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Last updated on September 16th, 2019 at 02:25 pm

best online real estate schoolA solid real estate education will pay off exponentially. In this comprehensive review, we will identify the best online real estate schools in the US today. 

You don’t have much free time on your hands, so you’re interested in getting a real estate license online.

Then, the natural question arises: should you choose a top online real estate school or a lesser-known, but also a cheaper one?

Education is one area, in which cutting corners isn’t recommended. The more well-educated and informed you are(specially about housing market trends), the better you can serve your clients.

1. Real Estate Express -- Best Online Real Estate School Across The Board 

Since its inception, Real Estate Express is highly dedicated to student success.

Furthermore, Offering pre-and post-licensing education, renewal opportunities, and specific designation programs, this online real estate school has over 200,000 graduates from their programs every year.

There are many Real Estate Express reviews out there, most being overwhelmingly positive. The process is very simple with this school. You take a licensing course and begin your first module within mere minutes of purchase.

The school’s course instructors are always available for guidance. This is a major benefit that Real Estate Express School has over other schools.

The school’s career hub is very useful if you’re looking for a strong start in real estate. It’s full of free advice and resources. If you choose continuing education, they offer other online learning options(see bellow)

The school is well-aware of how scary a looming real estate licensing exam can seem. Your success is practically guaranteed if you follow their specialized Exam Prep Master program. A quick glance of what other students have to say about the program should convince you.

Money-Back Guarantee 

real estate express money back guaranteeThe school offers a money-back guarantee for its exam prep courses. Students who completed their Exam Prep Master Program, either as part of their course package or a stand-alone program, are eligible for the guarantee.

Those who meet all requirements, but fail their first salesperson licensing exam regardless will be issued a full refund.

Students can leave and return to the section where they left off if they choose. The school automatically saves your progress. You can go back to pages that you completed. You do this by clicking the Chapter Menu. You’ll find this at the left margin of the online course.

Real Estate Express is also one of the best online schools in Tennessee. Thousands of people in Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Clarksville and other cities in the state choose Express for their education and license to work in Tennessee real estate.

The flexible, well-developed courses guarantee effective online learning and boast ARELLO and IDECC accreditation.

The Features

A specially designed online tool, the Exam Prep Master offers 14 practice exams in increasing difficulty to prepare you for exam day. They specifically focus on each topic in great detail specially the math, terminology, and state-level sections.

The Exam Prep Master comes with two full practice exams, so you will know what to expect on exam day and take the best preparation.

Students can also print chapters and track their progress. Students can also print chapters and track their progress.

To help you focus your learning, access is available 24/7 and instructors are available for help.

The Cost

Depending on where you are in your real estate education, you’ll find a package to fit your budget.

  • Standard package includes 3 e-books and focuses on 3 subject areas. It includes a math supplement. This package does not include the Exam Prep Master or practice tests. $99
  • Silver Package includes the Exam Prep Master and practice tests as well as all foundational materials necessary to successfully pass your state exam. $175
  • Success package, like the Silver package, includes the Exam Prep Master, practice tests, and a “specialization designation” for more focused study in a particular area. $299

Real Estate Express is so committed to your success; they offer a payment plan for the more costly packages. If you fail your state exam and have made 80% on your practice exams, they’ll refund you 110%.

Though it’s not a trial, they do offer a 100% refund after the first week if you’re not satisfied with the course or you decide it’s not for you.

Course Length is A Negative

There is a six-month time frame to complete your Real Estate Express course. If you cannot complete it within the six months, the course must be bought again.

Voted As The Best

Owned and operated by McKisson Company, Real Estate Express has joined a comprehensive group of real estate learning. It offers an online real estate education with reasonable rates and a nurturing virtual community.

Ever-growing and ever-learning, Real Estate Express is well-established with long term success records. Based on our review, we believe it to be the best option for most people looking to get their real estate license online.


2. Allied Real Estate School -- Best Online Real Estate Course for California

Allied is a real estate school that offers high-quality career training on your terms.

Previously known as Allied Real Estate Schools, it is a nationally recognized online real estate educational institution that provides relevant, key training in today’s hot real estate market. It has the best online real courses for California bar none.

They are convenient, flexible, and self-paced. You can learn anyway that fits with your schedule. With affordable programs, personalized assistance, and high-quality credentials, you’ll succeed with Allied, mainly because of their unwavering support every step of the way. 

This is a top online real estate school in California, but also in Florida, Nevada, Texas, Virginia, and Washington. There’s no place to get a real estate license online than Allied if you live in one of these states.

Allied School is #1 real estate program in California. You may want to contact the California Bureau of Real Estate if you have any questions or concerns.

Multiple Licenses Available 

This online real estate school offers multiple licensing options. Further, these include Real Estate Salesperson’s License, SAFE Mortgage Loan Originator License, Real Estate Broker’s License, Salesperson and Broker License Renewal, USPAP, Real Estate Appraisal License, Appraisal license renewal, home inspection license, and professional property management.

When considering an online real estate school it is important to choose a school that offers multiple options. In other words, a school with multiple licenses will help further your career. 

Allied School has applicable national and state approvals for its courses and maintains up-to-date memberships.

When you enroll at Allied, you know you’re studying at a quality real estate school. It is not only the best online real estate school in Florida, but also in the other states it serves.

The Benefits

One-on-one support from both faculty and staff are hallmarks of this online real estate school. Though 100% online, this school works to make sure students feel part of a strong online real estate agent community.

Students learn from state-of-the-art course materials including, practice tests, DVDs, videos and/or workbooks to help you prepare for your state licensing exam. All courses are state-approved and meet all requirements.

Online support during business hours, convenient and flexible options to suit your busy lifestyle, and the option for traditional correspondence courses.


Unique to Allied Real Estate Schools is specific per course costs. If money is an issue, work with an advisor to figure out prep courses you can take and take classes one at a time.

On average, individual course range from $40 to $68. Even full course packages are offered from about $250 to just under $600 depending on the package and location.

One benefit offered only by Allied Real Estate Schools is their guarantee of success. For the salesperson or broker licensing packages, they’ll refund you 110% of your tuition should you fail your exam on the first attempt.

All you have to do is return your course materials along with the failure notice to receive your refund.


Though Allied Real Estate Schools is 100% online, it’s only really focused on five states. So, if you’re sitting for an exam outside of California, Florida, Nevada, Texas, or Washington, you may be out of luck.

The focus seems to be on California qualifications since it has specific licensing for the state. If you’re interested in Allied Real Estate Schools and not based in one of their states.

It may be a good idea to call and see if they can help you find a comparable school in your location.


If you’re looking for a budget-friendly online school, Allied Real Estate may be a good bet. Offering both online and traditional correspondence course options.

They’re set up for the nontraditional student who needs to work around a job or family or both. Their dedication to their virtual community of students from both faculty and administration is a testament to their success.

From this nurturing community, comes mentors, resources, and friends as you navigate the process of gaining your first real estate salesperson, broker or real estate-related licensing exam.


3. Kaplan Real Estate School -- Best Online Real Estate Course in Georgia

Kaplan Online Real Estate SchoolKaplan Real Estate School is a premier real estate educational facility school providing real estate licensing and continuing education courses.

The school is very popular if you are judging based on social media buzz.

This school stands apart from the rest because a lot of the instructors are practicing real estate professionals. The courses are focused on practice as a result – and that’s key to any real estate training.

The school prides itself on understanding the needs of students and its courses are designed to guide them throughout their career path.

This begins with getting a real estate agent license for the first time to practicing as a real estate professional and subsequent renewals over the years. 

Multiple Options 

There are traditional live classroom courses, text-based home study, and online classes. The unique education delivery formats, wide selection of courses, and flexible schedules make it easy for all students to take what they want when they want it.

Kaplan offers courses nationwide, but their programs in Georgia are particularly strong with a wealth of educational resources available to students from this state.

On-demand Learnings

Following the real estate markets since the 1940s, Kaplan’s experience in the industry is second to none. Offering a selection of online course formats including webinars.

Live online instruction in their “OnDemand Learning” and a self-paced text study program, their study options fit your lifestyle.

Strong pass rates on exams are assisted by learning options to enhance your experience. These options include “OnDemand Learning”, weekly interactive study groups, and direct access e-mail to your instructors for questions.

You can take OnDemand courses every day of the year 24/7/365. Also, you can set your own schedule and learn when it’s convenient for you.  You control the class time and length every time you login and can pause, start, stop, and rewind as needed.

The Features

At Kaplan University, help goes beyond courses and licensing. By keeping you informed of the latest industry trends from your first license through your renewals; you are always marketable.

Kaplan is the benchmark in the industry using the same textbooks as those required by state licensing boards and exams.

The theory is immediately put into practice as Kaplan faculty are real estate professionals themselves. In this way, students can learn about real-world experiences from those who have professional experience in the field.

All you need is an internet connection. If you work full time and have a family, but are looking for a career change or just to improve your job prospects, this may be a great option. Talk about work-life balance.

Similar to the OnDemand Courses, you can also take text-based courses accessed through the internet. If you learn better by reading as opposed to listening to an instructor, this type of online instruction may be for you.

This course fits a busy lifestyle as you can take it when you’re ready and not held to a calendar of beginning and end times. You can track your progress and resume where you left off should you be interrupted or called away.

Though we’re talking about online courses here, Kaplan also offers traditional in-classroom courses based out of Virginia College.

No matter what format you choose; their wide selection of courses and flexible schedule make it a breeze to study and sit for your real estate license exam.

Limited To Certain States

Kaplan Online Real Estate courses are only available in 20 of the 50 states. In some of those 20 states, the courses are through another school which is a subsidiary of Kaplan.

Kaplan’s Pricing

Prices range from $199 to $649 depending on which course package you choose and in which state you’re located. Kaplan does not offer a refund if you don’t pass your state exam.

4. Brightwood Real Estate School

brightwood Online Real Estate Brightwood is another top online real estate school where you can get a real estate license online.

It features a vast portfolio of continuing education courses as well as state-approved and accredited real estate licensing courses.

This school offer online bundles, which are a great option for students with very busy schedules who are looking for a flexible, self-paced way of learning. These programs can be delivered as text-based sets, on-demand videos (text and video supplements), and convenient online home study courses.

There are also conventional, live classroom instruction units for people who prefer a more traditional experience. 

The Brightwood real estate pre-license programs are available online in quite a few states: California, Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Each curriculum is tailored according to different states’ real estate licensing requirements and customized to the information students can expect to see on their state’s licensing exam. Students in the above states can attend the provider’s programs either in-person or online. 

On the downside, Brightwood’s tuition prices are a bit higher than the average for real estate schools. The table above lists pricing information. 

5. The CE Shop 

This is an interesting name for a school – rather unconventional even – but rest assured it’s one of the best options irrespective of what courses you’re looking for.

Options include pre- or post-licensing, continuing education, exam prep and more.

There is always a study program that will meet your needs. As you may suspect by now, being a real estate agent is a matter of lifelong learning.

The real estate market is among the most dynamic in the world, so if you stop learning, you suddenly become very uncompetitive.

90% National Pass Rate

The CE Shop is dedicated to evolution and innovation. The convenient online courses written by industry experts guarantee that what you learn will help you succeed.

The industry-leading courses combine online learning with a classroom environment. State-by-state regulatory requirements are fulfilled.

The CE Shop is different from other schools in that it offers a free 5-day trial with unlimited access to all their study content. This way you can experience the courses without being forced to make a decision ASAP. 

Best Online Real Estate School in Arizona

arizona online real estate schoolThese courses have a proven history of getting students ready to pass their licensing exam on the very first try. The CE Shop is widely regarded as one of the best online real estate school in Arizona.

This is important to know as now is a very opportune time to tap into the real estate market in this state and launch a career. The state of Arizona requires 90 hours of pre-licensing training and education to get your real estate sales license.

The Arizona Department of Real Estate also mandates that all students spend a minimum amount of seat time working on course content. 

Before being allowed to proceed, seat time must be met at the unit level. The CE Shop’s online course delivery system makes meeting this requirement quick and easy.

This also goes for another requirement of Arizona State: Max Hours in a 24-Hour Period. AZ real estate license recipients don’t get credit for more than 10 hours of pre-license education per day. 

The CE Shop’s number of approval as a real estate school in Arizona is S08-0004 (license number). They offer exactly 90 hours of training as per state requirements. 

6. OnCourse Learning Real Estate – Best Online Real Estate School NC

OnCourse Learning emphasizes group-based pre-licensure real estate courses for agencies and brokerages.

Its courses are unique because they offer brokers a full-scale solution that includes reporting and marketing materials for groups of potential agents.

This school is the best choice for brokers and realty firms seeking to provide pre-exam prep for several agents at once.

Firms can sign up for group training with this school, then have individual agents log on using a company account for study and exam prep. OnCourse Learning focuses on providing big group experiences instead of networking and individual support. Topic-specific training is not offered.

OnCourse Learning also gives access to continuing education classes as a part of their regular offering. In this case the subject matter is limited to high-level business topics like management or broker-specific material.

7. Hondros Learning Real Estate -- Best Online Real Estate School NY

Hondros College offers in-class and online real estate programs for pre-licensing, continuing education, exam preparation, and post-licensing.

It is widely regarded as the best online real estate school in New York, Ohio, and Michigan. They offer classes on principles, mortgage, home inspection, appraisal, and more. In this review, we’ll focus on their courses targeted at New York and Michigan.

New York Real Estate Sales

This course meets the State of New York’s 75-hour pre-licensing curriculum requirement for real estate brokers. It is a comprehensive course covering the basics of the real estate profession as needed to implement the required NY 75-hour curriculum requirement.

The course introduces participants to everything from real estate law to property management. Future real estate professionals need this information to pass the state licensing exam and be successful in their new career.

New York Real Estate Broker 

This course meets the State of New York requirements for a 45-hour pre-licensing curriculum for real estate brokers. It complies with the curriculum mandated by the State to prepare students for the broker licensing exam and for success as they progress to the next phase of their career.

Topics include license law review, agency relationships and disclosure review, operation and supervision of the brokerage office, antitrust laws, real estate financing, independent contractor, real estate investments, general business law, construction overview, subdivisions, conveyance of real property, title closing, property management, land use,  real estate taxes and assessment, and local environmental concerns.

New York Real Estate: 30-Hour Remedial

Finally, this course is aimed at salespersons who completed the NY 45-hour licensing course before July 1, 2008, to fulfill the current 75-hour pre-licensing requirement. The course provides a thorough review of ethics in real estate.

This is designed to give a sales agent a more comprehensive and complete understanding of professional business practices.

The course focuses on real-life examples and case studies and discusses specific impacts different agency relationships can have on real estate transactions. It also covers the effects and penalties for breach of duty.

Real Estate Classes -- Michigan

The school’s course Michigan Real Estate Fundamentals meets the State of Michigan’s 40-hour pre-licensing curriculum requirement for real estate brokers.

The course provides full coverage of the topics required for prospective Michigan real estate salespersons.

The lessons cover fields such as Michigan real estate license law, relationships with clients and employing brokers, agency, state and federal laws, property law, contract law, financing, appraisal, environmental issues, and real estate closings.

The course mixes presentation of terminology, facts, concepts, math, and real-life examples to illustrate the topics being taught, as well as activities and quizzes for self-assessment.

8. AYPO Real Estate – Best Online Real Estate Classes in Oregon

Online Real Estate Classes in OregonTo obtain an Oregon Broker license, you need to complete an OR real estate license application and submit it with the required fee and meet ORREA’s pre-qualifications to apply for a real estate license.

Once the application has been processed, you will receive an applicant ID number. You need complete a 150-hour pre-licensing course, register and pay to take the broker license exam, and pass both sections of the official broker licensure examination.

To get a principal broker license in Oregon, the procedure is quite similar, and AYPO is an excellent place to undergo it. Again, you need to meet ORREA’s pre-qualifications to apply for a real estate license.

Again, you submit an application, pay a fee, and get your applicant ID number. After enrolling, you will need to complete the school’s 40 Hour Real Estate BASS pre-licensing course. Then, you take the principal broker license exam and the official licensure exam.

9. Champions Real Estate School – Best Online Real Estate Courses in Texas 

Champions School of Real Estate services the Lone Star state exclusively.

It is proud to offer TREC approved real estate licensing classes to both novices and experienced real estate professionals including mortgage loan originators, brokers and sales agents, home inspectors, and appraisers.

The school has seven campus locations statewide as well as convenient online and live broadcast delivery options.

They also offer Exam Prep classes and are ready to help anyone in Texas who is looking for a solid education in real estate in this state.

Getting a Real Estate License Online in Texas 

You can get your Texas real estate license online from this school and any other legitimate school offering real estate licensing courses online in this state.

On average, it takes 4 to 6 months to get a Texas real estate license online.

10. Center for Realtor Development

CRD is a legitimate, high-quality online real estate school due to its close ties to the NAR.

To help share the most up-to-date information with real estate agents, the CRD offers timely topics in podcasts, such as how to plan a social media strategy, how to explore the elderly care market, and how to work with lenders.

CRD offers the advantage of being affiliated with the NAR. Local NAR chapters provide valuable real estate agent advice and networking opportunities. However, CRD’s online career resources are more limited.

Yet, there are things that make the Center for Realtor Development a one of a kind establishment. Its continuing education topics are more current than most of the ones other schools offer.

Listed by state availability, these topics include second vacation home sales, solar housing real estate, senior real estate specialties, and generation buys among others.

11. 360training -- Best Online Course for Florida Real Estate License

Florida Online Real Estate School360training is an online school and learning platform with courses geared toward real estate professionals, like broker assistants or office managers who want to improve their knowledge of specific real estate concepts prior to sitting their state licensing exam.

Single-topic classes are $79 per course. Given this emphasis, this school is best for potential agents with industry experience who need help with a limited number of specific concepts or subjects before taking their exam.

360training offers hundreds of online courses online with topics ranging from finance to human resources. It can be used for continuing education or exam prep because of the course specificity. 360training does not have any designated continuing education classes. 

12. VanED Education Center -- Best NJ Real Estate School Online

Van Education Center ReviewFrom appraisal and real estate license education to continuing education, Van Education real estate school offers great quality online courses and training.

You can complete all appraisal and real estate courses online at your own pace, from the comfort of your office or home.

If you need help while you study, the instructors are available by phone or email. On that note, almost every staff member at Van Education is a practicing and experienced real estate industry professionals.

FAQ Section 

How Long Does it Take To Get a Real Estate License Online?

An online real estate school can decrease the educational period from 4-6 months (in classroom) to a few weeks.

Can You Take Real Estate Classes Online? 

In most states, you can take real estate classes as an alternative to classes in a classroom with a real teacher. The former is a good option for people who are very busy or have a typical 9 to 5 job. 

How Much Does Online Real Estate School Cost?

The prices are listed in the table at the beginning of this article.  

The WiseSmallBusiness Team is full of industry experts and successful business owners  willing to contribute important business articles.


  1. Stay away from Real Estate Express. Wasted time with there convoluted jargon that has nothing to do with passing the test. They offer practice tests after you pass the 3 required courses that were a waste of time and had nothing to do with the exam. Find a course that actually helps you pass the exam.
    I passed the CA exam yesterday with NO help from Real Estate Express.

    • Did you wind up using another course? Or what did you use to help pass after RE Express?

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