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Top 10 Office Reception Chairs 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Last updated on March 13th, 2019 at 08:16 am

office reception chairsOne of the most overlooked and underappreciated areas in an office space is the reception area.

It usually has the least amount of focus because most of your time is spent at improving your practice, rather than focusing on the chairs in the reception.

The Importance of Office Reception Chairs

Giving your customers the best overall experience starts soon as they walk in the door.

If the reception area is not welcoming or comfortable, your customers will have a bent towards a more negative view of the office.

We know that you want to focus on building your business so we researched the best office reception chairs to purchase.

Not only will these chairs make your office look more inviting, but they also are very comfortable.

By knowing what to look for in a office reception chair, you will be able to win your customer over from the moment they enter your office.

Top 10 Office Reception Chairs 2019

All of these recommended office chairs have a high customer satisfaction rating, vary in price, and will accommodate different tastes and office cultures.

  1. Flash Furniture BT-1404-WH-GG White Leather Guest/Reception Chair with Black Frame Finish – This chair offers a modern look at a budget. The white leather provides a modern look to the office while making it easier to protect against stains. Additionally, the contoured cushions, padded arms, and black frame offer an elegant look for an office.

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  1. Flash Furniture BT-353-WH-GG White Leather Executive Side/Reception Chair with Mahogany Legs – With a slightly higher price tag, but more sophisticated look, this chair includes box stitching on the seat and back. Additionally, with the mahogany finished wood legs, this chair will definitely be a great choice for the office spaces that are higher end.

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  1. Boss B8999-C Mid Back Wood Finished Guest ChairsBoss’s black leather chair comes with the classic wood design and is available in cherry or mahogany wood finish. Topped off with breathable caresssoft plus upholstery, this chair is a great fit for offices that want their customers comfortable and are willing to spend a little more on a chair.

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  1. Flash Furniture GO-1156-BN-GG Brown Microfiber Executive Side Chair with Sled Base – If comfort is the name of the game with you office, this brown microfiber executive chair will be your choice. Just be careful, if your reception is ever in the sun, your customers could get hot quickly.

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  1. Boss Office Products B809-BK Wingback Traditional Guest Chair in Black – For those who focus on one or two customers at a time (e.g. professional services), the traditional wingback chair would be a great fit in your office. This chair comes with the class traditional button tufted styling, hand applied brass nail head trim, and has an elegant mahogany wood finish.

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  1. Flash Furniture B-Z100-LF-0005-BK-LEA-GG Black Leather Luxurious Conference Chair with Casters – If having wheels on the chair is a requirement for you, then Flash’s chairs with casters will check that box. This black leather chair has an open back design and is priced right under $100.

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  1. Lorell Guest Chairs, 24 by 25 by 35-1/2-Inch, Espresso/Taupe – The standard, yet high quality chair that most offices have is Lorell’s guest chairs. The espresso/taupe coloring provides flexibility for fitting into almost any office design. While it may not look like it justifies the $120 price, the lumbar support, sturdy wood frame, and high reviews provide a different story.

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  1. Boss Office Products B619 Box Arm Guest Chair with Mahogany Finish in Black – Another common chair that you might see in an office is Boss’s arm guest chair. This mahogany finished chair comes with a soft and durable caressoft upholstery.

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  1. HERCULES Series 661 lb. Capacity Black Sled Base Stack Chair with Air-Vent Back – For those who are on a much tighter budget for chairs and simply want to provide your customers with a place to sit, HERCULES’s basic chair has your covered. Coming right under $33, these black plastic chairs provide the benefit of being stacked at the end of the day or when moving spaces.

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  1. Boss Office Products B6409 Mesh Back Guest Chair with Pewter Finish in Black – Lastly, Boss’s modern looking chair is equipped with a leather seat and a breathable mesh backrest, allowing the clients to remain cool on those hot days.

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There is a large selection of chairs and it can be overwhelming to try and understand which chairs to focus on.

Choosing the best color, understanding your company’s culture and how chairs play into that, and knowing how to purchase them will give you a lot of confidence in making this purchase.

How to Choose the Best Color for Your Office Reception Chair

Chances are, you have been into an office that has white walls, grey chairs, dull carpet, and 5-year old magazines.

While this might get the job done, it has an impact on your customer’s experience. Chairs can be a simple fix to adjusting the mood of the room.

Here are a few guidelines when thinking about choosing the best color for your chair:

Do not make it too bold: Keep the space professional and stay within a neutral color pallet. If you want to add color, consider mixing color into the pattern of the upholstery.

Additionally, there are some chairs that might have a colored frame, which still gives you a conservative look but allows you to add some flavor to the room.

Have it match your office culture: Depending on your industry, culture is very important and your customer’s want to see what makes your office a great place to visit. If you have an energizing and fun office environment, choose chairs that properly reflect that.

However, if your office is quieter in nature, understand that and purchase accordingly. There are still chairs that will fit your room and not make it look like a dull office space.

First impressions matter: You should want to win your customer’s over from the first second the walk into the door. If your reception is not welcoming or seems dull, your clients will pick up on this and it will influence their overall experience.

Decide on the Atmosphere You Want to Set for Your Office

Similar to the color, the chair can either add or subtract to the overall atmosphere of the office.

By knowing how the design of the chair impacts the atheistic of the office.

And if it matches the vibe that you want to set, you will enhance the customer’s overall feeling.

Take into consideration how you want your customers to interact, if they will mostly be families or individuals (e.g. dentist or lawyer office).

And how long they will be sitting there. By understanding these factors, you will be able to set up your office in a more conversational or isolated structure.

Additionally, this will allow you to understand how to properly group the chairs and how frequent you should put a table between the chairs.

While it is safe to say that your customers will not walk into your office and purposefully analyze the setup, they will be impacted by it, whether it is consciously or subconsciously.

As a business owner, you should be considering the details that your customer’s simply overlook and assume.

By analyzing even the most basic of thoughts (e.g. the chairs in the reception), you will show your thought leadership and consideration for your valued customers.

Choose the Proper Fabric for the Chair

Pattern: Buying chairs that have a larger pattern actually help to make the space look bigger and less busy. Use a fun check pattern or large floral print to add character to the space while staying professional.

Cleaning method: If your space is a high traffic area, you will want to select fabrics that will be able to remove stains easily and not show wear quickly. Use a more durable fabric such as a microfiber, tweed, or leather for your chair selection.

Even the smallest details, like chair fabric, can impact the customer. Knowing the psychology of color and it’s importance will also help you fully understand how to best setup your office.

Decide How Many Chairs You Want to Buy

The last step in purchasing chairs is evaluating how many to buy. Before making any purchase, make sure that you know the dimensions of your space.

You do not want to regret buying too many chairs and having to deal with returning them.

By measuring the room and understanding how many chairs will fit into the space, you will save yourself a headache down the road.

If you have design software available such as Sketch-Up, plug the dimensions into the program to make sure your layout and sizing is accurate.

Additionally, it is also important to know the width of the chairs and if they will fit into your office door.

While most chairs will be shipped broken down and you will have to assemble, it is an important step to note that they might not be.

If they are already assembled when they arrive, some of the chairs might be too wide to fit into your door, causing some annoyance for you and your coworkers.

Tip: if you are looking to spend more money on the chairs, a simple way to check and see if they will work for your office is to buy only one chair at first.

This will allow you to see if it fits into your room, the color scheme, and how many you would need to purchase.

Options Outside of Original Chairs

If you want to mix up the seating in the room a bit, think about putting a bench in place of the chair. Benches usually sit 2-3 people and are convenient for parents to sit on with little kids.

The other plus about benches is that they are not wide and can be easily pushed up against a wall. Benches also come with a variety of storage options.

The point to consider before buying a bench would be the age of the customer and the duration that they will usually sit.

If you have an older customer persona and they plan to sit for a while, a bench would need to be avoided.

Our Final Review for Office Reception Chairs

In conclusion, it is important to consider your client’s experience from the second they walk into the door. You, as the owner.

Will want to provide them the best overall experience, which includes the seating selection in the reception room.

Our top 10 chairs are not only highly reviewed and great quality, but provide the comfort that will allow your customers the ability to relax and enjoy sitting in the chairs.

Choosing the correct color for your chairs can be just as important as the chairs themselves. Match the chairs with your company’s culture and do not go overboard.

Knowing the fabric, pattern, and the setup of the office will ultimately help you decide on how many chairs to purchase.

Do not let your reception be the area of your business that diminishes your customer’s experience. By investing in the right set of chairs, you will be able to provide excellence from the moment they walk into the door.






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