Best Maintenance Management Software in 2019 – Top Review

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Maintenance Management SoftwareWhat is maintenance management software and why do we need it? Computerized maintenance management systems are powered by software and aimed at serving as a database that contains information about your business maintenance activities.

Businesses can use this data to help their maintenance teams be more effective when performing their tasks.


For example, they can select the machines or equipment that need maintenance and decide which storage facilities have the parts necessary to repair them.

Managers can also use maintenance software to determine the cost of fixing machine breakdowns and its ratio to the expenses precaution maintenance for all machines would generate. Computerized maintenance management data is also used to establish regulatory compliance.

Read on to find out all about the top MMS on the market right now!

Best Maintenance Management Software: FCS Engineering

FCS Engineering is a web-based, multi-language application tailored to complement the management and maintenance of all hotel assets. You can handle general engineering service operations almost effortlessly whether creating ad hoc work orders, scheduling work requests over different timescales or modifying previously scheduled maintenance and engineering services for guest rooms and public areas. Each work order is established and assigned based on staff availability and skill.

This software is perfect for keeping your hotel running seamlessly from start to finish. It will help you make sure all responsibilities are efficiently managed with monitoring, intuitive job dispatch and assignment tracking functionality.

This software will help prevent breakdowns, saving you a lot of trouble and headaches. The engineering service requests and automated preventative maintenance programs built into the software will ensure continued guest satisfaction and your hotel’s great reputation and enhanced popularity.

Seamless monitoring of property amenities reduces the frequency of replacement and associated costs and ensures longer service lifetimes. The chances of accidents occurring due to malfunctioning equipment will be brought down to a minimum, thereby lessening the risk of liability.

Consistent Ability To Predict Equipment Maintenance Duration Accurately

This software will allow you to predict the time frames of equipment maintenance accurately and monitor spare part resource levels at the same time. The system assures that the necessary resources are always there whenever needed. You can keep your expenses low by maintaining a sharp eye on inventory levels and avoiding a surplus of goods and supplies.

Bottom Line

This software is compatible with almost all personal smart devices. The FCS Engineering mobile app offers each staff member the ability to create, view, and update the status of all tasks and jobs in real time. Engineering department staff can rest assured that all bases are covered regardless of their location.

The company has 19 offices worldwide and offers 24/7 phone and email support in English and other languages. Its system is fully integrated with their hospitality operation management product suite, guaranteeing an excellent guest experience.

The company is a proud leader in hospitality technology with almost ten thousand installations in over five thousand hotels around the world.

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Below is a table comparing and contrasting the three most popular types of maintenance management software:

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Synchroteam is a great choice for the maintenance industry. This company’s maintenance management software is a new generation solution to manage all types of maintenance successfully, including preventive maintenance, inspection and breakdowns.

System benefits include a free mobile app for iOS and Android, Schedule & Dispatch function, Job Reporting, Mapping & GPS Tracking, Invoicing, Inventory, Job management and unlimited free support.

The company offers a wealth of configuration options. Its customizable elements have increased exponentially over the years to include real-time interaction with mobile workers among other things. The mobile app is a key element of the mobile workforce management solution. It’s like a mobile control center, offering mobile workers all the information they need to work effectively.

The app also features off-line mode, enabling your staff to continue working even when they lose the connection. This mode is entered automatically based on network availability.

Powerful Onboard Database Securing Mobile Clients

The onboard enterprise database guarantees you will remain fully functional regardless of the quality of your network coverage. Data integrity and encryption are maintained even when you lose the network.

Job updates are displayed in logical order and provided in real time. They are categorized into: today, upcoming, late and completed.

Mobile Device Notifications

Notifications are available for new, scheduled or rescheduled jobs and the settings are very easy to configure.

The software’s stock management capability lets you link parts and services to your jobs, manage stock quantities and parts movement, follow parts via serial number tracking, restock, request, transfer and more. What is more, you can review the work order before starting on it. The software features interactive assistance such as instant driving directions, reviewing reports and job descriptions and one-touch contact calling among others.

The interactive job reports are customized to request only the information that is asked for and automatically record time milestones, as well as capture photos, signatures, barcodes and use of different parts and services.

Payment Processing Module

You can accept job payments immediately utilizing the software’s Payment Processing module. You can invoice, collect payment and send a receipt to your clients without delay.

Bottom Line

This easy-to-use, interactive software lets you instantly see what your tasks are and provide an estimate of how long they will take to complete, which is actually very reliable. The weekly and monthly views are useful when you need a wider view of your schedule. You can drag and drop to view. Day view is, of course, possible as well. The job scheduling tool of the software analyzes your existing schedule and makes recommendations regarding the best time slot for a new job. Various factors are taken into account, including the travel distance and the skills required for the job.

One final tip – if you filter by skill, you’ll find only the staff matching the skill specified. This way you won’t waste time. To receive schedule updates at all times, simply subscribe to the live calendar feeds.

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EZ Office Inventory

Yet another leading maintenance management software, EZ Office allows you to track maintenance costs, manage vendors, schedule services, and customize alerts for more enhanced control. This software features a mobile app to scan QR Code and Barcode labels. This is of paramount importance for your preventive maintenance needs.

EZ Office Inventory has the benefit of enabling users to access asset information from any place and device at all times. The end-to-end asset lifecycle management covers each and every stage from procurement to retirement. The user can add and track vendors, asset purchase orders, maintenance histories, and life cycle costs.

You can take advantage of the equipment management feature to check assets in and out without effort, allowing asset custodians to play an active role in keeping asset information updated.

This software also has mobile apps, which are compatible with iOS, Android and Windows. Mass actions on items anywhere and at any time are possible.


The dashboard calendar lets you see what item events are expected on any given day and move forward for additional information, while the availability calendar indicates which asset stocks and assets are checked out, available, reserved, or under maintenance. Users can also filter data by location, time period, or group.

Purchase Orders And Reservations

Users can keep track of orders alongside their assets and update items linked to the orders automatically. The reservations module makes it possible to plan ahead and ensure conflict-free bookings.

Label Scanner And Designer

You can use third-party scanners or the free mobile app to scan Barcodes and QR Codes quickly or create professional-grade labels of different styles, sizes, and formats using the label designer. The dynamic Excel import and export feature makes it very easy to add, update or download asset information. The History Tracking feature allows you to track and see how general trends evolve over time and enhance asset utilization accordingly.

Asset meta locations can be managed using the software’s well-designed locations component. By linking assets to field locations, you can use and distribute assets optimally. Customization includes setting multi-format custom fields for carts and items, including fields for dates and dropdowns. Email alerts can also be customized.

This software lets you classify assets into groups and subgroups for greater ease of use and simplicity. You can also define visibility, custom fields and service triage based on groups and subgroups.

Carts can be used to take action on multiple items at once. The management software lets you track projects across locations and use cart templates for similar events to save time. If certain assets need to be listed separately, but treated as an autonomous entity, you can use packaging or bundle them based on classification and usage.


What really makes this maintenance management software stand out from its counterparts are the outstanding safety features. These include access control, login enabling features, employee ID scanning and more. The access control feature lets you make certain items less visible based on item group, location, or both. This is particularly advantageous when it comes to managing different teams or departments within an organization. You may opt to have members log in to the system to update asset information. If you’d like to assign items to some members yourself, you can disable this function.

Tip – use the mobile app to scan employees’ ID barcodes. Scans ensure a rapid checkout process.

Finally, the arbitration function enhances control by asking for the administrator’s approval before any staff member is able to reserve and check out items from the system.

Services And Maintenance

The scope of services and maintenance includes service triage, which involves putting items into service upon check-in automatically to ensure smoother maintenance workflow. This also lowers equipment downtimes a great deal. But that’s not all – it also incorporates service tickets, recurrent services, maintenance alerts, scheduled maintenance and maintenance and service history and service vendor management. You can make tickets to schedule and keep track of maintenance events and add details and notes like service costs and maintenance dates.

Reports And Notifications

The “Custom Alerts” module makes it possible to send email-based reminders for specific events and customize their content based on alert type, as well as select which alerts get sent out and which don’t. The tailored reports feature boosts productivity extensively. You can choose to generate a custom report for analysis or load a saved template.

Bottom line

Last but not least, there is the Data Backup feature – this is an outstanding benefit of this software. You would like snapshots of your data to be available for offline use? This is possible by automating data exports to Dropbox at regular periods of time. Users can sync all their documents to Dropbox by merely pressing a button. They can also export default and custom reports alike as CSV or PDF files or upload them to Dropbox to share them easily with others.

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Our Final Say On The Best Maintenance Management Software

No matter which software you opt for, we suggest planning preventive maintenance management using the recurring service option. You can program service cycles to make sure your assets are serviced on a regular basis. This is highly convenient, as are maintenance alerts. You can send these out to relevant parties on service launch, extension, completion, or comments. You can also customize the alert emails.

The service history option offers a snapshot of all service events associated with a specific asset. You can track the types of service and trends in cost to improve asset productivity.

We also suggest managing maintenance providers with the vendors module, which all these software types feature. This lets you record the cost, type, and number of services to optimize maintenance workflow.

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