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Best CPQ Software in 2018 – Reviews & Comparisons

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Last updated on March 11th, 2019 at 03:32 pm

CPQ SoftwareIn our ever increasing mobile world – from small business to big business – companies more than ever need.

A way to compute complex figures in real time. Gone are the days of telling a client you’ll run some numbers and get back to them in a day or two.

With the ability to offer a price quote in real time, Cost-Price-Quote (CPQ) software helps sales professionals both save time and win more deals.

There are a wide variety of CPQ software systems to choose from and it was hard to narrow down.

But, the three we’ve chosen, Endeavor CPQ, CallidusCloud CPQ, and PROS Smart CPQ, have some of the most robust offerings available on the market today.

Our Top Pick for CPQ Software: Endeavor CPQ

Endeavor CPQ, founded in 2000 and led by former sales professionals.

Has worked to become one of the best Configure Price Quote systems around. This software bridges the gap between quote processes.

Manufacturers, and vendor distributors to reduce costs, improve processes and increase revenue. Endeavor CPQ offers solutions for complex quotes and proposal generation.

It offers a wide selection of features and pricing tiers to fit every business with a particular focus on the mid-size business.

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Top 3 CPQ Software Comparison

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Our Next Best Pick: CallidusCloud CPQ

CallidusCloud CPQ is a global leader in cloud-based sales and marketing vertical.

Its software offers a complete solution for growing and large businesses to automate their quoting processes and streamline their sales compensation.

Helping you determine pricing trends including customer analytics allowing sellers to quickly configure, price, quote, and propose from any device, any time, any place.

Endeavor CPQ

Offering one of the most robust CPQ software systems on the market, Endeavor CPQ’s features and pricing levels make it a solid option for businesses with a staff of at least 25-50 people.

Targeting mid-sized businesses, Endeavor’s pricing tiers, features, and customizable integrations with leading CRM software make it a go-to for those businesses often overlooked in the CPQ spectrum.

Its many features a testament to the quality of software for busy sales professionals who need to compute complex information into a comprehensive proposal for prospective new clients.

compare-icon-17The Features 

Of the three CPQ systems, Endeavor CPQ is the most robust. Its numerous features allow for streamlining processes.

Real-time quotes, multi-organizational quoting for product bundling, and proposal unification.

Additionally, system integration with leading CRM software such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Sugar CRM, and Infor make it easy to unify sales processes to save time and money.

Its native cloud hosting allows Endeavor to offer configure price quote solutions accessible from anywhere at any time regardless of device.

So, even if you’re away from your mobile or tablet, or if your ERP or CRM system isn’t compatible to your mobile or tablet device, you can still offer a fast, accurate business proposal.

One of its top features is its Portals feature which allows outside sales reps, distributors, and partners to get a better idea of pipeline data through product and pricing.

This is a standalone option and does not require CRM or ERP licenses for users. But, its integrations are second to none.

Fully integrated with Microsoft Power BI to easily build custom reports as well as leading CRM solutions to move sales reps to preparing a quote.

Endeavor’s product configurator not only helps move sales reps forward, it easily automates complex processes including any customizations such as bundling, discounts, or role-based pricing.

Out of the box integration with DocuSign makes the customer’s signature one quick click saving everyone time.

Focused not only on the sales rep and customer, but also the sales team, vendor distributor, and manufacturer, Endeavor’s pricing and proposal management offer a number of features within these verticals.

Guided selling streamlines complex quoting and configuring processes and steers users through complicated offerings. This guided selling not only streamlines real-time configuring and quoting processes.

But also offers suggestions in regard to cross and up-sells. Real-time processing during the process, in addition to cross and up-sells, also offers multi-currency transactions.

Once the quote has been configured, the proposal management process is unified with workflow quote approvals built in.

Users can write a rule to trigger approvals for real-time offers and instant quotes for prospective clients. Additionally, alerts can be set up for quotes requiring specific review such as quotes with discounts.



Endeavor CPQ pricing is a multi-level, tiered system. It’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) pricing model is split between subscription and implementation/service.

There is also a one-time SpinUp fee + subscription level (paid annually for 10 licenses) + additional professional services based on your needs.

The most basic price point is a subscription fee with a minimum of10 user licenses per month paid annually. The various subscription levels include Endeavor CPQ Core, Pro, Enterprise, Marketplace, and Community Edition.

All five tiers offer Centralized Configuration, Guided Selling, and Revision Tracking. Pro, Enterprise, and Marketplace offer Product Rules, Cross and Upsell, User Guardrails, Dynamic Proposals, User Permissions, and CRM Integrations.

Only Enterprise and Marketplace offer API Access, Customizations, Portal Access, Mobile and Workflow Approvals.

Premium Tier 1 support, DocuSign e-signature integration, Microsoft Power Business Intelligence (BI), Order Processing, and Linked Catalogs are all add-on options.

Core and Community Editions offer the least beyond the basic services and may be best for those who want to try the Endeavor CPQ system before they commit to something bigger.

Because Endeavor CPQ is tailored to a company’s needs, there is no explicit price structure until after a demo and call to determine the needs of the company.

If you are a qualified reseller of the vendor’s catalogues, you may qualify for the the EndeavorCPQ Community Edition which is free to qualified distributors.

To determine eligibility, you must submit an application. Additionally, if you wish to integrate Endeavor CPQ into your CRM there is a one-time integration fee.


There seems to be little downside to the Endeavor CPQ system as any downsides become their upside.

Any issues or changes with regard to aesthetics, functionality or time are addressed by the next update or upgrade of the system. This company really listens to their customers and works to improve their efforts at every turn.


Not only is Endeavor CPQ one of the leading systems in the industry with its robust features, benefits, and pricing options, it’s training and support is just as robust.

Offering a free demo to see if its right the option for your business as well as webinars, case studies, reports, and a blog.

You can be sure the information will help you stay on top of the latest in the industry. This is a fully customizable software flexible to your needs.

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An award winning service since 2009, CallidusCloud seeks to bridge the gap between technology.

Sales and marketing by providing the tools to automate key parts of the marketing and selling process such as configure price quote (CPQ), sales enablement, coaching, learning management, and customer experience.

While this CPQ’s systems are as robust as Endeavor’s, it is listed second because it is not as intuitive or easy to use as the Endeavor CPQ system.

integrationThe Features

The only software in this guide to offer a free trial, CallidusCloud CPQ gives you 30 days to try it and see if it’s the right software for your company.

Offering behavior intelligence to determine pricing trends, CallidusCloud offers the opportunity to see what products are trending, who’s buying, when they’re buying, and what is the best price.

Available anytime, anywhere CallidusCloud allows you configure proposals quickly from any device and is compatible in both B2C and B2B.

Out of the box integrations with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, CallidusCloud now offers integration with its newest partner SAP® to accelerate contracts and increase quotes.

Additionally, integrating with SAP will help companies move more quickly and streamline processes to reduce costs and increase ROI.


Offering a free 30-day trial and starting rate of $50 per users per month with a minimum of 25 users, CallidusCloud CPQ is a budget friendly option for many businesses.

The next level is $70 per user per month with a minimum of 50 users, then $90 per user per month with a minimum of 100 users, and lastly, $150 per user per month also with a minimum of 100 users. All levels are billed annually.


One of its biggest downsides is the storage cap even though it’s hosted in the cloud. Additionally, there is no way to tell what is taking up all the space within the shared environment.

There is limited functionality when it comes to customizations and the system requires someone technically savvy to run and map it properly.

applicant tracking systemVerdict 

CallidusCloud CPQ is a powerful system with a number of options available, but it requires a technically savvy person to keep the project on track. It is not simple or easy, but once built it is a solid choice for many organizations.

It can help you understand pricing and pricing trends as well as ease of record maintenance, setting prices, and quote proposals within the sales team.

Additionally, its budget pricing, free trial, and number of features fit a number of companies and industries no matter their size.

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Though PROS Smart CPQ system has been around longer than both Endeavor and CallidusCloud CPQ, it is the least intuitive.

However, its solutions offer a blend of simplicity and data science to accelerate the process of converting prospects to customers.

By aligning critical sales, pricing, and revenue management PROS Smart CPQ allows sales reps to design.

Winning strategies to increase profit margins and gain visibility and customer engagement. What makes it different is its Dynamic Pricing Science which helps sales teams gain value with every deal.

pluses2-1The Features 

Though not as intuitive or easy to use as the other CPQ systems listed here, PROS Smart CPQ does offer a number of features including one-click configuration which allows the sales team to tailor their configurations with just one click.

It offers guidance through guided selling of cross and up-sell recommendations as well as professional looking instant proposals.

Additional features include drag and drop SKUs from cart to catalog, approval process acceleration using data-science driven pricing, automated generation of contracts.

Amendments or adjustments and renewals, and the mobility to offer quotes anywhere, anytime from any device.

These features and many others within the Smart CPQ system are based on customer buying patterns and market data.


Once you’ve scheduled a demo or requested a meeting, you’ll have the opportunity to visit with an Account Representative to determine your company’s needs and from there the best pricing options for your budget.


Once the system is set up, it is a fully functional CPQ system, though someone not so technically savvy may have difficulty.

Additionally, there are time lags in its Salesforce integration. Other downsides include; a lot of effort upfront by the end user to get things set up, it isn’t as customizable as the other two systems mentioned here.

And multiple windows can cause proposals to get lost in the background. Additionally, there doesn’t seem to be any upfront information regarding either pricing or customer support.


PROS Smart CPQ system works best with larger organizations which have a dedicated IT Team to help develop a foundational base from which to build their CPQ system.

However, the Smart CPQ system is exactly that; smart. Once implemented, it offers a number of features for both sales reps and customers.

Visit PROS Smart CPQ

Our Final Review for Best CPQ Software

CPQ software can be used by sales people to help customers or even to be used by the customers themselves.

By determining the variable prices by monitoring and analyzing such situations as economics.

Market trends, and competitive rates from other brands, this can help determine the best prices for configured goods.

CPQ software is the most useful for large, complicated deals requiring complex configurations. But, no matter the size of your organization, there is a CPQ software system that fits your company.





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