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Last updated on May 6th, 2020 at 10:41 am

Retail Pro is a device-agnostic, flexible specialty retail point of sale (POS) system. Being one of the best retail POS systems in the industry, RetailPro features powerful inventory management and replenishment capabilities.   

The comprehensive business management solution also offers some of the best promotions, employee, and customer management tools. You will also get a feature-rich back office solution for convenient reporting, and remote business management. 

It has been helping retailers of all sizes overcome data fragmentation, and tailor the POS system to their specific workflows, and branding. Throughout this Retail Pro POS system review, you will learn what makes the solution stand out. 

Retail Pro POS Alternatives 

POS System Software Subscription Cost Best Suited For
Retail ProQuote-BasedSpecialty retail verticals, including footwear, apparel, electronics, luxury, toys, gifts, home furnishings, and sporting goods stores. 
Google Cloud PlatformQuote-BasedIT, Developers and DBA customers of all sizes
FishBowl $4,395 one-time paymentWholesale distributors, manufacturers, government entities, and retailers. 
ShopKeepQuote-BasedSmall to medium-sized quick-service restaurants, and bars and retailers


Retail Pro Benefits 

  • Offers powerful POS and management tools for specialty retailers
  • Features a unified commerce solution that is built on to the POS system
  • Supports end-to-end integration with key retail applications through its API
  • The software is localized for regional requirements 
  • Compliant with regional tax and fiscal requirements 

Possible Drawbacks  

Depending on your specific POS requirement, Retail Pro can be quite costly. Again, it offers only a few days of filters. 

Retail Pro Pricing 

Retail Pro is just the developer of the retail POS and management software and does not sell the product directly. The system is sold through authorized company resellers. Although the price may vary from one reseller to another, it will mainly depend on your specific POS requirements. 

The resellers offer everything you require, right from the software and hardware components to peripherals and technical support. The provider does not offer a free trial period as the system is locally installed. 

Retail Pro 9 is currently offered in three main editions, all of which come at different price points. The three are: 

  • Small Business Edition – Meant for local retail operations, including franchises, independent retailers, and small business owners. 
  • Global Edition – Best suited for independent specialty retailers in need of enhanced control and precise insights. 
  • Global Enterprise Edition – Specifically designed for multi-national operators. This plan supports unlimited sites and seats. 

Retail Pro Prism 

This is a web-based interface for the Retail Pro POS system. The solution is designed to integrate seamlessly with all versions of Retail Pro 9. All these solutions are Quote-Based, but current users have revealed that the Small Business Edition costs about $11,000. 

This price includes the software, required hardware, upgrades, and technical support. Depending on the number of stations you need and the type of peripherals required, the price can quickly add up.

Retail Pro Hardware and System Requirements 

Retail Promise one of the best locally-installed retail POS systems you can get. As such, it requires traditional servers and backups for data security and multi-station operation. For the dedicated server, you will need to have Windows 2008 R2 (64-bit) or Win 2012 operating system, if you will be installing Retail Pro 9.3.

The unit needs to have at least Core i7 at 2GHz processing speed for a network of four to five workstations. If you need to network six to ten stations, the server needs to have a Xeon processor at 2GHz. A Duo Core Xeon processor can support more than 10 workstations. 

With regards to memory requirements, the server should have at least 8GB of RAM and a 10k RPM hard drive. 

Workstation Requirements: 

The workstation computer on a Retail Pro POS network needs to run on Windows 7 Professional (64-bit) or higher operating system. It needs to have at a Core i3 CPU @ 2GHz or better and a 7200 RPM hard drive.

Retail Pro Key Features 

Though locally installed, Retail Pro is a scalable, and flexible retail point of sale and business management solution. It allows for easy customization to suit different business requirements. The system has been proven to offer some of the best customer, staff, and inventory management tools. 

Additionally, it features exceptional KPI reporting and an intuitive user interface. Discussed below are several other aspects that make Retail Pro one of the best retail POS systems. 


Operational reporting to help maximize the value of your business data. This feature is designed to help retailers gain valuable insight into the entire business. Would you like to address specific data metrics? Retail Pro allows you to dig into complex data for further analysis. 

In this regard, it allows you to build your own set of complex queries and create complex expressions showing data across the areas of your business. The system also allows you to sort, slice, and dice your data independent of the original layout.

For more complex analysts, the solution allows for the analysis of report results with such expressions as (ab), (a – b), and (a(b-c)). You may also use simple and advanced modes to analyze report results, depending on the level of complexity you desire. Other reporting tools that will come in handy include: 


Data presentation with Retail Pro is clear and straightforward. The system will present your data in the form of dashboards, with clear graphic visuals. This makes it easier for you to analyze results, summarize performance, and explore necessary trends in your business. 

Retail Pro Dashboards will allow you to dig into any key performance indication (KPI) you are interested in, with detailed results for each graph. The solution is also capable of multidimensional analysis. 


Retail Pro can analyze data in important business processes and generate insights to help you improve performance and productivity. It ensures that the decision-maker (s) get real-time data to influence decision making in your business. 

Escalate business condition response quickly and automatically with alerts and schedule regular reports distribution to the relevant persons in your team. 

Point of Sale and Checkout Tools 

Retail Pro software allows for easy and flexible entry of items on the register using general description, barcodes, optional touchscreen item buttons, or manual lookup. You may also lookup customers using phone numbers, names, company information, and driver’s license information. 

Afterward, you will have the flexibility if displaying as much or little information on the item or customer you were searching for. Issue and track fully-integrated gift cards, gift certificates, and store credit across multiple locations in real-time.

Other Retail Pro register tools that will simplify and speed up transactions at the checkout include: 

Secure Returns 

Prevent fraudulent activity among your employees with Retail Pro’s built-in verification process. The system will also centralize the processing of merchandise returns in your business. 


Speed up POS transactions with user-defined touchscreen cash, and quantity (multiplier) buttons. The system will also automate pricing and discounts at the point of sale based on customer type, including wholesale, retail, and employees. 

Discounting may also be effected based on the season, date, or number of units purchased. With this system, you can easily place sale receipts on hold or un-hold them from any terminal in the store. 


Discreetly monitor specific suspicious activities, including sales cancellations and system reboots in any of your POS stations for further investigation. You can also collect miscellaneous demographic and marketing data discreetly at the checkout. 

Capable of tracking non-sale cash added or removed from the cash register, such as petty cash used to buy office supplies for the store. 

Retail Pro Planning 

Optimize your retail inventory with this innovative planning functionality. Although inventory is the biggest asset in your business, products that remain in the warehouse are tied up money. This is why you need to avoid overbuying any inventory item.

This feature is primarily designed to forecast sales and plan the inventory. The functionality will also connect you to buy software and expert consulting service. All these are meant to help retailers evaluate their inventory and purchasing strategies while making the necessary improvements. 

You will get an intelligent Dashboard in the cloud. This dashboard leverages historical sales data, industry trends and store trends to forecast future sales. This has been helping retailers buy the right inventory items in the right quantities and at the right time. 

Customer Management and Loyalty

Keep an accurate track of an unlimited number of customers and drive repeat business to your retail store. To begin with, Retail Pro allows retailers to set up unlimited user-defined fields to help track miscellaneous customer information like favorite color, birthday, and size. 

Allows for easy access to customer purchasing histories, allowing your sales representatives to offer personalized services and recommendations. You may use security levels ton define who can view certain customer personally identifiable information. 

The integrated customer loyalty program allows for tier rewards based on customer spending, visits, profitability, and other metrics. Additionally, the solution is capable of segmenting customers for marketing campaigns based on specific customer KPIs and/or purchasing metrics. 

Franchise Business Support 

Retail Pro is equipped with a wide range of features and capabilities for single and multi-location franchise businesses. It will offer you broad visibility into franchisee sales performance as well as detailed transactional data for all levels of business.

Gain enhanced transparency and accuracy into your franchise business revenue and activity to verify and expedite royalty payments and fees. Increase sales and customer loyalty by issuing and tracking fully-integrated gift cards, gift certificates and store credit across the entire franchise enterprise

Customer Support 

Retail Pro customer support is responsive and helpful in resolving any POS problem you may be having. You will also get training and documentation to help you learn how to use the POS system. 

You may contact their customer support team through +1 916 605 7200 for phone support. The provider also offers email and chat support through its official website.

Final Verdict 

With a vast array of specialty retail features and tools to offer, Retail Pro is definitely worth the dime. It features an adaptive user interface, allowing retailers to configure and customize their operational screen to their specific requirements. 

With such a retail management solution, you can define workflows for all users, and extend branding to all the customer Touchpoints in your business. The solution also offers ad-hoc reporting and e-commerce features.  It is such aspects that make Retail Pro one of the best retail POS systems in the industry. 

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