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Last updated on March 10th, 2019 at 08:24 pm

Best Online Real Estate SchoolWhether you’re a future Real Estate Agent or have been in the game for years, 2017 stands to be a non-traditional year.

The more well-educated and informed you are, the better you can serve your clients.

Education—online, traditional, or a combination—plays a vital role in preparing agents for the coming climate.

One of the best ways to start your career or stay on top of housing market trends is to educate yourself. There are a number of real estate schools offering online options. Here are our picks for the top three offering a variety of online learning formats.

Our Top Pick for Online Real Estate School: Kaplan

Google best online real estate training school and Kaplan University tops the list.

They should. With over 70 years of experience, Kaplan University is an accredited leader of higher education offering a range of learning opportunities.

As the premier provider of real estate licensing and continuing education, Kaplan Real Estate Education leads the industry.

Its focus on the foundations of real estate and its real estate professional faculty are what make it number one. These course offerings prepare you for license exams nationwide.

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#2 Best Real Estate School: Allied Real Estate Schools

Allied Real Estate Schools offer a wide variety of real estate programs. Within the real estate industry beside the salesperson’s or broker’s license courses.

They also offer courses for the Appraiser’s License, Home Inspection and other skillsets required in the real estate industry.


Following the real estate markets since the 1940s, Kaplan’s experience in the industry is second to none. Offering a selection of online course formats including webinars.

Live online instruction in their “OnDemand Learning” and a self-paced text study program, their study options fit your lifestyle.

The Features

At Kaplan University, assistance goes beyond courses and licensing. By keeping you informed of the latest industry trends from your first license through your renewals; you are always marketable.

Kaplan is the benchmark in the industry using the same textbooks as those required by state licensing boards and exams.

Theory is immediately put into practice as Kaplan faculty are real estate professionals themselves. In this way, students can learn about real world experiences from those who have professional experience in the field.

Strong pass rates on exams are assisted by learning options to enhance your experience. These options include “OnDemand Learning”, weekly interactive study groups, and direct access e-mail to your instructors for questions.

OnDemand Courses can be taken every day of the year 24/7/365. You can set your own schedule and learn when it’s convenient for you. You control the class time and length everytime you login and can pause, start, stop, and rewind as needed.

All you need is an internet connection. If you work full time and have a family, but are looking for a career change or just to improve your job prospects, this may be a great option. Talk about work-life balance.

Similar to the OnDemand Courses, you can also take text-based courses accessed through the internet. If you learn better by reading as opposed to listening to an instructor, this type of online instruction may be for you.

This course fits a busy lifestyle as you can take it when you’re ready and not held to a calendar of beginning and ending times. You can track your progress and resume where you left off should you be interrupted or called away.

Though we’re talking about online courses here, Kaplan also offers traditional in-classroom courses based out of Virginia College.

No matter what format you choose; their wide selection of courses and flexible schedule make it a breeze to study and sit for your real estate license exam.



Prices range from $199 to $649 depending on which course package you choose and in which state you’re located. Kaplan does not offer a refund if you don’t pass your state exam.



Though Kaplan courses are recognized nationwide, they are only available in 20 of the 50 states. In some of those 20 states, the courses are through another school which is a subsidiary of Kaplan.


With the numerous course formats, mid-range pricing, and over 70 years as an industry standard, Kaplan is the best overall online real estate school. They have staying power.

Not just in the industry, but in helping you meet and exceed your goals and expectations. Once you become a part of the Kaplan family, they are with you from your first licensing exam to your subsequent renewals.

And in their interactive study groups, you’ll be able to make connections and network as you begin your real estate career.

Visit Kaplan

Allied Real Estate Schools

As home sales rise, there is an ever increasing demand for properly trained real estate professionals. At Allied Real Estate Schools you can begin your real estate career.

Renew your licensing, and branch out into other real estate-related industries such as appraisal, construction, home inspection, or a SAFE mortgage loan originator just to name a few.

And as the #1 real estate program in California, Allied Real Estate Schools offers courses for your California Contractor License as well. You’ll also find a link to the California Bureau of Real Estate General Information page.

pluses2-1The Features

Allied Real Estate School faculty are professionals in the real estate industry. Their successful careers have put them on the frontlines of the real estate industry and it’s their experience that drives the future success of Allied students.

Role models and mentors who have started their own companies can offer real world application of real estate theory and practice.

One-on-one support from both faculty and staff are hallmarks of this online real estate school. Though 100% online, this school works to make sure students feel part of an inclusive virtual community.

Students learn from state-of-the-art course materials including, practice tests, DVDs, videos and/or workbooks to help you prepare for your state licensing exam. All courses are state-approved and meet all requirements.

These materials not only help students prepare for their exams, but can be used as reference materials as they move forward from their education and first licenses to future careers within the industry.

Online support during business hours, convenient and flexible options to suit your busy lifestyle, and the option for traditional correspondence courses.

Make Allied Real Estate Schools a well-rounded option no matter which real estate-related industry you’re interested in pursuing.


Unique to Allied Real Estate Schools is specific per course costs. If money is an issue, work with an advisor to figure out prep courses you can take and take classes one at a time.

On average, individual course range from $40 to $68. Additionally, even full course packages are offered from about $250 to just under $600 depending on the package and location.

One benefit offered only by Allied Real Estate Schools is their guarantee of success. For salesperson or broker licensing packages, they’ll refund you 110% of your tuition should you fail your exam on the first attempt.

All you have to do is return your course materials along with the failure notice to receive your refund.


Though Allied Real Estate Schools is 100% online, it’s only really focused on five states. So, if you’re sitting for an exam outside of California, Florida, Nevada, Texas, or Washington, you may be out of luck.

The focus seems to be on California qualifications since it has specific licensing for the state. If you’re interested in Allied Real Estate Schools and not based in one of their states.

It may be a good idea to call and see if they can help you find a comparable school in your location.



If you’re looking for a budget friendly online school, Allied Real Estate may be a good bet. Offering both online and traditional correspondence course options.

They’re set up for the nontraditional student who needs to work around a job or family or both. Their dedication to their virtual community of students from both faculty and administration is a testament to their success.

From this nurturing community, comes mentors, resources, and friends as you navigate the process of gaining your first real estate salesperson, broker or real estate-related licensing exam.

Visit Allied Real Estate School

Real Estate Express

Since its inception, Real Estate Express has been dedicated to student success.

The school prides itself on giving students the tools to make them the best in their field.

Offering pre-and post-licensing education, renewal opportunities, and specific designation programs, this online school boasts over 200,000 graduates from their programs.

Real Estate Express offers a full real estate education program. A strictly online course format allows students to access their studies 24/7/365.


The Features

A nationally-accredited program, Real Estate Express offers courses in 19 states. Choose from a selection of packages such as the Standard package, the Silver package, or the Success package.

While one is not better than other, they may best be thought of stepping stones in your real estate career. The Standard package fits everyone’s budget just under $100.

In this package, you’ll focus on 3 subject areas including a math supplement and receive 3 e-books. The Silver and Success packages include practice exams and a special exam prep master.

A specially-designed online tool, the Exam Prep Master offers 14 practice exams in increasing difficulty to prepare you for exam day. Each topic is specifically focused on math, terminology, and state-level information.

The Exam Prep Master comes with two full practice exams, so you will know what to expect on exam day and be the best prepared.

Both while your studying for your real estate license and as you begin your real estate career, Real Estate Express will be there to guide you through their Career Hubs.

To help you focus your learning, Real Estate Express offers a number of conveniences. Like all online courses, access is available 24/7 and instructors are available for assistance.

As a nationally-accredited program, Real Estate Express is aware of state requirements and so offers state-specific content as well. Students can also print chapters and track their progress.



Depending on where you are in your real estate education, you’ll find a package to fit your budget.

  • Standard package includes 3 e-books and focuses on 3 subject areas. It includes a math supplement. This package does not include the Exam Prep Master or practice tests. $99
  • Silver Package includes the Exam Prep Master and practice tests as well as all foundational materials necessary to successfully pass your state exam. $175
  • Success package, like the Silver package, includes the Exam Prep Master, practice tests, and a “specialization designation” for more focused study in a particular area. $299

Real Estate Express is so committed to your success; they offer a payment plan for the more costly packages. If you fail your state exam and have made 80% on your practice exams they’ll refund you 110%.

Additionally, though it’s not a trial per se, they do offer a 100% refund after the first week if you’re not satisfied with the course or you decide it’s not for you.


Comparable to Kaplan, there is little downside to Real Estate Express. There is a six month time frame to complete your Real Estate Express course. If you cannot complete it within the six months, the course must be bought again.


Owned and operated by McKisson Company, Real Estate Express has joined a comprehensive group of real estate learning. It offers an online real estate education with reasonable rates and a nurturing virtual community.

Ever growing and ever learning, Real Estate Express offers a comparable online real estate school to Kaplan and Allied Real Estate Schools. All are well-established with long success records. The decision now, is up to you.

Visit Real Estate Express

Our Final Review on Best Online Real Estate School

best-answering-serviceSales activity is on the rise and the housing market has a bright outlook in 2017.

With good employment rates, salaries on the rise, and those individuals seeking to avoid high rents through homeownership; the real estate industry is hot industry.

This is especially true in areas like Texas, Florida, and California, where more online real estate schools are seeing enrollments.

Homebuyers and homeowners will need well-educated and informed real estate professionals to help them navigate the processes.

Additionally, real estate companies and those associated with the industry will also need certified individuals in the nuances of real estate such as appraisals, mortgage originators, and brokers.

All three schools offer renewal licensing and continuing education. If you’re looking to improve your skills and become a better salesperson or broker.

Continuing education requirements are a good solution. The more well-informed you are, the more deals you’ll make.

There are many online real estate schools to choose from to suit your lifestyle, your budget, and your career focus. Our top three picks are a small sampling of what’s available to you.

But, if you’re looking for a school that’s on top of the ever-changing housing market and emerging trends, we suggest you begin with Kaplan as our top pick.

See where an online real estate degree can take you.



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  1. Stay away from Real Estate Express. Wasted time with there convoluted jargon that has nothing to do with passing the test. They offer practice tests after you pass the 3 required courses that were a waste of time and had nothing to do with the exam. Find a course that actually helps you pass the exam.
    I passed the CA exam yesterday with NO help from Real Estate Express.

    • Did you wind up using another course? Or what did you use to help pass after RE Express?

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