Medical Billing Services Providers For California Business

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Last updated on August 1st, 2019 at 04:19 am

The effectiveness of billing operations is one important thing that medical practices Medical Billing Services Californiacannot joke with.

Even though healthcare might be of utmost priority, your medical practice needs to make money to continue to exist because it is a business.

No doubt, billing is a process that is difficult to deal with or understand. There are chances of things going wrong.

From trying to track down the accounts of unpaid patients and dealing with insurance companies to processing delays and coding errors, all these tasks need to be balanced and completed perfectly by the billing departments.

If the tasks are not completed perfectly, there might be a delay in the payment for the services that are already rendered, or you might not even get the money at all.

So, as a medical practice, it is important you make the right choice when it comes to picking a medical billing company. In light of this, we have decided to show you the top 10 medical billing services providers in California.

Read on, as we will also provide important information that will help you make the right choice.


The billing of your medical practice is most of the time best left in the hands of a medical billing company.

With this, your medical professionals and staff would be able to focus on other parts or areas of the practice. One efficient way to reduce overhead and free up resources is by outsourcing your billing to a 3rd party service.


We can not deny the fact that there are lots of medical billing services available. With this, selecting the perfect one for your practice might be a headache.

Don’t panic! There are some factors you need to consider. They would put you on the right path.

An up-to-date data security system

A medical billing company with a data security system in place is the best. Most times, there is personal and sensitive information stored on medical billing claims, and for a patient’s data to be protected, good security should be in place.

The high average collection rate

A billing company with a high average rate of the collection will be able to offer your practice the maximum revenue amount for each billed visit

Compliance plan

Choose a company having a compliance plan and make sure you go through the plan and its procedures.


Do your research and find a billing company with lots of glowing references. A company that has a history of providing excellent and outstanding medical billing services would have good references.

Privacy and security policies

Find a medical billing company that has implemented certain policies and procedures to accurately follow all government and state regulations in security and privacy


This is very important in every business relationship so any medical billing company you would pick should be ready to work with your practice over time.

The company should be able to answer any question that might come up and also provide helpful and accurate information.

Your software compatibility

Choose a billing company that can acclimate with your software or the one that can provide compatible medical software that will not cause any technological problems. This will ensure optimum efficiency and easier transition.

Additionally, some other factors you need to consider are procedures on denied billing claims, certified medical billers, coding experts, and real-time reporting.


1. Athenahealth Inc.

Another name for Athenahealth is Athenacollector. It is a medical billing company that provides cloud-based services for point-of-care mobile apps and healthcare.

It has more than 4, 000 employees serving over 72, 000 health system and providers. Athenahealth employs a rules engine. This detects and flags mistakes that are commonly made across all the clients of the company.

Athenacollector is the leading provider of cloud-based service for care coordination, practice management, and electronic health record.

It efficiently collects the maximum amount of receivables and always gives its best to relieve practitioners of their administrative burdens.

Also, it does not require a fee for startup. Once your practice signs up, you will need to commit to Athenacollector for ninety days.

2. Kareo      

As one of the top 10 medical billing services providers in California, Kareo has a customizable interface.

This interface allows you to give different members of your staff different level of access to EHR screen, patient management, and billing section.

These are free with the service. Additionally, Kareo takes of any question the patients might have about billing. This will ensure you and your staff are free to handle some other important aspects of the practice.

The monthly cost of outsourcing with them averages about 4-9% of your practice revenue. The billing engine Kareo uses flags any problems with a claim. This ensures the issue is solved before you submit the claim to the right payer.

3. Care360

The Care360 revenue cycle management span offers a complete solution to your billing. It covers from billing claims to denial management.

Care360 offers you reporting and complete transparency through a billing dashboard. With this, you would have complete access to the financials of your practice anytime.

The company provide full compliance and also offer a customer success coach that will put you and your staff through the outsourcing process. No doubt, they have certified billers and coders that can manage all aspects of the revenue cycle.

4. ClaimCare

If your practice misses a submission deadline, ClaimCare practice promises to refund it. They also declare to resolve 95% of your practice’s claims if they manage your revenue cycle in the first 120 days.

ClaimCare would not stop at these as they will also provide a practice management system, an electronic health record system, and front desk training.

Not only do these make them one of the top 10 medical billing services providers in California, but ClaimCare also pre-adjudicate your claims before submitting it.

5. Allzone

Allzone management solutions feature medical coders that stick to CMS coding standards and are AAPC certified. Their coders are updated when it comes to skills that will benefit your practice.

They support more than 23 different medical billing software packages. Their revenue cycle management features checking medical eligibility, patients scheduling, administrative functions, benefits verification and much more.

Additionally, Allzone denial management process is customized based on your practice needs.Also, they strive constantly to upgrade their system to the latest and most appropriate tools.

They concentrate on maximizing report generation and technology-driven automation of processes.

6. Pro Health

As one of the top 10 medical billing services providers in California, ProHealth provides full medical billing services.

They take care of your insurance billing, payment entry, patient billing, charge entry, patient phone calls and much more.

They go the extra mile by offering the highest level of provider reimbursement, fully integrated practice management software and consulting services.

With their services and system, you would be able to reduce rejections, get paid faster, efficiently track claims and much more.

7. Charm Health

Charm Health is a cloud-based HIPAA compliant medical insurance billing solution. They offer a dashboard view of collections, claims, receivables, and denials in real-time.

The submission of claims to payers is made electronically, and the claim status is tracked without wasting time. Some other features of offered are electronic remittance advice, a mobile app for your clients, secure messages and much more.

8. Medical practice management resources

With more than 30 years of experience, medical practice management resources are one of the top 10 medical billing services providers in California that take care of your entire medical billing needs.

They focus on getting you paid in an efficient manner and on-time. To maximize revenue and minimize denial they make sure all claim submissions are perfect before submitting them.

The experts at Medical practice management resources ensure you have access to all information about your practice and back-office operations are handled.

9. MBS Select

MBS select offers an in-house revenue cycle monitoring, cloud software technology solutions, excellent medical billing solutions, new practice setup, provider credentialing and so much more.

Additionally, they provide various practice management and EMR software solutions to meet the needs of your practice.

MBS select offers technology such as Dragon Medical Dictation Software, CareTracker PM and EMR software, and Custom HL7 data interfaces. They are indeed one of the top 10 medical billing services providers in California.

10. Medx Medical Billing Service, Inc

With more than 20 years of experience, when you pick Medx as your medical billing outsource, you would have qualified and experienced employees working with you.

Before submission, claims are scrubbed for common denial errors and claims are billed electronically to the insurance carriers.

Some of the excellent services they offer are charge and payment posting, follow-up on unpaid claims, patient statement billing, continual upgrade of irrelevant CPT codes, fee analysis and much more.


Whether to keep your billing in-house or contract with a medical billing service depend primarily on the size of your practice, how your staffs are utilized and the amount of revenue you take in.

You will need a certified medical coder on staff to direct billing when doing in-house billing. No doubt there may be changes in the medical codes and laws. You need to keep up with any changes that might occur.

Anything can go wrong with the medical claim, and if your billing is in-house, you and your staff will be the one to deal with the rejected claims.

Which choice is smart for your practice can be determined by the cost. Usually, the in-house billing demands a payroll for a medical billing software annual license and medical coder. This could cost you a lot compared to billing services.

Most of the time, billing services has a set-up price which includes setting it up on your computer system and training you on how to use it.

This is also added to the percentage of the total cost of each processed claim. Most times, the percentage is negotiated and determined base on your practice size.

For small practices that need their staffs to pay great attention to other parts of the running business, outsourced billing could be a good solution.

Considering your budget, having a medical coder on payroll may not make sense. However, for large practices, if you have a large volume of claims and have a budget for medical coders then it might be preferable to a billing service.

Our Final Review

In a nutshell, above are the top 10 medical billing services providers in California. We believe picking any one of them will not be a mistake.

They can boom your medical practice that is struggling to meet the needs of patients and also increase your revenue.

Of course, leaving your practice billing aspect to the hands of the best medical billing services provider can free up resources. This will ensure you provide your patients with excellent service and more attention.

Are you willing to tell us your opinion? We will be happy to hear from you. Leave your comments by making use of the comment box.

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