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Best Virtual Office – Which Provider Is Best?

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Last updated on September 7th, 2019 at 02:28 pm

best virtual officeVirtual offices are becoming increasingly common in today’s workforce, but what exactly is a virtual office?

A virtual office is a work environment in which employees can work from any location using their laptops, cell phones, and internet service.

Virtual offices benefit business owners by eliminating the monthly rent of office space. Instead, business owners can rent a mailing address, meeting rooms for an hourly rate, and a receptionist to provide answering services.

Still, it all seems so new and confusing to many of us and deciding to switch over to a virtual office is only the first step. The next step is choosing a relevant service provider.

So Mr. Business owner, which is the right provider for your business? By the time you have finished reading this article, the answer will be much clearer.

Why We Recommend These Virtual Office Companies

Different providers offer different services, unique to a business owner’s specific needs. Below you can find our findings on ServCorp, DiVinci and Regus.

After thorough research, we can confidently say that the following three providers offer the best services.

#1. ServCorp

Originating in Sydney, Australia, ServCorp now provides services in over 21 countries.

ServCorp is a multinational organization which specializes in selling services and virtual office products since 1978.

Features and Integration

ServCorp offers features such as an office mailing address, live receptionist on location, call transfers and voicemail.

Call forwarding is one of the extra features provided by ServCorp, with the receptionist being able to transfer calls to up to three people within the business.

Additionally, ServCorp provides limited free access to business lounges and limited free private offices. The business lounge is a shared workspace, with a three-hour limit per day.

The private office feature is limited to two days per month, as well as three complimentary days a month in a different city.


ServCorp offers different pricing plans suited to complement the business owner’s needs. There is a one-time setup fee of $1-$50, depending on your location.

The price for an office address and mailing services, such as forwarding mail, will cost $88-$128 per month.

Also, the price of adding a receptionist to answer calls to your business will cost $224-$300 per month.

It is important to note that ServCorp offers your first month free, allowing you to see if a virtual office is right for you.


ServCorp is certainly the most affordable virtual office providers. The basic plan is around $100 per month, while the full-service package is around $240 per month.

With ServCorp, you need not commit to a contract. ServCorp is flexible, offering month-to-month contracts.

This is perfect if you are new to a virtual office and would love to try it out, or if you are simply looking for a temporary solution.

Not only is the pricing and flexibility of ServCorp attractive, so is their reputation. ServCorp is highly appraised by its customers, for their superb customer service.

When working from a remote location, excellent customer service is vital and can go a long way.


ServCorp has attractive prices and flexible contracts, but the virtual office providers lack in extra perks and features.

They allow you to use public workspaces in their other locations, but they limit you to only three hours each day.

Furthermore, ServCorp is available only in 9 states, reaching far fewer customers than other virtual office providers.

#2. DaVinci

Founded in 2006, DaVinci Virtual LLC is a multinational corporation with headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah.

DaVinci provides communication services, virtual offices, meeting rooms to over 45,000 companies in 5 different continents.

Features and Integration

DaVinci offers answering service, advanced call routing, scheduling appointments, audio conferencing.,

Unlimited long-distance calls, taking orders, as well as making outgoing calls. The receptionist can enter data and even schedule flights.

DaVinci’s features include workspaces, however, they are not complimentary. Private offices and conference rooms are available for an hourly fee.


Regus charges a one-time setup fee of $150 for a virtual office and $95 for an answering service.

For a mailing address, you can expect to pay $55-$135, while a mailing address and answering service are $204-$334, depending on your location.

Additional services such as data entry and flight scheduling cost $50 per hour. DaVinci does not provide complimentary workspace. For a private office, they will charge you $10-$35, and conference rooms cost $25-$45 per hour.


DaVinci provides services worldwide and in 47 states and Washington DC. They seem highly accessible, hence you are more likely to find DaVinci Virtual in your area.

DaVinci also has excellent answering service, with adds-on features such as appointment and flight schedules. This cuts the necessity of having an executive assistant, especially when working from a remote office.


DaVinci’s receptionist is located in a call center rather than at your rental office. While the answering service is quite advanced, it is far less personable than face-to-face.

They also charge for work-spaces at an hourly rate. If you find that you can strictly work from home or your nearby coffee shop, this might work for you.

Otherwise, the fees might add up quickly with a constant office and conference room rental. Overall, DaVinci Virtual is certainly the pricier option, with two initial set up fees of $150 for a virtual office and $95 for an answering service.

DaVinci Virtual is inconsistent with customer service and care, as they have mixed reviews. Some customers think highly of DaVinci’s staff, while others found them to be unresponsive or slow to take action.

Finally, DaVinci Virtual does not offer a month-to-month contract. You must sign a 6-month contract and only then can you switch to month-to-month.

If you do not want to commit or unsure if a virtual office is right for you, DaVinci probably needs the provider for your business.

#3. Regusregus

Founded in Brussels, Belgium in 1989, Regus now has more than 4,000 locations across 120 countries.

A multinational corporation, Regus offers working spaces, virtual offices, and meeting rooms.

Features and Integration

Regus offers features such as a receptionist that will answer calls and keep track of voicemails. For an additional fee, the receptionist can also transfer calls, as well as write down messages.

Additional features include use of business lounges, as well as two complimentary days of a private office use.


Regus charges $79-$129 per month for an office address, and $149-$279 for an office address and answering services.

Additional fees include $25 a month per line to transfer calls, $99 one-time setup fee, as well as a two-month security deposit. Finally, there is a $49 per month fee to sign up to a three-month contract instead of an annual contract.


Regus has by far the most locations and is more likely to be found in an area near you. Also, Regus offers all-day access (8:30 AM to 5 PM) to all of their business lounges at no additional fee.

This is a huge plus! If you are traveling or out of town, you are likely to find a business lounge nearby. This makes Regus convenient and accessible, essentially attracting more customers.


While Regus seems to be the largest provider, the company certainly has its flaws. First, there are multiple fees that aren’t transparent or easily understood when first signing up.

The shortest contract is 3 months, and you have to pay a fee every single month when opting for such a short contract.

Because of the pricing and contracts, Regus has the most negative reviews out of all three virtual office providers. Some complaints by their customers involve unexpected fees, as well as auto-renewing contracts.

What Features Do You Need From Your Virtual Office Provider?

Office Address & Mailing Service

The most basic thing you will need is an office address for your business. The fees for this vary among service providers and heavily depends on your location.

The average rate for an office mailing address is $100 per month. Second, mailing service is necessary to receive and forward mail, as well as the sign for packages.

Call Answering Service

A receptionist is necessary to greet your customers, transfer calls, and takedown voicemails and messages.

ServCorp and Regus have a receptionist available at your designated office, whereas DaVinci’s receptionist is located at a call center. The average cost for an answering service is about $260 per month.

Physical Space

While the concept of a virtual office is all about working from a remote location, a designated workspace is still necessary.

Employees still need to gather several times a month for meetings, and business owners often need to meet with existing and potential clients.

ServCorp provides 3 free hours a day to business lounges and 2 free days a month to private office spaces. Regus offers free access to all business lounges and 2 free days a month to private office spaces.

Unlike ServCorp and Regus, DaVinci does not offer complimentary workspaces and meeting rooms but charges an hourly rate.

Our Top Pick for Best Virtual Office Provider: ServCorp

We strongly recommend ServCorp as the best virtual office provider for its positive reputation, affordable prices, as well as the flexible contracts offered.

The WiseSmallBusiness Team is full of industry experts and successful business owners  willing to contribute important business articles.

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