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Best Digital Signage Software

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Last updated on September 7th, 2019 at 06:23 pm

Digital Signage SoftwareIt can be difficult to choose the ideal digital signage software for your business, mainly due to the number of options out there.

In the last few years, a large number of digital signage software companies entered the industry.

However, you should choose the one that works best for your business. When choosing a digital signage software company for your business, there are a few things that you should consider.

The first is the ease of use and integration functionality. If the signage software cannot integrate with your program, you may not get the use out of it that you expected.

The second is the flexibility of the system. You want a system that can grow and work with your business in the future. Businesses are growing and expanding. You want to make sure that your signage software can grow with it.

The third is that you choose a brand that you can trust. After spending hours researching all of the options out there to choose from, there are three top companies that are sure to be the ideal choice for your business.

These are well-known companies in the business. To help you choose which of the three is your best choice, a comparison of the three has been made. That way you can see the benefits and drawbacks of each of the signage software systems.

Comparing the Top Digital Signage Software Providers

#1. Our Top Pick for Digital Signage Software: truDigital

truDigital is a cloud-based business for digital signage with a home office in Utah.

It focuses on producing innovative and top-quality digital signage technology.

truDigital makes communicating digitally easier and more cost-effective. They work to challenge the boundaries of functionality and capabilities in everything that they do.

They additionally offer other services that are key to any business. These include graphic design, managed services, professional consultation, content creation, and video production.

truDigital have all of the key resources that are necessary to run your business or your site in the digital world.

It has helped companies in various industries. They have expertise in the automotive industry, corporate education, financial industry, government, restaurant industry, healthcare industry, and retail.


truDigital Signage is a cloud-based system that works to help you promote your business, push for higher sales, and give your customers the services and products they need when they need them.

The system is easy to use so that you don’t have to rely on your Information Technologies expert to make the necessary changes, or to get your message across to your consumer.

truDigital offers its clients real-time updates to make sure that you never worry about updating the player. That is because the changes are automatically pushed out.

Plus, the local cache technology will allow the displays to keep running if a network has an outage.

truDigital has over a hundred apps and content that are designed to keep your audience engaged. You can easily add an app to your dashboard and then view it live right on your display.

It is easy to drag and drop templates and media right into your playlist so that you can add the things that you want to display. Plus, you can control how long each of the templates you want to display with ease.

And it allows you to create engaging displays and signs that will enhance your business and draw in customers. truDigital offers a display of reports that exist in all aspects of your media that can easily be downloaded and used.

That way you will be able to monitor how often they are being played and find out what is working to engage your customers the most. It is the interactive tool that is necessary to secure more clients and get the most out of your promotions. 


Their prices are clear and public. There are no hidden fees that can be found in the fine print. Plus, there are no contracts involved, so you can start or stop the services at any time.


When choosing a company to handle your digital signage services, truDigital is the ideal choice.

They are reasonably priced, technologically advanced, and offer exceptional customer service that is designed to help your business attract and retain customers.

Digital signs are great for giving consumers more information and keeping them engaged longer so that they will be more apt to make a purchase and feel safe and secure about their purchase.

# Our 2nd Choice: Enplug

Enplug provides an easy way for you to put the company’s digital content on various displays to meet all your company’s promotional needs.

They provide their clients with a dashboard that can be used to collect various apps. These applications give you more to add to your display.

Enplug offer apps, like Live Social Wall, videos and images, waitlist, news, and other customizable applications.

To help your display attract the customers that you are looking to accept. It is the perfect choice for the promotion of franchises, businesses, offices, and events. 

The Features 

Enplug offers a social media wall that shows a filtered feed of posts for your social media accounts and hashtags on Twitter and Instagram.

It’s an effective way to moderate the posts on various social media accounts with your computer or smartphone from anywhere.

A specialized RSS News Feed allows photos and news headlines from major outlets to be shown as recent posts on your blog. It’s a great way to get more viewers to your site and shows your authority in the field.

The HTML Webpage display customizes your content and media to fit perfectly on any screen. That way you can schedule your page to showcase various information profiles on different days.

Stream product highlight videos, lifestyle videos, and entertainment clips directly from YouTube. It offers a customizable solution that will add more to your displays.

Inclusion of Geckoboard will allow you to get all your important metrics together in one place. That way you can keep your team up to date with all the important information, so everyone can be on the same page and headed towards the same goals.

Information regarding your company’s success with various campaigns is important to determine what’s working and what needs to be adjusted.

Create simple signs in seconds that allow you to make announcements on all the screens to provide information to all that can see them. You can customize the font, color scheme, background color, and even add an emoji.

Showcase your reviews and feedback, so that more people can see them and in more places. It’s a great way to build rapport with your customers.

Sync you google calendar to your displays to show your upcoming events and display meetings, conferences, or any other upcoming events.


Their pricing plans are based on the number of display screens that you want to use. The more displays that you have, the less expensive it is per license.

There are additional discounts for paying for the whole year. The Enplug devices cost $199 per unit and that includes shipping to the United States and Canada and a year warranty.

The warranty protection is for defected devices, antenna, and software. Please note that Enplug is not responsible for lost, stolen, destroyed, or damaged hardware.


Enplug is the priciest option of the three choices for best digital signage companies. The other options are comparable and less expensive.

However, Enplug is one of the top companies for digital signage and you can keep the purchased devices.

This is great for companies that only need the signage for various events throughout the year. They don’t have to worry about paying more because they must rent the devices or pay fees for them each time. 


Enplug offers the benefit of ownership. It is a valid solution that many businesses use for their digital signage needs. Additionally, they use sophisticated public software to create their applications.

Overall, this is one of the top choices, when it comes to amazing digital signs. They will be able to produce signs that appeal to your consumer and can use their expertise to reel in the big catch.

# Our Third Pick:  REACH

Reach Digital Signage is designed to bring your communication device into the 21st century so you can effectively communicate information.

Many millennials get their information regarding entertainment and news from a form of digital screen outlet.

Some studies even report the television as being a secondary source for information, next to mobile phones and tablets.

Those aiming to gain the market in this demographic needs to reach the consumer on through digital communications. It is the best way to catch their attention and keep them engaged so you can get the message across.

Additionally, it’s a source that they know and trust, so the message may come off with more credibility. You can transform your bulletin board into an interactive digital message board that’ll avoid the clutter.

Catch attention through HD images and designs, and save time when it comes to adding more information regarding services and upcoming events.  It’s a great way to captivate your audiences.

More and more schools are integrating these types of systems into their campuses to spread messages easier. You can use it to aid in the sharing of information regarding class dismissals, upcoming events, or class offerings.

They allow companies and organizations the ability to offer engaging messages that’ll catch the attention of their audience, portray messages and content in a manner that’s easy for them to understand, and change messages with ease.

Reach Digital Signage Marketing Solutions are the key aspect of any digital or interactive solution. It’s easy to use and helps you deliver dynamic and exciting information in real-time.

So, whether you decide to deploy your message on one screen or millions, your message comes across with eye-catching precision. Plus, you can easily change the content in seconds from anywhere. That way your digital signs are working for you.

The Features 

Reach offers unlimited creative controls and options that will make the end message visually attractive and eye-catching. You can create your own template or use one of the ones created by professional designers.

You can also control the duration of the message, the frequency of the display, and the overall duration of visibility.

Pre-made content, sports, entertainment, and more can be added to help attract your audience. The content can be updated all day, so you have the most up-to-date news that will add value to your customers.

Integrate all your social media platforms in one place. It will allow you to provide the most current displays and posts in real-time.

The content management system can create links between your social media accounts that will allow your brand awareness to grow.

Input all your schedules and events in one place, so that you can stay organized. You can schedule your upcoming events in real-time on your displays.

It is an effective way to keep all your employees or consumers informed. Integrate your current scheduling system and you won’t have to do twice the work to keep everything synced.

Upload videos to your displays via YouTube instantly. It will allow you to showcase the overall features of the products and services that you sell.

You can display RSS Feeds and Local Weather to add more for your clients. Include an interactive map and allow your users to quickly find your location and get accurate instructions as to how to get there.

Low-cost signage software and content strategy with unlimited support and free design services. It is a full package of digital signage services for your business.

This supercharged option also comes with over 100 apps that can create a more differentiated product offering and service for your clients.


REACH is the least expensive option for the top three. For just $ 20 a month, you can be up and running in just half an hour. It will provide you with the end solution for signage software, installation, screens, and unlimited support.

There are no contracts and you will receive free design services to ensure that your screens look great.

Customer Service

Of the three options, REACH has the most comprehensive customer support system that is there to ensure that your digital signs are a success.

Many review sites gave REACH a 5 out of 5-star rating in regards to their service. Clients express how they are going beyond their expectations and creating a system that is defined as being both helpful and informed.


REACH is an effective solution for your digital signage needs. They are an inexpensive option that incorporates customer support that does not match in the industry. However, their “reach” is not as extensive as the other options.

Therefore, you may find that the other options will be able to integrate new technology more readily as it comes available in the future.

Our Final Thought for Digital Signage Software: truDigital Is Best

More and more millennials are moving into the main consumer population each day, as they begin making their own buying decisions or persuading their parents buying decisions.

It is more important than ever to be able to attract their attention. Digital signage is a new technology that more and more businesses are using. The companies that are utilizing this technology can engage their audience more effectively.

They can attract their attention and build their confidence in what the message is trying to portray using this advanced technology. It is the wave of the future and these are the leading industries in the field.

The WiseSmallBusiness Team is full of industry experts and successful business owners  willing to contribute important business articles.

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