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(Last Updated On: 10/02/2022)

floral POS systemsFlorists can once again enjoy their flower businesses by using a customizable and florist-specific point of sale system (POS).

With one of these systems, florists can better streamline and automate their activities, saving them time when running their flower shops.

Florist specific POS systems can make the job of managing inventory and taking orders in the floral industry a lot easier. The systems can be integrated with your flower shop website and work offline as well. You may host your own website or use a flower wire service, so it's important to find a POS system that can work with both. Some systems can even take phone orders.

One of the best features of a florist specific POS system is its special pricing features. You can set prices for certain flowers or for a certain day of the week. The system will also help you to monitor the expiration of certain items. This will allow you to determine whether there are any items in your inventory that have spoiled prematurely. Lastly, these systems can help you evaluate the quality of your suppliers.

A florist specific POS system can also send emails and newsletters to customers. This helps you to maintain a stronger relationship with your customers. Some systems also include GPS integration and Google Maps integration. These tools can help you plan and manage your deliveries. While there are only a few florist specific POS systems on the market, many of them are worth considering.

Another great feature of a florist specific POS system is the ability to track inventory. You can also answer customer questions without having to walk through the store. Having an accurate inventory list is a vital part of the floral business. This is especially true if you sell seasonal flowers. The software can also make it easier to market to customers, and help you increase sales.

By utilizing time-saving strategies, you’ll have more time to spend with your customers, which will also help you to increase your customer satisfaction rating. 

While every florist’s shop is unique, there are many similarities shared among flower shops, especially when it comes to organizing the business. In a flower shop, you’ll need to make sure you can track your inventory, take different payment options, and organize your business. Only a POS system that’s specific to your industry can help you overcome the common challenges faced by many florists.

When deciding on your florist-specific POS system, you’ll need to think about things like sales commissions, delivery notifications, multi-dimensional records, customer deposits, and how you’ll track your flower deliveries. You’ll also want to make sure you get a POS system that can create custom labels, and also sends you maintenance alerts. Below we’ll cover four of the most highly rated flower shop point of sale systems. 

Best Florist POS Systems

1.FloraNext POS – The Best Choice Overall for Florist POS Systems 

If you want a point of sale system that’s designed with the latest technology for your flower shop, then consider FloraNext’s POS system.

One striking thing about this POS system is that they offer a free trial to new members, so you can figure out, without spending anything, how well this POS system will work for you.

Using the FloraNext system, you don’t have to worry about wire service membership fees, and you’ll never be forced to use their credit card processor unless you want to utilize it. 

Simple Florist Delivery Routing

With FloraNext’s florist POS, you can set-up multiple routes to pave the way for success with your local deliveries.

You can use the maps tool in FloraNext, and the system’s floral software will select the best route for your destinations as well as returning to your shop in seconds.

You’ll be able to print maps as well as turn by turn directions to make things easier for your drivers. Or, you can send the information directly to your driver’s Smartphones. 

Informative Florist Reports

Using FloraNext’s point of sale software reports will make it simple for you to assess what’s going on in your flower shop. You’ll be able to see data regarding your web and POS sales, deliveries, the time of day, and much more.

Since the FloraNext POS system is made especially for florists, you’ll always see a list of full flower shop data whenever you want to view that information.


Since FloraNext is free to try out, you don’t have to sacrifice anything or pay anything upfront to use this POS system. If you decide to continue with the POS system, FloraNext offers a variety of transparent pricing options, which they’ll share with you after you’ve signed up for the free trial.

Their pricing is very fair and transparent, so you don’t need to be worried about being overcharged. Their basic plan starts at $29.99 per month.

2. Floristware POS –  Best Automated Florist POS System

If you want the best-automated florist POS system, then consider FloristWare. FloristWare has been around for over ten years and offers an excellent independent POS solution for florists.

With FloristWare, you can get control of your business again and never have to worry about entanglements again. This POS system will help you save time and money, and also drive up your sales. 

Streamlined and Automated

FloristWare has been making things easier for florists across the country. With this POS system, you can streamline and automate your flower shop’s daily arrangements.

Since you’ll be saving time and money, you’ll be able to bring up profits and increase your sales. This POS system can also help you improve customer service, which means the retention of more customers and better business profits. 

Easy to Use

FloristWare also offers several powerful features that are simple to use. Because the software is so powerful, the features are natural to utilize.

The easier it is for you to handle your business, the more you’ll accomplish, the better customer service you’ll provide, and the better profits you’ll make.

You’ll be able to enter phone orders into your POS software easily, and you’ll quickly boost your success. 

Integrates Easily with Websites, Relay, and Others

FloristWare integrates quickly with all of the well-known credit card processing providers, floral e-commerce websites, and other order relay services. With this software, you’ll be able to pick and choose from the top options in every category. 


FloristWare pricing starts at $100 per month, which is a bit pricier when compared to our first option. However, the automation within this system is impressive, and that’s why many other florists are willing to pay the price. If you can save extra time, you’ll also save money, and that’s what makes this POS machine such an excellent option.

3.QuickFlora POS – Best Integrated Shop Management System 

If you’re looking for a POS system that’s well-integrated, then consider QuickFlora’s POS system. With QuickFlora’s POS software, you’ll be able to meet all of your needs and stay within your budget. If you want a faster way of making floral profits, then QuickFlora could be your key. 

QuickFlora is a proven and effective POS system that was created by florists and made for florists.

QuickFlora was designed by professional florists so that it could meet all of their organizational needs and provide florists with an organized shop management system. 

The Latest Technology

QuickFlora’s POS system is based on the latest technology, allowing you to lower your costs and boost your sales. You’ll have everything you need to be integrated into one system. Best of all, this POS system has no limits.

Since QuickFlora operates as an independent software company, you won’t have to pay any membership fees to use QuickFlora, and you also won’t have to worry about wire service fees. QuickFlora offers a free 30-day trial so that you can try out the service for free. 

Easy Switching

If you decide to switch over to QuickFlora, you’ll be able to switch over quickly. QuickFlora will export your data and then import it back into your system so that you retain your customer balances.

You’ll also be allowed to retain the same customer IDs. You’ll be free to use your old hardware, Windows or MAC. QuickFlora also doesn’t require a server to maintain it to back it up. QuickFlora handles everything so that you can focus on your flower shop.    

Large Order Processing

With QuickFlora, you can process over 100,000 orders monthly if you own a massive, multi-location flower shop chain. However, QuickFlora also works well for small shops that only have one terminal. The typical QuickFlora florist has about four terminals and takes around thirty deliveries daily. 

Wonderful Integration

QuickFlora offers total integration for your flower shop. You’ll be able to share every detail of an order to every other person or part of your shop that requires that information in real-time.

That way, you’ll be able to process your flower orders more easily. With QuickFlora, you’ll get a complete management system that utilized flower order data in all areas of the business, daily. 


QuickFlora costs $99 monthly. For that small amount, you’ll get a completely integrated system that you can use to bolster and boost your flower shop sales. 

4.Shopkeep POS

Shopkeep is one of the most popular POS systems for quick-serve businesses, including florist shops. It rates #1 in AppStore. It’s reasonably priced, easy to use, and can be adapted to the needs of the floral business in a matter of minutes.

The fast round the clock customer service makes using this POS even simpler. ShopKeep doesn’t advertise plans prices on its website. Rather, you’d have to request a quote directly from them.

However, we have found that most small to mid-size businesses should expect a fee of $69/register/month. While this is not the cheapest option. It’s a reasonable offer for a small business.

The cost includes round the clock customer support, free two-hour setup session with an expert, ShopKeep pocket iOS app (also available on Android), unlimited inventory, and unlimited staff tracking. ShopKeep also offers contractual options, which might be cheaper. Each additional register (after the first three) costs $29/month.

Hardware and Operating System Requirements

Hardware for this POS system is available at online stores. ShopKeep offers experts to help with the setup. Right now the software works only on iOS7 (iPad 2 or newer, iPhone or iPad Mini). ShopKeep is working on adding Android apps.


ShopKeep provides a variety of features necessary for retail stores. It allows you to choose exactly what you need for your business. The system offers its own credit card processor so you don’t have to bother with finding your own. Color coding, custom layouts, and automatic discounts make the checkout faster and help you avoid lines.

ShopKeep is famous for its powerful inventory management feature that can deal with a business of any size and any products. This is especially useful for a large floral business with a big variety of flowers, bouquets, and accessories.

The system helps you evaluate your employee’s performance, time their working hours, and report on the overall efficiency of the sales staff. Meanwhile, the system tracks your customers to help you arrange marketing campaigns.

ShopKeep also offers a multi-store capability for the florists who are planning to expand their business. You can either view each individual store or compare them on a parent website. The PocketApp allows you to keep track of your business no matter where you are. The application is available for both iOS and Android.

Offline Mode

The cloud-based POS system is completely dependent on the Internet Connection. ShopKeep can continue working even when you are offline. Since no one is immune to Internet outages, this is a useful feature.

Client Service

ShopKeep offers high quality 24/7/365 customer support, the cost of which is included in the fee. You can contact the specialists via email, phone, chat or social media. Thanks to the big number of customer support staff, they are quick and responsive.


ShopKeep is a good option for floral business, whether it’s a small shop or a growing company. While this POS system is not the most sophisticated one on the market, it can be a great help for floral shop owners looking to improve their business.

5.Lightspeed Retail

Lightspeed Retail is a versatile point-of-sale system, which works on various devices and desktops. It’s mostly suitable for small and mid-sized businesses but can also work for large companies. Lightspeed is a great choice for a floral shop since it has all the options necessary to make such a company flourish.


The pricing is suitable for a floral business of any size and depends on the number of registers and employees.

The cheapest plan is $99/month, which is billed annually and includes 1 register and up to 5 employees. The next plan costs $169/month and includes 2 registers and 10 employees. The largest plan costs $228 and includes up to 4 registers and 20 employees.

You can also take advantage of the add-ons for bigger businesses. Each additional register and 3 employees will cost you $59/month. One additional employee is $9/month. You can also pay $25/month for an Advanced Reporting plan that includes Lightspeed Dashboard app.

All plans provide the user 24/7/365 customer support, cloud backups, reporting options and software updates.

Hardware and Operating System Requirements

The RetailApp and all the software that comes with it works with any iPad (3rd generation or above) or iPhone.The company sells several hardware kits that include registers, iPad stands.

Bluetooth socket scanners, USB receipt printers, receipts, and more. You can purchase the hardware separately if required. Lightspeed customer support specialists can do both hardware and software troubleshooting if the need comes up.


This system offers a variety of features to make the floral business grow, as well as make business management easier. Lightspeed offers multi-tender options and accepts all types of payments, including credit cards, checks, gift cards, and even store credit.

Additionally, gift certificates and cards can be reused. You can use the discount option and take advantage of the sales delay option, and the sale can be resumed on another device if needed. If you opt for the basic inventory management options, it can be more than enough for a floral business.

Category managements, descriptions, and recorder points are available. Advanced features include customizable tags and bulk item management. The purchase order management allows you to track vendors and receive/return orders. A new feature RTV (return to vendor) simplifies the return of flowers and accessories due to damage and errors.

You can manage your employees by tracking their working time (basic time clock is included) and the sales they make within a certain period of time. A floral business owner can truly appreciate the customer relationship management option available from Lightspeed. You can add customer information on your iPad or desktop.

Track their addresses and other contact information, such as credit limits, transactions, and preferences. Further, you can create several customer categories to make discounts and track balances. Lightspeed provides outstanding reporting options. You can customize your reports to suit the size of your business and other personal preferences.

You can also check out the profits, the cost of the inventory, and the most profitable products. The reporting system allows you to check out how effective your promotions are and help you visualize the results of your work.

Offline Mode

Lightspeed is a hybrid platform, which allows you to use the system both on and offline. Whenever you are suffering from slow internet speed or connection loss, you can use the system on your desktop or iPad in the offline mode.

Customer Support

Customer support for both software and hardware is included in each of the payment plans. They are available 24/7/365 and can be reached via chat, phone, forums, and email.


The variety of features offered by Lightspeed Retail allows any floral business owners to make the management faster and easier. This easy-to-use solid solution is one of the best available on the market today. An intuitive interface coupled with strong functionality and smart features make Lightspeed Retail a worthy POS option for a florist.

What Do You Need in a Floral POS System?

When choosing a perfect Floral POS System for your needs, you should consider several things:

1. Budget

Depending on the size of your business, you need to set up a budget for the POS. Expensive POS systems usually have a huge variety of features, which are not required for a floral business or a smaller scale business.

Essentially, you may be paying for useless stuff. Study the list of add-ons on the pricing list. Perhaps you can set up a personal plan that can cost you less than a preset one. Some companies offer flexible pricing depending on business type and size.

2. Customer Relationship Management

Since your business depends on customer relations, you need to look for a system that has solid customer management options.

A good system can store all the customers’ information, including contacts, preferences, outstanding balances, and orders.

This information can help you when you are creating deals or designing a solid marketing approach. The customer relationship management options differ and can include some interesting perks.

3. Hardware Compatibility

If you already have the hardware, you need to look for a POS system that is compatible with the equipment you already own.

Most of the time, companies offer both software and hardware packages to make the life of a new business owner easier. If you already invested in the hardware, you need to take a closer look at compatibility.

4. Discount System Management

Most of the time florists need to integrate a discount system for some of their clients or as part of a promotion.

A built-in option to make discounts and special offers is imperative for a POS system used by floral shops.

5. Smart Reporting

While you might feel uneasy reading about the hundreds of reports a certain POS system offers, they actually can make your life easier! If the options are extensive, you probably won’t have trouble choosing the right reporting option for your needs.

6. Cloud Option

Being able to manage your business when you are on the run is one of the most important options for a modern business owner. While a cloud POS system is not compulsory, it can significantly facilitate your business management.

7. Solid Customization

Since not all POS systems are created specifically for the florist business, the one you choose should be customizable enough to help you run it according to your personal preferences and the company’s requirements.

Customization has been growing as a popular trend in recent years, thanks to the increasing desire for personalized products. While it used to be confined to items like personalized mugs and mobile cases, it has now become an online industry that spans every aspect of the consumer journey. Some brands have built entire businesses around product customization, and many are incorporating the trend into their shopping experience to increase customer satisfaction.

The first step in creating a customized product is understanding the needs of the market. For example, if you're selling software online, you'll have a different customer base than if you're selling physical products. Trying to sell to everyone will result in a product that will appeal to no one. Therefore, you'll need to tailor the product to cater to specific user segments, and this means providing additional features and capabilities.

Another way to customize products is through the use of configurators. These configurators let customers input specific information about the product, such as size and color. This approach is best for companies that need to meet the needs of a changing customer base. For example, a company might offer a generic product and then allow the customer to change it.

Providing product customization also improves brand loyalty. Personalized products are preferred by customers, and this creates a personal connection between the brand and the customer. This helps in retaining customers and boosting sales.