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Best Press Release Services: Which Is The Best?

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Last updated on March 10th, 2019 at 01:15 pm

press release servicesOne great way to promote your business is through a press release.

If written correctly, they will gain the attention of your attended audience and make them curious about your business.

Press Releases are written in a way that allows them to present some “breaking news” that gains the attention of your audience.

Press Releases are great because they give the content authority. People believe what the news says and when your message is presented in a press release, it is taken more seriously and it’s easier to believe.

Businesses and sole proprietors utilize professional press release services to gain the traffic they need. There are three key service providers that can handle press releases for small businesses that really work.

Choosing the best company can be difficult and complicated. However, they will get your press releases into Google News or Yahoo! News if you use the paid services.It is one of the best marketing tools that you can use.

We have found the top three companies available and compared them for you, so you can find the one that is the best for you and your business’s needs. They may not increase your website ranking unless they claim to be able to optimize your SEO.

eReleases: Why It’s the Best Press Release Service

eReleases creates custom United States national Press Releases for Newswire distribution. They have major media outlets and exclusive databases for journalists who subscribe.

With their proven track record of reaching bloggers, journalists, reporters, television, and radio, you are sure to find your story spreading fast. Best of all, the company uses real editors to write their pieces instead of sales people.

So, your copy won’t sound too much like a perfect pitch. When it comes to Press Releases, the audience can’t realize that the piece is simply a promotional tool.

If it sounds like a promotional tool, than it doesn’t sound like breaking news and it loses some of its credibility. You can even choose who your story reaches from 100,000 journalists.

The company has linked their press releases with Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal, and CNN Money. You choose who gets the scoop and that way you don’t have to worry about wasting resources.

eReleases stands out from the other options because it utilizes the power of television, print, and radio, which is unlike other services.

They use hyper-targeting to find and connect with reporters, bloggers, and magazines in the industry. That way your message is getting into the right hands.

Visit eReleases

Best Press Release Service Comparison: eReleases vs PR Newswire vs PR Web

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PR Newswire: Reaching the Masses

PR Newswire offers small businesses discounts and special offers that can save them more than $2,000 for their public relations campaign.

Their members receive a special package that gives them free and discounted services that are valued around $2,000. This PR Toolkit gives the members:

  • Discounts on initial annual membership fee
  • Free media micro-list with the first distribution giving an additional reach to reporters who cover various segments in the travel, transport, energy, education, policy, legal, finance, technology, healthcare, and legal sectors
  • Access to small business designed news release products
  • Discounts on multimedia news releases and basic multimedia distribution.

The program is designed to offer small businesses more.

iReach is the small business package that PR Newswire offers for their customers. This is distributed to only a minimum amount of website networks.

This is very unlike the full services that PR Newswire offers because it doesn’t include the distribution to a targeted list of journalists or to newsrooms.

iReach from PR Newswire builds awareness online by distributing the content to the iReach network of over 1,400 websites. That way it’s easier for your audience to find the message when tagging various regions, industries, or subjects.

PR Newswire adds videos and photos that will engage your target audience. These multimedia devices can increase the views of the release by 92%.

They even offer an option of having your photo up in Times Square to increase your publicity. Increase the chances of your message being shared, liked, or retweeted.

PR Newswire expands your company’s social reach by sharing the news stories with 48 industry concentrated Twitter feeds. The release included an embedded toolbar for simplifying the sharing in social media accounts.

eReleases subscribes to PR Newswire’s full service system and that means that you can get this full access or premium services for a lower price.

The full service price through PR Newswire is around $369 with these additional networks, which is a $100 dollars more than the eReleases price.

Visit prnewwire

Your Next Best Option: PRWeb

PRWeb Press Releases gain visibility, create buzz, and attract more customers as a self-service answer for your press release distribution.

Their marketing experts will use the press releases to dominate Bing, Google, and other search engines.

The story will reach their network of over 30,000 journalist and get your story featured in the top local news and national news sites. They will offer 10% off of your first release.

You can submit your press release in just three simple steps. All you need to do is create the story about a sale, customer survey, promotion, new product, or new location, and it will be turned into a news release that is search marketing asset.

Keywords can be added to target certain customers and videos and photos will help to attract more attention.

PRWeb will deliver the story to major search engines, over 30,000 bloggers and journalists, and national news websites to help increase the visibility and create a buzz.

It is simple to start. Simply fill out this form and you will be on your way to reaching millions of viewers with your promotional copy.

PRWeb is a distribution channel for your press release and does not write the press release for you. They know how to distribute it to get the most coverage within their network.

And they have detailed analytics that helps you track your news release, so you can see if you are reaching who you want to reach.

Know how many people are reading your release, how many times it was shared, and where these prospects learned about your business. You will have the tools that you need to successfully run your PR campaigns.


Comparing Top Three Small Business Choices to Business Wire and Market Wired

Publicly traded companies use services like Business Wire and Market Wired when they are looking to send news about their businesses.

They may use PR Newswire as well. Reporters tend to pay more attention to these sources because of the possibility of covering business news that is vital and important.

These press release services are pricey and can cost around $ 600 to $ 800 dollars for their national distribution. When comparing this to the prices for these smaller company’s services, it is almost double in price.

PR Newswire is a bit cheaper than the other options, which makes it ideal for smaller businesses. Smaller businesses can benefit from these cheaper options because their exposure is still increased.

These smaller PR firms are designed in the same way as the bigger companies. Their reach may not be as extensive, but they will still get the job done.

Advice When Choosing a PR Service Company

Here is some information regarding some of the various claims that some PR companies use to get your business.

It is a good idea to know a bit about terms like PR Value, SEO Friendly, and SEO Optimized, since companies in this industry like to throw them around so much.

SEO Value:

  • Press Releases can grab the reader’s attention and possibly make them take action. It’s those links to the high quality websites that will increase a website’s rankings on the search engines like Yahoo!, Bing, and Google.
  • Companies used their press releases to benefit from the use of SEO. Nearly all of the press release distribution service companies deal with news sites that have their releases published again.
  • The press releases may contain links back to the original website. This means that they can send out the press release and gain links that go back to their sites from these high quality sites. For example, PR Web advertises that they have distribution links through USA Today and the New York Times.
  • However, nearing the end of 2013, Google discovered how these companies were using this to cheat the system. They now only allow press releases that contain “no follow” links. Because of this, the search engines ignore the links and that means that now Press Releases will not improve SEO and adds no direct benefits in this area.

SEO Friendly or SEO Optimized

  • Many companies advertise that they are either SEO friendly or having services that are SEO optimized. Knowing that Google has blocked these high quality links in the sense that they ignore them. The press releases will be coded in a certain way that allows them to utilize keywords to increase the likelihood that they will show up in the search results. This way they are more likely to show up than the non-optimized releases.
  • There are not any hard numbers to go by or any proof that this will really work to increase the chances that it will be seen. It is very likely that this is just a technique that is used to lure in businesses that don’t know any better. That is why it is great that you now know that this is not likely to be true and that the “no follow” links have caused these claims to be incorrect or misleading.

Comparing the Best Small Business Press Release Service Providers

We have found the top three small business press release providers. Now you need to determine which one is best for your business.

That is why we have compared them side by side, so you can find the one that works the best for your business and your PR needs.


Each of the three top companies, eReleases, PR Newswire, and PR Web, offer different pricing options. This comparison shows the middle option to get an idea of what each firm has to offer.

Summary of the Top Press Release Service Distribution Companies:  eReleases, PR Web, and PR Newswire

This is likely the most suitable choice for small businesses. If you are looking for services for a larger business, the top tiered options may be more suitable.

If you are looking for something basic, there are lower priced options as well. This allows these company’s services to be more suitable for various businesses.

The pricing ranges from $249 to $299. eReleases price includes a current discount that is currently being offered.

The original price is $399, but the company is usually offering various promotions that put it within range of the other two companies discussed.

The ability to embed a photo within the press release is available in some of the packages with PR Web and PR Newswire in the charts pricing, but isn’t available in the eReleases choice outside of the ability to link to photos from the piece.

Wire Distribution Services

Wire services were the main way that news stories were distributed to the news outlets before the internet. They are still used for reaching magazines, newspapers, and news broadcasts.

The iReach option with PR Newswire and PR Web utilize web distribution, eReleases choose to use wire distribution.

eReleases uses Associated Press as their wire distribution option and sticks closer to the traditional ways that news got around. This option makes the story accessible by over 30,000 journalists.

That will work to spread the information to a larger network of people. The Associated Press has their own web information that is distributed.

The web feed is used to spread the news stories around. It is a great way for reporters to pick the story up and include it in their broadcast or distributions. That means that more people would see them and promote your story.

The iReach version for PR Newswire doesn’t include wire distribution. The pricier version of PR Web offers the distribution through the Associated Press for $120 more.

Inclusion in Yahoo! And Google News

These three companies offer inclusion in both Yahoo! News and Google News. Some companies are focused on just this inclusion and would be better off using other services. This service can be provided from sites like Send2Press and SBwire for a lot less.

PR Underground is another option that works great for the inclusion in these news sites. For only $39, you can get your press release distributed to Google News and over 50 other websites. It is a great way to fuel your business for less.

Website Distribution options

When it comes to website distribution, PR Web wins by far. That is because the press release will appear on dozens of sites and can be viewed several thousands of times.

PR Web is a company by Soulati Media and provides greater exposure online than many other options, including eReleases.

PR Web reported having 57,489 impressions form a single feed and page and nearly 1,100 reads. PR Web is growing quickly in 2017 and set to compete fiercely with the other competitors currently on the market.

eReleases guarantee the press release appears on nearly 100 sites and likely received over 2,370 views.

As for PR Newsire, their network offers distribution to 5,900 sites and doesn’t have guarantees regarding how many sites it will appear on.


What’s important to your business when it comes to a PR service?





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