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Best Document Management Software For Law Firm Business

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Last updated on August 8th, 2019 at 04:05 am

document management softwareOrganizing your documents appropriately can be a major challenge for businesses.

Thankfully, there are many document management software to help you manage your documents efficiently.

However, the challenge often is to find out the right solution.  There are various factors to consider while choosing the best document management software from adaptability to ease of use and even pricing factor.

These are important factors you must take into consideration when looking for the right software that can help you stay ahead of the competition.

Best Document Management Software For Law Firms

#1 M-Files: Best Law Practice Management Software

It is easy to use and a robust document management software application that can enable both creation as well as revision of documents.

You can share and control access to sensitive documents using this software. Essentially, this software expands on the Windows Explorer’s inherent functionality.

The simple installation process also enhances the broad appeal of the software and makes it a top choice in this category. 


In terms of pricing, users can take advantage of the free trial period before they buy the product. No credit card details are required to take advantage of the free trial period.

With almost close to 100% positive reviews, you can easily take advantage of the free trial offer for this software.

The pricing plan overall is also in sync with the standard rates across the document management software industry and can be termed as rather affordable. 


Broadly, the M-Files document management software has an ability to support multiple business processes. This list even includes the likes of human resources and Contract Lifecycle Management.

Some of the key features of this document management software include:

  • Secure control and access
  • Control version
  • Approval processing
  • Knowledge management
  • Online collaboration

It can be easily integrated as a system for managing customer documents and keeping the books updated.

You can also use it to search, control access, create a workflow and update notifications to improve the overall quality of service that you provide.

It also provides tools to check details of all possible edit versions as well as the changes and details incorporated in a particular document.

You can even add paper documents to the entire filing system by either scanning them or even taking a photo using a mobile phone or tablet.

The biggest positive is the fact that you can access documents managed by this DMS through any internet-enabled device including tablets and phones. 


While there are many benefits of this software including editing, scanning and installation, it has a downside. The problem is that you must download the M-Files program to your computer.

There are times when this might not be as convenient as a SaaS or Software as a Service program. Once this program is installed, you need to set up the files and folders by assigning tags and metadata to each. 


With an almost perfect 10 rating, the M-files DMS is one of the best options in the market. It integrates with all types of Microsoft Office programs very smoothly and provides a pretty efficient paperless document organization.

The easy access and installation are the added advantages and compared to the convenience it enables, the task of downloading it is not a major issue. With the right type of access permission, even customers can access these documents if necessary.

#2 eFile Cabinet – Best Social Work Case Management Software

This can be a great choice for small and medium business.

It is an extremely effective solution for any kind of function like scanning, tagging, workflow and cloud storage.

It is quite simple to use, and the sustainable setup makes it an appropriate choice for all types of end-users. This is a particularly great option for paper intensive businesses.

For office setups, which have workforce distributed across multiple locations, this can be an extremely useful and effective solution for hassle-free and paperless documentation.

The QuickBooks integration along with drag and drop storage option is an additional benefit. 


The eFile software is available for a free trial without any credit card details. The pricing model is based on a one-time license subscription and starts from a basic rate of $9.95/month.

There are different grades of pricing depending on Cloud or Secure Drawer system that is incorporated to set up the system. 


Adaptability of this software program to a wide range of systems is a major advantage. Apart, there are many other compelling features of this software.

  • It easily allows the users to make digital files which can be stored quite simply in Cloud. It also enables seamless transfer, searching and browsing of data and also quick viewing of the same.
  • Additionally, this particular software enables users to collect digital signatures of not just clients but also co-workers. The E-files feature ensures the overall confidentiality of data.
  • The eFileCabinet also supports the automated workflow system. This enhances the efficiency of the service. It can be easily routed for any type of evaluation, approval, potential revision and collaboration of data.
  • Security of transaction is one of the biggest advantages of the eFile Cabinet. This solution has multiple security aspects including document retention, role-based security, audit trails and also SSL security. This makes it hugely compliant with HIPAA laws.
  • Another interesting feature is the fact that the eFileCabinet allows users to create several configurable dashboards. Users can also set up automatic reminders and extract related data.


The sheer downside of the eFile Cabinet is the plethora of options that are available. For many users, this can often be overwhelming and can make them confused about which option to choose and how to best optimize the available options. 


With a rating of 9.9 and features like version control, automatic back-up and retention scheduling, it is among the best DMS available currently.

This enables robust integration and makes it a very handy option for small and medium businesses.

#3 Dokmee – Matter Management Software For Legal Departments

Dokmee is an extremely adaptable document management solution for all kind of businesses.

Be it a small-sized business or a large corporation, Dokmee’s utility value is rather striking.

From a seamless transition and integration with any type of operating software, Dokmee’s robust storage feature is the biggest advantage of the software and appeal to users across various types of business.

It offers many types of desktop and web configurations to users. The user friendly interface and ease of installation helps it in gaining leverage over many other software. 


The average pricing starts from $19.95/month, and the overall pricing model is based on a one-time license and subscription.

The Company follows a premium pricing model with a free trial option. Additionally, no credit card is required to take advantage of the free trial offer. 


This particular document management software can be easily installed directly onto a network and can easily work for helping multiple users.

It easily integrates quite seamlessly with various office software, email programs and many other mobile devices all at once. The storage option and the version-control tools enable speeding up of the overall workflow procedures.

User convenience is high on the list of any efficient document management system, and Dokmee is no exception to the rule. The moment you install this program, you get a list of options that can help make this a better fit for the program you need.

Depending on your convenience, you can even opt for using the application in a language that you are comfortable with and even import an existing library in a separate folder within the program.

Like most other well known and established document management software, it easily integrates with several programs and can even connect to your existing ERP, emails or CRM systems.

Uploading files also become very simple as a result of the seamless transition that it enables. Even in terms of providing active customer support, Dokmee scores well over many others.

It offers many types of support tools on the website, and you can contact the customer service team through phone and email.

The live webchat option is also available. Quick response to inquiries is a major plus. 

The Drawback

So what could be the potential negative that might make you think twice before opting for it? Well, as per the real time analysis and customer feedback.

The biggest problem with the software is that it needs a relatively higher learning curve to fully master its nuances in totality.


All in all, Dokmee is extremely efficient and professionally approved document management software that can always enhance your efficiency. It is easy to use and has a wide range of support alternatives.

This can enable you to organize the company’s files into one single repository that eliminates the use of paper and paperwork significantly in the entire system. Overall, they score a 9.8 on a scale of 10.

#4 PaperPort Pro: A Secure Document Management System

The fourth one in the list of most professional and effective document management system, PaperPort Pro is known for its strong security aspects.

It is extremely sensitive in terms of maintaining the confidentiality of a wide range of documents.

Its ability to bring about the easy digitization of files is another big advantage. It is the most popular tool for imaging and digital tracking of a wide range of documents across the board.

Within the Windows Explorer, you don’t have to transfer files using this document. All you need to do is simply drag and drop a program into a specific folder. 


The pricing format is based on a one-time license, and the price starts from $199.99/month. The company, however, does not list out an option for free trials or for that matter, any kind of trial options.

This, when compared to other peers in this field, does appear steep, but overall it is only a one-time licensing alternative. There is no repeated subscription provision. 


This document management software can be predominantly considered as a central repository which can quite simply scan fresh documents and add files from any possible external sources.

Uploading document can be quite simple in this software, and you can even add document using your mobile phone camera.

Like most other DMS, you can apply any available metadata tags that enable the better organization of the entire system.

Also, if needed, you can even set a date to delete the document for good. This is an important feature as it does not overburden the storage tool and works for effective utilization of available space.

User convenience always gets center stage in this software. Users can even work out the backup frequency for the files, and this also includes the files that are stored in the cloud.

Security, as we already mentioned, is one of the best features of PaperPort Pro. The unique and innovative file tracking system allows for assigning specific permission to specific people.

Moreover, you can also use this system to maintain employment records and health contracts of employees.

Version control is another strong feature of this DMS. It helps in saving old and new version of various documents for easy tracking. Additionally, the PaperPort helps you convert any file to PDF version by clicking a single button.

The automated document control is a big advantage for editing and approving any type of file by supervisors and employees depending on the need. 


However, a major downside of this software is the fact that it cannot be integrated on CRMs. That can often be considered a major hindrance especially for workflow schedules that are deeply dependent on the CRM for basic operations across the board. 

Lack of CRM Integration 

Keeping in mind the various pros and cons and the available customer feedback, it can be safely concluded that the PaperPort gets a rating close to 9.5.

The lack of CRM integration is a major negative, but the ease of imaging and strong security aspects makes this software stand in good stead in comparison to various other competitors.

#5 PinPoint: A Reliable Document Manager

Well, in terms of hardcore, rating this software comes closer to 9 at 9.1.

It scores much lesser than the other four is because of the installation, which is closer to the industry average of 88.50.

You can easily understand the difference if you compare this with the top ranking DMS, M-file, which has a score of 90% in this regard.

However that said, it continues to be a very competent and great organizing option for any kind of document management.

One aspect in which this DMS stands out in comparison with all the others in this area is the fact that it has the ability to file document automatically without any type of human intervention.

This is what makes it a big favorite in places where labor charges are very expensive or where it is hard to get people who are competent in this field, i.e. documentation. 

The Price

PinPoint follows a subscription model and the pricing details are not easily available on the internet. You have to contact the website for all details in terms of pricing and all possible subscription packages.

The company does not give out any details to the general reader. However that said, a free trial version is available in PinPoint as well, and you can easily contact the company for availing this.

Like all other DMS, this free trial version is available without furnishing any credit card details for using it. It follows the same type of terms and conditions as in the case of other DMS. 


The automated filing without any human intervention is undoubtedly the biggest advantage of the PinPoint data management system. The software quite simply searches documents on the basis of

  • File type
  • Name
  • Date
  • Topic

And other related information that can enhance the relevance of a specific file. You do not have to invest in additional time for filing. While you are doing your work, PinPoint does the filing for you.

So for example, if you are working on a specific invoice which has details like company name, date and address, it will automatically file it as a bill.

The moment you search for bills, all the latest invoices will show up automatically without any hassle.

Additionally, PinPoint can integrate quite seamlessly with any type of business application and that includes accounting software, Adobe’s creative as well as Microsoft Office applications.

This DMS provides a convenient solution for many other cloud storage options and customer management programs that need active filing. 


While the PinPoint does provide training to new users, it is very important to know that the customer service hours are limited.

There is no 24×7 service model available, and you have to contact them only via phone or email. Live web chatting is not an option. 

Legal Case Management Software Small Firms

Overall, we can conclude that with a rating of 9.1 on a scale of 10, PinPoint is one of the best legal case management software for small firms. Mainly, because it is easy to use DMS, and filing documents automatically is its biggest strength.



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