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Best Business Security Systems: SimpliSafe or ADT?

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Last updated on September 7th, 2019 at 02:51 pm

Business Security SystemsContrary to common perception, being an employer or the owner of a business is no easy job.

The owner has too many responsibilities and keeping the office protected is one of them.

An office is not just a place where many people gather every day to work; it is a place that contains many important elements that need protection.

These include employees, the products that a business sells, clients’ information, valuable equipment and machinery, financial data, money and any other sensitive information.

Best Security System for Businesses: An Assessment of SimpliSafe and ADT

Since a lot of hard work and finances go into making a business successful, no matter how big or small it is.

Measures need to be taken to keep all its tangible and intangible valuables secured not only from burglars.

But also from other threats, such as the storm, fire breakout. Business security systems do just that. Although both SimpliSafe and ADT are the most popular and reputable service providers.

Each from one category of security systems, SimpliSafe has gained more recommendations by experts than ADT. Let’s take an in-depth look at each of them to find out their pros and cons.

#1. SimpliSafe

Designed and built by an engineer educated from Harvard, SimpliSafe is an award-winning security system that is just what its name implies; simple and safe.

It is simple to install and provide safety against intrusions via a number of sensors. Keeping in view its price.

Ease of installation (that does not require professional help) and the availability of many flexible packages, SimpliSafe is highly recommended for small businesses.

This is because most small businesses need only basic protection. They also have a limited budget.

SimpliSafe provides ideal services for them as it allows customers to buy their services without having to sign annual contracts with the security company.

It also allows the customers to upgrade, downgrade or even cancel the security service at any time. This makes it ideal for small businesses because they can frequently change their security plan according to the changing needs.

Since SimpliSafe is wireless, it is easier to reposition or moved in case the owner changes the office. SimpliSafe also makes the process of hassle free by providing direct services. No middlemen mean fewer confusions.

Besides many benefits, SimpliSafe also has some shortcomings for which it is not the recommended security system for large businesses.

They do not include surveillance cameras in SimpliSafe security system. Also, they don’t offer some advanced features, such as remote control and fob key entry which larger businesses need.

Key Features

SimpliSafe offers 24/7 monitoring to ensure that the security authorities and the business owner are immediately notified whenever someone breaks into the place protected by SimpliSafe system.

The efficient sensors of SimpliSafe security system are highly sensitive and triggered by the smallest break-in attempts.

Following are the key features included in SimpliSafe:

  • Motion Sensors
  • Glass Break Sensors
  • Door Sensors
  • Emergency Button that sets off the alarm when the security system is unarmed
  • Control Panel
  • Freeze and water sensors are also available as add-ons


SimpliSafe is very easy to install. All the equipment of the security system, including the keypad.

Sensors and base station comes mounted on an adhesive pad that makes installation really simple.

Also, the whole system is wireless so, you don’t have to worry about finding out the right wires for each device and connecting them properly.

Also, the system is pre-programmed, which means you do not have to install any software to make it functional.

All a customer needs to do with SimpliSafe is to plug and turn on the device and ward off all the worries regarding your office’s security.


SimpliSafe does not require its customers to sign a fixed contract with the security company is probably its greatest advantage.

When a customer signs a contract with a company, they force to continue taking its services for the entire period of the contract even if the quality of services decline with time.

Often, companies take the customers for granted after they have signed a contract. With no contract, the SimpliSafe allows its customers to cancel the company’s services at any time.

This is also an insurance of the company’s high-quality services. When it knows that its customers can back out if the quality of services gets worse, it focuses on providing top-notch services all the time.

SimpliSafe allows customers to upgrade or downgrade the security services, according to your changing needs.


Since all the equipment of SimpliSafe is wireless and run on battery, you can easily move it from one place to another.


While the battery-operated feature makes SimpliSafe portable, some people think this very feature makes it less reliable too.

However, this is nothing more than mere speculation because the batteries need to be changed after 5 years.

Also, the feature of warning signs that the system gives before the battery failure eliminates the chances of a sudden collapse of the security system.


How to Get a Small Business Loan: The Ultimate GuideSimpliSafe is highly affordable not only in terms of monthly monitoring charges but also in terms of the equipment prices.

Monthly monitoring charges for SimpliSafe start form as low as $15. This basic package includes calling customers, every time the alarm rings.

If the customer does not receive the call or confirms that the alarm was not false, the security company immediately informs the law enforcement authorities.

The $20 monthly package includes sending alerts through text messages and emails. With SimpliSafe, a customer is not even bound to purchase the monitoring service. If you do not need it do not buy.

However, we don’t recommend this because if you only install the system and not buy the monitoring service, you would not receive any alerts when the alarm rings.

The SimpliSafe equipment’s basic package, including the base station, a keypad, one motion sensor, and one entry sensor, is available at a nominal price of $230. Additional sensors are available at extra charges.

SimpliSafe also offers customized equipment under a business’ unique requirements. Out of the wide range of sensors, you can only buy the ones that you need.

The 60 days full refund policy of SimpliSafe makes it even more preferred by many customers.

Customer Support

SimpliSafe offers many support to its customers via telephone and emails daily from 9 am to 6 pm EST. Whether you are facing any issue in setting up the equipment, facing some issues in its efficiency.

Wants to change your monitoring plan, upgrade or downgrade services or needs some other information, you can contact the company between the above timings.

#2. ADT

ADT is the most reliable and recommended security system for large businesses because it caters to all their diverse security needs.

ADT’s hardwired system does not rely on battery power which makes it more reliable and efficient.

ADT allows the business owner or security head to control the office’s security through his/her cell phone.

These include the ability to lock and unlock office doors or control its lighting directly from your cell phone, making it perfect for large businesses.

Like any product, ADT also has some cons. These include its harder installation that requires expert technicians, its higher price and the need to sign fixed-term contracts with the company.

Key Features

ADT provides 24/7 monitoring service to make sure that it immediately notifies the customers and the law enforcement agencies whenever someone tries to break into the place where the ADT security system is installed.

Besides the following basic security features that are part of any security system.

The ADT provides some advanced security features for businesses with advanced security needs.

  • Control Panel
  • Motion sensors
  • Glass break sensors
  • Door opening sensors
  • Emergency button
  • Alarm bell
  • Freeze and water sensors are available as add-ons

The advanced security features of ADT are:

Fob keychain entrance

This feature allows businesses to provide fob keys to all the employees for unlocking the doors. With this, the system can detect who has entered the office at the specific time and stores the information in its record, the employer can retrieve which at any time. So, if any of your employees is trying to enter the office at odd hours or trying to enter a prohibited area, you could detect the identity.

Video Surveillance

With video surveillance feature, the owners have an added advantage to view the recording of any given day or time for a month. Also, the owners can monitor their offices without being physically present there by connecting their smartphones with the cameras.

Pulse Remote Control

The advanced feature of ‘pulse remote control’ allows an owner to change/ adjust the security system’s settings, to lock and unlock doors and to even control the temperature and lighting of your office from his/her smartphone.


ADT is a business security system that needs to be installed by skilled technicians. Therefore, when you buy ADT, the company sends its own workers to install the security system in your office.

The installation charges are not much higher and are included in the monthly monitoring fee.

However, if a business needs re-installation for the change of location or the system needs to be removed in case of any malfunction or repair needs; the customer has to pay additional charges for it.


ADT requires each of its customers to sign at least a 3-year contract with the company, upon purchase. Customers find this feature of the business security company its greatest downside.

The contract remains valid in case of change of location; however, the customer needs to pay additional charges for re-installation for the equipment. If a company cancels its contract, it needs to pay 75% of any remaining balance.


ADT is highly reliable when it comes to the quality of the equipment. Also, it provides much better monitoring services than many others.


ADT is on the higher end when it comes to pricing. The very basic security system and its installation cost about $399. The monthly monitoring price of ADT is also much higher than the SimpliSafe.

The minimum monthly monitoring charges are $52. This cost gets even more for large businesses with much greater and advanced needs.

A package that includes video surveillance can cost as much as $917 for equipment (it includes 2 video cameras in the package) and the installation. The monthly charges for this advanced package start from $58.

Customer Support

Although ADT provides 24/7 support to its customers, there have been many negative reviews about the quality of the customer service.

The most important factor that contributes towards the negative reviews is the condition to pay 75% of the remaining balance in case the customer wants to cancel the ADT’s service.

Repair and re-installation charges and some other types of hidden and unexpected charges are some other reasons for customers’ complaints.

Apart from this, help is available round the clock via live chat, telephone and email.

Types of Business Security Systems

Many small businesses compromise over the security of their offices because they find business security systems are too expensive.

However, the reality is different and if employers do a little research, they can easily find different security systems meant for different businesses with varying needs.

Some companies also offer customized security plans after assessing the unique requirements of a business.

When it comes to business security, there are 2 major types of systems available in the market:

Wireless Systems – These systems are the simple one and hence, can be self-installed. SimpliSafe is among the highest-rated wireless security systems that can be easily installed by a non-professional person and is recommended by experts.

Hardwired Systems – These require professional installation. ADT is a good security system among the hardwired, professionally installed ones.

Wondering If You Really Need a Security System In Your Office?

Your office building is not just comprising the furniture and equipment; it is a place where you store all your business information and even cash. All these valuables need to be protected the same way you protect the valuables kept in your house.

No matter how small or big a business is, you need to have a security system in place to protect all the valuable equipment, products and/ or sensitive information.

If you think you do not need a security system for your business, look at the following major reasons and you would definitely want to be in touch with a security system provider as soon as possible:

To Keep It Safe From Burglars

Majority of the security systems come with a warning sign that needs to be placed on the door to alert the burglars that any efforts to break-in the building will be dangerous for them.

To Tell Employees That You Value Them

Installing a security system in the office buildings is a way of telling your employees that they are of immense value to you and hence, you take measures to protect them.

No Need to Call the Police during Emergencies

When you have a good security system installed in your offices, you need not call to the police in case of any emergency. These systems have a feature of automatically alerting the law enforcement agencies whenever an emergency takes place.

To Get Better Insurance Policy

Companies that have security systems installed in their buildings can secure better rates on the insurance policy than the companies that do not take any security measures.

Keep the Trouble Makers Away

Even if your office is not likely to be the burglars’ target, there are many people, such as drunks, teenagers, who just like to create troubles and can cause damage to your property.

A security system, with its motion detectors, also works to protect your offices from any such unforeseen harm.

To Look Professional and Reliable

Security systems also improve a business’ position in the eyes of existing and potential clients/customers. When a client knows that the information and/or money he/she is providing to a company.

Will be protected and does not go in any wrong hands, the client’s trust level greatly improves and he/ she does not feel any hesitation in working with that company.

To Maintain Records

Besides keeping your office secure, a security system also maintains a record of everything. For example, through video surveillance, an employer cannot only see what is happening inside and around the office building but also keeps a record of it.

Our Final Take on Business Security Systems: SimpliSafe Is The Winner

Out of the two business security systems discussed in this article, SimpliSafe is found to be offering high-quality services at a much more affordable price than ADT.

Also, the SimpliSafe does not bound a customer in a contract and allows them to upgrade, downgrade or even cancel the services at any time without having to pay any penalty, which is much high in case of ADT.

It also allows customers to save a handsome amount by offering easy installation of equipment and a full refund option, within 60 days of purchase, in case they do not satisfy the customer with the SimpliSafe’s services.

For businesses that have little-advanced security needs, such as fob keys, remote control and/or video surveillance, Simplisafe is an ideal option with its flexible and pocket-friendly services.

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