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3 Best Cloud Call Center Software – Top Reviews & Comparisons

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Call centers are essential to many different businesses. Customer service is usually based out of a call center. Many companies use call centers to enhance their sales as well, which is why having the best call center software is critical.

In this day and age, cloud based call center software is becoming more commonplace. They are easier to install, simpler to run, and overall a better deal with call centers.


Cloud based call center software is capable of having many different useful features that businesses can benefit greatly from. Some features, such as workforce scheduling, makes call center software more efficient for management as well.

Our Top Cloud Based Call Center Software Choice: Five9

Five9 offers the best all-around service you can find in cloud based call center software. The features available will make a call center the most efficient it can be. It is a little more costly than other cloud based call center software, but it is well worth it.

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Best Cloud Based Call Center Software Providers

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Our Second Favorite Cloud Based Call Center Software: TalkDesk

Although Five9 is a great cloud based call center software for businesses, not every business needs all the fancy features that they offer. TalkDesk has almost as many features as Five9, but is significantly more affordable. For smaller call centers, this could definitely be a more cost effective choice.

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Five9 has the reputation to back up it’s services. They first released their software in 2003, and have been steadily in business ever since. Today, they have grown into a huge cloud based call center software provider. They have headquarters located across the world, some of those including California, The Phillipines, and Russia.


One of the most unique features that Five9 offers is their active blending capability. This features blends both inbound and outbound features, maximizing productivity. This features differentiates customer experiences.

The active blending capability feature is made possible due to dynamic predictive dialer technology. Predictive dialer technology automatically moves outbound agents to inbound calls when there are no outbound calls to be made, and vise versa. This ensures that agents are always working, and that no business is paying their employees for nothing.

Five9’s system encourages proactive follow-up calls, solicitation of customer feedback, and notification of product shipments. These features are greatly beneficial to any call center as it completely maximizes call center capabilities. Business owners will love having a cloud based call center software that makes them money in the long run.

Five9 offers powerful interactive voice response technology, making running the call center easier for both agents and management. This combined with predictive dialing features significantly increases a business’s productivity.

Other useful features that Five9 offers include the ability to add line capacity. Also, Five9 can be accessed on multiple devices. There is 99.9% uptime, with around the clock monitoring. These features alone are why more and more call center software providers are going cloud based.

There are no maintenance costs associated with Five9. There are no expensive integrations, and there is no hardware investment required. Although Five9 is more expensive than other software in terms of monthly costs, it is well worth it as the monthly cost covers everything.

Software maintenance is also included, free of charge. The infrastructure is completely taken care of by Five9. This means that business owners can stay focused on running their business.

Cloud Based

Of course, Five9 is cloud based. Set-up is easy, and requires no additional, hidden fees. There is no complex process to set up the software which is why Five9 is a top choice for many call centers. Using a cloud based system makes managing a call center flexible, and scalable for each call center’s individual needs.


Five9 is one of the more expensive cloud based call center software available, but the price is well worth it. The cost is monthly, and is per-agent. For a call center with 10 agents or less, the price is $175 a month. For call centers with more than 10 agents, the cost is $165 a month.

There is also a one-time setup fee of $250. This is a flat fee, and there are no hidden, additional charges along with it.

It is important to note that Five9 requires a contract for all businesses. They offer both month-to-month and annual contracts. Annual contracts offer the benefit of a lower monthly price, however businesses are locked in for a year. For businesses absolutely positive that Five9 is the best cloud based call center software for them, we recommend the annual contract.


The biggest downside of Five9 is that they used Java for the foundation of the software. Sometimes, customers view Java as obsolete and insecure. Customers have also reported problems with updating Java. While this isn’t a huge issue, it is something business owners should consider before locking into a contract.


Five9 has a wide variety of features to offer for businesses looking for good cloud based call center software. The flexibility of the software greatly improves the functionality of a call center. Due to the price, this would be a choice software for well-established businesses.

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TalkDesk is a next generation, cloud based call center software provider. They have an easy to use interface, and advanced features. They also offer comprehensive reporting, and more than 25 business tool integrations. TalkDesk is a cloud based call center software that businesses will find incredibly efficient, especially businesses with a tighter budget.


TalkDesk has all of the standard features that a call center software should have. They offer the ability to record calls, which has been proven to help businesses improve their call centers.

TalkDesk offers unlimited concurrent calls. This is an essential feature for call center software, so it is really great that TalkDesk is able to offer this. Agent-to-agent calls are also available.

One unique feature that TalkDesk offers is their click-to-call feature. This allows agents to place calls directly from the preferred helpdesk, CRM, or website.

TalkDesk features advanced routing features. Not only is ACD and IVR included, there is also skill-based routing. Skill-based routing means that a company can assign certain agents to certain calls. Aside from that, companies could also use TalkDesk’s algorithm to assign the most qualified agents to customers, ensuring all of the customer’s needs are met.

TalkDesk offers useful integrations. Some of these include SalesForce, LiveChat, and ZenDesk. Using these integrations allows for enhanced caller IDs, automatic workflows, and contact history.

TalkDesk is a browser-based, cloud based software. This allows for quick and easy setups. There is both real-time and historical reporting, which improves a call centers efficiency. Call monitoring is available as well. These features make it easy for businesses to analyze data, making TalkDesk a powerful management tool.

Cloud Based

TalkDesk runs exclusively on the cloud. There is no software downloads required, and no hardware requirements. All a business needs to run TalkDesk is a computer, an internet connection, and a TalkDesk plan.


TalkDesk is reasonably affordable for most businesses. An express plan costs just $25 per month, and allows up to ten agents, on an annual contract. The professional plan is $65 a month, and allows up to 100 agents. The enterprise plan is $125 a month, but allows for unlimited agents.

It is important to note that aside from the monthly cost, TalkDesk charges for every call. In the United States and Canada, incoming calls cost $0.02 a minute, and outbound calls cost $0.03 a minute.


Although TalkDesk has good pricing and a wide variety of features, no cloud based call center software is made perfect. Some businesses find that TalkDesk’s features don’t particularly stand out, as they are looking for the software with the most unique features possible. TalkDesk customers hope to see more features added in the future.


TalkDesk is a great option for small to medium sized companies looking for a cloud based call center software that is efficient and affordable. While it may not have too many extra features, it will certainly get the job done.

It is important for businesses to remember that TalkDesk charges for each call when considering signing a contract.

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InContact is another great cloud based call center software option for businesses. Some of the features they offer include the leading ACD, IVR, and WFO software. InContact also features the only no-pause dialer on the market. Businesses love InContact for their features, as they make managing a call center a breeze.


InContact offers a wide variety of features that are extremely beneficial for businesses. Agent scripting is available. This allows for customizable scripts for each agent, along with decision trees. This ensures each customer gets the highest level of service possible.

The disaster recovery feature is another reason InContact is a top cloud based call center software. It enables call centers to continue making calls, even in the event of extreme weather conditions that would usually hinder service. Since the software is cloud based, agents can work from home, or anywhere with an internet connection. For businesses with multiple call center locations, they can reroute calls to the other locations.

InContact also features speech analytics software. This allows for calls to be monitored, and helps identify the top concerns with customers. It is able to pinpoint the most important calls. This feature allows call centers to set up custom call tags, which categorizes each customer’s reason for calling.

The work force optimization features allows for each call center to be ran efficiently. It takes some of the work off of management’s shoulders, which is why InContact is such a great choice.

There are a lot of other features included with InContact. Some of these include automatic callback, along with campaign and list management. InContact offers over 100 third-party integrations. InContact has all of the most popular integrations that a call center could need.

Cloud Based

InContact is considered a software as a service (SaaS). This means that businesses pay a subscription to pay for a license to run the software. This is a form of cloud computing, making InContact a cloud based service.


InContact requires businesses to contact them directly for a quote, as they don’t publicly list their pricing schemes. However, many sources report paying around $100 a month for the software.

One benefit of InContact is it is a pay as you go software. There is no contract required, allowing businesses to discontinue using the software whenever they wish.


InContact is a very highly praised cloud based call center software. The only complaints customers seem to have is that it can be buggy at times. Also, their customer service is reported to not be too good.


InContact is a great cloud based call center software option for medium to larger sized businesses. The range of features make it a great option for many businesses. The pricing seems to be moderate, however, businesses considering InContact should directly contact them for a quote before finalizing their decision.

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Our Final Say on Cloud Based Call Center Software

Deciding on a cloud based call center software is critical for all call centers. There are many factors to consider, such as pricing, features, and support. Deciding on the right software depends on each individual business.

Businesses should avoid software that is buggy, doesn’t have customer support, is too expensive, or doesn’t have the features a business needs. Fortunately, none of the options on this list have these issues. Any of the cloud based call center software mentioned above will work well for most businesses.

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