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Best Scheduling Software For Small Business [Construction Edition]

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Last updated on September 7th, 2019 at 06:20 pm

Best Scheduling SoftwareIf you’re ready to choose a Scheduling Software program, we’re here to guide you to a perfect fit for your company.

You’ll instantly discover a set of systems ready toward large businesses, but we found four we think are great for the smaller business needs.

In this review of Scheduling Software packages, we wanted our top picks to manage your appointments efficiently, even with multiple locations and schedules.

It further needs an easy Scheduling configuration for allowing online appointment booking.

Usually these Software packages go beyond appointment Scheduling and adding extra features you’ll find helpful in managing your customer base.

Our Scheduling Software Comparison: Acuity Scheduling Vs. Appointy Vs. Timely Vs. vCita

#1. Acuity Scheduling: Our Pick As Best Scheduling Software

Acuity Scheduling comes with strong features making appointment scheduling easy and convenient for Clients and Staff.

With great ease of use and intuitiveness includes most features desired in a scheduling software package, making it our top pick.

Powerfullly designed online booking and appointment scheduling program allow staff and clients to schedule a meeting and appointments.

Feature of Group Calendar is available to every personnel for logging in and using to find who is open and allowing for working around other schedules.

Acuity Scheduling offers each of the client booking features we need, including recurring appointments, appointment price quotes when scheduling, and the ability to cancel appointments.

Four monthly subscription plans with a free 14-day trial and a no charge solo plan is their offer, limited to client self-scheduling.

Being our top pick Acuity Scheduling is a versatile and feature-rich program with dynamic calendar tools, online store options, and a clean interface.

With regular small and significant improvements, Acuity Scheduling keeps abreast of its customer’s needs and offers top value for the money.

Acuity doesn’t have the ease of use or a fancy desktop like other programs in its market. But it’s still an easy and intuitive program good for the simple needs of small businesses.

Not only  their scheduling rates as our top pick, but it’s still the most cost-effective program.

Timely comes in a second for a price arrangement geared toward smaller businesses with a per month per staff price, depending on the plan.

In a tie the second is Apointly, with their unlimited staff and services. And rounding out in the fourth is vCita at only nine cents more than Apointly, but only allowing three users.

Set Up and Using

While the other three platforms have easy-to-use features for beginning users, Acuity is our top choice.

Highly functional dashboard with a checklist and progress bar helps guide users through each step of setup seamlessly.

Online scheduling program has an easy setup with a checklist and progress bar for guiding you through each step.

Navigation is easy with helpful and useful features for your staff like designating specific appointment types of set pricing for each.

It likewise gives you the ability to accept payments when clients schedule their appointments.

Acuity has a good choice of client-booking features including recurring appointments.

Appointment cancelations and price quotes while scheduling appointments.

The handling of each of these functions is easy and straightforward with confirmation emails when clients make or cancel appointments.

The one negative side of Acuity is the interactive calendar during appointment booking and cancellation.

Though it’s easy to use, each calendar step takes the client to a different page rather than staying within the view window.

But, the steps are simple and easy to navigate with an uncluttered and clean interface.

Price Plans

The scheduling software offers only plan scheduling for no charge per month, with client self-scheduling and unlimited appointments.

Acuity is a perfect plan for small businesses with a fewer schedule and CMS needs.

All other plans come with a free 14-day trial and receive a free month of service if paid annually.

Client self-scheduling only – No monthly charge

1 user 1 location – $10 per month

6 users 6 locations – $19 per month

36 users 36 locations – $34 per month

#2. Appointy: Functional and Powerful Yet Easy to Use

Appointy has powerful features servicing practically any business segment from health and wellness to the government.

The scheduling software boasts customer scheduling access 24/7, management for multiple staff and locations, email, Facebook, and Twitter marketing, and customer loyalty programs.

This functional scheduling software comes with a 14-day trial period plus four monthly pricing plans.

They are starting with a free plan that includes one staff, five services, and unlimited bookings through website integration.

Setting Up and Using

Those familiar with Goggle Calendar will find using Appointy easy, even if they are new to using scheduling software.

Set the program up is easily plugging staff, service, and business information into floating dialogue boxes.

Once done, you tour the software and highlights describing the layout and icons of the admin page.

The user interface is interactive with regular updates and improvements.

The scheduling software is highly customizable, even allowing for choosing or creating color themes and background images for the client appointment calendar.

Appointy allows you to hide their logo from the booking site for the ultimate customization.


The free plan with Appointy is better than Acuity with one user, five services, and unlimited bookings.

The monthly subscriptions include unlimited staff and bookings, and their Enterprise Plan includes multiple business locations.

1 user 5 services and unlimited bookings – No monthly charge. Unlimited staff and services + customization, analytics, and email marketing – $19.95 per month billed annually

Separate staff login and advanced analytics + unlimited staff and services – $39.99 per month billed annually.

Unlimited staff and services with multiple business locations – starting at $59.99 billed annually

#3. Timely: Business Organization with Scheduling, Clients, Staff Reports and More

Timely with its proprietary CMS lets companies send automated reminders, bulk emails.

Calculate and track payments for staff and clients so managers can focus on building business and less on administrative tasks.

With Timely’s click to call the function, businesses can call their clients using Skype.

Timely offers a free, 30-day trial and per month charges per calendar for their Schedule Plan and Schedule & Sell Plan.

If you have a large team with specific needs, contact them for a plan tailored to your business.

Setting Up and Using

This scheduling software caters to a somewhat different market, and its unique features help freelancers needing a better system to their time.

The elegant appointment scheduling systems is a good value for individuals and small teams in freelancing or project development environments.

Timely is not a program for larger businesses because of its narrow functionality and low integration potential.

Setup and use are self-explanatory, quick, and easy with a simple dashboard for adding and editing staff, services, and locations.

Once setup, the dashboard displays the latest activities, upcoming appointments, important announcements, and previous month’s sales.


The scheduling program comes in two subscription rate plans with a free trial and a third custom plan tailored to business needs.

Unlike their competitors, the Timely free trial period is 30 days instead of 14 days.

The schedule only plan has an advanced calendar, automated reminders, and marketing tools.

The Schedule & Sell plan includes a complete front and back office with advanced calendar, POS, payments, and invoicing.

Schedule only per staff calendar – $15 per month

Contact Timely for tailored plan rates

Schedule and sell per staff calendar – $20 per month

#4. vCita: A Simple and Powerful Scheduling Package

vCita offers a powerful scheduling package that simplifies appointment setting, contact management, online payments, document sharing and many other features via your website.

The vCita LiveSite software combines several customer communication streams into one simple to use the platform.

LiveSite comes with integration for websites, email systems, and social media accounts, allowing sharing communications over these channels.

Anytime your customer responds to a campaign in social media or lands on product websites, the software keeps the customer details, storing them in a database.

vCita is a subscription program, with a per month charge starting at $19.95 each month for a single user.

The paid for plans come with a free, 14-day trial and a for a free plan with a limit of 300 client records.

Setting Up and Using

With the scheduling module, clients can set or reschedule bookings and appointments from any device at any time.

Companies can set up lists online for scheduling options, services, and fees.

Reduce missed appointments with automated reminders and confirmations and synchronization with existing calendars like Google, Outlook, and iCal.

The scheduling interface further allows for scheduling appointments with a specific team member.


Offers a no-cost plan limited to 300 client records.

All subscription plans come with a free 14-day trial and different services per pricing tier.

300 client record limit – No charge

Single user – $19.90 per month

3 users – $39.90 per month $9.95 per month per extra user

Three users – $59.90 per month $14.95 per month per added user

Our Final Take on the Best Scheduling Software

All four scheduling programs offer functionality and features desired by businesses needing to schedule appointments over different business platforms.

Timely offers unique features geared toward freelancers and small teams of freelancers, not found in the other programs.

Acuity, Appointy, and vCita have a wide range of features and customizable options for any size business.

Setup and use are easy and intuitive, and the software comes in different package sizes and prices from basic, no-charge service to tailored to your needs.

The WiseSmallBusiness Team is full of industry experts and successful business owners  willing to contribute important business articles.

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