button layouts are customizable across compatible tablets, Smartphones, and touchscreen checkout terminals. 

Other aspects business owners have come to like about the Korona all-in-one POS System include: 

Features of KORONA POS

In-Depth Reporting 

KORONA POS Hardware for Ticketing and EventsKORONA offers some of the best reporting and analysis tools in the industry. It collects important product and sales information to generate detailed reports on the vital processes.

With KORONA, you can generate a myriad of insightful reports, ranging from the overall performance to individual product analysis. 

This helps you plan for promotions, determine shelving placement, and make future orders in a precise and efficient manner. Each metric is assessed based on a detailed key performance indicator (KPI) report. 

Integration Support 

In addition to the many features and capabilities it has to offer, the Korona all-in-one POS system supports several software integrations. The software allows you to integrate with different third-party eCommerce platforms, accounting software, and loyalty programs. 

What Are The Pros And Cons of KORONA POS?


  • It is highly customizable
  • Supports integration with third party apps
  • Provides great reporting 
  • Support multi-store location


  • Its flat pricing fee may be expensive for small businesses

Is KORONA POS Easy To Use?

KORONA POS is a beautifully designed POS system that anyone will find easy to use and adapt to.

How Much Does KORONA POS Cost? 

KORONA software is sold as a subscription service (SaaS). However, you will be required to pay an upfront cost for the hardware. In this regard, the provider charges a monthly software subscription cost of not less than $49/month per terminal. 

You may also choose a free-trial plan, which allows you to gauge the software firsthand before making your commitment. The provider also offers several modules to suit different business types, including Korona Retail, which costs an additional $10/month. 

The Korona Plus module is priced at $20/month, Korona Franchise costs an additional $30/ month while the Korona Ticket module costs $50/month. Hardware costs will depend on the components you need, which vary from one business to another. 

What Type of Businesses Is KORONA POS Ideal For?

KORONA POS is a highly customizable point of sale system. As such, it will meet the needs of both small and large retail businesses.

Korona POS on Capterra
Korona POS Reviews on Capterra

4. Touch Dynamic POS –  All-In-One Touchscreen POS System  

Touch Dynamic produces robust and diverse all-in-one POS solutions to meet different business needs. Ranging from POS terminals to cash drawers and Kiosks, the provider delivers superior quality and innovative technologies. 

Some of the touchscreen POS systems produced by Touch Dynamic include Acrobat All-In-One, Breeze All-In-One, and Breeze Performance All-In-One systems. Here are some of the things that set Touch Dynamic all-in-one POS systems apart from other solutions:

Features of Touch Dynamic POS

Superior Performance 

Most of these systems use the Freescale iMX6Q Quad Core Processor 1 GHz CPU. The powerful CPU is coupled to a number of IO ports within a rugged hardware design. These make the system powerful enough to handle a vast range of applications. It has been proven to deliver a quick and efficient performance. 


TouchDynamicThis is an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) tool, often meant for medium to large companies. It is ideal for businesses that need to secure and systematically control a large number of Android devices through their POS system. With SOTI, you will be able to manage, secure, track, configure, and support corporately liable and/or BYOD Android devices.

What Are The Pros And Cons of Dynamic POS?


  • Rugged hardware for tough businesses environments
  • Delivers fast and efficient performance


  • Sold through resellers and as such pricing varies
  • Can be expensive for small business

Is Touch Dynamic POS Easy to Use?

The Touch Dynamic range of all in one POS systems combines ruggedness with resourcefulness. The systems have been known to provide fast and efficient processes. You most certainly will find them handy and easy to use in environments that demand toughness from equipment.

What Type of Business Is Touch Dynamic All in One Touchscreen POS Ideal For?

Given its cost, the Touch Dynamic touchscreen all in one POS may not be an ideal solution for small businesses as they will find the cost prohibitive. It is more suitable for medium and growing businesses in the retail and restaurant sectors.

How Do Users Rate Touch Dynamic All in One Touchscreen POS?

There aren’t enough user reviews for this provider.

How Much Does Dynamic POS Cost? 

Touch Dynamic is largely sold through resellers, and as such, the pricing varies from one vendor to another and depends on the hardware components you require.  For instance, the  Touch Dynamic Quest II Tablet costs about $998.00 while the Touch Dynamic Breeze Performance all-in-one POS cost starts at $1,399.00.

Be sure to compare prices between resellers in order to get the best value for money.

5. eHopper POS – The Best All-in-One POS System for a Grocery Store 

The eHopper all-in-one POS hardware includes a built-in high-speed receipt printer and a 14-inch high-definition register display.

You will also get a durable and robust POS stand that features multiple ports to accommodate additional peripherals. 

These ports may be used to support such components as a barcode scanner, cash register or a payment terminal in your grocery store. The sleek and robust hardware is coupled with reliable industry-specific POS software to deliver optimal performance.  

Other aspects business owners have come to like about the eHopper all-in-one POS system include:

Features of eHopper all in one POS

eHopper POS 

Device Agnostic System 

eHopper POS software is compatible with a myriad of stationary and mobile devices. The cloud-based all-in-one POS system allows you to manage the point of sale across multiple devices. In this regard, you may run the POS on iPad Mini, Android tablets, Windows tablet, and Pc, as well as Poynt terminals.

Regardless of your preferred device configuration, all POS data will be shared across all the connected devices. It will also allow you to process sales on any of the connected devices for improved efficiency and convenience. 

Cash Management 

This feature ensures that you manage your assets appropriately at all times for continued profitability. For instance, it allows you to close your batch at the end of the day and send money to the bank immediately. Input the opening and closing amounts in your register to track your cash flow.

Cash management is a key component of financial stability for companies. While most finance executives agree that modern companies are complex and need sophisticated cash management tools, there are still some companies that struggle to manage cash. Fortunately, there are several ways to optimize cash flow and keep your business on track. Keep reading for 10 tips to improve your cash management.

First, develop a 12-month cash flow projection. This projection should be as accurate as possible and should be updated periodically for changes in pricing or other aspects of the business. Creating and maintaining a forecast will save time and help with cash management. Forecasts also highlight trends and help you plan accordingly. When planning for future cash flow, always keep a line of credit available for emergency situations.

Another way to improve cash management is to use accounting software. Accounting software programs, such as Oracle NetSuite, contain tools to help you manage cash flows. But if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on these tools, you can make a spreadsheet on your own. The spreadsheet will help you visually see where your cash is going and when it will come back. This will help you adjust your cash management approach and make the best possible business decisions.

Managing cash is essential for the success of any enterprise. Inefficient cash management will result in overdraft charges and damaged credit, which will negatively affect your cash flow. With the right management tools, your business can react quickly to changing circumstances and maintain a positive cash flow.

Using the Pay-in/Pay-Out functionality, you can add or subtract money from the register. You will also be able to monitor the quantity of each denomination of bills and coins in your cash drawer. Connect with QuickBooks to instantly manage all sales and accounting data.

Supports Integration With Third Party Apps

eHopper’s all in one POS supports integration with third party apps, and as such, you can increase its functionality and achieve more.

What Are the Pros and Cons of eHopper’s All in One POS?


  • Offers free plan
  • Requires no contract
  • Helps with tax management
  • Multi-store support
  • Supports multiple languages, currencies and date/time
  • Fully integrated with Samsung tablets and Samsung Pay
  • Supports global markets


  • Customer support does not come with free plan
  • Hardware is sold separately

Is eHopper All In One POS Easy To Use?

Although it does not have all the bells and whistles many others have, eHopper is nevertheless a great POS solution to consider. The eHopper POS features a simple interface designed for ease. eHopper scores high in the areas of ease of use, value for money, and customer support. It’s quick and efficient.

How Much Does eHopper All in One POS Cost? 

eHopper all-in-one POS system pricing consists of the upfront hardware cost and the ongoing software subscription cost.

The hardware cost mainly depends on the hardware configuration and components you need in your business and starts at $999. This cost includes the Essential Plan of the eHopper POS software. For the Freedom subscription plan, you will be required to pay $49.99/month per register. 

What Type of Business Is eHopper Ideal For?

eHopper All in One point of sale system is a full-featured POS solution ideal for retail stores and quick service restaurants. Its robust set of features ensures that businesses in these two categories can achieve seamlessness in their business operations.

How Do Users Rate eHopper’s All in One POS?

eHopper all in one POS scores high among users. My analysis of users’ reviews of the POS solution shows that users from retail, food and beverage, and event services acknowledge that their experience with the brand has been a great one. They score the brand highly in the areas of ease of use, customer support, and functionality. It has an overall star rating of 4.08/5 on Software Advice.

ehopper reviews on softwareadvice
eHopper star rating on Software Advice

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider An All-In-One POS Systems For Your Small Business

As a small business owner or entrepreneur just starting out on his or her venture, there are quite a number of reasons and advantages to going for an all in one POS system. are an ideal option for businesses to consider. Let’s take a look at five of these reasons below:

1. It Saves You Money

One of the things I am sure you, as a small business owner, want to do is to maximize every cent and save every cent possible. This is exactly what getting an all in one point of sale system will help you achieve. By adopting an all in one POS system, you combine your needs for hardware peripherals and POS software together, and this can go a long way in reducing your overall cost when settling for a POS solution.

While it might seem like an expensive option to go for initially, on the long run you will come to realize that it is infact a huge saving you are making. This is because it is cheaper to buy all the components together than separately.

2. It Will Help You Grow Your Business

One of the things you, as a small business owner, will be looking for is for the business to grow and expand in no time. It’s the desire of anyone starting a business. By adopting an all in one POS system, you would be setting your business up for growth as such a system will make your business operations seamless and cut away excesses and help you maximize your profit.

Girl working on her business with POS systemThis is why it is important to first check and analyze the needs of your business and then get the ideal POS solution that will grow with it. There will be no joy in having to change your POS system every few years, as this will incur additional costs and burden on your operations. It might even lead to a loss of revenue if it is not well handled.

3. Helps Increase Your Customer Experience

By adopting an all in one POS system, you are able to increase your customer experience. This is because it helps in delivering a great checkout experience for your customers, many of whom will be first timers and, as a result, ensure repeat visits and patronage. As a result, an all in one POS helps increase patronage and expand your small business’s customer base.

4. Helps You Manage Your Inventory

One of the things such a POS system will come with is a robust inventory management system. This helps to ensure that you have a firm grip on your inventory and stock. With a good system you get strong reporting capabilities that help you track and know your stock levels and know when to order for fresh consignments. With a good system, you will know:

  • What stocks are selling fast
  • Which stock is low
  • Which employee is the more performing

5. Gives You The Best Option In Hardware

One of the things an all in one POS solution does for your business is provide you with the best in terms of hardware. Different businesses demand different types of hardware. For example, restaurants are known to attract lots of human traffic and are known to put pressure on equipment. The best of all in one POS systems afford you hardware like desktop PCs, tablets, cash registers, and payment machines that can withstand the demands of these businesses.

Things You Should Consider When Considering An All-In-One POS System

1. The Type of Hardware Peripherals That Your Business Needs

It is important that you consider the exact specifics that your business needs. You do not want to buy a hardware component simply because the store next door uses it but because it’s what you need. Knowing the specifics of what your business needs will guide you in making the right choice of a POS system.

2. Mobile Responsive

Lightspeed mobile reportingWhen considering a point of sale system, one of the essential things you want to ask yourself is if the provider has provision for mobile accessibility. This is because you should be able to keep track of your business on the go, wherever you may happen to be at any point in time. Many POS brands and all in one POS brands offer this, and you might want to double check before settling for one.

3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

An essential component of a good point of sale system is its ability to help you manage your customer database. You want to double check if the options that you are considering have a robust CRM that lets you run loyalty campaigns and promotions.

4. Reporting

Another thing you want to consider is the reporting capability of such a point of sale system. Does it provide you with a robust and custom set of reporting functions that let you see the daily, weekly, and monthly progress of your business? Does such a solution allow you to export the reports for use in other apps? These are questions you need to ask in order to get your ideal solution.

5. Pricing

Last and not least is pricing. It goes without saying that you need to consider how much these solutions are going for and if they match your budget. While it may not be advisable to go for the least expensive, your ultimate goal should be to get the best POS system that will deliver the best value for your business and help grow it. You need to be flexible with your considerations when it comes to pricing, as you may have to shift ground a little from what you had in mind.

Final Verdict 

Despite their comparatively higher cost of implementation, an increasing number of businesses are opting for all-in-one POS systems. This may be attributed to the ease-of-use, convenience, efficiency, and expanded payment capabilities these systems have to offer. 

The five best all in one POS systems reviewed in this piece are a good place to start when considering all in one POS solutions. These solutions are both the best all in one POS systems for retail as well as the best all in one restaurant POS systems.

Like the five solutions reviewed above, it is advisable to go for a system that is specifically developed for your business type. You also need to ensure that the hardware components are robust and durable. Other factors held constant, the best all-in-one POS system will offer you great value for money in the long run.

Get started and get a free quote now from Ready2Order POS.


Q: How do you know if a POS is good?

A: Some core functionalities a good POS system will boast of includes: integrated payment processing, reporting and analytics, customer relationship management, and multi store capabilities.

Q: What is an all in one POS?

A: An all in one POS system essentially provides you with everything you need and require in a POS system all bundled in one offering. Such systems include a touch screen, receipt printer, cash drawer, and magnetic stripe reader.

Q: Do I need a POS system for my small business?

A: If you need to accept credit and debit card payments and offer multiple payment options to your customers, then you need a POS system for your small business. A POS system holds enormous advantages for your business.