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A print shop once met the commercial printing needs of business owners.

Recent technology trends allowed large businesses and small businesses to print oversized documents in-house with large format printers.

Whether you are a graphic designer, architect, or any business owner who wants to produce large format documents, now you can with a large format printer.

We selected the best large format printers based on their print quality, ink cartridges needed, Scan capabilities, and other essential features.

Wide Format Printers Vs. Large Format Printers

While the technology used for large format printers remains very similar to those used by your large format printer, the difference between them is very large.

For starters, the large format printers, are much bulkier. Furthermore, any large format printer for commercial use will be on a stand.

Many websites, confuse the two terms wide format printers and large format printers, so if you are not sure, only look at the size of the printer.

Besides, large format printers will tend to have CAD capabilities and plotters.

Printer Printer TypeResolution Price
5EPYQBOIGSublimation printer & Heat pressNot specified
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HP Stitch S300Dye Sublimation
1200 x 1200 dpi
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Ultimaker S53D Printer
Up to 20 microns
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HP Photosmart 8750 Photo Printer 4800 x 1200 dpi (Color)
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Contex 5200D012B65A Large Format Scanning Station9600 dp
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HP Designjet T125 Budget Printer1200x1200 dpi
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HP Designjet Z3200PS2,400 x 1,200 dpi
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Canon imagePROGRAF iPF670Best for banners2,400 X
1,200 DPI
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HP Designjet T830printer for artwork2400 x 1200 dpi
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Government Hp Designjet T3500large format inkjet printer2400 x 1200 dpi
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ImagePROGRAF 670eBest large format printer for blueprints2400 x 1200 dpi
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VEVOR Vinyl Large Format PrinterBest vinyl printerNot applicable
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Canon PROGRAF iPF785Printer For PhotographersNot specified
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Canon PROGRAF iPF770 MFP L36Large Format Inkjet PrinterNot specified
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Canon PROGRAF PRO-4000 44Best Large Format Photo PrinterNot specified
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Epson SureColor T5170 36Printer For Vehicle WrapsNot specified
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HP T520 Design Jet Wireless Best Large Format Printers For BannersNot specified
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HP Designjet T730 36-Inch Best Large Format Printer For Architects Not specified
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HP Designjet Z9+ 44"Best Large Format Printer For BlueprintsNot specified
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1. 5EPYQBOIG Large Format Dual Platen Pneumatic Heat Press Machine

The best thing about this large piece of equipment is that it combines a heat press and a large format dye-sublimation printer.

It does a great job if you have to perform tasks related to large format cloth printing, large billboard printing, and garment digital printing.

Because it is also a fully-functional heat press, you can use it to make imprints on ceramic plates, glassware, metal sheets. You can even decorate building materials with it such as for example, the tiles in your bathroom.

It does a great job decorating, umbrella fabrics, advertisement banners, shoes, toys, and artwork.

The working surface is a drawer-type design with push-and-pull mechanisms, which allows the operator to work easily on both sides.

Having two available workstations instead of one guarantees higher productivity. The digital touch screen controller accurately displays time and temperature during operation.

This two-in-one machine has a pneumatic driver that generates a pressure of up to 8 kg per square centimeter. The maximum size of the prints that come out of it is 39″ × 47″.

The three-inch thick solid aluminum heater platen guarantees even heat distribution and perfect color-consistency on any substrate, guaranteeing color transfer up to the very edges of the working platens. This unit is powered by a 220V 3-Phase 60Hz electric motor.


  • Very versatile
  • Two workstations for higher productivity
  • The aluminum heater platen guarantees even heat distribution


  • High retail price

HP Stitch S300 Large Format 64-inch Dye Sublimation Printer2.HP Stitch S300 Large Format 64-inch Dye Sublimation Printer

The manufacturer promises that this machine is made to perform very heavy-duty dies sublimation jobs for days without stopping.

The built-in spectrophotometer allows the operator to get accurate colors over time, even when environmental conditions change.

The PANTONE® emulation allows this large-format dye-sublimation printer to automatically detect when a color is out of gamut and get the closest visual match from the available colors.

You can create your own color profiles, or use the manufacturer’s cloud-based color database.

This unit can print on paper as well as fabric and the results are astonishing. Because the printing media is loaded at the front of the printer, you can operate it even in smaller workshops. At the same time, the Smart Nozzle Compensation system reduces downtime and service costs.

At full throttle, this unit can print out the mind-blowing 62 square meters of fabric in one hour at 2-pass max. speed, while the max resolution is up to 1200 x 1200 dpi. The printer uses for cartridges full of HP’s premium dye sublimation inks and the capacity of each one is 775 ml. 

It has got four thermal inkjet printheads, that guarantee Long-term print-to-print repeatability.

It can print on different media, including sublimation transfer papers, sublimation polyester fabrics, sublimation film, all fed to the printer on rolls.

The maximum size of each roll must not exceed 580 to 1625 mm, while the diameter of each one can be up to 250 mm.

You can use this large-format dye-sublimation printer for interior decoration, to create fashion designs, or for soft signage.


  • Easy and secure color management
  • Great resolution
  • High productivity 



  • The warranty on the hardware is only one year

Ultimaker S5 Large Format 3D Printer3.Ultimaker S5 Large Format 3D Printer 

The Ultimaker S5 dual-extrusion 3D will allow you to make amazing 3D parts.

Compared to its predecessor, the Ultimaker 3, it can build parts and details that are 2.5 times bigger.

To begin with, let me mention that this large-format 3D printer has got an adaptive, self-leveling heated print bed with exchangeable surfaces to recreate even the most complicated designs.


The printing process is monitored on a high-resolution 4.7” touchscreen display. Compared to the previous model, this large-format 3D printer has got an improved filament extrusion and a filament runout sensor.

It also comes with exchangeable print cores so as to guarantee greater dual extrusion reliability by using different cores and nozzles for the different material types.

The Ultimaker S5 is designed for delivering large, technical prints that can be used for production and prototyping.

This allows for less downtime and greater ROI. With the new 13 x 9.5 x 11.8 inches build volume, your single and dual extrusion prints are really large!

The Ultimaker S5 3D printer is designed for professionals, educators, and inventors that need large, and functional 3D-printed elements.


  • Delivers 2.5 times larger printouts than its predecessor
  • The brand-new 4.7” touchscreen display makes operation very easy
  • Swappable print cores


  • No info about warranty

4.HP Photosmart 8750 Large-Format Professional Photo Printer

Measuring 25.3 x 10 x 24 inches, this is a rather compact device for a large format printer.

This inkjet unit is our top choice of large format printer for photographs because it can print at 1200 x 1200 dpi in B & W resolution, and 4800 x 1200 dpi in color.

The maximum size of the printouts is 13 by 19 inches.

HP Photosmart 8750 can be shared between multiple computers in the office or in the printshop because it’s got multiple connectivity options: Ethernet, USB 2.0, and Wi-Fi.

For best results, the manufacturer recommends using the printer only with original HP ink. The HP Blue Photo inkjet print cartridge provides an extended color palette with a richer, enhanced range of blue hues for natural-looking landscapes.

 The Blue Photo cartridge contains the latest-generation HP Vivera Inks in light cyan, blue, and light magenta.

This blue ink is designed to peak in chroma (colorfulness) at a lightness higher than the lightness of the blue produced in printers that combine only cyan and magenta inks.

The multi-size tray and media sensor allows you to print on different paper types and sizes.


  • Compact size
  • Multi-connectivity options
  • Very good resolution of the printouts


  • Quite short-term warranty on such an expensive unit

5.Contex 5200D012B65A IQ Quattro 4450 Scan Station

Sometimes you may need to scan large format documents and save them onto your computer so that they can be printed out later.

This is where this large format scanner by Contex will come in handy. Using this machine will make large format scanning a piece of cake, allowing you to focus on your other tasks in the office.

The cloud-enabled networking system IQ Quattro makes it possible to access the scanner via your smart device.

When scanning, the device automatically suppresses shadows and unwanted background to give you crisp, sharp and natural-looking scans. The maximum scan resolution is 64800 pixels, while the maximum media thickness is 2 mm (flexible materials only).

This unit captures every detail with its advanced 48-bit CIS technology. It thus passes the best 24-bits to the file at up to 1200 dpi optical resolution. the IQ Quattro technology is available in 24, 36, and 44- inch scan width. At the same time, the maximum scan speed is 14 ips.


  • Delivers super-fast scans
  • Excellent quality of the scanned files
  • Great scan width and resolution


  • No info about warranty

6.HP Designjet T125 – The Cheapest Large Format Printer

Ironically, the cheapest large format printer does not have a retail price on Amazon!

On the whole, the Amazon profile of this product provides scarce information.

First, it connects to the computers in your office or print shop via Wi-Fi, as well as fast Ethernet (100Base-T), and high-speed USB 2.0.

Regarding the sheet size capacity of this unit, its Input tray can hold 8.3″x11″ standard sheets and up to 13″x 19″ large-format ones. The manual feed option allows for even larger prints – from 13″x19″, up to 24″x74.7″. This model’s print speed is 45 sec/page on A1, up to 60 A1 prints per hour.

The print resolution is up to 1200 x 1200 optimized dpi. These large format printers can be fed sheets as well as rolls and it also has an automatic horizontal cutter.

The maximum roll size is 279 to 610 mm, while the maximum media thickness is pp to 0.3 mm (paper) and up to 11.8 mil roll.


  • Three-way connectivity for shared printing
  • Reasonable print speed
  • Uses rolls as well as sheets of paper


  • For a unit advertised as the cheapest large format printer, there is no retail price on Amazon

7.HP Designjet Z3200PS Large Format Photo Printer

Overall, this is HP’s most popular large format printer. It is ideal for professional photographers, as well as amateur enthusiasts.

This 12-ink Designjet unit provides long-lasting, superb-quality prints in black and white, as well as in color. 

The latest HP DreamColor Technology and the embedded spectrophotometer enable easy calibration and seamless operation. At the same time, the HP Gloss Enhancer provides unsurpassed gloss while minimizing the so-called “bronze effect” on most glossy photo papers. 


This model large format printer boasts expanded color gamut with chromatic red ink to achieve as much as 95% PANTONE coverage. At the same time, the HP Quad-black ink set delivers rich, dark blacks on glossy and matte papers without replacing ink cartridges. 

When this large format printer needs servicing, it will automatically carry out thorough self-diagnostics and let you know what the problem is.

In this way, you can rely on high-quality prints any time you use it. The start-up package also includes an embedded Adobe PS/PDF RIP and HP Advanced Profiling Solution.


  • Provides good 2,400 x 1,200 dpi print resolution
  • Minimizes the so-called “bronze effect”
  • Network ready


  • HP provides only a one-year limited hardware warranty on this product

8.Canon imagePROGRAF iPF670 – The Best Large Format Printer for Banners

This five-color model by Canon combines quality and economy while delivering fast, high-quality large format printing.

Thus, it allows you to achieve crystal-clear large-format printouts, such as CAD/GIS drawings, posters, blueprints, and banners.

Actually, we tested it and found out it is the best large format printer for banners currently on the market.

With Canon imagePROGRAF iPF670 you can print out huge volumes really fast, which is surprising having in mind its compact design. The brightness of your prints is guaranteed by the five-color LUCIA ink system that this model uses.

The new magenta ink provides a wider color gamut, while the capacity of its Hot-Swap cartridges is 130 ml each. Finally, this large format printer is 100% cloud-compatible and is ready for direct print and share.

Last but not least, we advise you to look at the automatic reports that this printer’s software generates on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

This unit can print only on paper. The maximum print size of the roll: 10 inches by 24 inches; if media is fed manually: 8 inches by 24 inches. Maximum print length: 18 m.


  • The new magenta ink provides a wider color gamut
  • Automatic reports on ink expense
  • Compact design



  • Post-warranty servicing can be quite costly

9.HP Designjet T830 – The Best Large Format Printer for Artwork

This multifunctional product by HP combines three machines in one – a large format printer, a scanner, and a copier.

This unprecedented versatility allows you to carry out various large format copying and printing jobs simultaneously. 

The print resolution is up to 2400 x 1200 optimized dpi. This printer can be fed large-format print paper, as well as rolls of paper and uses dye-based as well as pigment-based inks. Standard sheets are loaded directly into the print tray.

The maximum size of the rolls is 36 inches, while the print paper is accepted in two sizes: 8.3 x 11 inches and 36 x 74.7 inches. The scan speed in color is up to 1.5 in/sec, while the scan resolution is 600 dpi. 

Finally, the maximum size of the scanned media is 36 x 109 inches. Surprisingly, this machine does not support USB 2.0 connectivity, only Ethernet and Wi-Fi.

Yet, because of the high resolution of the printouts and of their amazingly vivid colors, we think that this is the best large-format printer for artwork.


  • Multifunctional large format printer & scanner unit
  • Uses rolls and well as a sheet of paper
  • Excellent scanning/printing resolution and vivid colors.


  • Little info on Amazon, 5 stars from only 1 user

10.Government Hp Designjet T3500 – The Best Large Format Inkjet Printer

This is our top choice of large-format inkjet printer and for a good reason.

This unit is just perfect for high-volume, large format print jobs.

Actually, the HP T3500 sets a new standard in multifunctional performance. Here we should also mention that you can command this large format printer through your iOS or Android-based device. 

We tested it rigorously, and one of the best things we found out about this model is that it needs zero warm-up time.

Just switch it on and enjoy its super-fast processing capabilities, well-complemented by its capacity for unattended printing for hours on end from two 650-ft. rolls.

 This large format printer can also copy and scan large format documents just as well. Our testers were amused to find out how well it performs batch scanning and scan-to-email tasks.

This printer’s 6 ink cartridges have a total capacity of 1,800 ml. Use only original HP inks, if you would like to enjoy truly vivid colors and reach the model’s maximum resolution of 2400 x 1200 optimized dpi.


  • Combines printing, scanning and copying functions
  • Super-fast printing and scanning
  • Does not need time to warm up


  • Warranty is only one year and after that the repairs are costly.

11.ImagePROGRAF 670e – The Best Large Format Printer for Blueprints

This large-format inkjet printer is the best printer in its class for blueprints for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, blueprints must have sharp and precise lines.

This effect is guaranteed by this model’s dye and pigment ink set that includes four colorfast dye inks and two channels of pigment black ink. 

 The large 90 ml ink tanks of ImagePROGRAF 670e make it very suitable for bulk-volume print jobs.

Our testers were delighted to find out that the Sub-Ink Tank System that this model boasts guarantees nearly 100% depletion of the tank before the ink refill alarm goes off.

The High-Density print head of ImagePROGRAF 670e has 15,360 nozzles and minimum droplet size of 4 picoliters. This allows for maximum print resolution of 2400 x 1200 dpi.

The Direct Print & Share option allows for printing directly from a cloud service or a networked folder on your PC. Last but not least, you can monitor the progress of your print job and the number of resources used in the printer’s high-definition monitor.

To improve reliability and productivity, an optimized module of the AutoCAD software is included in the start-up package.


  • High-density print head
  • Large ink tanks for longer printing
  • Nearly 100% depletion of the tank to save more ink


  • Post-warranty servicing may become an issue

12.VEVOR Vinyl Large Format Printer/ Cutter Machine – The Best Large Format Vinyl Printer & Cutter

This large-format printer/vinyl cutting machine has a maximum paper feed 53.1 inches, and a maximum cutting width of 49.6 inches.

The precision of the cutting process is guaranteed by its D-typed motherboard and 4M high-speed cache memory.

While cutting your large format vinyl projects, you can rely on Vevor’s double spring pinch-rollers and ruggedized steel roller to eliminate paper feed deviation.

While working, you can digitally control the cutting pressure within the limits of 20-500 g adjustable, while the cutting speed varies between 20 and 800 mm per second. The backlight LCD display and the LED light strip show the operation’s progress.

This superb large format printer/vinyl cutting machine comes with a COMPIM and a USB interface form easy connectivity to your office computers.

Our tests show that Vevor’s large format printer and vinyl cutter instantly understand all of your pre-installed fonts, and accepts different file formats like SVG and PDF.

You can use this plotter/printer to design large-scale advertisements, as well as to realize various decoration projects. 


  • Superb vinyl cutting accuracy
  • 100% digital control
  • Various connectivity options


  • Although printing is mentioned, there are no technical specs available

13. Canon PROGRAF iPF785 – Best Large Format Printer For Photographers

The Canon PROGRAF iPF785 Large Format Color Printer is a part of Canon’s long line of excellent printers. This awesome printer allows you to print posters and signs with ease.

Quality remains strong because this printer yields documents with a 2400 x 1200 dpi resolution. The adequate size will never be a problem as it can handle documents up to 59’ long and 36” wide.

Cartridge System

This printer model utilizes five ink cartridges. If one color runs out, you can replace just that one cartridge and continue with your printing.

As an added bonus, this printer features an economy mode that helps conserve your supplies.

With the iPF785, you can select 300 ml or 130 ml ink tanks. Usually, the larger tank is a better buy than the smaller.

Using Canon print cartridges is highly important as those brands that mimic these products usually do not work well—or may not work at all!

This large format printer by Canon features a 320 GB hard drive with 32 GB of RAM that speeds up your operation if you are using large files.

Software Resources

The included software assists you in assessing the status of your printer and improves your productivity.

This software includes a way to monitor the ability of your printer to mesh seamlessly with Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, and other software.

Because of its easy integration, this printer would likely be a good CAD printer for professionals who need to generate precise graphics, models, and images.

Other included software that is user-friendly and ready to use includes a Print Utility that allows users to print from an iPad.

Users can track the cost of print jobs with the Account Manager program.

Need to print a PowerPoint in a large size, no problem. The Microsoft Office Print Plug-In can handle this task with ease.


  • Uses pigment reactive inks 
  • Includes managerial software that lets users monitor print jobs
  • Enhances jobs Using CAD programs
  • Uses five separate color cartridges to avoid waste


  • Requires the purchase of five separate ink colors
  • Does not support wireless printing

14. Canon PROGRAF iPF770 MFP L36 – Large Format Inkjet Printer

The Canon iPF770 makes it simple to create high-resolution documents, posters, signs, and much more.

Using high-density print heads, this printer can produce work with a 2400 x 1200 dpi resolution. Documents may be as large as 59’ in length and 36” in width.

Resource Management

Canon utilizes a five-color reactive ink system that not only produces documents that are accurate and durable but also saves you money.

With the sub-tank system, cartridges need not be replaced before the ink is totally gone and does not require the printer to be stopped for cartridge replacement.

The multi-functional iPF770 is one of the best large printers for business. It features a high-quality scanner that can handle documents of up to 38” in width.

Software Tools

The included productivity software gives users the ability to improve productivity, enhance business efficiency, and monitor the status of the printer at all times.

The Microsoft Office plugin provides a way to integrate the printer with all components of the Office suite.

The AutoCAD module gives professionals an advantage in the creation of graphics and drawing.

Because this printer can produce such high-quality output, it is sure to be among the top CAD printers/plotters on the market today.

Scanning Capability

The included scanner provides accuracy when scanning in color. With the ability to scan at a maximum speed of 13 inches per second in monochrome and 3 inches per second in color, this unit will enhance your business operation.

Computer and Monitor Included

When you open this box, you will find a 22” flat screen, multi-touch monitor to provide outstanding resolution for accurately previewing all your print jobs.

With a quick, intuitive interface, you will enjoy all your printing experiences with this fine equipment.

The included computer provides a fast, easy way to send, share, and store files.


  • Uses high-quality reactive ink that includes 4 colored dye ink
  • Prints with two channels of black ink for more precise lines
  • Allows users to print from the cloud or a folder on a network computer with Direct Print and Share
  • Includes a scanner and stand-alone computer with touch screen monitor
  • Includes a utility program that lets users print wirelessly from an IPad
  • Provide utility software for monitoring print status and job costs
  • Includes an AutoCAD module for graphics, images, blueprints, and other image-based output


  • Does not support PDF scanning
  • Difficult to network

15. Canon PROGRAF PRO-4000 44” – Best Large Format Photo Printer

This printer uses the latest technology and finest quality inks to produce outstanding photographic images.

Because of the outstanding graphic output, it is rated 3rd on our most professional printers. 

With 2400 x 1200 dpi, graphics and documents with sharp, clean text are the norm. You never comprise quality when larger sized media is used.

Conserve Resources

The PRO-4000 uses a special sub-ink tank system that lets you get every drop from your cartridges.

If you need to change cartridges during a print job, no problem! The exchange is seamless—your job is never compromised.

Continuous Job Operation and Monitoring

The 3.5” color LCD touchscreen gives you control over all job operations. The ability to monitor the progress of every job in the queue is available at a glance.

Printing directly from a USB drive is a big plus for the PRO-4000. Just plug in your drive and it is ready to print your job. Wired and wireless network capabilities are also available via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or USB 2.0.

With the color system that uses 12 pigment-based inks, the printer produces vivid graphics with detailed lines. The printed documents are durable and resist scratching.

Simple Media Exchange System

With an optional add-on item available with this printer, you can have two rolls of print media loaded at the same time.

When you utilize this dual-roll system, switching media is simple. This accessory can pay for itself because you never experience downtime due to resource management.

Handle Large Print Jobs 

The PRO-4000 includes internal storage equal to 320 GB. So, your large print jobs will run quickly and efficiently.

This printer package includes outstanding software that helps you manage your printing work with ease.

A Microsoft Plug-In lets your print business documents easily. The Accounting Manager ensures that your operation runs as efficiently as possible.


  • Uses quality ink to ensure outstanding output
  • Prints directly from a USB drive
  • Holds two media rolls for simpler switching
  • Features internal memory to queue large print jobs easily
  • Includes excellent productivity software


  • Printer has a large footprint
  • Heavy

16. Epson SureColor T5170 36” – Best Large Format Printer For Vehicle Wraps

The Epson SureColor T5170 large format printer produces quality printed documents up to 36” wide.

With this printer, you will enjoy quick, dependable printing that enhances the work of graphic designers, architects, engineers, and many other professionals.

Small Footprint

The SureColor T5170 gives you fast, reliable printing and features a standing design that has a small footprint in your office.

It will not disappoint when you use it to produce posters, graphics, line drawings, or blueprints.

Touchscreen Operation

This printer has a 4.3” touchscreen with a color display that allows an easy user interface. The menus and tasks are intuitive and easy to follow.

You select whether to print from the AutoSheet Feeder or a roll from the easy to follow on-screen prompts.

By using UltraChrome XD2 inks, all printing will have vibrant color. The pigment-based inks produce documents that will be durable through handling and will stand the test of time.

The reliability of these inks combined with the Precision Droplet Control ensures clarity in every document.

Because of the intense, vibrant color, professionals may deem it the best large format printers for graphic designers.

Likewise, architects and drafters will appreciate the crisp, clean lines produced on the plans they have drawn.

Roll or Cut Sheet Capability

Because the Epson SureColor T5170 accommodates both roll media with a width of 36” and flat sheets as large as 11” x 17”, this printer has the capability for handling almost any print job.

Anyone in your office can use the Wi-Fi connection to print from his or her smartphone, tablet, or other mobile devices.

With Wi-Fi Direct, your devices connect directly to the professional printer without connecting to a router. Ethernet or USB connections are also available.


  • Quickly produces quality printed documents
  • Features an easy to use LCD touchscreen
  • Has a small footprint
  • Uses individual color high-capacity cartridges
  • Allows printing from a variety of mobile devices.
  • Uses vibrant pigment ink
  • Accommodates a wide variety of sizes of media
  • Easy to set up


  • Does not print well on vinyl
  • Slower print speed

17. HP T520 Design Jet Wireless – Best Large Format Printers For Banners

The HP T520 DesignJet features wireless connectivity and a solid design. The printer makes quick work of producing any large-scale documents, graphics, or images.

Color Enhancement

This printer uses 12 ink cartridges to ensure the production of high-quality black/white and color images.

When you have this many color hues, your images will pop with color! With its 2400 x 1200 dpi resolution, you will create graphics and documents with the details you have always wanted.

Versatile Print Media

The versatility of this printer continues with its ability to handle both sheet and roll print media. The printer accommodates print media up to 24” wide.

Operating the printer is easy and intuitive due to the large touchscreen display right on the printer’s front panel. The user can quickly change settings and check the printer’s progress.

Automatic Cutter

The automatic cutter included with the HP T520 cuts the media to the correct size.

This feature ensures an accurate measurement for each print job. This feature may be toggled on or off to meet the specific needs of the print job.

Using Wi-Fi connections, direct printing is simple and efficient. This professional photo printer supports printing via mobile devices as well.

Both Android and iOS technologies are supported by this professional printer. If the wireless option is not needed, this unit comes with Ethernet and USB connectivity.


    • Produces clean, crisp images with excellent resolution
    • Prints quickly at speeds starting at 35 seconds
    • Creates vivid images and fine line detail using dye-based inks in 12 colors
    • Includes the option to use sheet or roll print media
    • Handles print media up to 24” in width
    • Features an automatic cutter that can be toggled on or off as needed
    • Has a touchscreen panel making it easy to operate
    • Utilizes wired and/or wireless connectivity
    • Supports mobile technology


  • Does not allow a cartridge exchange without interrupting the print job
  • Inefficient method for holding printed sheets—paper curling may occur

18.HP Designjet T730 36-Inch – Best Large Format Printer For Architects 

This printer by Hewlett Packard will surely be one of the best large format printers for architects, construction professional, and engineers.

This compact unit produces outstanding quality and fits right into your office—and your budget.

Excellent Print Speed

The T730 gives you quality output at top-notch speeds that are up to 3 times faster than any previous HP printer in its class.

You can have an A1/D-sized document printed and ready to go in less than 25 seconds.

High-Capacity Ink Cartridges

With this printer, you may purchase cartridges with up to 300-ml of HP ink. By purchasing larger ink cartridges, you save money by buying in a larger quantity and reducing the number of printer interruptions and interventions required.

Simple, Familiar Interface

The control panel resembles a smartphone so employee training and transition will be seamless.

Your employees will quickly swipe through the menus and enjoy using the touchscreen’s intuitive menus and interface.

Continuous Connectivity

When connectivity is important, this printer has you covered. You remain connected to your printer via either the Wi-Fi signal or your mobile devices.

With HP’s unique ePrint function, you have the ability to print documents easily and quickly via email.


  • Features a compact design
  • Priced affordably
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Enhanced in-house and mobile connectivity
  • High capacity print cartridges available



  • Difficult to link to laptop
  • Time lag between sending to print queue and document printing

19.HP Designjet Z9+ 44″ – Best Large Format Printer For Blueprints

The HP DesignJet Z9+ is a 44” wide printer that delivers quality output every time. This unit prints at 2.5 times the rate of other printers yet never compromises quality.

The addition of this printer will make your workflow much more efficiently.

High-Quality Print Resolution 

Because of the outstanding quality of the output from this printer, it is one of the biggest competitors to canon large format printers.

This printer consistently and accurately produces prints that have awesome visual appeal.

Print Media Options

The HP DesignJet Z9+ accommodates a variety of applications including canvas, banners, and posters.

The ability to quickly change media and make the necessary adjustments lets you spend more time printing and less time managing operations.

Media switches are simple because this printer supports dual rolls and can change automatically from one roll to another.

Quick Print Turnaround Time

professional photo printersWith lightning-fast print speeds, this printer could easily be one of the fastest general-purpose and CAD printers on the market today.

With both speed and versatility, this printer will save you time AND money!


  • Quick printing speed
  • Prints on a variety of mediums
  • Features a media cutter
  • Includes a large hard drive that makes large jobs easier



  • Large and heavy
  • Requires 9 print cartridges


Large Format Printers FAQ

Listed below are the answers to some of the most topical questions about large format printers and the printing process itself. without further delay, let’s dive in!

What is The Best Large Format Printer For canvas?

To answer this question, we browsed hundreds of specialized websites and we came to the conclusion that the best two models that can deliver superb printouts on canvas are Epson P10000 and P20000.

What is Large Format Digital Printing?

Large format digital printing is a processor-controlled process whereby data is printed on a large format printing media (usually a roll) of up to 100 inches in width.

#3. How do large format printers work?

Large format printers work just like the wide format and normal printers, but on a larger scale – they can be fed really large rolls of printing base, including canvas, vinyl, fabric, etc. 

By contrast, wide format and normal printers print mostly on paper. Last but not least, because of the sheer volume and size of the print jobs that these machines do, they use large ink tanks rather than ink cartridges.

Finally, as they are designed to print for hours on end, their warranty is only one year, 

What Does a Large Format Printer Do?

A large format printer does large print jobs on a wide variety of printing media which are unattainable for wide format and normal printers.

Buyers Guide

professional printersWhen you are looking for the all-around best bang for your buck, you will want to consider the features of the printer you plan to use to scan, copy, and print wide documents.

If you are spending anywhere from $2,700 to $4,800 for a printer, you want to be sure you’ve done your homework and make the right selection.  

You will want to assess the software resources available as a part of the package. A good large format printer needs to have adequate software to support your needs.

Operating a printer comes with certain expenses such as print media supplies and ink cartridges.

Before buying, look at how many cartridges the printer uses before making your final decision. As you may already know, buying quality cartridges manufactured by the original company is usually the best!

Along with the ink cartridges, assess the types of paper, canvas, vinyl and other print media you desire.

Determine if the roll media or sheet media seems best for you. Be sure the printer can support the type of print media you want to use.

You should ask yourself, “How important is the ability to scan documents?” Some large format printers have scanning capabilities. If this feature is important to you, be sure to take a look at those models.

The Final Recommendation 

best large format printer for photographers

In this article, we have reviewed some of the most popular large format printers on the market today.

As we can see, they fall into several different categories, depending on the print job they are designed for – dye sublimation, vinyl cutting, blueprints, large format artwork, etc.

Also, we can see that most of the models reviewed above combine large format scanner and printer, or plotter and printer, and even copier/scanner/printer.

These combinations come to show that large format printers are versatile, as well as effective. One look at the table above reveals that the large format printing field is dominated by one particular manufacturer, and namely HP.

When all features and functions are taken into consideration, the
Canon PROGRAF iPF770 MFP L36 is a clear choice.

The word “versatile” does not even do justice to all the features offered by this unit. You get a color printer, plotter, scanner, and copier all in one box!

This setup produces quality documents sure to please professionals who need high quality printed output.

This could easily win an award as the “Most professional printer” 

The ability to scan documents is an added bonus not offered by many laser large format printers on the market today. This feature can add to your efficiency and productivity.

As if that’s not enough features, the unit comes with a computer and touch screen monitor for viewing print jobs and keeping everything running smoothly.

You cannot go wrong with the purchase of the Canon PROGRAF iPF770 MFP L36 Color Printer, Plotter, Scanner, and Copier. Finally, the above printers could pair well with digital signage software when printing large scale signs.

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