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Six Tips For Working Mom’s Managing A Small Business

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Last updated on March 4th, 2019 at 10:50 am

Working Moms Managing A Small BusinessBeing a mother is a full-time job — a never-ending job. The perks of being one are endless, but at the same time.

it comes with challenges that you need to face on a daily basis. Despite all of these, a mother shouldn’t stop doing things she enjoys.

This is probably the reason why ‘mompreneurs’ are very common these days. They are mothers who run their own business that usually have something to do with their hobbies or things they love to do.

It could be a mom who works at home as a wedding planner. It could also be someone who runs her photography studio, a writer, and the list goes on.

Being a mompreneur is like hitting two birds with one stone. You not only get to fulfill your passion, but you also help with the household finances.

However, managing a small business is also a full-time job in addition to being a wife and a mother.

That said, here are six work-life balance tips for all the hardworking mompreneurs out there.

‘Me Time’

One big mistake that you can do as a mother is to always put yourself on the last spot of your priority list. And with a small business to manage, things can get even worse.

If you continue doing this, it’s only a matter of time before you find yourself so stressed out which will affect your health negatively.

You need to make time for yourself as a working mom. The definition of ‘me time’ can be different from one mother to another.

For some, it means pampering themselves by going to the spa. Reading their favorite books is also an example of ‘me time’ for others. It could even be as simple as not doing and worrying about anything at all.

You may argue that you don’t have the time for ‘me time.’ That is why it’s important that you talk to the whole family about it.

Your partner, for instance, can take the kids out to the park to give you a few hours just for yourself.

You are only human, and you wouldn’t be capable of helping others, especially your family, if you don’t help yourself first.

Health is wealth

As a busy mother and entrepreneur, you should be ready for anything that life will throw at Health is wealthyou. Having goals is a good thing, but overexerting yourself isn’t.

Besides, you wouldn’t be able to take care of your family and your business if you are sick.

So aside from regular ‘me time’ schedules, see to it that you also eat healthily. Stay away from fast foods no matter how tempting they are because of your hectic schedule.

If cooking healthy meals at home and packing them to your office isn’t possible, the better alternative would be healthy snacks in vending machines.

Finally, there’s exercise which is commonly missing in the daily routine of a mompreneur. The key is being creative and making the most out of your time.

If your child is still in his toddler years, you can do stroller workout and exercises when you’re out and about.

If your children are old enough, you can take them with you to the gym.

It’s even better this way because you’re not only benefiting from working out, but you’re also encouraging them to have a healthy lifestyle.

Best of all, you get to spend some quality time with your kids.

Saying “no” is not a bad thing

Ironic as it may be, you often say no to your kids at home, but you find it hard to do so at work. The truth is, saying “no” is an essential skill that all mompreneurs need to learn before it’s too late.

It’s understandable that you want to maximize every opportunity that comes along but doing so can actually do more harm than good.

Don’t agree to every request that you receive from your clients or business partners. When you do, the chance that you’ll take your work home is very high — exactly not what work-life balance is.

Also, keep in mind that saying “no” doesn’t always mean “never.” Sometimes it just means that you can’t do it today you’ll still do it some other time.

It’s all about managing your workload more efficiently by knowing which tasks should be prioritized first.


As a small business owner, it’s important that you know the importance of delegating tasks to lessen as much of the workload as possible.

Assigning some tasks to other people is not, in any way, a sign of being lazy. After all, there’s only so much that you can do on your own.

At home, what you want to do is divide household tasks to each member especially if your children are already old enough.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your partner, kids, relatives, and even close friends.

Letting your children do some of the work at home is an excellent way to teach them responsibility at a young age.

You are probably already delegating tasks in your business. Take things to the next level by utilizing a managed print service.

Don’t believe the myth that a managed print service is expensive or that it’s only for large organizations.

Printing solutions that will benefit even the smallest of businesses are available and are cost effective which makes them a good investment so keep that in mind.

Put a boundary between work and family

Another common mistake that mompreneurs make is taking their work at home. Similarly, issues at home should not be taken to work.

You should only focus on what’s in front of you. Doing both at the same time will make one or the other suffer more.

So if you’re at home spending quality time with your family, keep away your phone (unless it’s something urgent) and refrain from checking your emails.

The last thing you want is for your family members, especially your kids, to feel that you’re putting your work above them.

They may not tell you about it, but they’ll know it when you’re not giving them 100% of your attention.

And while it’s so difficult to do, what happens at home should remain at home. Thinking about non-work related stuff will not help you reach your professional goals.

Keep things simple by working when you’re supposed to and don’t when you’re not.

Reach out to other working moms

The last tip is for you to reach out to other mompreneurs like yourself. One website worth checking is Forum for Women Entrepreneurs (FWE).

There, you can find subtopics dedicated to moms who own small businesses.

There are also mompreneur groups in Linkedin where you can interact with other moms who run small businesses.

You can also find a local mom group so you can talk to other mompreneurs face-to-face. It’s an excellent way to make new friends, and it qualifies as a ‘me time.’

Being connected to other mompreneurs is an excellent way to learn more ‘tricks of the trade’.

If you’re having difficulties achieving work-life balance, there are no better people to give you advice than other moms who went through the same things just as you did.


What you need to realize is that you are a person. You are an individual who has passion and goals outside of your family.

Going after your dreams does not mean that you are selfish. Managing your small business shouldn’t get in the way of your family and vice versa.

Mothers are the best jugglers in the world, and with the tips above, you should be able to become successful both as a mom and as a woman.

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