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How to Start a Security Business – 5 Easy Steps

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Last updated on September 7th, 2019 at 07:53 pm

How to Start a Security CompanyAll established entrepreneurs, and to a lesser degree, aspiring ones, are quite familiar with how exciting, and also exceptionally challenging the proposition of starting one’s own business is.

Exciting because stepping into the business world and be your own boss is enough to kick off the adrenaline rush and challenging.

Because it needs a lot of resources, research, hard work, patience, and the vigor to keep going despite numerous obstacles. The dose of all these challenges increases manifold when one is stepping into the world of security services.

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While an online presence is important, you cannot ignore the other basic steps.

How Do We Define A Security Company?

A security company is a type of a business firm that offers security advice, surveillance, and defense (and both armed and unarmed) against all prevalent and perceived threats.

A security company targets a wide range of customers including individuals and all kinds of public and private businesses.

How to Start a Security Business?

Like any other business, setting up a security business requires a lot of homework, resources, hard work and following a certain route.

To save your time and money, to ensure efficient performance and success and to avoid any troubles and legal complications, take the following right steps and your startup security company will soon climb the stairs of success.

Remember that chart you saw when you first opened this page? It’s time we get back to it. Let’s discuss each of those steps one by one to know, what you need to accomplish to set up your security business.

1. Know the Laws and Get the Relevant License(s)

The laws regarding who can run a security company and/or can work as security personnel vary from state to state.

For example, one may need to have relevant work experience at a security company, military or law enforcement agency to qualify for the license.

Check the laws or consult a legal adviser to know what requirements you need to fulfill to start your own company.

Also, you may need a general business license, license for private patrol operator, and/or certification and license to work as a security guard.

You may have to go through comprehensive background checks, may have to pass some training program and/or a test as well.

They will grant permission and issue license(s) only after you satisfy all the legal requirements of your state. Also, this takes time so, start the process as soon as you are determining to step into this industry.

2. A Detailed Business Plan Is Mandatory

Like any other business, you need to have a business plan for a security company too.

You should know about the resources, aims, and goals, expenditures, services, targeted customers.

Marketing strategies and every single detail written professionallyr.

If you have the skills to write an excellent business plan, do it while you are waiting for the license(s), to save time. If not, get it done by the pros.

3. Make Sure You Have an Office

Many startup companies do not provide details about their office location; rather use Post Office Box numbers.

If you are planning to do the same, know that this could become a huge hindrance in landing big clients.

This is because not having an office raises concerns regarding your reliability and established companies do not prefer to work with any service provider who cannot confirm own reliability.

They will never put their security at risk.

4. Run Comprehensive Background Checks While Hiring the Staff

People who will work in your company will be responsible for others’ lives and properties and to ensure protection, they are likely to carry weapons.

Therefore, it is highly important to know that the people you are hiring for such important jobs do not have a criminal history.

It is because when some owners avoid this step or do not give it much importance. They report the cases of properties stolen by their own security personnel or a person looted by his.

As the owner, it is your duty to make sure that your staff members had not remained involved in any kind of crime or felony and was never arrested.

Clients pay to security companies to feel secure and nothing could be worse than the threats by those companies.

5. Train the Staff and Get Trained Too!

Enrolling in a proper training course to learn how to deliver the best quality services to your clients is necessary both for you and your employees.

Also, you need this for your own safety as well. Security training programs generally include teaching and preparing you for self-defense.

For using different weapons, how to go about investigation and surveillance, etc. You may need it for getting the license. Even if it is not a requirement for the license in your state, you would want to know about the field you are entering.

This becomes even more important if you do not have work experience in this field, in military or any law enforcement agency.

6. Get the Permits for Weapons

This is mandatory for obvious reasons. You do not want to get yourself or your employees in any legal trouble because of carrying weapons without a permit.

Therefore, inquire about your state’s requirements to get the permit and get you all the armed members of your staff do that as well.

7. Get Your Company Registered

Again, this is a legal requirement and will only add to your value and reliability. When your customers know that your company have registrations with the relevant authority, they feel more secure to work with you.

For registration, you need to have a company name, file your DBA.

Get your Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) and then register the company with the state it is operating in.

8. Take Care of Paperwork

Besides being licensed and registered, it is also critically important that you get liability insurance for your company.

This is to protect your business from any loss in case of liability impose upon you because of a lawsuit, filed by a client.

Bonding insurance is the best to have for your business as it provides protection in case your client’s property is damaged or stolen by your employee or your own business suffers.

A loss for incompetence, internal theft or fraud. Bonding insurance also increases your credibility manifolds.

You would need to get contracts prepared for both customers and your employees to make sure you have a record of all the commitments and to avoid any confusion, later on.

The contracts should clearly mention every condition and detail and both parties should discuss thoroughly and signed by both entering the contract.

9. Identify the Target Customers

Knowing its target customers contributes greatly to the growth of a business. When a company identifies the demographics of the people, it wants to buy its services/products.

It helps to come up with focused and highly effective marketing strategies.

Also, when you know the needs and requirements of your potential customers, you can tailor the services accordingly so that people find you highly relevant.

Security companies have a large pool of potential customers in the private sector. But, it is not plausible for any company to target every market.

Therefore, identifying the major players and targeting them in your marketing campaigns or promotions will do much good to your business.

10. Market Your Business Well

There is a reason that successful businesses spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns.

No matter how luxurious your office is, how well trained, professional, committed and reliable you and your team is.

Your business would not be a success until you tell and convince people about your services, professionalism and reliability.

And this is exactly what marketing does; telling your target audience what makes you stand out from the crowd and why they should take up your services and not others.

Also, look out for the bidding advertisements in local newspapers, and social media. Majority of big companies do not reach out to the security service providers on their own.

Rather, they advertise their requirements and ask the interested security service providers to bid for the contract. Bidding is highly competitive, but if done smartly, will land you some big names. Keep A Stock of Security Cameras you could market those to your customers.

Testing The Prospects Of Success: Why Would Anyone Consult A Private Security Company?

Although a number of private security companies have been operating, all over the world, since a long time, questions regarding their need are still floating around.

Why would anyone take help of a private security company when law enforcement agencies are already there?

This is probably the most prevalent question people have been asking about the security companies ever since they emerged on the scene. The answer is really simple; law enforcement agencies already have a lot to do.

The ever-increasing rates of all kinds of crimes and terrorism have overburdened the states’ law enforcement agencies.

They are almost always responding to the large level crises situations and security emergencies. It is practically impossible for them to respond to private security concerns of an individual or a business.

Here, the private security companies step in. People who worry about their own security, or safety of their house, office or neighborhood, consult private security companies to get the job done.

The demand for private security services and the rate of threats are directly proportional to each other. This means the greater the rate of threats to the public’s life and property, the more people will look for ways to ensure their security.

The American Society of Industrial Security reported an increase of about 6% per year in the demand for security services, ever since the 9/11 incident took place.

Keeping in view the current security conditions all over the world. It can be safely said that this trend will not decrease any time in the future. It can increase though making private security business a superb opportunity for all the aspiring entrepreneurs.

Starting a Security Company: Our Final Thought

Private security businesses have lately become quite popular because of the high demands for private security personnel and also because of the economic opportunities they bring.

No matter how the military personnel detest it or those working in law enforcement agencies, there comes a time in the lives of many of these people.

When they, themselves, take up the jobs in the private security sector or set up their own security companies. This is particularly highly prevalent, all over the world, among retired police and military officers.

There is nothing wrong in establishing a security company!  As long as one is fulfilling all the legal requirements and is sincere to his/ her work.

Security businesses have been really successful for the existence of various threats and the continuous emergence of new ones.

The dilemma of this industry is that its growth and success has direct links to the declining peace in society.

The WiseSmallBusiness Team is full of industry experts and successful business owners  willing to contribute important business articles.

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