10 Amazing Business Name Generators & Ideas

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Last updated on August 25th, 2019 at 02:16 pm

business name generatorWhen starting a business, there are many moving parts and elements that have to come together. First and foremost, naming your business is one.

Of the MOST crucial things to get right. Sometimes great Names seem to fall out the sky right into your lap.

Other times, you may find yourself scratching your head, unable to find a name that really captures the essence of your business.

Luckily, there are tools available that can help you through the brainstorming process. Seeing as there are tons of options out there, we went ahead and did some research to help you can narrow things down a bit.

Below you will find a list of business name generators, each of which can make your process that much smoother. Alternatively, if you already have a business name in mind, use our domain search tool to check if your name is available. Also, you may want to order business cards.

#1. Rhymer: Our Favorite Business Name Generator

As you have probably gathered by the name, Rhymer provides you with a word that rhymes with whatever word you type in. Of course.

This is not as straightforward of a business name generator as you might expect initially — but you may find this product to be surprisingly effective.

Nursery rhymes are memorable for a reason. And rhyming names can be especially useful in the world of business. 

Rhymer offers TONS of options for rhyming words:

  • End rhymes – (Date/Eight)
  • Last Syllable rhymes – (Plain/Jane)
  • Double rhymes – (Flavor/Neighbor)

These are just to name a few.  Rhymer gives you lots of ideas to play with, including beginning rhymes like stable/stapler.

#2. WordLab Business Name Generator

WordLab offers a great tool for naming different facets of your business such as products, domains, and brands.

According to WordLab, they have more than 7 million names to choose from. While I can’t tell you how accurate that actually is, I assure you they’ve got tons for you to try out.

Additionally, WordLab provides a forum where users can sign up and pose questions related to naming their projects. Here you can receive insight and suggestions from other WordLab community members.

Generating names is literally done at the click of a button (followed by clicking on a pop-up) and you’re all set! Moreover, WordLab includes a domain name checker that is just as straightforward.

#3. FreshBook’s Business Name Generator

Business Name Generators aren’t rocketed science by any means. Still, FreshBooks scores points for its simplicity. On top of that, it has a well-optimized website with great aesthetics.

To make the process more seamless, you need to select your industry. This way, the names generated will be sure to match your business. Afterwards, you choose whichever keyword you’d like to be included, and go on to browse through your options.

#4. Brandroot

Brandroot offers over 10,000 names. While not overly impressive compared to other business name generators we’ve covered so far.

Brandroot does make up for it by providing users with logos, domains, and prices. This makes it unique compared to other business name generators.

This generator allows you to search for names based on a keyword of your choice. Otherwise, you can simply search by the categories.

#5. Shopify’s Business Name Generator

This name generator is awesome for crafting a solid brand name. It’s also useful if you need to check the availability of .com domains.

The ideas that are available are pretty interesting, so you won’t be scraping to find something that strikes your fancy.

#6. GoSpaces

Enter your keyword, and choose a name from hundreds of choices. GoSpaces also allows you to check domain availability right away.

Feel like switching things up? GoSpaces lets you use different domain types so you don’t have to go with “.com”.

This generator won’t necessarily throw mind-bending names at you at first but don’t hesitate to mix things up until you find what works for you.

Testing different keywords should help you move along more seamlessly throughout the process — even keywords you are not quite as fond of.

You are bound to find something that suits your business!

#7. Guru

I included Guru on this list mostly for the approach the creators took with their product. Unlike most name generators, Guru’s web copy is heavily themed.

I think some people may find this ‘fun’, while others may find it a bit overbearing. In any case, it’s a neat business name generator that offers you just what you’d expect.

All you need to do is type in a word or two, and mix things up until you stumble on some magic.

#8. BizNameWiz

Another name generator that incorporates a distinctive theme, BizNameWiz is easy to use and intuitive. And it doesn’t hurt that it checks the availability of domain names immediately.

Not only is BizNameWiz free and fast, you can rest assured that your name/domain hasn’t been used before.

According to their website, this generator has over a million combinations a day, with over half a million domain checks.

#9. Name Mesh

The folks behind Name Mesh haven’t made the BEST choices with regards to web design.

Some of the fonts comes close to being unreadable because of color clashes (a bit harsh on the eyes), but the way the tool works can be useful.

Name Mesh will work best for you if you’ve got 2-3 keywords to play with. They even have an option for you if there are 4 or more keywords you want to throw into the mix.

Your options are presented to you in the following categories:

  • Common
  • Fun
  • New
  • SEO 

#10. Hipster Business Name

Hipster Business Name has an interesting way of going about things.

Similar to Guru in the sense that the theme of the name generator spills over into the copy — a lot!

Their website is a bit lacking though. I couldn’t tell where I should enter keywords to help steer the naming process, so anything generated would just be random.

Other than that Hipster does get points for uniqueness, and the fact that you can immediately check domain availability.

To be frank, I think this name generator will be particularly useful if your business name and idea are a bit “out there”.

Our Final Speech for Best Business Name Generator

Like I mentioned before, there are tons of name generators to choose from. Creating your brand name is one of those things you HAVE to get right.

That said, don’t rely on a business name generator alone. Remember to run your brand name by friends, family, and colleagues.

At the end of the day, you’ll know if the name is right or just mediocre. Feel free to reach out and let us know if any of these name generators have been helpful in your search for the right name!



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