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3 Best Medical Billing Services in 2019 – Top Providers Reviewed

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Last updated on August 28th, 2019 at 09:55 pm

medical billing servicesYou want to focus on delivering outstanding patient care in a simple, effective, time-saving manner.

But your practice gets bogged down by stacks and stacks of paperwork that seem impossible to keep up with.

The healthcare system is constantly and radically changing—and that means uncertainty for your billing system and practice management.

The insurance world is shifting in tandem, leading to dissatisfied patients, underpaid doctors, and confusion of regulations that can get practices into trouble.

That’s why you need a consistent and reliable medical billing service. The right platform will:

  • store your billing records in an accessible, simple, and secure way.
  • keep up with compliance, policy, and regulation changes in healthcare reform.
  • cut your costs by removing the high salary costs of an in-house billing associate.
  • make sure your practice gets paid in full and on time.

Additionally, the right platform will likely not be a standalone medical billing service. Often the best companies also integrate with software for practice management (PM).

Electronic health records (EHR), and even patient relationship management. Together, this improves your productivity by streamlining all of your paperwork into a single platform for a win-win-win.

The doctor can focus on the patient’s health. The practice manager can focus on patient satisfaction. The patient can better engage with their healthcare records and focus on feeling better.

Below we’ve compiled a list of our three favorite medical billing services based on their robust offerings, software, support, and compliance.

Top 3 Choices for Medical Billing Services

#1. Our First Choice: Kareo

“Focus on patients, not paperwork.”

kareo-standard-logoKareo is consistently rated as one of the top medical billing solutions.

They usually receive 9 out of 10-star customer ratings, and they consistently show up in lists of the top medical billing.

Black Book has even voted them the #1 integrated EHR, PM, and Billing vendor four years in a row! They have over 40,000 users, most of whom are independent practices who want to focus on building relationships with their clients.

If you’re looking to streamline your entire practice on a simple, integrated platform, Kareo is the choice for you.


The Kareo Billing package includes:

  • Billing schedule and calendar
  • Charge capture to reduce duplicate data entry and minimize errors
  • Rules engine
  • Claim processing and tracking
  • Billing tasks in simple inbox
  • Billing analytics and productivity
  • Agenda overview
  • Workflow management

Purchasing the Kareo Billing also come with a PM (practice management) system. This works as an administrative management for your practice.

It will schedule patient appointments, email appointment reminders, patient check-ins, verify insurance prior to visit, and more. This significantly improves communication between patient and doctor.

This app is even available on Apple Watch, so you can always have your patient schedule, reminders, messages, and to-do lists on you at all times.

This will reduce wait times and improve organization (and maybe giving you time to take a proper lunch break every once in a while!).

Kareo Billing is now separate from Kareo Clinical, which is their EHR system. It’s generally recommended to purchase both so you can have smooth, simple integration with streamlined processes.

You can download the app onto an iPad or iPhone so you can take your patient’s chart with you between rooms with ease.

It even includes a speech-to-text option so you can speak directly into your device and it will type out a record of your notes. Moreover, they offer customized templates for greater ease of use.

With their EHR, you can customize your “superbills” for easy charting and billing that is specific to your practice.

When you enter information into a patient’s electronic chart, Kareo can then send those codes directly to the patient’s insurance company for quick billing and processing.

There are also third-party integrations and services available in Kareo Marketplace to further enrich your system. If you want to gain more clients (who doesn’t?), Kareo offers Marketing solutions to further boost your business.

How It Works

If you have all three Kareo systems, the process looks something like this:

  • PM schedules appointments, sends reminders to patients, and alerts doctors.
  • Doctor goes into the room with Kareo EHR, visits with patient, and fills out patient form or “superbill.”
  • Doctor’s work stops there and they can focus on the next patient!
  • Kareo gathers the codes from that patient’s EHR form to automatically collect payments and make insurance claims.
  • Kareo will also scrub for errors so your claim is less likely to get denied by the insurance company.
  • If the claim is rejected for any reason, Kareo will alert you to fix certain areas of coding. It will then resubmit with approval.
  • If patients need to make a payment after their appointment, they can find their statement posted online.
  • The funds go directly to your practice. No money goes through Kareo. This gets you paid faster and more securely.
  • If there are unpaid patient statements, Kareo will alert you and refer the bill to a collection agency with your approval.


All of the software and data is stored in the cloud. This means you’re not paying for expensive hardware and don’t have to worry about equipment malfunctions or lost records.

This cloud-based system can also be updated in real-time, so you always have the best up-to-date technology.

Their software allows you to integrate billing, medical records, practice management, and even marketing all in the sky. This means you can go completely paperless in just hours!

But if you’re not sure you want to go completely paperless yet, don’t worry. You can fax claim statements to Kareo, and they will process and handle the paperwork accordingly.

A downside of Kareo currently is that their PM system only runs on Windows, and their EHR system only runs on Mac.

If you are a one-platform business (all Mac or all Windows), you currently can’t use both EHR and PM. However, you can use a compatibility software like Bootcamp to install Windows on your Mac.


Kareo has strong customer support both for you and for your patients. Their team is available by phone, email, or live chat to answer any questions you have about the system.

Their support staff is top-notch and has been the driving factor behind Kareo’s growth in recent years.

You are also assigned a Kareo Success Coach so you can get on the right track with fast learning and easy adaption. They also offer flexible online training with resources, webinars, and guides to keep you successful.

The best part? They also offer customer support to your patients. That means your patients can call Kareo directly with questions about their statements or insurance claims.

This gives your patients higher satisfaction, as they’re dealing directly with the source of the billing. This also frees up your phone lines to take more appointments and make more money.


Kareo is one of the most compliant and secure medical systems on the market. Their software is made to keep up with evolving government regulations and insurance coding processes.

(like ICD-10). All of their systems are HIPPA compliant, which protects your patients’ privacy. Their software is also highly secure with password requirements and lockout systems.


Kareo offers customized plans that are meant to be tailored to your business. Therefore, you need to fill out a form on their site and request a quote.

For the customization, integration, simplicity, and support, it’s well worth the price. Kareo is more than a billing system. It’s your ultimate resource to rid your practice of hefty paperwork so you can focus on what matters — the patient.

2. The 2nd PICK: AdvancedMD

advancedmd-logo-standardIf you are looking for a multifaceted system that’s still easy to use, AdvancedMD is the right option for you.

They offer a suite of solutions for over 22,500 independent physicians and healthcare workers. AdvancedMD is proud to offer the most up to date technologies, and they are always at the forefront of med tech revolutions.

They have been recognized by KLAS as the #2 EHR and #3 PM for both 2015 and 2016.


AdvancedMD offers a comprehensive suite of software on a single platform, database, and logon. These work for any specialty, with specialties in cardiothoracic surgery.

Family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, nephrology, OB/GYN, and pain management. Their three forms of software include: PM and Billing, EHR, and Advanced Patient.

Medical Billing and Practice Management

Over 600 medical billing companies use AdvancedMD’s Biller and AdvancedRCM. These work together to simplify management of day-to-day processes and payment.

The Advanced Biller centralizes billing so it’s easy to read, fill-in, and understand. It will manage the claims process from charge capture to reimbursement, even managing secondary filings, exclusions, denials, and unpaid claims.

The Advanced Biller also offers medical billing reports and financial analytics so you can always maximize performance and seize revenue opportunities.

The A/R control center helps drive revenue, and the physician benchmarking helps to see where you are in comparison with your peers in the industry.

This billing system integrates with their scheduling software as well. This union displays on one page patient info, copays, eligibility, and other payment information and appointment history.

This includes a condensation of everything but the patient’s health records. The billing and PM system can easily and simply integrate with AdvancedMD’s EHR system, though, for real time, concise, cohesive data collection.


Along with billing and PM, AdvancedMD helps manage patient health with their EHR software.

The EHR includes immunization reporting, physician dashboards with high priority check boxes.

Messaging communication between users, and electronic faxing. It also uses the HealthWatcher software to create custom health plans for your patients, right on the iOS mobile app.

The physician enters their information into the software to help create an ideal health plan. The EHR also integrates with Visual Clinic, Solutionreach, Atlantic Health Parnter, and Nexus EHR.

Patient Management

AdvancedMD’s AdvancedPatient puts patient satisfaction at the core of the system. Patients electronically connect with their healthcare experience on an easy, simple, and effective platform.

It integrates with the billing, PM, and EHR systems to deliver the highest quality service to patients. This software includes patient portals, messaging, patient consent forms, and patient kiosks for quick check-in.

Doctors and patients can even tele-conference through the AdvancedPatient portal to connect from miles away. (Hint: this is a great way to expand your potential client base.)

The AdvancedPatient integrates with EHR so that patients can have access to their medical records in a snap. It also combines with Advanced Biller so they can see their statements, insurance claims, and stay informed with health and billing records.


All of their software is web-based. Their billing, EHR, and patient portals are all in the cloud, so you can share and store information in real-time without delays.

AdvancedMD software can also integrate with an entire marketplace of other products, services, and software. This allows you to add-on and customize your service as you see fit.


AdvancedMD isn’t just billing software. It is a community of healthcare professionals looking to enrich the health of their patients and streamline their practice’s processes.

AdvancedMD provides a full “Learning Center” with a collection of educational materials. Get any info you need—and info you didn’t even realize you needed—at the click of the button.

They offer blogs, eGuides, demos, sheets, webinars, and more. AdvancedMD believes in empowering physicians with both technology and knowledge.

They also offer support by phone, email, or chat. You can contact your account manager at any time, and you can manage payment and services online quickly and easily.

Plus, they offer 11 hours of free one-on-one training to ensure that you and your employees know how to use your newly purchased software to best drive success.

Some clients complain that the initial setup of AdvancedMD can be a bit time consuming and confusing.

Although it is a comprehensive suite, it’s easy to use once it’s up and running. Thankfully, AdvancedMD offers support to get you to smooth-run operations faster.


AdvancedMD is 100% compliant. They use HIPAA compliant technology for safety and security, and they operate within MACRA and MIPS requirements. They make compliance one less thing you won’t need to worry about.


AdvancedMD offers a collection of standard bundles or you can create your own. The standard bundles come with various benefits of PM, EHR, and patient features.

There are two tiers of pricing, and you’ll receive a quote for these bundles based on your specialty and size.

We recommend building your own bundle, though. It only takes about two minutes, and you’ll be able to completely customize your software.

Pay only for those features you need and want. If you build your own bundle, you’ll get a custom proposal and a discount up to 30% off.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive, customized suite of software for your healthcare practice, AdvancedMD is your ultimate integrative solution.

#3. Our Third Choice: NueMD

NueMDNueMD is a top-rated medical service. It focuses heavily on customization and simplification.

They place a strong emphasis on helping health professionals help patients.

Consequently, they work to make their systems affordable, intuitive, flexible, and accessible. NueMD hosts over 24,000 users including medical practices, billing companies, and even student campus healthcare.


They offer medical billing, practice management, and EHR on a single platform. Whatever they can automate, they will.

Medical Billing

Their medical billing services make accessing insurance and payment information a breeze, pulling up ticket numbers quickly and managing billing charts electronically.

They even have an automatic coverage verification right on the software. As a result, you’ll spend less time on the phone and more time helping your clients.

NueMD ensures a higher rate of accurate claims processing for increased reimbursements. They will handle all of the credentialing and contract negotiations, leading to fewer rejections, faster reimbursements, shorter accounts receivable cycles.

And large deposits into your bank. The software automatically scrubs claims for fewer claim denials or concerns. NueMD even operates its own clearinghouse, so they can file claims fast and efficiently.

Moreover, they have analytics and reports that provide you with reliable insight into your practice. You can thus get data analysis in minutes with over 75+ standard reports. You can even customize your own financial reports to get the most out of your billing service.

Practice Management

You can personalize their related practice management service to your workflow. With over 80 customized templates and reports, you can ensure that your system fits you.

You don’t need to change your processes to fit the system! Features include scheduling for multiple physicians or offices, appointment changes, appointment reminders, one-click patient registering, color-coded check in, and capture charges.

In fact, their practice management system on average will give you 4 more patients a month and you’ll work 23 fewer minutes a day!


Their EHR software integrates with medical billing in customizable software packages for over 100 specialties.

This includes a secure patient portal where patients can schedule visits, update info, and find diagnoses and educational materials.

It also allows doctors to quickly manage the patient’s chart and order lab reports and prescriptions right from their tablets or phones.

In addition, patients can go on to their portal and see the results of these labs or request a refill of a prescription—all with a click of the button.


NueMD’s cloud-based software is dependable, easy-to-learn, and easy-to use. The software is proven to increase speed and accuracy.

Which improves the overall productivity of the practice. In addition, the upfront costs to implement NueMD are low, so you’ll start seeing a return on investment sooner.


NueMD offers a wide variety of resources that will keep you up to date in the healthcare industry overall. Information includes: industry news, webinars, blogs, ICD-10 info, HIPPA audits, and revenue cycle management.

NueMD makes a corporate commitment to customer service; they support doctors building relationships with their patients. However, their client support is not as robust as other companies’.


NueMD focuses on secure, compliant data storage. They even have HIPAA compliant messaging that protects any private information shared online. They are also Drummond Certified.


You pay separately for medical billing, PM, and EHR. However, these prices can vary drastically as they are entirely based on custom packages. An account representative will give you a tailored quote in minutes to find the option that best fits you.

Generally, though, you pay NueMD based on the amount of money you receive through them. They do not charge based on the amount billed but on the amount paid.

This means it’s also in NueMD’s best interest to make sure you get paid as well. This is a great way to ensure they have a stake in the payment game as well.

The Bottom Line: Our Final Words On Best Medical Billing Services in 2019

If you’re looking for a hands-off system that does it all for you, Kareo is your ultimate solution.

For a comprehensive suite with a range of features, check out AdvancedMD.

If you want a totally customized system, NueMD is the best choice.

A medical billing service in association with PM and EHR services can free your practice from the heavy weight of paper.

Leave claims, compliance, scheduling, appointments, records, and analysis up to your software—so you can focus on what matters most: the well-being of your patients.

Furthermore, medical billing software saves you money, improves productivity, and increases patient and employee engagement.

Join the thousands of doctors using medical billing, EHR, and PM services to boost your profit and business to the next level!

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