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eHopper POS Review 2019 – Pricing, Features & More

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Last updated on September 5th, 2019 at 10:07 am

ehopper pos reviewFree you say? Yes! eHopper is one of  POS systems on the market that is not only free.

but it also provides exceptional quality through its services and features.

Of course, this POS system is only free if you have a merchant account with eHopper.

And you will have to buy the right hardware from eHopper for your type of business.

Luckily, they do have a bundle that includes everything you need. Further, if you choose a different company to be your processor, a monthly fee will apply for the use of the software.

eHopper specializes in catering to consumer businesses and small retail operations. They also focus on being the ultimate POS solution for liquor stores, quick-service restaurants, and convenience stores.

eHopper is available for Windows, Android, and iOS.

By doing a quick walkthrough of the system, we found it to be user-friendly and pretty straightforward.

For example, eHopper‘s POS comes in handy for restaurants in terms of splitting checks and fast checkouts.

Further, eHopper offers many features such as management, order tracking, processing payments, and sending out of marketing initiatives.

But wait, there’s more!

The Features Of eHopper POS

Order Management Of eHopper POS

The user has the option to see all of their orders in one place and organize them accordingly.

You can even see your previous orders with one quick touch. You can assign a name to each order, close it, and come back to it when it’s time to process the order.

If you need to access a previous order (to print a receipt or process a refund), the process to do that is pretty simple.

You can also organize orders based on their type. It doesn’t matter if the customer chooses to dine in, take out, or go to the drive-through.

You can select the type of order and process orders quickly, while delivering an excellent customer service experience.

ehopperThe order management with this POS is impeccable because you can modify the status of the order; from receiving, to processing, to delivering.

This way, you can update your entire staff through the system;

you can let them know when the food is being prepared, when it is ready to be served, and when it has been delivered to the customer.

Split Payments

Split payments is, by far, something all restaurants look for and need. Splitting checks is very common, and believe it or not, some POS systems are still not able to do that effectively!

Whether you are looking to split a check between several people, or you simply want to pay for one check with both cash and a credit card, the eHopper POS software can handle it all.

eHopper‘s POS even displays the “amount due” and “change due” so that your employees can provide the customer with the proper change back.

eHopper POS Employee Management

Managing employees is one of the most important tasks of any restaurant or any retail business, for that matter.

Without proper management, things can get chaotic and the business does not operate at an optimal pace.

Fortunately for you, the eHopper POS system allows you to set custom access for each staff member.

By setting custom permissions, you as the owner or manager have full control over who can do what. Also, the system tracks enough data to help you plan out the work schedule and costs.

In addition, eHopper‘s POS includes a Time Clock for employees, allowing the employer to easily keep track of labor hours and ensure that employees are clocking in and out during their shift.

Inventory Management In eHopper POS

Inventory management is another aspect that is vital for any business. It is important because it will help you know when you run low on certain items so you can stock up.

With eHopper‘s inventory management features, you can manage various categories and quantities. Also, if your operation is a bit more complex.

you can even manage the inventory by department. If there are any returns or exchanges, you can process and see it using this dashboard, as well.

ocessor itself, it has an integrated credit card processing solution that works seamlessly with its POS system.

Many business owners prefer to work directly with eHopper‘s processing option, mainly since it’s compatible and saves the headache of shopping around for a different processor.


And, if you work with eHopper‘s processing, you get the POS system for free. With their system, you have the ability to accept various forms of payment.

such as cash and debit cards, credit cards, Apple pay, Samsung pay, and Google pay.

eHopper offers the option of either printing or emailing the receipt to the customer.

As far as its hardware goes, you can get the tablet, stand, cash drawer, receipt printer, and the credit card processing equipment in one bundle.

You will get an all-inclusive price, normally at a reduced rate. You have a choice of buying the equipment outright or leasing it. The choice is yours!

eHopper offers three different plans: the Essential Package, the Freedom Package, and the OmniChannel Package.

priced at $0.00 per month, $39.99 per month, and $99.99 per month, respectively. You can visit their website to view the three different plans and see what each one includes.

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