PayPal Zettle: The 2022 Definitive Guide to the PayPal POS System

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(Last Updated On: 08/16/2022)

Written by Business Expert Wale Ameen

PayPal Zettle LogoPayPal is a name that certainly rings a bell when it comes to players within the global payment market, and as a company, it is not new to the intricacies involved in providing payment solutions and payment processing.

In this article, we shall take a deep dive into PayPal’s POS system, known as PayPal Zettle, a complete point of sale system that stands compared with others in its league; examine its features; how it stands compared to other point of sale systems within its league; and users’ reviews. By the time you are done reading, you should be well informed and up to speed on all there is to know about the POS solution and be in a good position to decide if it is the ideal solution for your business and if you should give it a try. 

Methodology: The Analysis Process of PayPal POS System

In coming up with this review, we have taken the time to independently explore the PayPal platform and its point of sale system, PayPal Zettle. By having first-hand experience of the system, we have been able to properly dissect the solution and this informs the review you are about to read. It is a no-holds-barred review as we break it all down. 

Thus, in this review, we explore all that you need to know about PayPal Zettle: features that stand PayPal Zettle out from others in its league; its pros and cons; and also x-ray the solution side by side others by looking at the features that stand it out or that it does not have when compared with the others under review. With this review, you are getting a complete analysis of the point of sale solution to help you in your decision-making as a business owner. Now that you know this, let’s jump right in.

All You Need to Know About PayPal Zettle

PayPal Zettle, or Zettle by PayPal, as it is interchangeably called, is a seamless point of sale system powered by the payment giant, and it replaces the payment giant’s PayPal Here, the name by which its point of sale was previously known.

PayPal Zettle, previously known as Zettle, was a financial technology company based in Sweden and founded in April 2012 by Jacob de Geer and Magnus Nilsson. It was then acquired by PayPal in 2021 and introduced to the US market.

PayPal Zettle is a cloud-based POS solution that helps businesses accept payments, manage their inventory, provide real-time reporting, and fulfill both online and in-store purchases.

It is a point of sale system that affords businesses the ease of adopting a point of sale system at a very low and competitive cost when compared with other systems out there in the market.

With PayPal Zettle, merchants and business owners who like the idea of PayPal integration into their point of sale solutions need not look any further, as Zettle comes as an ideal solution for such individuals to adopt. This is because Zettle works seamlessly.

Admins can also add up to 1,000 users per account. This ensures that accounts can be set up for multiple employees and that sales can be tracked to know who processed what. You can also easily manage your inventory by setting your cost price, selling price, etc.

With PayPal Zettle, your checkout process does not have to be a herculean task. Products can be quickly viewed and selected for purchase; discounts can be easily added; and payments can be accepted from a wide variety of payment types. You can also offer digital as well as physical paper receipts to your customers.

Its card reader, which comes along with the software, is quite intuitive and well suited for taking payments.

PayPal Zettle is a great option for merchants looking to plug in easily and begin taking payments as easily as they come.

How Does PayPal Zettle Work?

PayPal Zettle POS SystemThe PayPal Zettle point of sale app is available for easy and free download from both the Apple and Google Play stores. It, however, requires devices with operating systems like iOS 12.1 or later and Android OS 8 or later to effectively run.

PayPal also offers point of sale hardware solutions which can be used along with the software. This includes such things as card readers, which let you accept credit and debit card payments as well as NFC contactless payments; cash registers; receipt printers; barcode scanners, and other accessories to ensure seamless payment processing for your business.

The PayPal cash register is a fully integrated system that automatically uploads transaction data into your POS system, thus making even your offline store details available online.

To accept credit card payments with PayPal Zettle, you’ll need a PayPal Business account, a smartphone or tablet, the PayPal Zettle Point of Sale app installed on your device, and the Zettle card reader. To get your business account, you need to visit the PayPal website and sign up. You have the option of either signing up for a personal account or a merchant account. As a business, your option here will be a merchant account. To open a business account, you will need details such as business name, address, city, phone, type of business, category, as well as your estimated monthly sales and tax identification number.

To process a payment, simply enter the amount receivable from the customer onto the POS app, insert the customer’s card into the card reader or tap to make a contactless payment. Next, ask your customer to input his or her pin. Go ahead and print a receipt or send it via text or sms.

Getting Your Card Reader and Other Hardware Devices

The credit card reader can be ordered online via the PayPal Zettle shop, where you have different options for hardware. The company offers free shipping and free ground shipping for orders within the US, with the option of overnight shipping where it is needed.

What Features Make PayPal Zettle Stand Out?

Ease of setting up

PayPal Zettle is an easy-to-setup and use point-of-sale system.

Easily accept all payment types

With PayPal Zettle, your business can accept all payment types, from debit cards to cheques.

No long-term contract

PayPal’s Zettle, along with its easy setup nature, also offers a very easy entry and withdrawal framework where users are not bound by any long-term contract. You can decide to opt out of its use at any time.

An extensive range of device compatibility

Zettle POS, being a cloud-based solution, boasts an extensive range of compatibility with devices. 

Easily accept all payment types

With Zettle, you can easily accept all types of in-person payments, ranging from credit and debit cards like Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover, to digital wallets and QR codes such as PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

Along with the above, you can accept payments over the phone, draw up invoices, and make customers pay using payment links.

Easily track metrics that matter to you

Zettle offers you the ability to customize the type of report you view and how you share these reports. You can easily search for and analyse key data and metrics on the go and stay up to speed with sales trends and reports.

PayPal Zettle Card Reader Easily track your sales and get reports

You get detailed reporting on the Zettle app as it allows you to track sales and get automatic reports. Want to quickly see how the day’s sales are going? Hit up the report section and there, you can see an overview of how the day is going and the prior day’s sales figures.

Along with this, you have the benefit of seeing a summary of your sales, payment types, and the attendant fees, as well as seeing which products are selling the most. You can also review your employee’s performance, as well as the number of gift cards that have been sold. Easily export these reports into other apps either as a PDF, an Excel spreadsheet, or even as raw data. You’ve got all the options available for your use.

Easily set up and manage your inventory

Zettle POS allows you to comprehensively manage your inventory. You can add new products, set the cost price of products, set the selling price and so on. Do you have an existing spreadsheet consisting of your product list? Then you can easily import the same into the PayPal Zettle software and automatically update stock levels or manually edit the same and include new items.

With the software, you can organize your products into lists or groups to help you accurately manage them. You can seamlessly add photos and descriptions to each product, as well as scan bar codes to help you track specific products. from 

It allows integration with other solutions

The Zettle POS allows for integration with accounting and e-commerce solutions such as QuickBooks, Shopify, and WooCommerce. It also allows you to import your products from your e-commerce store, and these are automatically synced across the platforms. 

Hardware solutions are offered along with software

PayPal’s POS hardware solutions help merchants manage all aspects of their business, from sales to inventory. It offers entire POS systems, card readers, cash registers, and cash terminals.

PayPal Zettle Features At A Glance

  • In-app invoicing
  • Free sub-user accounts
  • Flat-rate predictable pricing
  • Contactless NFC + chip + PIN card reader
  • API
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Cash Transactions
  • Check Processing
  • Compliance Management
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Data Import/Export
  • Data Synchronization
  • Discount Management
  • Electronic Payments
  • Electronic Signature
  • Inventory Management
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Invoice Management
  • Invoice Processing
  • Mobile Card Reader
  • Supports Multi-Location
  • It Offers Real-Time Reporting
  • Receipt Management
  • Reporting/Analytics

What Are the Pros and Cons of PayPal Zettle?

Just like any system, PayPal Zettle has its own advantages and disadvantages. 

PayPal Contactless PaymentPayPal Zettle’s pros include:

It is free

Adoption of PayPal Zettle is free as the app can easily be downloaded at no cost from the respective stores.

No setup cost

The POS system offers a very low cost for adoption, and this puts it on par with the best and most affordable POS system on the market, Square POS.


The PayPal Zettle software is a great mobile-friendly app that allows you to access most of the features of the software on its mobile version. This means you can keep working and keep track of every aspect of your business on the go, making it a truly mobile-friendly point of sale solution.

It offers a simple way to manage inventory across multiple devices

The solution offers a very easy-to-manage inventory. This, coupled with its usability on virtually any device, both on the Android and iOS divide, makes it a good solution to consider for merchants who are just setting up.

Ideal for small volume merchants

Giving its low barrier of entry and adoption, it is a great choice for merchants who are just starting out or whose current transactions are still small. 


It offers limited integration

The POS solution offers limited integration, and this is one of its major cons that you might want to consider before making the jump to it. It has a streamlined number of third-party apps that can be integrated with it and, as such, does not offer flexibility in this area. This is a drawback you probably want to take a second look at and consider what other solutions you will be needing and if this is part of the few available on its list.

It makes use of your PayPal account for settlement rather than your bank account

While one of its strengths is its use of the company’s payment processing gateway, the fact that the company fulfils your payment and settlement using your PayPal account as opposed to your bank account is a little drawback that may not align with many merchants and business owners.

PayPal has a history of freezing of accounts

With the fact that payments are tied to PayPal accounts and with the company’s history of sometimes locking up or freezing accounts, this may not be the best option for some merchants. The company itself has a fine print footnote on its website that warns that payment may be held or delayed as transactions are subject to review.

No offline mode

This is another major con for the point-of-sale solution. Since it does not offer users the ability to use it in offline mode, any loss of connection automatically disrupts and brings business to a standstill.

Delay in receiving funds

Some users have reported delays of as much as two business days before funds are received.

Manual transfer to bank accounts and cross-border fees

Since its default mode of settlement is merchants’ PayPal accounts, funds need to be transferred to bank accounts and this has to be done manually. Many users do not find this ideal.

It is not ideal for high volume merchants

While small volume merchants will find it ideal for their level, merchants who are established and currently processing high volumes of transactions will not find it ideal. As such, if you are an established merchant, Zettle may not be for you.

Not so great customer care service

Users have reported that the solution’s customer care is not as great as should be expected. Customer service, they say, is sometimes very difficult to come by and this is something we feel the company needs to look into. A great product should be backed up with excellent customer care service that walks users through issues and brickwalls that may be encountered periodically.

Issues reported with the payment gateway

Users have reported occasional hitches with the point of sale’s payment processing as payments could not go through. This has been noted to hinder payment processing for businesses, thereby leading to a delay in transaction processing.

A Quick Overview of PayPal Zettle POS

POS for PayPalPlatforms supported




Support Channels


Knowledge Base


Phone Support

Email/Help Desk

How Does PayPal Zettle Compare with Other Point-of-Sale Solutions?

As noted earlier, Zettle stacks up very nicely with the very best of its peers, Square POS, which is judged as being the best in terms of cost, ease of use, terms, and rating among users.

Let’s take a look at how PayPal Zettle stacks up when compared with several others, some of the best in the industry. They are:

  • Square POS
  • Lightspeed POS
  • Rain POS
  • POS Nation
  • QuickBooks Payments

Zettle POS vs Square POS

When compared side by side, Square POS boasts more unique features than Zettle POS, but both have about 31 features in common.

Some unique features that stand Square POS apart from Zettle POS include: online payments, order processing, fraud detection, and sales history; while Zettle has unique features such as its mobile card reader, focused on retail, offers transaction monitoring, and provides for contactless NFC payments.

Zettle POS vs Lightspeed POS

Zettle POS and Lightspeed POS are both retail and restaurant focused point of sale systems. When compared side by side, Lightspeed appears to have more features than Zettle, although both share some similar features and stand at par on some levels.

Some of Lightspeed’s unique features include: table management; sales history; accounting, ordering automation; while PayPal Zettle POS, on the other hand, boasts unique features such as its reporting and statistics provision, retail inventory management, and inventory tracking.  

Zettle POS vs Rain POS

Both Zettle POS and Rain POS are similar in that they are both retail POS and point-of-sale solutions. They do, however, both stand apart with a number of features.

Rain POS has unique features such as purchase order management, pricing management, and enables you to offer loyalty programs and allows you to accept multiple currencies with its multi-currency provision.

On the other hand, Zettle boasts unique features such as its mobile card reader, transaction history, check processing, and transaction monitoring.

Zettle POS vs POS Nation

Both PayPal POS and POS Nation stack up nicely against each other, both having unique features which the other does not have. However, POS Nation has the following unique features: supplier management, pricing management, merchandise management, and offers ordering automation.

Zettle POS, on the other hand, stands out with its mobile card reader, check processing, transaction monitoring, and provision for data importation and export.

Zettle POS vs QuickBooks Payments 

When compared with the QuickBooks Payment solution, the PayPal Zettle POS stacks up more in terms of features.

QuickBooks Payments, however, offers some unique features when compared with Zettle POS such as mobile payments, credit card management, debit/credit card processing, as well as its automatic integration with QuickBooks.

Zettle POS, on its end, has returns management, inventory management, and third party integrations. 

How Do Users Rate PayPal Zettle?

Merchants who use PayPal Zettle have reported an ease in its adoption and use as it is very easy to set up and easy to understand its user interface. It was also easy for their employees to get the hang of and understand. As such, it scores highly for ease of use.

The brand’s card reader also scores highly among users as it not only affords them the ability to collect payments in person but also handles sales, inventory, reporting, and payments.

Users have reported having issues with its payment gateway as payments were not processed and this hampered business processes.

Who is PayPal Zettle Ideal For?

PayPal Zettle is ideal for both new businesses looking to adopt a point of sale system that is easy to use and will not bore a hole in their pockets as well as established and midsized businesses looking to change their point of sale system for one reason or another.

How Much Does PayPal Zettle Cost? 

As noted earlier, onboarding on PayPal Zettle is free, with no initial commitment or longstanding contractual agreements. You only pay transaction fees for each processed payment.

For card-present payments (chip and tap payments), PayPal Zettle rates are 2.29% + 9 cents. For keyed-in payments, a transaction fee of 3.49% + 9¢ applies. For payments received via payment link, invoices attract a transaction fee of 3.49% + 49¢ per transaction.

The platform also charges an extra 1.5% per transaction for cross-border transactions and a currency conversion fee of 3%. For instant deposits to a bank account, a transaction fee of 1.5% of the transfer amount applies, while the company also places a charge on the original transaction fee in cases of refunds. Chargebacks attract $20 each plus a possible $15 dispute fee.

Accessories available along with PayPal Zettle

PayPal Zettle HardwareThe PayPal Zettle card reader is called the Zettle Reader 2, which can be ordered in two different colours, black and white, goes for $29 and is delivered within 3 business days.

It can be purchased with the Zettle Dock, which is a charging stand for POS counters. You can easily charge the card reader with the USB charging cable that comes with it. You, however, do not need to do this too often as the card reader’s battery can go for as long as 8 hours or process a total of 100 transactions before a charge is needed.

The Zettle card reader connects wirelessly via WiFi, 3G, 4G, or 5G internet connections to your mobile device, which could be either your phone or tablet via Bluetooth.

The card reader accepts NFC contactless card payments from cards like MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, as well as payments from mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

Other accessories available from the Zettle shop are:

Zettle Dock 2 – Costs $49 exclusive of tax

Zettle Stand 360 – Costs $159 exclusive of tax

Additional Hardware Available in the PayPal Zettle Shop

Ready made store kit – This costs $249 excl. tax and $273.90 incl. tax and contains items such as Zettle Reader 2, Zettle Dock 2, Zettle Stand 360, and an Apple iPad, which is optional.

Store Kit Standard –  This kit goes for $499 excl. Tax and $548.90 incl. Tax and includes Zettle Reader 2, Zettle Dock 2, iPad Stand 360, Smart Printer, and Thermal Rolls for Smart Printer

Store Kit Plus – This bundle goes for $699 and $768.90 incl. Tax. It includes: Zettle Reader 2, Zettle Dock 2, Zettle Stand 360, Smart Printer, Thermal Rolls for Smart Printer, Barcode Scanner, and optional Apple iPad.


The PayPal Zettle, as highlighted in this piece, is an easily affordable point of sale system with its only drawbacks being issues with delayed payments; the unavailability of offline mode; and its use of PayPal as a payment processor. Its strength, as it were, is also its weakness since it draws its popularity from its ownership by a major payment processing giant. But aside from these drawbacks, and for merchants who especially do not mind the restrictions, PayPal Zettle will be a great choice to adopt. What’s more, it’s easy entry and no contractual restrictions make it a good solution to try out. Should it not be exactly what you need or cover all of your needs, you can always easily make the switch or upgrade. 


Q: Can PayPal be used as a POS?

A: Yes. PayPal Zettle is a comprehensive point of sale solution from PayPal that equips businesses with all the capabilities needed to run a retail store successfully. PayPal Zettle helps you streamline your transactions and business operations. Also, you can offer various payment options your shoppers prefer, including credit cards, QR codes, cash, and gift cards.

Q: What’s the difference between PayPal and Square?

A: One of the biggest differences between the two companies’ POS systems is that Square offers more business tools, which include employee management, PayPal’s features, on the other hand, are limited to payment. Square has a feature to schedule appointments within the app so that you can integrate your calendar with your payment platform.

Q: How do you receive money on PayPal?

A: Getting paid with PayPal   is actually easy. All you need to do is to follow the following steps:

Open the app and select Get paid.

Choose a PayPal user and enter the requested amount.

Add an emoji, GIF, or friendly note before choosing Request Now.

Q: Can I buy my own POS machine?

A: Very often, most businesses end up buying their point of sale systems from a reseller, rather than from the company that actually manufactures the system. In some circumstances, this is the only way you can buy the POS. Sometimes the company that manufactures these POS systems sells their equipment solely through certified distributors.

Q: Is PayPal here being discontinued in the US?

A: PayPal Here is no longer available for new merchants, since it has now been overtaken by PayPal Zettle. However, the company has assured that existing PayPal Here users can continue using PayPal Here, use and purchase PPH hardware, and retain their current processing rates.