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Best Employee Time Clock Software

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Last updated on September 7th, 2019 at 04:28 pm

Employee Time Clock SoftwareAre you a small business owner wasting time, money, and resources on heavy administrative work?

You may be spending hours working on clock-ins, scheduling, expense tracking, and other HR functions.

When you should be focused on the strategy and growth of your business.

We’ve compiled a list of the best employee time clock software for small businesses that will help you save time and money.

With these features, you can automate your employees’ hours and wages and increase employee accountability, freeing you up to concentrate on cultivating your business.

Our #1 Employee Time Clock Software Pick: TimeSheets.com

Whether you work alone or have 500 employees, TimeSheets.com offers some of the best online timesheet features at a reasonable price.

They even have a Return on Investment calculator that shows the average amount you would save using TimeSheets.com.

What Do You Need From A Time Clock Software?

Every business has its own way of tracking employee hours, time off, and expenses. Thus, the features that you need in your time clock software vary as well.

For example, if you are a small accounting firm, your employees will focus on expenses and billable versus non-billable hours.

If you are a construction company, your employees need mobile, location ability to clock in when they reach the job site.

If you are a bakery, you may want a timesheet software that schedules shifts for your employees and automatically tracks their attendance when you aren’t there.

However, despite these business-based differences, there are some features that all companies should consider to ensure their employee time clock software is easy, simple, efficient, and cost-effective:

Integration and Exportation

Your software should integrate with other apps or offer exportable timesheets to payroll software like Quickbooks or ADP. This easily turns hours into wages.

Accrued Time Off

Although many clocking systems track time in work, tracking accrued time off can save lots of manual time and labor as well.


While not necessary, you may want the option to have your platform schedule shifts or projects.

Reports and Analysis

This turns timecards into the analysis of productivity and profit.


The ability to clock from anywhere with GPS services can help prevent time fraud and buddy clocking.

Top 7 Providers for Employee Time Clock Software

Below we will go through the features, pricing, and limitations of our top 7 time clock software: TimeSheets.com, When I Work, TimeCamp, TSheets, Zenefits, Buddy Punch, and Boomr.

#1. TimeSheets.com

“Manage Your Workforce With Online Timesheet Software.”


TimeSheets.com has 6 major features that make this platform more than just your average time clock software.

Hourly Time Clock

This timesheet software for hourly employees includes real-time updates, GPS tracking for mobile devices, and location and overtime reports.

Time Off and Accruals

The calendar tracks different categories of time off accruals and rates, and it enables employees to easily request vacation.

Project Time

This software tracks billing and job costs that allow employees to easily link expenses and billable hours to projects or clients.

Mobile Solution

GPS Tracking helps employees punch-in and –out at a given location and allows them to enter expenses on the road to help avoid lost receipts.

Mileage and Expense Tracking

This tool easily tracks expenses, bonuses, commission, cash advances, receipts, and mileage, which can then be linked to payroll.

Human Resources Tools

This integrates HR documents, training materials, audits, and communication tools directly into the tracking system.

With these 6 major features also come security, payroll integrations, and advanced technology.

TimeSheets.com offers security innovations that eliminate time fraud, protect sensitive data, perform frequent backups, and protect from intrusions.

The software also exports to accounting and payroll systems like Intuit QuickBooks, ADP, and PayChex.

Finally, TimeSheets.com is cloud-based, so employees can easily access their clocks and HR information online or on their mobile devices.

The software even allows them to categorize their timestamps, request clock adjustments and time off, or leave notes all on the same screen, making it efficient and accurate.

TimeSheets.com functions almost like an HR partner in expense reporting with its many services, features, and human resource functions.


TimeSheets.com’s pricing is based on the number of user licenses. They have no additional fees, and you can always add or subtract users. Customer service support is always included.

They are slightly more expensive than some of their competitors. For 20 users, the flat rate pricing is $90 per month. However, this price comes with more features than just timesheet software.

Most business owners end up buying these features through another HR software platform anyway, costing more money and decentralizing HR functions. Ultimately, TimeSheets.com offers the biggest bang for your buck.


TimeSheets.com is a timesheet and tracking software, not a scheduling platform. Although you are able to easily communicate through the TimeSheets.com, it is not made to schedule, pick up or drop shifts.

#2. When I Work

“Schedule next week in minutes.”


When I Work is a scheduling software and communication system that helps you plan and track employees’ times easily.

A simple user face and dashboard allows the employee calendar to be visible to all, so employees can easily add, drop, or change shifts.

Employees are also able to clock in from their smartphones, and these clocks sync with the work schedule. This can then be exported into payroll platforms like QuickBooks, ADP, and more.


If you are looking for simplistic employee time clock software, When I Work is easy to use and comes at a great price.

For 20 employees, the cost for both employee schedule and time and attendance is $55 per month, which includes multiple locations, job sites, shift acknowledgment, calendar annotations, and a monthly calendar view.


Unlike TimeSheets.com, When I Work does not include expense or billing reporting. When I Work is focused on employee timesheets, attendance, and schedule rather than on the entirety of billable-hour HR functions.

#3. Clockspot

Working with Clockspot helps give smaller businesses an edge, but still provides options larger operations can use; according to the site.

What they offer is: “Perfect for small businesses, franchises, and mobile teams.”

This timekeeping solution offers many different advantages and has been reducing operational complication for diverse businesses with statistical regularity.

Warren O’Neal, CEO of O’Neal’s Drug Store, notes that the time necessary for payroll has decreased by a factor of 75% owing to Clockspot.

Rick Robertson, the owner of RJR Cleaning Services, notes that the service has literally saved him hundreds of hours. So Clockspot appears to be a favorite among many clients.


Clockspot comes with many standard cloud-app timekeeping features, including:

  •         Mobile Clock-In From Any Approved Device
  •         Real-Time Staff Monitoring
  •         Overtime, Time Off, and Payroll Reporting
  •         Project Tracking
  •         PTO Accruement Monitoring
  •         Change Auditing—Monitor Transitions In A Clear Trail
  •         Permissions And Role Assignment Among Staff
  •         The Option To Enter Time Manually
  •         Rounding Of Clock-Time
  •         Edit Request Management
  •         In-App Employee Messaging
  •         Reimbursement And Deductions Tracking
  •         Payslip Sharing Among Employees
  •         Options Allowing Employees To Write Work Reports
  •         Elimination Of Varying “Buddy Clocking” Situations
  •         Encryption Of A Secure Type Via SSL


Clockspot allows users to use their services free for the first fifteen days. From there, a standard package costs five cents per dial-in, $5 per user, and a $10 base fee.

A premium package goes for $8 per user and a $20 base fee but includes unlimited dial-ins.

Which means if you’re in a situation where such dial-ins would otherwise be constant, you can save money with the premium package. You can sign up in under a minute.


Clockspot is actually rather scant on comparative limitations when considered in reference to other similar timekeeping solutions.

Clockspot features high-profile clients such as McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Coca-Cola, and has a 7.7 score from FinancesOnline.com, as well as a user ranking of 100%. It does what all the big-name timekeeping apps do, and well.

#4. TimeCamp

“Projects, organized.”


TimeCamp offers all HR billable hours functions like project status, invoicing clients, time management, attendance, time off, and integrations.

Their billable hours feature includes a timesheet, automatic time tracking, budgeting, calendar integration, estimates vs actuals, Trello integration, and exportable reports.

You can also create and track invoices with billable and nonbillable time and manage productivity reports. Their time and attendance system creates attendance analysis.

Tracks holidays and time off, and creates absence and tardiness analyses. They also have a 97% satisfaction rate due to their support center.


Their most popular price is their basic package for small business owners at $7 per user per month. This means that for 20 employees, the cost is $140 per month, which is on the pricier side.

However, if your company focuses on billable hours rather than hourly time clocks, TimeCamp offers significant features, like crucial productivity and profit analyses for each hour spent on the clock.


TimeCamp’s focus is on billable hours and invoices, rather than on employee clocks. This platform is better for small business owners who want to track time and productivity through project and client-based tasks.

# 5. TSheets

“Time Tracking and Scheduling That Saves You Time.” 


TSheets is one of the more extensive time tracking and scheduling software, and they are the #1 rated timesheet app by Intuit. They offer the following features:

  • Mobile time tracker
  • GPS time tracking
  • Manual, punch, and custom clocks and time entry
  • Kiosk time tracking
  • Paid time off tracking
  • Alerts and reminders
  • Shift scheduling or task scheduling

TSheets focuses on ease of use by centralizing scheduling and timesheet tracking on a single, in-the-cloud platform. This is a top choice if you are looking for simple but extensive timesheet software.


They charge $4 per user per month with a base fee (under 100 users is $16, over is $80). Adding in the scheduling features is $1 per user per month additional.

For 20 employees, the total cost would be $120 per month for both time tracking and scheduling. They offer 20% savings if you make annual payments.


As the name suggests, his platform focuses on timesheets rather than on expenses or billable hours. If you have hourly employees with regulated shifts, this is an easy tool to manage your business’s schedule and clocks.

#6. Zenefits

“Meet the #1 All-In-One HR Platform.”


Zenefits is an all-in-one HR platform that incorporates payroll, benefits, hiring, time and attendance, and compliance.

They offer a mobile platform where employees can access all of their information, benefits, and training wherever and whenever.

Zenefits allows seamless integration of popular business apps, from G Suite to Quickbooks to Lattice and more. Within this expansive list of technological and software services, they also offer the human touch.

They have broker services, HR advising, and tech support to help answer your questions and guide you along the way—so you never have to worry or waste time and energy.

If you are only interested in managing employee timesheets, Zenefits offers three-time apps: Time Off, Time & Attendance, and Time for Mobile.

This creates a simple platform where you and your employees can easily and quickly track and count hours—even on the go. However, Zenefits is best if you are interested in all HR benefits on one platform.


With Zenefits, you pay for the apps you need. If you are just interested in the time apps, you pay a very minimal fee.

Time & Attendance is $5 per employee per month and Vacation and Time Off is included as a free app.

If you are interested in their other options, like payroll, benefits, and HR advising, they have additional packages.

There are a lot of free apps that come with paid apps, so it is worth looking into for all of your HR functions.


If you are interested in only timesheet tracking and analysis software, Zenefits’ time apps are not as expensive as the previously mentioned options.

However, Zenefits’ time and attendance is very limited compared to the other timesheet-specific programs.

Zenefits focuses less on Time & Attendance and more on HR practices overall—which could benefit your business if you need that extra support and don’t have extensive timesheet or billable hours needs.

#7. Buddy Punch

“Simple Employee Time Tracking Software.”


Buddy Punch focuses solely on time management, and it does a good job at it. There are no other HR functions included, but it has a lot of integration and security qualities.

Their features include:

  • Assigned job codes for each employee
  • The assigned locations where employees can check in from with GPS services
  • Build-in notifications for managers when an employee clocks in or out
  • Overtime calculations
  • Paid time off, sick, and vacation days on time card
  • Reporting in Excel or PDF exportation downloads
  • Webcam pictures taken of person doing the punching
  • Mobile and desktop tracking and clocking apps
  • Tablet and mobile browsers
  • Automatic break calculations
  • Sync with Quickbooks


All plans include the above features, and the only difference is the number of active users. For 20 employees, the cost is $49 per month. There are no hidden fees and you can always change the number of employees.


Buddy Punch is extensive in its ability to track hourly employees. However, it does not include scheduling or integration with other payroll platforms aside from Quickbooks.

It has the most security options, though, so if you have had clocking trouble in the past, Buddy Punch ensures that your timesheet stays honest.

#8. Boomr

“We manage employee time so you don’t have to.”


Boomr focuses on time management in order to deliver maximum efficiency and productivity.

Their major emphasis is on cloud-based mobility, by allowing GPS capability and mobile readiness.

They also offer powerful integrations with payroll and billing software platforms that make your HR seamless.

Acting as a communication tool, Boomr is also a platform to segment employees into groups based on project, department, pay scale, or shift for easy communication and live updates.

Boomr is with you along the way, including clock-in, overtime tracking, financial reporting with payroll and billing, and project tracking.


Slightly on the pricier side, their business package is $12 per user per month plus a $45 base fee.

This includes standard features, unlimited users, unlimited project tracking, advanced reporting, 24/7 customer support, and live notes for every shift.

They also offer a standard package for $7 per user per month with a $20 base and an enterprise option based on a custom configuration.

For 20 users with their most popular package, the total price comes to $285 per month for timesheets and analysis.


Similar to Buddy Punch, Boomr is solely based on time management without any other HR functions. Their analysis and reporting features are extensive, though.

Final Review on the Right Employee Time Clock Software: TimeSheets.com Is The Best

First, decide whether your business calls for a platform that focuses solely on extensive timekeeping, timekeeping, and scheduling, or several HR features in one.

TimeSheets.com gives you the best of all worlds by delivering cloud-based timesheets, scheduling, expense tracking, technology, support, and security.

Next, do a free trial! Almost all of the above software has a trial opportunity that lets you demo their features and service for free to help you decide exactly how your business will interact with the given platform.

There are a lot of time clock software options out there that will save you time, money, and resources. You’ll empower your employees, protect your business, and grow productivity and profitability.

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