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Best Security Cameras For Business

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Last updated on August 26th, 2019 at 08:07 pm

Best Security Cameras for BusinessYour business is your baby; you cherish it and do not want anything to happen to it.

You have spent a lot of your money in inventory, technology, branding, and ultimately, building up the business and you do not want to risk losing it.

However, if you were to get broken into, you would want to make sure that you knew who did it.

And be able to present all the data to the police when they arrived.

By investing in a high-quality security camera system, you will not only be able to protect your business but also have confidence that you will get a high enough quality picture that allows you to stop the thief from doing any more harm.

Best Security Camera for Business: Arlo Pro Security System with Siren Indoor/Outdoor, Night Vision

There are plenty of security camera choices to choose from and it can easily become overwhelming.

After reviewing a large variety of cameras, we have decided to choose one that is a winner above them all.

Not only is this a high-quality camera with plenty of features, but also has been tested and highly reviewed from people on Amazon.

While this camera has a high price tag, it comes with over 4,000 reviews on Amazon and higher than 4 out of 5 stars.

Fully weatherproof and 2-way audio, this camera is 100% wire-free, allowing you to place the cameras wherever you think is best.

Arlo Pro also comes with a recurring 7-day free cloud recording, enabling you to live stream or view recorded view up to 7 days free. Lastly, this camera includes rechargeable batteries so no more blackout recordings for your business.

Top 7 Best Security Cameras for Business

In addition to the editor’s choice, here are additional cameras that we highly recommend. They are from reputable brands and have great features to make them stand above their competition.

# 1. Nest Labs Indoor Security Camera

Not only does this camera come with a dual-band Wi-Fi camera, but also has sound and motion detection. It has the ability to connect with other Nest products.

Allowing you to make your entire business smarter. The one downside to this is that you have to pay to watch recorded video, which it stores in the cloud.

# 2. Armcrest IP2m-841 ProHD 1080p Wireless Wi-fi IP Camera

Over 7,500 reviews on Amazon, this camera is highly desired, to say the least. At 30fps, this camera records at 1080p resolution.

Has a 90-degree viewing angle and is able to see 32 feet with its night vision setting. Furthermore, it comes with two-way audio, motion alerts, and lifetime support provided.

# 3. Simplicam HD Wi-Fi Home Video Monitoring Camera

Although it only has a 720p resolution, this camera has a 25ft night vision range (compared to most others that have 20ft).

Hs higher quality video recording at night than it’s competitors, and has a low monthly price of $4.99. Furthermore, it comes with cloud storage, a one-year warranty, and an ability to schedule recordings.

# 4. Icontrol Networks Piper nv

This camera is known for doubling as a home automation hub and coming with no contracts or monthly fees.

With the 180-degree night vision camera, it is able to send text/email alerts and connect via Wi-Fi. Additionally, it has 2-way communication, backup battery, high-grade video encryption, and is compatible with Z-wave wireless accessories.

# 5. LG Smart Security Wireless Camera

LG’s camera doubles as an automation hub as well and also offers a contract-free professional ADT monitoring service.

It also comes with 2-way communication and a built-in siren to ward off any intruders. Lastly, with bank-level video encryption, there is no way for any thief to hack into your video recordings.

# 6. Canary All-In-One Home Security Device

While this camera is more focused on home security, it still provides great information related to your business.

With the 1080p resolution, this camera will capture high-quality video while also monitoring air quality, humidity, and temperature, which would be beneficial for your daily operations.

# 7. Samsung SmartCam PT

With an excellent pan-and-tilt camera, this camera allows you to monitor your space with a 350-degree pan ability and 155-degree tilt arc.

The camera can also lock onto a moving person’s body and track it across its entire range. Additionally, this camera comes with two-way audio, motion and sound alerts, and night vision.

While most people will be looking for indoor cameras, some will want an outdoor camera as well. Here are two of our choices for best outdoor security camera:

# 1. Nest Labs Nest Cam Outdoor

This atheistically pleasing camera is easy to install since it has a magnetic mount, requiring no screws to anchor.

It also comes with a USB power cable, detachable from its AC power adapter, allowing for even easier installation. This camera is also able to integrate with IFTTT and a variety of other products.

Additionally, this camera comes with a built-in speaker and microphone to be able to talk and listen through the app.

# 2. Neatmo Presence

This camera has a higher price tag, but has the features to justify it. Not only does this camera record everything in HD, but also has a light capability in order to shine bright on any intruders.

But, when it shines on something based on motion, it is able to tell whether it is a car, person, or animal and then send you a more accurate notification.

Positioning the Cameras

Placing your cameras in locations can often be a daunting task. Not only do you want to make sure that every inch is covered.

But you start to play out different scenarios to make sure that every possibility will be covered.

When thinking through this step, focus on the entry points. If you are able to adequately capture the person entering and leaving your store that will be where the crime will be captured.

After those key areas are covered, set a couple up at different angles in some of your largest spaces. This will allow you to see what they are doing once they break-in.

Ultimately, there will be blind spots that you are not able to cover. If you want to completely get rid of all the spots, you can purchase more. However, it is not necessary since you will get the key points of entry, exit, and activity in the store.

Simple ways to make sure that you have covered is set up the cameras and then test the different angles by having a friend play out different scenarios. Another option is to hire a professional company that understands positioning better.

Features to Look for In Security Cameras

A lot of brands will throw a large list of features that their cameras have, but what ones are the most important? Are there features that you could look over, while others that should be required?

Here is a list of required and recommended features that should be considered when purchasing your own security camera setup.

While certain features matter more than other’s, we deem them all necessary and beneficial to your business.

Mobile phone connection

When you are away from your business, you want to rest assured that, if something were to happen, you would know the second it did. You do not want to walk into your business the next day with everything gone. With a mobile phone connection, the system will be able to send you emails, push notifications, texts, and even calls when activity is detected.

High Definition Resolution

Being able to see the activity clearly is the main reason that you will be buying the camera. Do not let the reason the cops cannot find the burglar be that you did not get a high quality resolution. There are not any cameras that record in 4K, but 1080p will be your best bet.


Being able to store your previous recordings, especially the ones that have important information on them is necessary. Most cameras’ now are able to connect to the cloud, but there are some that only have local drives.

Remote Viewing

Sometimes you get the urge to check on your business while you are at home or on vacation. By having a remote viewing capability, you now can quickly hop online and check if there is anything happening.

Infrared Vision (Night Vision)

Most crimes do not happen in broad daylight but in the dark. Having infrared ability allows you to see clearly even in the darkest nights.

Motion Activation

You do not need to be recording the entire night if nothing is happening. Allow the camera to only record when motion is detected. That saves you hours of watching no activity and minimizes the storage needed.

In addition to the core features to look for in a camera, there are a few other benefits to look for if you really want to up your security game. Here is a list of some added benefits to consider when buying security cameras:

Technology Integration

The great part of innovation is that technology is starting to become more integrated with each other. There are now a few cameras that are able to connect with IFTTT and even Nest if you want.

Two-Way Audio

Imagine being able to talk back and forth to someone via the camera. This will not only allow you to scare them, but also mitigate the risk of them actually taking any of your inventory.

Digital Zoom

Being able to zoom in on apparel, tattoos, or any other tip that might help provide evidence during crimes is a great benefit. It is not required, but could definitely help the police. Sadly, most cameras do not have this feature yet.

Battery backup

If the power goes out, you want to make sure that you are covered. Most cameras have this nowadays, but it is definitely a feature to strongly consider.

How Many Cameras You Need To Buy

This answer truly depends on your space and want areas you want to cover.

If it is a one-room office, two would be an average amount (one for the entry/exit and one for the main area).

If you have multiple rooms and levels, the answers can vary significantly. Get a print out of your location and mark all the spots that you think are necessary. Once you have done that, run it by a couple of your trusted friends and get their opinions.

Benefits of Buying Security Cameras

  • Deterrent from burglars: The most obvious benefit is to deter people from breaking in and stealing anything. The presence alone can make someone think twice before acting, but by adding a sticker that says, “Alarm by [insert company name]” it will only increase the level of hesitation.
  • Data gathering: As previously mentioned, if a crime does happen in your business, the cameras will have the necessary data to help the police capture the criminal.
  • Employee monitoring: Lastly, with increased accusations of inappropriate behavior and potential lawsuits for poor work cultures, knowing that you have recordings of any of the behavior is a great comfort.

You have put countless hours into your business and you do not want to lose it all because you did not have a good security system to catch the burglar.

By investing in a high-quality security camera, knowing where to place them and how many to buy, and the exact features to look for, you can rest assured that your business will be safer than it ever has been.


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    It has the ability to connect with other Nest products, allowing you to make your entire business smarter. The features that should be considered when purchasing your own security camera setup.The most obvious benefit is to deter people from breaking in and stealing anything.It comes with cloud storage, a one-year warranty, and an ability to schedule recordings.

  2. Nest Labs products are always topnotch. You have a nice compilation of cameras. Would glad to have one! to have one.

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