3 Best Marine Management Software | Top Marina POS Systems

(Last Updated On: 07/28/2022)

best Marina POSThe best Marine POS system will offer you a unified solution for business management, seasonal/transient slip reservations, waiting lists, and leasing.

The right software will help you optimize dock utilization, simplify asset management, and attract more customers to the business. For enhanced customer experience and ease of use, you should get a POS system that is specifically designed for a Marina business. 

In this regard, you need to consider such aspects as security, mobile apps, marketing tools, and slip reservation system while shopping for the right one. Reviewed below are the top three Marina POS systems you should consider.

Best Marina POS Systems

POS System Hardware Cost Software Subscription Fees  
iMarina Not provided by the vendorQuote-Based 
MarinaGoOne-time Payment of at least $2500.00 per userContact the provider for a Quote
RevelDepends on the required hardware componentsStarting from $99/month, with a 3-year contract requirement

1.iMarinaThe Best Marina POS System Overall  

iMarina Management SystemiMarina POS hardware and software solutions have been developed by Marina owners and operators to speed up operations with minimal human input. Not only does this solution optimize your Marina management, but will also allow you to automate most operations in the facility. 

For instance, it will optimize power usage, invoicing and payments in your business. According to the Marine operators already using the system, iMarina will save you both time and money. The success of the iMarina POS system may be attributed to the range of industry-specific features it offers, including: 

Innovative Hardware Module 

iMarina hardwareThe iMarina hardware, along with its user software, is designed to retrofit existing electrical pedestals in your facility into an “Internet of Things” (IoT).

This allows for centralized On/Off control of individual outlets on your Marina. 

This setup will also offer you a readout of individual energy consumption from your Smartphone, laptop or tablet.

The boat owner or customer will also get individual On/Off control of berth outlets through the optional mobile App offered by the provider. 

Management On the Go

The iMarina Concierge Mobile App is equipped with an assortment of back-office Marina management tools. This makes it for you to monitor operations and manage the facility in real-time from your mobile device. 

The App also features customizable pricing and menu items, allowing you to update the site remotely from anywhere.It will also allow you to process credit card payment and manage order fulfillment from the mobile device 

Possible Downsides 

2. MarinaGo – The Best Mobile Point-of-Sale Mobile App 

MarinaGO POSSet to revolutionize the marina industry, the marina POS is innovative, customizable and convenient to use.

The cloud-based Marina POS solution will free you from the store counter, equipping to with all the management and sales tools you need on-the-go. 

With the app installed into your mobile device, you will be able to process payment from anywhere in the facility.

It features innovative fuel dock management capabilities and allows for one-touch synchronization to the back office. 

Other capabilities that make MarinaGo one of the best Marina POS systems include: 

Mobile Cash Register

Process sales transactions for sales activity in a mobile environment from anywhere at any given time with the marina POS system.The system supports mobile credit card processing through the Open Edge mobile app. 

You may also install a supported credit card reader to your mobile device. This allows you to process both swooped and keyed-in debit and credit card payments in real-time. In addition to processing traditional sales transactions, the app also supports internal house account charges. 

Mobile Fuel Management 

The system integrates seamlessly with fuel dispensers, allowing you to conveniently control your fuel dispensers from your phone.With this integration, you can authorize or de-authorize pumps conveniently from your mobile device. 

You will also be able to monitor the fuel dispensers in your facility from the MarinaGo POS application.It features a color-coded status display that correctly indicates the current status of every dispenser.

Possible Drawbacks 

Integrating QuickBooks service to the POS system is rather slow, takes more time than it should. 

3.Revel POS – The Best iPad-Based Marina POS System

Revel POS For MarinaRevel offers dynamic user options in its POS software solutions, including the Revel Marina POS system.

In addition to efficient Marina management, the software offers specialty retailers dynamic solutions and control to the user.

The system is capable of processing all forms of payments in a secure environment, as well as manage schedules and employees more effectively. The system supports a range of third-party programs, including QuickBooks to extend its functionality. Other likable Marina POS features and capabilities offered by Revel include: 

Digital Menu Boards

The system displays the many customizable menus dynamically. You may customize the menus to include such things as your logo, imagery, and promotional messages. You will also be able to manage them easily by syncing the content using Revel’s backend settings.

You may also rotate the displays by the day or even by the hour to show different menu offerings.

Fuel Pump Management

Efficiently manage fuel operations and convenience stores using stock alerts and fuel testing. Monitor fuel levels and convenience store data together from a single console. When you’re away, you can even access control over the fuel dispensers.

Possible Drawbacks 

The system is only usable in iPads and iOS devices; does not support Android devices. 

Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a Marina POS System

Make boating life more accessible and enjoyable to all your customers with the right Marina POS and management software.Get a solution that introduces the boaters to your offers, and make it easier for them to reserve transient slips. 

Only an industry-specific POS system will allow your customers to make lease reservations, obtain permits online or in person. Your preferred Marina POS software should also equip your staff with the right tools to manage a more efficient business and provide better support to your customers. 

Here are some of the considerations you should make while shopping for the best Marina POS system: 

Slip Reservation System (SRS)

Allow your customers to reserve slips in person, online or through your call center. With this feature, transactions from all the reservation channels will go through the POS system.

As such, they will be updated instantly to ensure that you always have up-to-date information at all times. Such a system will reduce the risk of double booking and other related errors. You may also customize the feature to meet your needs, and to generate user-defined reports. 

Online Booking 

Get a system that allows you to incorporate real-time direct booking capabilities to your Marina business website.

Integrated online booking makes it easier and more convenient for your customers to book from anywhere.

It will also make such reservations easier to manage while maximizing your direct bookings. Boaters will be able to view availability in your business based on site type, dates, or rates. The integration should also allow the customers to view photos, review property information, and make reservations directly from your website. 

Mobile Apps 

These will allow you to manage the business on the go. A POS system that comes with appropriate mobile Apps allows you to update and manage your site from anywhere in real-time.

For instance, the leading Marina POS mobile applications feature changeable menu items and pricing.Some of the best Marina POS mobile apps will also allow managing order fulfillment and process credit cards from a mobile device.

An in-built time clock will help you track the amount of time spent on each task. Some are even known to have time card management capabilities. In this regard, you will be able to add and edit time cards, add notes, work out total hours, or start/stop time remotely from your mobile device. 

Marketing Tools 

Marketing Tools The leading POS systems are designed to collect important customer data automatically while processing transactions.

In addition to this, you should consider getting one that features a range of effective marketing tools as well. 

With such a Marina POS system, you can develop social media campaigns, targeted emails, online spotlights, and other multimedia marketing campaigns.This will, in turn, extend your reach across different cultures, and generations and net in more customers for the business. 

Additionally, you will need a solution that helps you organize, send, monitor, and even report on important customer communication channels. This allows you to gain insight into how and when your customers would like to hear from you. 

Reporting and Analytics 

Reporting and Analytics Powerful reporting and analytic tools on your Marina POS software will allow you to measure results, and strategize business growth.

It should be capable of tracking and reconciling revenue in real-time. Again, it should generate the kind of reports that offer insight into purchasing trends and behavior. 

These will keep you well informed to make important business decisions at all times. 

Mobile Check-In 

This presents your customers with a convenient and secure way to confirm boat types, review your policies, redeem special offers, and make payments. As opposed to a standard check-in process, this option allows for express check-in.

With this capability, your customers will be able to check-in from anywhere and on any device with an internet connection.You may also list additional offerings on the check-in screen for your customers to see. 

The self-service technology may be programmed to automatically display various options at various check-in stages. This capability has been proven to increase property upsells in marina businesses. By allowing your customers to input and confirm their information, you will also reduce errors in the process. 

Dynamic Pricing 

The right Marina POS system should be capable of adjusting pricing and rates automatically in relation to demand and supply in the industry.Rather than sticking to flat rates, the intuitive feature will help you come up with pricing rules in accordance with occupancy levels. 

Such an intervention can help you maximize occupancy and profitability in your business throughout the year. In its functioning, the feature will increase revenue to the business during periods of high demand and lower rates during the off-season to attract more customers. 

Some of the leading Marina POS software options will also allow you to incorporate time frames into the dynamic pricing feature. Such a system can be programmed to apply different rates depending on different designated factors at any given time. 

Fuel and Parts Management 

Manage the marina with all the boats in it, along with the fuel and Parts on offer in your business from a central point. This is the convenience you will get with the right marina-specific POS system implemented in your site. 

The software you choose should support order entry for both eCommerce, and warehouse orders. It should also feature built-in Special Order tracking capabilities for Service and POS. The system should allow for easy and quick parts lookup in the register. 

Integrations Support 

Some of the best Marina POS systems are known to offer pretty much everything you need to run and manage the business. However, you may still need to scale the system and expand its functionality as the business grows. This is why you should get one that allows you to integrate with third-party services. 

Your preferred software should support such integrations as online transient reservations, fuel management, EMV credit card processing, and mobile launch scheduling applications. These will expand the functionality of your Marina POS system, allowing for easier and efficient business management. 

Final Verdict 

Simplify things for you and your customers, and market the business more effectively with the right Marina POS system.An industry-specific POS system will connect the facility to boaters 24/7. The right solution will also make it easier for you to offer your services to more boaters. 

Your preferred Marina software option should display the variety of on and off-water services you offer in a mobile-friendly and appealing manner. Regardless of your personal preferences, this guide will help you choose the best Marina POS system.